After Li Min left, Ye Tianyi privately cracked open the head of that little zombie’s corpse and dug out the crystal nucleus inside.

This crystal nucleus was the same color as the crystal nucleus of the female zombie that he had encountered before, it should also be a spirit nucleus, but it was a bit larger than the one from before. The little zombie’s brain was small, and this crystal nucleus was enough to occupy half of its brain content.

Ye Tianyi directly burned the ability user’s dried corpse and the small zombie’s body to ashes in a single fire to destroy anything left behind that would make people suspicious.

The convoy and the small army led by Li Min merged together, with the apparent leader being Li Min, but in reality, both teams were somewhat at odds with each other and were distinct from each other.

The army side felt that the people in the convoy were all rabble, undisciplined and unorganized, Chief Li Min’s order was issued and they still dragged their feet to complete it, it was outrageous.

And the people felt that the army people brought them a small zombie disaster, causing their captain and an ability user to die, the one that solved the small zombie was also their person, their fleet to the army people could be said to be a life-saving grace, the result was that officer Li even had the face to become their captain ……

But these two squads were kind of looking at Ye Tianyi’s face, the army people were worried that their bad attitude towards the convoy would cause this expert’s displeasure, while the convoy people were thinking that Ye Tianyi was secretly saving up his strength to take back control of the convoy with a single strike, so they didn’t dare to act rashly.

The two sides maintained a delicate balance with Li Min turning a blind eye and Ye Tianyi ignoring them.

Li Min was now trying to please Jiang Yan who hadn’t treated him well, almost as if the little guy was his ancestor.

He hadn’t seen what Commander Jiang’s only son looked like, but he had the privilege of meeting Commander Jiang ah. Jiang Yan was also really worthy of being Commander Jiang’s own son, he looked especially similar to his father, and no one would believe it if they said they were not blood-related.

And as far as he knew, Commander Jiang’s only son’s name was indeed Jiang Yan.

Li Min was almost nine-tenths sure of Jiang Yan’s identity, and this was undoubtedly pie in the sky for him. If he went back with Commander Jiang’s only son who had been missing for a long time, this saving grace would fall right on his head, and the promotion and better treatment would be a small matter.

After the group packed up, they all got into the car and headed towards the A city survivor base.
  Ye Tianyi’s strength was the highest and the treatment towards him was of course good, Li Min was going to let Ye Tianyi sit in the same car with him and Jiang Yan, but Ye Tianyi refused as he was worried that his close contact with Jiang Yan would make Jiang Yan regain his memory.

So Li Min didn’t force it, he specially allocated a car for Ye Tianyi, except for the supplies given to him, there was only one driver, no one else sat with Ye Tianyi.

This hand of Li Min was invariably holding Ye Tianyi high, the treatment was generous and special, but it was also isolating him from the rest of the team. After all, Ye Tianyi gave people the impression of being a golden young master, a particularly compelling master, making people not dare to approach him at will, Li Min separated him from the others like this, Ye Tianyi could not even get people together if he wanted to.

But what Li Min did because of this little extra thought was exactly what Ye Tianyi wanted.

He didn’t want to have too much contact with other people, now he was sitting in the car alone with Little leaf, the driver didn’t dare to pay attention to him, it was much easier, he didn’t always have to guard against the smell of his body being discovered.


The crisis was over and the base was near, but the team, which was made up of two convoys, had all sorts of big and small conflicts.

One of the first to erupt was the issue of Zhang’s sister-in-law and her son.

No matter whether she was reluctantly committed to Zhang Hu for the sake of her son or she was greedy and wanted to find a patron and deliberately hooked up with her brother-in-law, her affair with her brother-in-law Zhang Hu had been seen by everyone.

If Zhang Hu was still alive, then no one would dare to say anything about her, but the problem was that Zhang Hu was dead, Zhang Hu’s sister-in-law was now dependent on nothing, she still had a breastfeeding son, it was still a question of whether to raise it or not.

Moreover, babies were expensive, and their food and clothing got bad quickly. For example, the child drank milk every day, which made women who had opinions on Zhang Hu’s Sister-in-law find a source: “Why should the materials our men have worked so hard to find be given to them free of charge? That milk is so hard to find now, the child is so big, he even takes so much as soon as you give him! ”

Sister-in-law Zhang wasn’t a fanatic, so when Zhang Hu was still alive before, she didn’t go toe to toe with the others, but instead, she was eager to help many people. So when this woman was chewing her words there, someone stood up for her, “You cut the cr*p! What’s wrong with a child getting more milk? Feel your conscience, the captain didn’t give you anything for free before he died!”

But people’s inferiority was there, no matter how approachable Sister-in-Law Zhang was before when she was in power, now that she was in trouble, more people wanted to step on her, even if someone didn’t speak as sarcastically as the one just now, they were still indifferent, their hearts still somehow disdained her.

After all, no one was willing to come forward to give her a hand, even if the person who couldn’t see past it and said a few words, there was no actual act of help. The woman who first spoke sarcastically to Mrs. Zhang, saw she wasn’t helped by anyone else, immediately became complacent, she saw Mrs. Zhang silently feeding the child without paying attention to her, she felt addicted and went forward to knock off the milk bottle Mrs. Zhang held in her hands.
  ”What are you still feeding, I’m talking to you, you can’t hear me, right? Let this little drag suffocate, always crying and attracting zombies, what a disaster!”

Sister-in-law Zhang couldn’t help it, she glared at the woman with tears in her eyes, “He’s just a child who doesn’t know anything, and you can’t even tolerate a nursing child, is your heart made of iron?”

She was not a strong woman, otherwise, she wouldn’t have been left without any support after her husband’s death, and would have followed him under Zhang Hu’s coercion and seduction. She had watched Zhang Hu turn into a dried corpse with her own eyes, and this unbearable memory had made her body on the verge of collapse.

If it wasn’t for her child who depended on her to live, she would have been unable to resist the urge to find a rope to hang herself.

Her child was now her only support for survival, she didn’t care what others did to her, but her son was her lifeblood, she dared to fight to the death against anyone who dared to touch him!

She was also present at the scene where the little zombie that killed Zhang Hu was killed earlier, and she also saw that it was a baby still in its infancy that had mutated into it.

She just thought that if her child didn’t have her as a mother to protect her, he might end up as a zombie’s ration at some point, or turn into that scary little zombie and then be killed by an ability user.

How could she let her child end up in that situation? She had to do her best to raise her son even though she was scraping by to live.

Sister-in-law Zhang’s weak character, the woman she thought she could freely bully suddenly fought back, she felt a sudden surge of anger and began to push and shove her.

The pushing and shoving inevitably moved the child, Mrs. Zhang now for the sake of the child was also tough and pushed her back, and then the people gathered around the pulling and persuading, the commotion had become big trouble and got to Li Min and Ye Tianyi.

It was lunchtime, the caravan was only stopping midway, soon had to continue the journey, there wasn’t much time to eat, so everyone ate in a hurry.

Li Min was grasping the time to eat lunch, and was told that there was an uproar, his mood suddenly became unhappy, he put down the lunch box and walked towards the other side with a sunken face.

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