A few cars drove down the depressed streets, clutter in the empty shops around them, the special ‘pedestrians’ on the road were attracted by the sound of the cars, and the people sitting in the cars were mentally tense as they watched the Zombies that were chasing after the cars stumbled.

A few ability users sitting by the car windows opened their windows and stretched out half of their bodies to attack the closest zombies in pursuit with their abilities.

The thick, fetid smell of decay poured into the space inside the car after the windows were opened, making the people who suddenly smelled it turn blue and want to vomit.

The ‘heh’ shrieks of the zombies craving for fresh flesh and blood were incessant, their scarlet eyes stared straight through the back glass of the car at the people inside the car.

Ye Tianyi sat on the car and gently stroked the back of the little white cat in his arms, enjoying the fear of the people around him instead.

This kind of intense fear made his spiritual abilities grow very fast, but Ye Tianyi regretfully gave up his plan to continue absorbing it after absorbing a part of it.

These negative emotions were never lacking in the end times, they could indeed make his mental faculties grow, but absorbing too much of them would also make his emotions negative, so he would have to look for more positive emotions to absorb.

The vast mental energy of a third rank zombie spread out, and the zombies chasing after the car automatically connected with him.

Ye Tianyi ordered one of the evolved zombies to focus on attacking the car that Wang Fengming was sitting in.

Wang Fengming had become a wounded man because he was injured by Ye Tianyi, so he was sitting in the middle of the car, and for the zombies to deal with this guy without arousing suspicion, it was best to use the evolved zombies.

The evolution of a zombie was in the same class as an ability user, but just because a zombie evolved didn’t mean that the zombie was an ability user.

Evolutionary zombies evolved to become faster and stronger, this was the evolution of the instinctive body, not the evolution of speed and strength abilities, this kind of zombies without powers had transparent, attributeless crystals in their brains that could be absorbed by any ability user.

And some zombies were as lucky as the ones among humans who evolved their abilities, their crystal cores became attributed, and only those with the same ability as them could absorb the attributed crystal cores.

The group of zombies that Ye Tianyi had summoned only had one evolved zombie, and it was still the kind that had no abilities.

But the evolved zombie was already stronger than the first-tier ability user, it was extremely fast, it was also very strong,, and even its skin defense had become stronger, although it had still an unsightly appearance that was so rotten that it was unsightly, but it was indeed a great threat to humans.

The evolved zombie, under Ye Tianyi’s command, leapt onto the roof of the car that Wang Fengming was riding in.

The driver, who had never encountered such a situation before, was terrified, he watched the claws of the zombie on the roof of the car claw towards the glass of the window, and was so frightened that he stepped on the accelerator… The car was driving in the middle of the road, and there was another car driving in front of it, the driver stepped on the accelerator and immediately hit the car in front of him hard.

As soon as the car chase happened, the two cars in front were stuck and the car behind had to stop.

There was no way to escape in the car, the people in the car could only get out of the car to face the gradually catching up zombie.

Ye Tianyi also followed the people to get out of the car to prepare to kill the zombies, and the evolved zombie just completed its task.

After the car Wang Fengming was riding in rear-ended the car in front of them, everyone inside crashed badly, the driver fainted, a few people didn’t faint but didn’t escape unscathed either, and many were even seriously injured.

Wang Fengming unfortunately became the one who didn’t pass out, and even more unfortunately, he was still a little dizzy and was dragged out of the car by the evolved zombie, so a chunk was bitten off from his head.

This was Ye Tianyi’s reward for this evolved zombie – Wang Fengming had an extraordinary ability, and his exotic ball was a great tonic for this evolved zombie with no abilities, and eating it would awaken the same ability as Wang Fengming.

Ye Tianyi looked expressionlessly at Wang Fengming’s head being eaten, and his eyes flashed with a trace of bloodlust.

Hmph, still wanting to eat my little leaf? I’ll let you be eaten alive!

Ye Tianyi closed his eyes, then saved a man who was about to be caught by a zombie .

He was probably affected by the negative emotions he was absorbing, he felt like he was getting violent and bloody, and when he had just seen Wang Fengming’s head being eaten by that evolved zombie, he had strangely developed a bit of pleasure… This was really bad news for him.


The person Ye Tianyi wanted to retaliate against was already dead, so he didn’t need to let more people die in the convoy, so he ordered the zombies to gradually retreat.

The sudden retreat of the zombies puzzled the people in the convoy, but they didn’t know much about zombies and didn’t know what was going on with the retreat, they were just happy they could survive this disaster and start counting their losses again.

Ye Tianyi didn’t want to weaken this convoy, so he kept control of the zombies’ killings of humans, and only a few people died.

Other than Wang Fengming and a few ordinary people who died, the ability users lost a single person. Among them, Wang Fengming’s death was the most miserable.

No one connected Wang Fengming’s death to Ye Tianyi, they just lamented that Wang Fengming was so unlucky that he was eaten by an evolved first-tier zombie while he was dizzy.

A Tier 1 zombie was much stronger than a Tier 1 ability user, and even Wang Fengming couldn’t beat it at his best, let alone when he had been beaten up by Ye Tianyi and knocked semi-unconscious by a car chase.

If it was before the end of the world, there would naturally be people to help burn and bury the corpses and such, but now… there were corpses everywhere, not to mention the broken limbs, and even the living corpses were still chasing people everywhere.

So now those dead people’s corpses, Zhang Hu only asked a fire ability user to help burn them, not even waiting for the corpses to finish burning to collect the ashes before they departed under orders.

Those who were related to those dead people couldn’t help but shed tears, but no one questioned Zhang Hu’s order because no matter how sad they were, they knew that they couldn’t stay here for long after they had just experienced being surrounded by a horde of zombies.

The cars had been ruined, so it was good that there were many empty cars around, either they had run out of gas and been abandoned, or their owners had mutated into zombies.

Zhang Hu picked two empty cars with keys whose owners had turned into zombies, pumped all the oil from the broken cars into the fuel tanks of the newly found cars, and then a group of people set off again, following the original route they had set towards the A City Survivor Base.

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