Ye Tianyi reached out and took out the Jade Guanyin from his clothes, feeling the warm touch of the jade that still had his body temperature in his hand, he gazed at Su Ming and Su Tianyun’s appearance.

  It was true that when he took out the jade Guanyin, ecstatic excitement appeared in Su Tianyun’s eyes, but he forcefully held it down and tried to appear unmoved, while Su Ming was truly unmoved. Ye Tianyi guessed that it was Su Tianyun who had called Su Ming to come and ask for this matter of the Jade Goddess.

  Seeing how Su Tianyun was staring at the Jade Guanyin with green eyes, Ye Tianyi, who had wanted to return the Jade Guanyin to Su Ming to end the father-son relationship, had a smirk at the corner of his lips, then stuffed the Jade Guanyin back into his clothes.

  He looked at Su Ming and Su Tianyun with a smile and said, “No. It’s ridiculous that you guys still want to go back to something that’s in my hands.”

  Ye Tianyi’s gaze unpredictably swept over Su Tianyun who couldn’t hide his anxious resentment in his eyes, this Jade Guanyin must have some secret, otherwise Su Tianyun wouldn’t be so nervous, nor would he be so anxious after hearing him say no to it.

  And the secret of this Jade Guanyin should only be known to Su Tianyun, as for Su Ming… Ye Tianyi looked at the somewhat angry but not too angry Su Ming… Su Ming shouldn’t know the secret and wasn’t very attached to this Jade Guanyin, otherwise he wouldn’t be behaving like this.

  Ye Tianyi contemplated, the Jade Guanyin should not be an ancestral treasure of the Su family like Su Ming said, after all it was of average quality, Su Ming’s attitude towards the Jade Guanyin was not like he was treating an ancestral treasure, and Ye Tianyi did not think that Su Ming would be willing to give him, a person with a foreign name, the ancestral treasure of the Su family.

  Then the secret of the Jade Goddess should have nothing to do with the Su Family… What secret does the Jade Goddess have on her?

  Ye Tianyi resisted the urge to explore the secret of the Jade Goddess right now, he kept gazing at the rather changed Su Tianyun out of the corner of his eye, perhaps he could start with Su Tianyun….

  Su Tianyun still refused to give up, and was coercing and enticing Ye Tianyi, trying to get Ye Tianyi to transfer the Jade Guanyin to him, even going so far as to offer an extremely high price to buy it.

  This made Ye Tianyi even more sure that the Jade Goddess of Mercy had a major secret, otherwise why would the Su family, who had just asked him to borrow money, be willing to pay such a high price for an average quality Jade Goddess of Mercy?

  Su Tianyun’s price became more and more outrageous, and Su Ming’s face became increasingly ugly.

  It was reasonable to say that Su Ming wasn’t a person who would allow someone else to be the master of his money, even if that person was his own son, but he didn’t object to Su Tianyun’s actions now.

  All this abnormal behavior made Ye Tianyi increasingly wary, and he coldly said, “Don’t waste your breath, I won’t give you the Jade Goddess even if you were to trade the entire Su family for it.”

  Su Tianyun asked eagerly, “This jade guanyin isn’t useful to you, so what are you doing here? This is an heirloom of our Su family!”

  Ye Tianyi sneered, “Family heirloom? Do you believe that yourself?” He didn’t even look at the slightly embarrassed faces of Su Ming and Su Tianyun, “I’ve worn this Jade Guanyin for over twenty years, and even if I were to destroy it myself, I would never give it to you.”

  After saying that, he suddenly got up and said to the old housekeeper, “Send the guests away!”

  He then turned around without looking at the father and son and went upstairs, he still had to go see if his little Ye Zi was awake.

  At the corner of the stairs, Ye Tianyi faintly heard Su Ming and Su Tianyun talking downstairs.

  ”Tianyun, if you like the Jade Goddess of Mercy, daddy will just buy you a better one. But didn’t you say that soon all these luxuries will be useless? What else do you need the Jade for?”


