Zhang Hu was very hesitant about this child.

It was already hard enough to have a baby in the fleet that was still breastfeeding, and even if that child was his own nephew, he would sometimes feel disgusted.

Because the infant was completely unintelligent, he couldn’t understand anything the adults said, and would just randomly cry and attract the attention of zombies. Sometimes in a critical situation, a small child’s cries could be the catalyst, so he was unwilling to take over the burden.

Give it up…just forget about it…no one else but him could hear the child’s cries anyway, and no one would think he was cold-blooded….

Zhang Hu’s heart struggled for a moment, he didn’t dare to look at the bulging eyes of the dead woman, he lowered his head and hurriedly left.

The rest of the convoy gathered around and asked, “Captain, what’s going on in the car?”

Zhang Hu’s appearance was a bit different, “It’s a man and a woman, the man probably mutated into a zombie while driving and the woman was bitten to death.”

The crowd didn’t take Zhang Hu’s strange look to heart, thinking that he wasn’t comfortable seeing the scene of the car accident.

Zhang Hu had already said that everyone in that car was dead, and the crowd shifted their attention to the supplies in the car, “Then let’s go find out if there are any supplies in the car, there might be some food to use.”

Zhang Hu, of course, didn’t want anyone to see the baby in the car, and he immediately retorted, “I just looked, there are no supplies in there, and even if there were, they are stained with the blood coming out of that woman’s wound. The woman’s wound was on her carotid artery, blood spurted all over the car, and she was bitten by a zombie, so maybe the supplies that were stained with her blood also carries the zombie virus.”

When he said that, everyone suddenly shunned that car, and no one mentioned going to that car to look for supplies.

Zhang Hu was slightly relieved.

He took a nonchalant glance at the twisted and deformed car and then said to everyone, “It’s no longer safe here, and it’s almost dawn now anyway, so let’s make our way.”

He couldn’t let the convoy continue to stay here, maybe someone would discover that baby’s existence.

Zhang Hu was well aware of the convoy’s situation, there were quite a few women, all of them were soft-hearted people, if they saw the baby they would definitely want to take it with them, even if there were people who didn’t want to take this idea, they would ask to take the baby with them in order to cover up their selfishness.

If he refused to take the baby with him, then his prestige in the fleet would be greatly reduced, which was not conducive to his leadership of the fleet; if he agreed to take the baby with him, then an additional baby was a big burden, which was not good for the long-term development of the fleet, but most likely to plunge the fleet into a desperate situation.

If his brother hadn’t lost his life to save him, and his sister-in-law… he wouldn’t even want to take his nephew with him.
  An unweaned child in the end times was really a drag, and Zhang Hu, who was struggling with his nephew along the way, knew this very well.

Zhang Hu put forward the suggestion of traveling ahead of time, but no one spoke against it. This happened. They were in a panic at this time, and they were at ease to leave early, especially now that the sky had been brightened.

They had put all their things back in the car last night, and there was nothing for the crowd to pack, so basically they could leave as soon as they got into the car.

Ye Tianyi followed suit and got into the car, he didn’t pay any more attention to the situation in that car because not long after Zhang Hu left the side of the car, the last bit of a living human inside the car also disappeared .

The unfortunate car in the hearts of all the people in the convoy was just a small episode, except for a bit of guilt Zhang Hu still felt from time to time, everyone else put this episode behind them, they were in a very good mood, because they would soon reach A city survivor base.

The convoy encountered the army coming out from the survivor base to search for supplies, and they learned that the survivor base was close at hand.

Zhang Hu came out as the captain to negotiate with the head of the army that had come out to search for supplies, and Ye Tianyi watched from afar, taking in the conversation between Zhang Hu and the officer as best he could.

Zhang Hu was a smart man, so he only mentioned the convoy to the officer and then inquired about the survivor base, not mentioning that Commander Jiang’s only son, Jiang Yan, was in the convoy.

However, he seemed to still have doubts about Jiang Yan’s identity and deliberately inquired about Commander Jiang’s situation, and after learning from that officer that Commander Jiang indeed had an only son named Jiang Yan who had been kidnapped and had yet to be found, Zhang Hu was ecstatic in his heart, but on the surface, he didn’t reveal anything.

The officer was also polite to Zhang Hu, and answered the questions. Anyway, what Zhang Hu asked was not a confidential incident. It was good to have good relations with Zhang Hu, a team with many powers, by using the news that almost everyone knew from these bases. Maybe they would become comrades in arms in the future.

