Hearing that Jiang Yan had awakened the Water Ability, Ye Tianyi was stunned, the last time he saw Jiang Yan awakening it was obviously the Wind Ability, how come it became Water Ability?

Could it be that he had awakened dual powers?

Thinking about his three abilities, Ye Tianyi didn’t feel strange about Jiang Yan’s two abilities anymore.

Since he didn’t know if his frequent hanging out in front of Jiang Yan would stimulate him to remember anything, Ye Tianyi always hugged Little Leaf in the car and didn’t go to Jiang Yan to raise his presence.

Ye Tianyi had always been very low-key, if not for the extra portion of food distributed to him every day, no one would remember that there was still him.

Zhang Hu came over with half a packet of biscuits and handed it to him, “Su Tian, this is for you today.”

Ye Tianyi’s name was heard by quite a few people, so he simply changed his name to Su Tian, and his surname was Su as well as the excuse of searching for his relatives for Commander Jiang to help him search for Su Tianyun and Su Ming.

Ye Tianyi silently received the half packet of biscuits, since he was always hiding in the car doing nothing, just like that child who was still breastfeeding, the people in the caravan had a problem with him, especially now that food was a bit tight.

People were selfish, they wouldn’t remember that they were only able to find Commander Jiang’s son because of Ye Tianyi, they would only feel that he was a drag for doing nothing but letting them protect him.

What was more, he acted extremely cowardly and bullying, and never said anything about the reduced food that was given to him.

So the food distributed to his hands became lesser and lesser, to the point that now even a day’s ration was only half a packet of biscuits.

Ye Tianyi didn’t need to eat, but he still felt that these people were cruel when he saw this half pack of biscuits. There were only five biscuits in the half pack. Children didn’t feel full when they ate snacks. They gave him a big man that as a whole day’s ration.

Looking at the back of Zhang Hu, he smiled coldly, when he found Jiang Yan before he assured him that he would absolutely guarantee his safety and let him have a full belly, the results immediately changed after finding Jiang Yan.
He casually tossed half a packet of biscuits beside him, forget it, why bother with this group of people who only knew how to bully and fear, didn’t he already see through the badness of people?

Ye Tianyi hugged little leaf in his bosom and was about to continue cultivating, when little leaf that was lying nicely in his bosom suddenly jumped up, ran off the car and ran towards the grass on the side of the road.

Ye Tianyi lost his smile and shook his head, looking at the way he was running so fast, he must wanted to pee urgently. But he knew how to be shy, and still had to run into the bushes to hide his pee-pee.

Just before he could withdraw his gaze, he saw a man named Wang Fengming, whose strength was second only to Zhang Hu in the convoy, walking over towards Little Leaf’s direction, his movements were very light, he looked as if he was going to catch the cat.

Ye Tianyi got out of the car and snapped at Wang Fengming, “What do you want to do?”

Little Leaf quickly scampered back at this time and jumped onto Ye Tianyi’s shoulder.

Ye Tianyi touched his fur that still had moisture on it, this little guy was indeed clean enough and even cleaned himself.

Wang Fengming saw that Ye Tianyi’s shout scared away the cat, he looked at him unhappily: ” I urge you to hand over that cat or we’ll leave you behind, believe it or not.”

Ye Tianyi narrowed her eyes dangerously, “What do you want with my cat?”

Wang Fengming obviously didn’t take Ye Tianyi seriously, he told him unabashedly, “Although this little white cat doesn’t look like it has a few taels of meat, but at least it can be stuffed in the mouth. I haven’t tasted meat for many days, so this cat will give me…” sacrifice… he couldn’t say the last word before Ye Tianyi smashed his fist into his face, knocking out his teeth all over his mouth.

Ye Tianyi dislocated his jaw and looked inside, there were still a few teeth left, well, the technique wasn’t up to par, it didn’t matter, just hit him again.

So he aimed another punch at Wang Fengming’s teeth, hitting the guy’s face swollen into a pig’s head, and the few remaining teeth fell off the ground.

Ye Tianyi helped him set his jaw, and with a coldly raised eyebrow, he asked, “Now that you’re toothless, how are you going to eat?”

Wang Fengming’s mouth was so swollen that he couldn’t say a word clearly, but the fear revealed in his eyes was enough to show his fear.

He was the strongest person in the convoy besides Zhang Hu, but of course, he was also a speed ability user. But he, a speed ability user, couldn’t even react when he was punched twice and got his teeth knocked by Ye Tianyi’s hand.

Even when he mobilized his ability, he felt a powerful pressure from Ye Tianyi – it was the suppression of the mental power of a higher-ranked mental ability user against the mental power of a lower-ranked ability user.

That unmatched feeling made him tremble from the depths of his soul.
  As soon as Ye Tianyi loosened his grip, he immediately knelt down and kowtowed straight, apologizing vaguely and begging for forgiveness.

This dramatic one scene shocked the rest of the group.

No one had expected that the cowardly drag whom none of them had put in their eyes would knock over the second strongest person in their convoy with a single fist.

Ye Tianyi ignored the various thoughts of the crowd, he also didn’t look at Wang Fengming who kept kneeling and kowtowing to him, he hugged Little Leaf who was standing on his shoulder, and shrank back into the car.

Only this time, his action of shrinking back into the car was already very different from the past in the hearts of the crowd.

In the past, people thought that he was timid and lazy, but now they thought that he was a master of style and coolly handsome.

At this time, Zhang Hu also sent a lot of food, milk, bread, instant noodles and mineral water, he seemed to want to make up for the slowness of these days.

He smiled and talked with Ye Tianyi very enthusiastically: “Little brother Su Tian, we were too lazy before …” Finally, the topic turned to the power, “What is the ability of little brother?”

Ye Tianyi’s attitude was very indifferent and he ignored Zhang Hu. The smile on Zhang Hu’s face gradually stiffened and he cursed in his heart: what a strange guy, he was obviously an ability user, but still pretended to be an ordinary person, this was not the way to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger, right? Pride, my ass!

However, Zhang Hu didn’t dare to offend Ye Tianyi, after all, he didn’t dare to say that he would be able to beat this seemingly gentle and weak fellow.

After Zhang Hu left, it wasn’t long before the convoy set off again.
  Probably the crowd was seeing Wang Fengming’s miserable condition and Zhang Hu’s reaction, they knew that he wasn’t a good tempered person and didn’t dare to mess with him, but at most, they would just take a few more glances and gossip privately.

Ye Tianyi closed his eyes, but his mental energy spread out, ordering all the ordinary zombies around him to come over.

That Wang Fengming dared to have such an evil thought of eating his little leaf, although he couldn’t kill that guy himself in order to remain in this convoy, he would still kill with indirect revenge.

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