  When Ye Tianyi returned to his room and looked at the little white haired cat who was still sleeping on the bed, his face suddenly softened, completely missing the cold hardness he had just had.

  Perhaps when facing people, he was able to be cold and ruthless, able to set up a strong and hard protection, but when facing Little Leaf, he was not cold and hard anymore. Not only because the little leaf was given to him by his grandfather, but also because the little leaf wasn’t human.

  Because it wasn’t human, he was able to open his heart to it without having to worry about a little white cat betraying him, and he could give his full trust to Little Leaf.

  Many people said that cats were not well bred and dogs were the most loyal.

  But Ye Tianyi felt that cats were much smarter than dogs, so they chose their masters more carefully and wouldn’t be so quick to give their true hearts. So he raised Little Leaf with the utmost patience and pampering, and also succeeded in getting Little Leaf to accept him as his master.

  He knew that Little Leaf was very unusual, Little Leaf was given to him by his grandfather when he was ten years old, and now more than ten years later, Little Leaf still looked like a little kitten , and Little Leaf was extraordinarily smart, as if he could understand people’s words….

  All of this showed that Little Leaf was an unusual cat with folded ears, but Ye Tianyi chose to keep it all quietly hidden.

  No one else knew that the folded ear cat he had kept for over ten years was actually the same cat, even the old housekeeper thought that the little leaf he was keeping now was the exact same folded ear cat he had deliberately gone to find in memory of the little leaf his grandfather had given him.

  Ye Tianyi lay on the bed, fished up Little Leaf and placed it on his abdomen, stretched out his left hand and stroked Little Leaf’s soft fur a little bit, he remembered what happened downstairs earlier, his right hand pulled out the jade guanyin hanging around his neck and carefully looked at it.

  Although he had been wearing this Jade Guanyin for over twenty years, he had never looked at it as carefully as he did now.

  The jade Guanyin was finely carved, the carved goddess’s compassionate face was lifelike, but the color of the jade could not be said to be good, it could only be said to be ordinary, there were still heavy impurities inside the jade, ruining the original beauty.

  Ye Tianyi rubbed the back of the Jade Goddess of Mercy with his thumb, then suddenly his eyes gazed, he was attracted by the impurities inside the Jade Goddess of Mercy.

  When he had just been staring at the Jade Goddess of Mercy, he discovered that the dark impurities inside the Jade Goddess of Mercy seemed to be… alive?

  Could the slow-flowing impurities be an illusion he’d been looking at for too long?

  Ye Tianyi switched the hand that was holding the Jade Guanyin in another direction and stared at it again without turning his eyes, and he realized that it wasn’t that he was blurry-eyed, but that something was really moving inside.

  Could this be the secret of the Jade Goddess of Mercy?

  Ye Tianyi remembered Su Tianyun’s desire of the Jade Goddess of Mercy, and was curious about the secrets in this Jade Goddess of Mercy, he carefully moved the small leaf on his stomach to the soft pillow, and then got up to look for the magnifying glass.

  He used the magnifying glass to view the substance flowing inside the jade guanyin, still small and unclear, but strangely he found himself feeling a kind of mysterious feeling from the small and unclear substance, and then the voice of a man reading a book faintly sounded in his mind: “To rub a cave inferior to the west neighbourhood,this day many cruelly dress themselves by their intention…”

  The voice was as flat as a machine, with no rise and fall in tone, and what he read out was strange, but Ye Tianyi was shocked to find that he heard what the man read out clearly, but couldn’t remember a single word, and he couldn’t do it even if he wanted to ignore the voice, he had to listen to it.

He didn’t know how long it took before the sound of reading in his head disappeared, and Ye Tianyi came back to his senses, and he realized that it was almost evening outside .

  He looked at the jade guanyin in his hand again, but he found that it had become a little more luminous, and the impurities that flowed inside was gone….

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