After the convoy got onto the highway, there were fewer zombies, and looking at the scenery by the side of the road, if it wasn’t for the occasional encounter with abandoned vehicles whose owners had turned into zombies, everyone would almost think that it was still before the end of the world.

When they passed by the gas station, Zhang Hu made the cars all stop.

Cars were their means of escape, and without gasoline, even if there were more cars, they would be useless, so whenever there was a chance to get a little gasoline, Zhang Hu would stop.

He didn’t even spared the fuel tanks of abandoned vehicles before, not to mention such a large gas station.

Zhang Hu commanded his men, “Find more containers that can hold gasoline and take as much gasoline with you as you can, it’s a rare material now.”

Now gasoline was a non-renewable resource, it was still unknown whether the end times would end and the productivity would be restored, this gasoline could be gone when it ran out, so it was naturally good to collect more.

After Zhang Hu gave the order, he brought a fleet of several ability users to enter the gas station convenience store to explore the road first.

There were quite a few supplies in the convenience store, but looking at the messy appearance, someone had taken items before them, but there were quite a few of those supplies left.

Zhang Hu and a few other abilty users were cautiously vigilant around and walked into the convenience store, but they were surprised to find that there wasn’t a single zombie in the convenience store.

Could it be that the people who had previously swept the convenience store had killed all the zombies?

But they didn’t see any zombie corpses either ah .

As Zhang Hu looked at the puddle of blood at the cashier’s counter and thought hard about the unusual phenomenon, one of his men suddenly shouted, “Brother Hu, come quickly, there’s a little girl here.”

Zhang Hu was summoned over by this call, he followed the direction of the man’s finger and indeed saw an eleven or twelve year old girl in a flowery little skirt holding a dirty doll crouching underneath a shelf.

The little girl’s appearance was obscured by her messy long hair, and she could not be seen, but looking at her somewhat shivering body after noticing these big men, she was obviously very scared.

Zhang Hu couldn’t help but step forward and asked with concern, “Little girl, why are you here alone?”
  The little girl did not speak, but she raised her head slightly, revealing her small white chin and pale white lips, her slender ten fingers gripping the doll in her hand, her bright eyes looked at Zhang Hu through her thick bangs.

Zhang Hu met the little girl’s beautiful eyes and was in a trance, what a beautiful girl.

He involuntarily walked closer to the little girl, with a gentle look on his face, and used an almost seductive tone to the little girl, “Little girl, where are your parents? Do you want uncle to take you to your mom and dad?”

The few ability users who were following Zhang Hu saw the scene of Zhang Hu gently seducing the little girl, and none of them felt anything wrong, as if Zhang Hu’s action was justified.

Ye Tianyi, who had been sitting in the car peacefully, holding Little Leaf in his arms, suddenly opened his eyes, an invisible red light flashed in his eyes, he lowered his head to lock eyes with Little Leaf, who opened his beautiful sapphire blue cat eyes, and he sighed softly, “Do you think I should help if they are looking for death?”

It seemed it wasn’t the right thing to choose this fleet….


Ye Tianyi looked through the grey window glass towards the convenience store, which had a glass wall outside and could vaguely see the silhouettes of the few ability users that had just entered between the shelves.

He withdrew his gaze, lowered his head and touched Little leaf’s ear, and snorted, “I don’t really want to be nosy, but this guy didn’t even give up after I warned it, it’s simply provoking me.”

There were also levels and territories between zombies, and lower-ranked zombies that entered the territory of higher-ranked zombies without permission were either banished or exterminated. And if the lower ranked zombies were indifferent in the face of warnings from the higher ranked zombies, it would be tantamount to provoking the stronger ones.

Although the zombies were not highly intelligent, the belief that the strong must be respected and the weak must submit to the strong was a zombie’s instinct.

Ye Tianyi, as a third-rank senior zombie, had just plainly warned the second-rank junior zombie in the convenience store – forbidding it from making a move against Zhang Hu and the others, but that second-rank zombie had clearly ignored his warning, which was a provocation!

Ye Tianyi got out of the car, the sister-in-law of Zhang Hu who didn’t get down from the other car and held the child who was drinking milk from a bottle, stretched out her head to look at him, but she seemed to be very afraid of Ye Tianyi and quickly shrank back.

Ye Tianyi did not pay attention to the movements of others, he held little leaf in his arms and walked towards the convenience store at a pace as easy as an outing stroll.

“Come, poor child… “Zhang Hu stretched out his hand towards the little girl who was cowering and hiding under the shelves, he gradually approached her as if testing the range of the girl’s precarious defenses.

The moment Ye Tianyi stepped into the convenience store, the girl suddenly lifted her head, looked at Zhang Hu with wide eyes, and extended her hand towards him….

Bump- Zhang Hu was kicked onto the other side of the shelf, and a large amount of merchandise fell from the collapsed shelf.

Zhang Hu furiously looked over at the culprit who had kicked him, and then he froze in shock.
  The beautiful little girl in the tattered flower skirt that he had just seen was completely gone, and there was only a zombie that Ye Tianyi had crushed under his feet.

Although this zombie’s face was already rotting, but when Zhang Hu and the others saw the somewhat familiar tattered shredded flower skirt and looked at the size and stature of the zombie, they all knew that the beautiful little girl they had just seen was simply this zombie.

But how did this incredibly ugly zombie disguise itself as that pretty girl?

Ye Tianyi took advantage of the fact that the crowd hadn’t noticed, and threw the transparent crystal core in this zombie’s brain into his space.

He turned around to see the surprised and shocked expressions of Zhang Hu and the others and calmly explained, “This zombie is an evolved zombie that has awakened its spiritual abilities, and you were all just blinded by its perception.”

He could also set up this illusion with his Mental Ability, so this one was definitely a Mental Ability zombie.

Mental abilities didn’t have great offensive power before the third stage, and could only hint at humans or blind their perceptions, this zombie blinded the perceptions of Zhang Hu and the others and hinted that they were seeing the human appearance it had before it mutated into a zombie in order to confuse them and make them become its food.

The reason why this convenience store was so quiet, with not a single person or zombie in sight, was because this was the territory of the second-tier zombie.

Not long after the end of the world had just begun, except for Ye Tianyi who was in a special situation and was a third-tier zombie upon awakening, the other zombies had evolved step by step by devouring energy. So this second stage zombie was considered the strongest among zombies, no zombie dared to enter its territory.

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