Ye Tianyi’s explanation made Zhang Hu and the others have palpitations, they just followed the illusion created by the little girl zombie, if not for Ye Tianyi, who suddenly appeared and killed the zombie, they were afraid that today would have been the time for them to lose their lives.

Ye Tianyi didn’t pay any attention to Zhang Hu and the others, his eyes were attracted by a packet of chocolates on the shelf, then he touched little leaf in his bosom who was staring at the chocolates with green eyes.

Little leaf was a folded ear cat, ordinary cats couldn’t eat it. Chocolate’s main component was theobromine, which was toxic to animals.

But he didn’t know why, but Little Leaf liked the smell of chocolate, every time he saw chocolate, he couldn’t help drooling.

Ever since he knew that Little Leaf couldn’t eat chocolate but liked it very much, Ye Tianyi didn’t eat chocolate anymore, just because he was worried that Little Leaf would get a craving.

The Folded Ear Cat was a very precious and fragile cat, and also had a genetic disease that made it easy to die. Ye Tianyi took care of Little Leaf very carefully, and didn’t let it touch anything that it couldn’t eat.

It was just that Ye Tianyi was quite resistant to Little Leaf’s eager little eyes.

And now, Little Leaf had awakened the Nine Tailed Cat Demon bloodline, it could no longer be considered a fragile folded ear cat, its toughness was self-evident. So, there should be no problem with a little chocolate, right?

Apparently it wasn’t just Ye Tianyi who thought so, Little Leaf also felt that it could eat whatever it wanted right now, it wagged its tail and anxiously hit his arm with a little meat paddle, urging him to hurry up and help it get a few packets of chocolates.

Ye Tianyi was so rushed that he had no choice but to personally scavenge the convenience store for all the chocolates, and even took out an unpacked packet and fed it to little leaf one piece at a time.

Feeling the silky, fragrant flavor spread out on the tip of his tongue, Little Leaf was so happy that his cat eyes were squinting, his tail behind him happily wagged around, and he even scratched his moustache with his paws from time to time.

But Little Leaf’s overwhelmingly happy appearance was heartbreaking in Ye Tianyi’s heart.

He was the head of the Ye family, but he could only give Little Leaf this kind of inexpensive ordinary chocolate sold in convenience stores with poor workmanship, he deeply felt sorry to Little Leaf, unable to give it the best.

Ye Tianyi was thinking of ways to find better chocolates to feed his little leaf while feeding it chocolate.

Chocolate was a food that was high in calories, easy to carry, and perfect for humans to eat in an environment like the end times. So there should be a lot of people taking chocolate as a reserve food, then he should be able to exchange it at the human survivor base.

In the human base, if you wanted to get chocolate, you had to come up with a heart moving trade item. Ye Tianyi looked at the well-behaved little leaf who was nesting in his arms and eating chocolate, as he calculated in his heart.

Zhang Hu and the others beside him also started to call the people outside to come in and move the supplies, and Zhang Hu hesitated as he watched Ye Tianyi feed chocolate to the kitten.

Zhang Hu was aware that cats were not allowed to eat chocolate, but he was worried that he would be scorned by Ye Tianyi for being nosy. However, he thought of the fact that Ye Tianyi had severely beaten up Wang Fengming for that cat, and the cat should not have a low status in Ye Tianyi’s heart, so he took the initiative to come over and speak, “Su Tian, cats can’t eat chocolate, the theobromine in chocolate is toxic to animals.”

Little Leaf didn’t know anything about theobromine, it only knew that this tall-looking guy dared to persuade his master not to give him chocolate, it was simply sinful!

It didn’t even change its body shape, it only enlarged and lengthened its tail, and then swept it over, sweeping Zhang Hu down on his back.

Zhang Hu climbed up and looked at Little Leaf’s slowly retracted tail in stunned silence, f*ck even cats had mutated!

Ye Tianyi’s expression was soft as he touched Little Leaf’s tail that had reverted back to its original form and said to Zhang Hu, “It’s not an ordinary cat, it has no problem eating chocolate.”

Little Leaf had no problem even gnawing on zombies, let alone just a few chocolates.
  Zhang Hu scrupulously looked at the indifferent Ye Tianyi and the well-behaved and adorable little leaf, then left without a word.
  Ye Tianyi didn’t care about Zhang Hu’s small thoughts, he was full of nothing but his well-behaved and cute little leaf in front of him, and whenever his gaze landed on that soft and tiny blob, his cold and stern gaze would always soften.

He was well aware of the consequences of exposing his strength, either being used as a bodyguard by the convoy or ostracized as a person with ill intentions.

Either scenario was distressing, but Ye Tianyi didn’t really care, confident that any small tricks would be useless in the face of sufficient strength.

After feeding little leaf a full packet of chocolates before stopping, Ye Tianyi picked up little leaf, and then put most of the other chocolates into the space, leaving only a small portion to cover their eyes.

He walked towards the convoy waiting outside.

The car had just been filled up with gas and they raided the entire convenience store, and the trunk was so full that it was hard to even find a place to touch, with a bunch of stuff strapped to the roof of the car.

