After nightfall, except for a few people wrapped in blankets and cowering next to the fire, everyone else ran to their cars to sleep.

Ye Tianyi was still sitting alone on the cold hard stone with the cat in his arms, as if he couldn’t feel the chilly breeze, quite a tall man.

As he watched the night watch ability users adding wood to the fire, he warned, “Building a fire at night can easily attract zombies.”

The smell, sound and light would attract zombies, and if it weren’t for him, a third-tier zombie sitting near the fire, it would have been filled with zombies by now.

But his rare and well-intentioned warning was apparently not heeded by the cold, shivering ability users, and he didn’t warn them a second time.

He’d already warned them anyway, and when he left the convoy later, what did it matter to him if the group would be wiped out because of this bad habit?

Ye Tianyi pulled off his jacket and tucked little leaf into his arms and wrapped it in his arms to help shield it from the cold wind, although he knew that little leaf was quite strong now, but Ye Tianyi, who was already used to protecting it, did so subconsciously.

His cold dead body had no warmth at all, but instead, it turned out that Little Leaf’s body temperature warmed his body.

Ye Tianyi was fully immersed into silently cultivating his powers and didn’t release his mental energy to detect his surroundings, so Little Leaf did not enter into cultivation, but instead vigilantly looked around with his big sapphire-blue eyes, keeping vigil for his master.

Little Leaf didn’t have mental abilities, and could only rely on perception and eyes in this aspect of detecting danger, so it was harder and required full concentration.

Although Ye Tianyi didn’t release his mental energy into the surroundings to detect at all times, he was still monitoring a dozen meters radius around himself, so Little Leaf’s attentive vigil was detected by him.

Ye Tianyi opened his eyes and laughed silently: [Little Leaf, no need for you to help with the vigil, I’m always defending myself with a mental barrier].
  Little Leaf tilted his head to look at him, then burrowed into his arms again, closed his eyes, and actually began to snore.

Ye Tianyi was stunned, he had wanted to tell Little Leaf to practice, but this little guy was lazy and slept… But Little Leaf’s sleeping appearance was so adorable.

In the end, he stared at this lazy little guy for a long while, but he reluctantly gave up on waking it up, really not wanting to disturb the sweetly sleeping little leaf.

Ye Tianyi tightened his jacket so as not to freeze little leaf as the cold wind poured into his bosom.

He looked over at the few people who were warming back to back by the fire and saw that there were already two people who were fast asleep, he frowned slightly, this was a night watch’s attitude?

But he didn’t bother, it was Zhang Hu’s business. As he was preparing to continue his closed eyes cultivation, he suddenly heard the roar of cars and the roar of zombies from afar.

The sound was still far away, but it was approaching this way at a very fast pace, and even Little Leaf was awakened.

But only he and Little Leaf, who had a very keen sense of hearing, heard this unusual sound, while everyone else was still unaware of it.

Ye Tianyi’s mental energy quickly spread over and after detecting the situation on the way here, his face changed and he immediately shouted, “Get up! There’s a car coming towards us!”

His shout contained power, and no matter how heavy or light the sleeper was, he woke them all up, one by one, they jumped up.
  Zhang Hu was the first to run over to Ye Tianyi to inquire about the situation.

Ye Tianyi didn’t wait for him to open his mouth and quickly said, “There’s a car chased by a zombie that’s out of control and is heading towards us, it’s very likely that it will hit our car, get it out of here!”

Although Zhang Hu didn’t know how Ye Tianyi knew, he believed in Ye Tianyi’s words and immediately gathered his men to drive away the car that was parked on the side of the road.

The car had just driven a little way forward, and even before the few people from the vigil and Ye Tianyi had been in a hurry to get into the car, the car that Ye Tianyi had said was out of control had already appeared in the crowd’s line of sight.

It was a low-chassis sports car, and its defensive ability was not very good, with a messy body, bloodstains and zombie scratches.

The car was as if it had no driver control, madly moving forward, with the momentum of unrelenting destruction, and then ‘boom’ a little bit hit the side of the road on a large tree, and stopped.

The fire, which was not completely extinguished, was run over by the out-of-control sports car, crushing the sparks.

Everyone was palpitating, because if Ye Tianyi hadn’t just asked them to move a few cars away, it wouldn’t have been the tree that this out-of-control sports car hit.

Ye Tianyi watched the car that had been deformed from afar and did not approach, but he was keenly aware that there was someone lucky enough to survive inside the car, of course, the zombie inside did not count.

As the captain of the convoy, Zhang Hu was the first one to explore the inside of the sports car.

He cautiously approached the sports car and looked in through the completely shattered window, and was confronted by a pair of deadly eyes staring at him with bulging eyeballs, causing cold sweat to break out behind him.

It was a woman in the passenger seat, and the woman wasn’t dead.

She struggled to rotate her eyes and her mouth opened and closed with difficulty, and Zhang Hu could see that she was saying, “Help!”

But Zhang Hu didn’t move, because the woman was hopeless and surely dead.
  A chunk of flesh had been bitten off on the left side of her neck, and the wound was gurgling blood, so it should have been a zombie bite. Looking at the direction of the bite, the zombie had bitten from her left side, and sure enough, Zhang Hu saw a male zombie in the driver’s seat that was stuck in the deformed car and couldn’t move.

A walker and a woman who was bound to die, with no rescue value, Zhang Hu decided to leave.

The woman who still had a mouthful of air left just watched Zhang Hu leave, staring out the window of the car with her dead eyes, taking her last breath.

Zhang Hu who had only taken a few steps out suddenly moved his ears, he seemed to have just heard a cat call?

He subconsciously looked at Ye Tianyi and found that Ye Tianyi was holding his cat standing so far away from him that he couldn’t hear it even if there was a cat call.

Then where did the cat’s cry come from?

Zhang Hu listened intently, but found that the sound that resembled a cat call didn’t seem to be a cat call, but rather… a baby’s cry?

He walked back over to the sports car, his eyes avoiding the eyes of the woman who was staring at him dead in the face, and peered inside the car, and indeed saw a swaddle from where the woman was dead underneath her body.

The swaddling clothes were stained red by the woman’s gushing blood, and the original color could not be seen, but the baby with a bit of blood on its face could still be seen moving, making small cries that was like cat calls.

The baby was still alive.

Zhang Hu realized why the woman was so desperate and resentful when she saw that he was leaving, but it turned out that the woman had just screamed at him to save her child .

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