Ye Tianyi watched as the dry corpse was completely frozen, he withdrew the mental energy that was enveloping the dry corpse, then stretched out his right hand and condensed a deep purple lightning ball in his hand.

Not waiting for him to throw this thunder ball onto the dry corpse, he saw something emerge from the dry corpse’s skull and transform into a black shadow fleeing towards the side, Ye Tianyi who was already prepared immediately threw the thunder ball in his hand and transformed it into a huge lightning net to envelop the fast black shadow.

First, he first used his mental power to block the shadow from escaping inside the dry corpse and then used the freezing method to force it, withdrawing his mental ability was only to lure it out, and the lightning ball condensed in his hand was not only to threaten it to escape quickly but also to later turn it into a lightning net to capture it.

This series of arrangements made this shadow monster who couldn’t be tracked with his mental probe; trapped in the shrinking thunder net and it couldn’t move.

Ye Tianyi fixed his eyes and saw that it was a small monster about the size of a cat, about the same as a normal baby, but the skin all over its body turned black, its limbs turned into sharp zombie claws, its mouth also turned into a strange shape, showing the kind of sharp teeth that could very easily bite open the body of its prey, and a pair of blood-red eyes stared at him eerily, fearfully hiding from the surrounding electric snakes swimming in the thunder net, not daring to get close.

Ye Tianyi could tell that this was a zombie transformed from an infant, but he didn’t expect that the infant mutated into a zombie to have such a powerful killing power, or a second-rank advanced zombie, far more powerful than the female zombie that Ye Tianyi met before.

This infant zombie inevitably reminded Ye Tianyi of the infant who was not saved by Zhang Hu in the previous car accident, especially since Li Min told him that their team was attacked near that car accident, he could not help but suspect.

Ye Tianyi guessed that it was probably because the baby was being protected by its mother, whose blood stained the swaddling clothes and inevitably made it stain the blood flowing from the zombie’s bite wounds and then mutated it into a zombie.

The blood and clawed teeth of a zombie coming into close contact with a human, or entering a human’s body, would cause the human to become infected as a zombie, and no one could avoid it, whether they were an ability user or ordinary. Even if a high-level ability user was bitten by an ordinary zombie, he might not be able to survive, the zombie virus was just too infectious.

Ye Tianyi had previously used his mental ability to detect that there was no longer a living person in the car where the accident occurred, but he did not find that the baby had mutated into a zombie, it must be because the baby had awakened its powers as soon as it mutated and escaped his mental probe, but he just did not care too much about it at the time and ignored it.
  As a result, this infant zombie made a big splash by sucking a number of ability users and ordinary people in a row, and its level increased to the second-tier, this time tailing Li Min and other people to find the convoy, and even found Zhang Hu, and avenged its death.

Ye Tianyi didn’t know if the infant zombie was intentionally seeking revenge on Zhang Hu or just happened to be lucky, but he had already caught the little zombie, so there was no need to get to the bottom of those issues.

The little zombie was trapped by Ye Tianyi’s thunder net, but it was still alive, so its disposal was the big problem.


Li Min and the others who were being chased by the little zombie hated it with a passion, many of his comrades died miserably, they all felt that this evil thing should be killed immediately.

The people of the convoy also thought that it should be killed, it looked strange and evil, and its black teeth and sharp mouth looked particularly oozing, and there were two dry corpses in front of it, no one would think that it should be spared.

As for Ye Tianyi, his attitude was indifferent, he hadn’t thought of recruiting any little brother, anyway, when his mental ability improved and his zombie level was higher, all zombies with a lower level than him would become his little brothers, so he didn’t detain this one.

Moreover, this little zombie’s immunity to mental ability detection, to a certain extent he also seemed to be unafraid of his high zombie level pressure, he was not at ease even if he wanted to take it as his little brother, so he might as well give an explanation to the crowd.

As Ye Tianyi’s mind moved, the lightning net tightened, and the deep purple electric snake swam around the little zombie, its face that was already shrinking into a small ball showed a distorted look, and then it faded out of existence.

The strength of this little zombie was that it wasn’t not easy to catch it, but once it was trapped, it was like a tiger with its teeth pulled out, with little offensive power and a fragile defense, so it wasn’t difficult to kill it.

The culprit that threatened their lives was dead, and the crowd was no longer willing to stare at the dry corpses and zombie corpses here, they were all relieved and walked back to their houses to rest. After staying up all night and being tense, now that they were relaxed, everyone was sleepy, so they all went to catch up on sleep, planning to wait until the afternoon before setting off for the survivor base.

Li Min sent all of his men to rest, and he remained outside.

Ye Tianyi originally wanted to wait until everyone had left so he could go look for the little zombie’s nucleus, but this guy was guarding the side and never left, so he couldn’t help but ask: “Is there anything else, Officer Li?”

Li Min hesitated for a moment and spoke up, “The survivor base has just been established, and it’s even just a rough outline of what’s possible to live in. I think, why don’t you guys come with us, so you can take care of each other.” The implication was that the base wasn’t in very good condition right now, so if you guys wanted to live in better conditions, you could ask us to be able to help.

He could tell that probably the captain of this convoy was not Ye Tianyi before, but now that Ye Tianyi had shown his strength and killed this scary zombie, Ye Tianyi’s prestige not to mention in the convoy had risen, even in the hearts of the soldiers under him.

So when he discussed this matter with Ye Tianyi, the two of them could completely make the decision for the others.
  After Zhang Hu’s death, the shield in front of Ye Tianyi was gone, and he also thought about finding another brilliant shield to be the team leader.

But entering the base with Li Min’s squad …… had advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage was that it was easier to see Commander Jiang after entering the base, otherwise why would Commander Jiang who could be said to be the best in the survivor base come to see him because of his words that he didn’t know whether they were true or not?

The downside was that Li Min seemed to be recruiting him, he was absolutely not going to stay in the base for long, the longer he stayed the easier it was to expose his identity, after all, his appearance was almost like a human to fool the people who were not close to him, if he got close, he would be properly exposed.

And Ye Tianyi was also a little uncertain about the attitude of Su Tianyun and Su Ming seeing him, they must have known that he was bitten by a zombie, but they didn’t see him mutate into a zombie, if ……

Ye Tianyi’s mind turned a few times, analyzing the pros and cons of Li Min’s invitation in his heart, he nodded towards him: “It would be perfect if we could take care of each other, naturally. I’m used to being a loner and don’t like managing others, so I’ll leave this convoy to you.”

He simply handed over those burdens of the convoy to Li Min, no matter what happened to them in the future, it had nothing to do with him.

Li Min wanted to excuse himself.

He wasn’t stupid, this convoy obviously didn’t have much faith in him as an outsider, and if he casually took over, it could be a big trouble in the future.

Ye Tianyi blocked back his excuses with one sentence: “Right, there’s a dual ability user in the convoy, named Jiang Yan, only ten years old.”

Li Min’s heart moved, Jiang Yan? Wasn’t that the name of the son that Commander Jiang had once sent people to find? The age was also just right, if this Jiang Yan was really Commander Jiang’s son ……

Ye Tianyi added, “This convoy is nothing more than the survivors who joined forces with each other halfway across the world, and when they get into the base, they’ll probably go their separate ways.” Meaning that once they entered the base, he didn’t need to continue to care about the convoy’s life or death.

Li Min also heard the implication of his words, it was a good deal, so he nodded with a smile.

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