Ye Tianyi was nestled in the car seat holding little leaf as he silently recited the chant in his heart.

Although this chant was mysterious and useful to him, it needed to be recited diligently, and although he couldn’t concentrate on his cultivation in this situation, just taking out a few minutes to recite the chant in his heart was also beneficial.

His ears perked up to hear the sounds of arguing coming from a few cars behind, and seeing people hurrying to find Li Min, he frowned slightly but ignored them.

The leader of the team was Li Min anyway, so Li Min should be the one to deal with all these disputes, what did it matter to him?

Unfortunately, Li Min was not as skillful as he thought, but instead, he went to deal with it, causing the argument to grow louder and louder, with vague words of “what does this have to do with you” and “what if …… is another one of those monsters”, and even gunshots rang out in the end.

After the gunshots, everything quieted down, and then Li Min’s lecture sounded.

Ye Tianyi swept his eyes over the curious driver who was sticking his head out and looking towards the back, then continued to close his eyes, not paying attention to the farce at the rear.

When Li Min finished solving the matter at the back, he came towards the front and passed by Ye Tianyi’s car, and even came over to say hello: “It’s nothing serious, just an altercation caused by a few women, it’s been solved, and the convoy will be leaving soon.”

Ye Tianyi nodded his head dispassionately.

In fact, he had heard the argument in the rear clearly.

Originally it was indeed just an altercation started by a few women, the reason why Li Min went over and temporarily couldn’t solve it, and had to rely on force to suppress it was because of the words of the woman who was causing trouble: “If this child is not quickly thrown away, the child’s immune system is weak, what if it is infected into a zombie, another one of those monsters?”

It was just an unintentional remark, but it was one that awakened fear in the hearts of the others.

The baby mutated into a small zombie really gave the crowd an incomparably terrifying and fearful impression.

Originally just arguing about how much milk to give to the child became arguing about whether to throw away the child, Li Min as a soldier, although selfishness was there, the desire to protect his country was still temporarily unchanged, of course, he wouldn’t agree to throw away a small life with no self-preservation, so it became a little bigger.

The people of the original convoy were not very convinced with Li Min, so they started to quarrel, and Li Min had to fire a gun into the sky to calm them down.

In the end, he said: “If this child is abandoned, bitten by a zombie and mutated into one of those little zombies, we will be in real trouble. It would be better to raise him properly and let him live to grow up as a human, children are the future of humans ah.”

Where did those people care about the future of humans or not, they only cared about whether they could live and eat.

That was why Li Min’s words stopped them, they were probably also scared by the threat of force from Li Min firing his gun into the sky, they became peaceful.

These people were from the middle or lower stratum of society, their vision was not long term, and most of them only saw the short term and petty benefits, they were able to survive until now all because they were lucky enough to have awakened quite a few ability users, plus he was a high-level zombie escort.
  If Ye Tianyi was still human, he might have considered cultivating this group of very well bribed ability users as his team, but he, a zombie, just wanted to finish his revenge and find an empty place to nest and cultivate with Little Leaf, so he simply didn’t care about these things.


The convoy set off again, and only encountered a few waves of non-swarm zombies on the way, basically, as long as they were at full power it was safe to rush through, and even at the end, there wasn’t even a single zombie to be seen.

Ye Tianyi didn’t make a move to expel the zombies on the road, not a single zombie could be seen on the way, which meant that this place was already very close to the survivors’ base, as this was the surrounding area of the base, it must have been swept by the army.

As expected, Li Min informed the entire convoy that the City A survivor base was close.

After driving up an uphill road, the tall and majestic base appeared in everyone’s view.

The base was built very high, just like the ancient kind of city, the tall walls kept out all dangers, and a moat could be seen under the walls, but the water in the moat was a polluted black color.

Ye Tianyi’s sight was better than the others, the others only saw a base that was similar to the ancient city, but he could still see the workers standing on the wall moving bricks to build the wall.

The walls of this base were already very high, over thirty meters high, but the workers were still reinforcing and raising them.

A large number of cars and people were lining up at the entrance of the base, divided into two groups, one group of survivors driving on the left into the base, and one group of survivors on foot on the right into the base, all safely in line.

As for those who caused trouble in the queue, or jumped the queue to cause trouble, the army would not hesitate to shoot the troublemaker in the head.

As for those foolishly protesting against the lack of human rights to kill innocent people whatsoever, they were also shot in the head, and their body would be dragged away.

During the extraordinary period in extreme measure, many people were killed by this biting behavior at the base. At least those who thought that their awakened abilities were the saviors or the privileged class who acted recklessly picked up their tails and became proper human beings.

They were not yet at the point where they could ignore bullets and shells.

Ye Tianyi’s group’s car also drove close to the entrance of the base and lined up behind the one on the left.
  But with Li Min in the convoy, who was not a small official, how could he queue up slowly like an ordinary person? What was more, Li Min and the others were originally returning from a mission and had their own privileges.

Li Min had the car parked on the spot, he got out and walked towards the front of the team.

At the front of the team was a table and a few men responsible for registering survivors’ data, although registering survivors’ data under the sun was an uncomfortable task, it was far more comfortable than moving bricks on the city wall, and the treatment was good, so it was also a job well done.

Seeing Li Min walk over, the young man who was having a survivor fill out the form came over with a smile and greeted: “Chief Li came back safely, it’s great. Earlier I saw that Lieutenant Wang who went out with you only brought back a few people, I was worried that something had happened to you.”

Li Min smiled and nodded at the young man, and after a few casual and polite words, he said, “We encountered some danger halfway through, so we returned early and brought back quite a few survivors, so you make arrangements.”

If there was no Ye Tianyi’s group following Li Min’s group, Li Min could have just brought someone in without having to register again. But now there were quite a few more first time survivors in the team, so it would take time to register them.

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