But soon, the army that came to search for supplies parted ways with the convoy, they were on a mission, the survivors could only go to the base by themselves.

After saying goodbye to the officer, Zhang Hu smiled as he walked towards the crowd, “We’ll be able to enter the survivor’s base in just one more day.”

Everyone cheered because of the good news.
 Zhang Hu walked towards Jiang Yan who was sitting in the car, and asked him questions about his family. Ye Tianyi hadn’t been in close contact with Jiang Yan since he joined the convoy, because he was worried that his hypnosis wasn’t too effective against the ability user, what if he often wandered in front of Jiang Yan and reminded this kid of him?

A day later, he would be able to enter the base… Ye Tianyi leaned on the back of his chair and closed his eyes, the scene of Su Tianyun throwing him down the stairs to feed the zombies when the end times had just erupted appeared in his mind again.

He should really thank the heavens that he had already awakened his mental abilities at that time, otherwise he might not even know who had harmed him.

Su Tianyun… heh, we’ll meet soon!

Ye Tianyi touched the neck where he once hung the Jade Guanyin, he was very curious about the secret of the Jade Guanyin, this time he must get his Jade Guanyin back from Su Tianyun, even if that Jade Guanyin had turned into an ordinary Jade Guanyin.

Ye Tianyi lowered his head to hold Little Leaf’s front paw and gently stroked its little ball of flesh with his hand, the soft touch slowly calmed the tyrannical emotions in his heart.

Little leaf obediently stretched its paws for its master to hold, tilting its little head in confusion to look, its pair of sapphire-like eyes was beautiful and mesmerizing.

Ye Tianyi quietly looked at its eyes, then suddenly laughed, he picked up little leaf and fiercely kissed it on the nose: “Little leaf, you are really too cute!”

Although it didn’t quite understand why its master would suddenly praise it, little leaf was still happy that its master was close to it, and its tail shyly swept behind it to touch Ye Tianyi’s long legs and lowered its head to lick his fingers that were holding it, conveying the emotion of closeness and attachment to its master.

Ye Tianyi’s eyes involuntarily filled with a smile, he placed little leaf on his lap, and then reached out to scratch its little belly and chin with the right amount of pressure, so comfortable that it squinted and made small purring sounds.

& & & & & & & & & & & &

It was getting late, so Zhang Hu immediately decided to find a random place to stay temporarily, and they would be able to reach the survivor base by noon tomorrow anyway, so there was no need to hurry.

Zhang Hu was going to decide to camp again like the other night, but Ye Tianyi was reluctant, these days he hadn’t been able to find a chance to take a shower, the smell of decay on his body became more and more obvious, although being smelled by others could be excused as being tainted with the smell of zombies, but Ye Tianyi, who always loved cleanliness, couldn’t endure it.

Therefore, Ye Tianyi’s mental energy detected a small village a few miles away and directly expelled most of the zombies in the village, leaving only a small portion that could be dealt with by the convoy.

He approached Zhang Hu and said, “A few miles further on, there is a small village, it would be better for us to rest there.”
  Who wanted to go camping when they could live in a house?

So Zhang Hu asked the others and they all agreed to go to that village. If there were too many zombies in the village, they would be able to camp, and if there weren’t too many zombies, then they would be able to kill all the zombies to live in the house.

The thought of being able to sleep on a bed with a blanket over their heads and eat rice stir-fried in a pot of steaming food made everyone’s spirits high.

It was still early in the day, just dusk, and the sun hadn’t set yet, so it was okay to delay a bit.

The car drove to the entrance of the village, a speed ability user went to explore and came back with good news: “There are only a few old and sick zombies, it’s easy to take care of them.”

Everyone got out of the car, leaving a few behind, and everyone else with a fighting chance rushed in with their weapons.

There really weren’t many zombies as the scouting speed ability user said, and they were all old, weak and mutated into zombies.

Someone was confused, “Why aren’t there any young walkers?”

Ye Tianyi silently turned his head, those more powerful zombies were blown away by him!

Someone next to him replied, “All those young people have gone to work in the city, right, so there are just some old and weak women and children left.” This person was also a rural person who came out to work in the countryside, so he was quite clear about the situation in the countryside.

Although the actual situation wasn’t what this person said, he had sort of unintentionally found a good reason for the strange phenomenon caused by Ye Tianyi expelling the zombies, and no one found the fact that there was only a bunch of old and weak zombies in the village strange anymore.

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