Tonight was destined to be an extraordinary night.

Little Leaf, who had been engrossed in the situation outside, heard the sound of a car as well as human voices outside the house, and his hairs stood on end.

At this time Ye Tianyi also opened his eyes.

In fact, Ye Tianyi didn’t go into deep cultivation in the beginning, he also noticed Little Leaf’s movement, while guessing the reason why Little Leaf didn’t cultivate, he hadn’t opened his eyes.

Only later did Ye Tianyi open his eyes when he heard the movement outside.

The battle next door was still fierce, so Ye Tianyi fished little leaf on his shoulder into his arms and hugged it, then moved lightly and went out the door.

His and Zhang Hu’s rooms were on the second floor, while everyone else was staying on the first floor. The houses in the countryside were built large, so they were quite livable, after all, there were still a few people who had to keep vigil and didn’t need to keep rooms for them.

Ye Tianyi went downstairs and saw several more people in the courtyard, all of them wearing military uniforms.

There was a large yard at the entrance of this two-story house, a concrete floor, which was usually used by the owner to turn out rice or something else. So the fleet of cars parked in the courtyard was just a little crowded.

Ye Tianyi noticed an additional military jeep outside the yard, it should be driven by these men in military uniforms.

In the darkness, Ye Tianyi also clearly saw the face of the man who was negotiating with the ability users, he had a serious face, very sharp eyes, upright posture, and looked forty to fifty years old.

It was the same army leader they had met who had gone into the city to search for supplies.

How had they returned so quickly? And the number of people was reduced sharply from dozens to five, and they were all in a mess. Had they encountered some danger they couldn’t handle?

Ye Tianyi’s expression was heavy.

This army had a large number of people with different abilities, and there would be no shortage of arms and weapons but they had become so wretched, the crisis they encountered must be serious.

Thinking of this, Ye Tianyi walked forward.

That night watch ability user who was chatting with the head of the army saw Ye Tianyi coming over, and subconsciously introduced him to the person in charge in a proper manner, “This is Su Tian, Su Tian.” He also introduced that army officer in charge to Ye Tianyi, “This is Chief Li Min.”
  Although Li Min was a straight-tempered one, it didn’t mean that he didn’t have thoughts, as soon as he saw that ability user’s solemn attitude towards Ye Tianyi, he immediately smiled and nodded towards Ye Tianyi, not seeing any wretched weakness or exuberance at all: “Hello comrade Su!”

Ye Tianyi also nodded with a smile, “Hello, Chief Li!”

When it was time to be polite, Ye Tianyi didn’t have any arrogance and was smooth as silk.

After the two greeted each other, Ye Tianyi did not shy away from prying: “Sir Li, we meet again, I didn’t expect this kind of scene. Did you guys encounter a horde of zombies? How did it get to such a mess?”

His questions could be said to be sharp, but his prudent attitude did not inspire anger, and he was only thinking of the safety of the people in his convoy, Li Min thought.

Li Min sighed: “We had terrible luck, we encountered a monster on the way into the city. That monster was so fast that we could only see a black shadow. Almost as soon as it landed on a person, it bit open their skin and burrowed into their flesh and blood, sucking them clean. There were dozens of soldiers under my command who were sucked dry by this unseen enemy.”

His eyes were heavy: “We had no choice but to start retreating, as we didn’t know if the monster would follow us all the way or not, so we retreated in three directions, at least we were able to save most of them.”

Although Ye Tianyi thought it was a bit funny that Li Min said escape to retreat, the information he revealed made him laugh.

Extremely fast, sucking human flesh and blood, unseen shadows… what kind of strange thing was this?

Ye Tianyi asked again, “About how big was that shadow?”

Li Min didn’t hide it, he stretched out his hand to compare the size: “It’s about this small, it was too fast, I could only see the afterimage, but it should be roughly the same size as a cat.” He looked towards the white cat held in Ye Tianyi’s hand.

Ye Tianyi also looked at the little leaf in his arms, and a feeling of unease arose in his heart.

He was about to open his mouth to ask Li Min some more specific information when he suddenly heard a hysterical and extremely frightened woman scream from the second floor.


The sound was harsh to everyone, but everyone in the convoy could hear that it was Zhang Hu’s Sister-in-law’s voice.

Of course, Ye Tianyi wouldn’t think that it was the scream that came from Sister-in-law Zhang and Zhang Hu fighting too much, it should be that something had happened upstairs, and he rushed towards it in a hurry.

Ye Tianyi and the others froze when they reached the door of Zhang Hu’s room on the second floor.

On the large bed in the room, a naked woman cloaked in a cape was shivering at the foot of the bed, and in her arms, she was holding tightly a child that was crying loudly and incessantly, and the child’s already hoarse cry showed that he had been crying for quite some time.

And most frightening of all, there was a naked man lying in the middle of the big bed.

No, precisely, it was no longer a man.
  It was completely a skeleton with a human skin over it, and it was as if all of the flesh and blood inside had been drained away, extremely horrifying.

This dry corpse could no longer show the face and gender, but people had a guess about his identity, it should be Zhang Hu, after all, this was Zhang Hu’s room.

As for how Zhang Hu’s room could have a n*ked sister-in-law, the people in the convoy were almost all aware of the adultery between the two. And now in this situation, no one has the heart to care about the things between them, each of them was horrified by Zhang Hu’s death, and even those with poor mental capacity ran to vomit.

Not a single person dared to take a step into this room as if they would die just as miserably as Zhang Hu if they stepped into this room.

Ye Tianyi’s face remained unchanged as he looked at Zhang Hu’s corpse, then looked at the shocked and somewhat confused Li Min and said in a deep voice, “I think, shouldn’t Officer Li explain something?”

Li Min looked at Ye Tianyi with an ugly expression on his face, shocked with fear: “This person’s death looks exactly like the ones of those under me. It should be it came, it came after us…”

When he said ‘it came after us’, Li Min’s face was a little bit happy again, fortunately, it came after them and the soldiers from the other two routes could save their lives.

But Ye Tianyi’s mood was terrible.

Because he found that his peak third stage mental ability couldn’t even sweep the entire house to find the dark shadow monster that Li Min was talking about.

Zhang Hu should have only recently died because it was only a short time since Sister-in-law Zhang’s scream had passed and such a short time was definitely not enough for that shadow to escape. Because he was the one who immediately subconsciously swept the house with his mental power after hearing the scream, he ‘saw’ how sister-in-law Zhang pushed away Zhang Hu, whose body turned into a dried corpse, but he didn’t see the culprit who made Zhang Hu turn into a dried corpse.

This made Ye Tianyi, who was always used to being in control of everything, very uneasy, he had to uncover that murderer who killed Zhang Hu, otherwise, he wouldn’t even be able to cultivate in peace.

Ye Tianyi pressed the little leaf he had covered his eyes with into his arms, then held it with one hand and walked towards the room with Zhang Hu’s corpse.
  If the shadow couldn’t even be found in the house, then it was highly likely that the murderer was still not out of Zhang Hu’s corpse right now.

Ye Tianyi’s body was tense as he summoned his lightning ability, and there were countless purple electric snakes flowing around his body, looking just like a thunder god.

Something evil like this was most afraid of lightning, so the lightning shield should be even safer than the mental shield, but to be on the safe side, Ye Tianyi had created another layer of a mental barrier inside the lightning, especially focusing on protecting Little Leaf.


Finally, a challenge.

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