But Ye Tianyi opened the car door, but found that the seat he originally sat in was empty, not like the others that were still stuffed underneath the seat with things, there wasn’t even a place to sit.

He swept his gaze over the car in front of which Zhang Hu was riding, and was satisfied with this arrangement.

Due to the fact that several people had died before being surrounded by the zombie group, the space in the car was now very loose, at least these more than ten people could easily sit down and have extra space to place supplies.

Ye Tianyi even occupied the entire back row of the car by himself, except for the driver’s seat and the passenger seat in front, no one shared the seat with him.

The location was certainly more comfortable, Ye Tianyi got into the car and placed the little leaf that he had been holding in his arms next to him, and continued to cheerfully feed his little leaf with chocolate.

Whenever he saw little leaf chewing the chocolate with his cheeks bulging, Ye Tianyi raised a strange feeling of satisfaction from the bottom of his heart.

The chocolate’s fragrance spread to the entire car, the two men sitting in the driver’s and passenger’s seats couldn’t help but look at the chocolate in his hands from the rearview mirror, their faces showing longing and regretful expressions, but none of them dared to look back, Ye Tianyi’s previous fierce clean up of Wang Fengming was still fresh in their minds.
  The caravan kept driving non-stop all day, even lunch was taken care of in the car, until it got dark and then they paused the journey.

The night was far more dangerous than the day, and driving at night was like hanging your head on your belt.

The car pulled over to the side of the road and the people got out to prepare a fire for a hot meal.

The weather after the end of the world was very strange, the daytime heat was unbearable, but at night it was so cold that people shivered. And the daytime was getting hotter and hotter, and the nighttime got colder and colder, and the temperature difference was also getting bigger.

Ye Tianyi casually found a larger rock and sat down, seemingly doing nothing, but in reality his mental energy had already spread out, and the zombies that came around smelling fresh human around him were all scared away.

Only after he was sure that the surrounding area had been tainted with his scent, and that the zombies of lower rank than him didn’t dare to gather around, he withdrew his mental energy and began to close his eyes and meditate on the mysterious chant to cultivate his abilities.

The others were making a fire and cooking at a place not too far away from him, although Ye Tianyi was not very sociable, but his strength was there and he had saved many of them, so everyone just felt that this was a masterful style, and they didn’t think there was anything wrong with his attitude, and they were all considered polite and attentive to him.

Therefore, after preparing the meal, no one ate first, instead, they asked Zhang Hu to call Ye Tianyi first.

Ye Tianyi was awakened by Zhang Hu’s call, interrupted from his silent mantra state, and opened his eyes in displeasure.

But Zhang Hu had come to call him to eat, and seeing that no one else dared to do anything to eat first but was waiting for him, he didn’t feel like getting angry at Zhang Hu and silently walked over towards the pile of people.

Having only just gathered a lot of supplies, this fiery first meal certainly wouldn’t be too shabby.

Noodles cooked in a large pot with ham and mushrooms and various canned foods were cooked together to taste delicious.

It was already a luxury to have a mouthful of hot food in the end times, let alone this meat and veggies noodles, it was a great meal. Everyone was drooling around the pot.

Zhang Hu served Ye Tianyi a big bowl of noodles, there was more meat in it than noodles.

When he brought the bowl to Ye Tianyi, it attracted a lot of salivating eyes.

Ye Tianyi looked at this big bowl of noodles, but he only felt a headache, although he, a zombie, could taste it, he couldn’t stomach it.

He took the chopsticks from Zhang Hu’s hands, then without hesitation, he snatched most of the bowl back into the pot, leaving only a small half of the bowl remaining. With an indifferent glance at the crowd, he got up with one hand holding Little Leaf, “You guys eat.” After saying that, he turned around and walked away.

But his action, instead, moved the crowd to the point where they all looked at the majority of the food in the pot that was put back by Ye Tianyi, and thought of the small half bowl of noodles and soup they had just seen, they all volunteered to ask for more portions for Ye Tianyi.

People were always so strange, they were unhappy because Zhang Hu gave most of the good parts in the pot to Ye Tianyi, but they didn’t dare to say so due to Zhang Hu’s and Ye Tianyi’s skills.

Ye Tianyi simply complied with their wishes and left with only a small half bowl of hanging noodles in broth, instead they felt embarrassed and took the initiative to give Ye Tianyi additional dishes.

But Zhang Hu didn’t dare to disturb Ye Tianyi again, the look Ye Tianyi glared at him with when he just called Ye Tianyi to eat was too horrifying. So this matter of adding dishes also subsided, and the crowd was not embarrassed anymore, and grabbed the food non-stop.

Ye Tianyi took his eyes off the crowd by the messy fire, looked at the chopsticks he had placed on the stone surface, plucked Little Leaf’s ear with his hand, sighed, and poured the bowl of noodles into one of the bowls in the space.

He felt like his space was becoming a waste recycling plant now.

But the good thing was that the space was stagnant in time, and the freshness preservation function was good, so he could take the food to the human survivor base to trade for chocolate for his little leaf later.

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