Ye Tianyi’s mutation into a zombie didn’t make him decay due to various reasons, and now it was even more so that he couldn’t be seen as a zombie at all except for his pale skin as if he was recovering from a serious illness and the slight smell of decay on his body.

So when he ran up to the people in the convoy with Little Leaf, he wasn’t attacked, but was stopped by the very alert people.

The people in the convoy looked at each other a few times, and a tall man came up to them and asked. “Where did you come from?”

Ye Tianyi deliberately acted as if he was scared, his voice slightly trembling: “I… I want you guys to take me to the survivor base.”

The zombies in this area had already been cleared by the convoy, so Ye Tianyi’s previous behavior of moving freely through the zombie herd was not seen by the convoy, in their eyes, the current Ye Tianyi was a pampered young master who was terrified of the end times.

This was not far from the villa area, this area was filled with rich people, they were not surprised to see a rich second generation young master here, it was easy to believe Ye Tianyi’s performance and rhetoric.

But this group of people were obviously unwilling to accept Ye Tianyi who looked pampered and just a burden.

Someone said to the tall man who was leading the group, “Brother Tiger, let’s leave him alone, bringing him is a drag.”

Whoever saw Ye Tianyi’s pale and frightened looking face would have the feeling that he was a drag.

The man turned his gaze from Ye Tianyi’s pale face to Little Leaf who was shrinking in his arms and not moving, then frowned slightly and was about to open his mouth to expel him.

Ye Tianyi knew what he was thinking as soon as he saw the man frowning, and said, “I know about Commander Jiang’s only son, you can take Commander Jiang’s son to him, he’s a commander with a heavy hand!”

This news set off a thousand waves in the hearts of the crowd.

Most of the people in their convoy were from the bottom or middle class of society, none of them had the qualifications to live in a luxurious place like the villa area, meaning they were the kind of people who had no money or power.

When the end times came, money was nothing, power and military strength was the most important thing.

Even if they were just ordinary people who didn’t have much insight, they knew what a commander with a heavy hand meant in this end world. If they could really find Commander Jiang’s only son and bring him safely to him, they would have a great patron in the end times.

There was no reason not to eat such a big and delicious pie that fell on their heads.

Tiger’s originally indifferent face changed and he smiled at Ye Tianyi, “It’s fine if you want to follow us, but you have to tell us where Commander Jiang’s son is. If you dare to lie to us…” finally he sneered threateningly and took out a machete stained with zombie’s rotting blood and waved it a few times, “You won’t be able to keep that ball on your head!”

Ye Tianyi’s eyes narrowed, no one had never dared to threaten him like this and still be alive.

But thinking of Jiang Yan, who was still lying unconscious in the villa at this time, and looking at the group of men behind the man, Ye Tianyi still dismissed the idea of giving him a lesson.

Ye Tianyi’s body deliberately shrank a bit, pretending to be frightened, “Don’t worry, I won’t lie to you guys. If I lie to you guys, I’ll be dead when I see Commander Jiang.”

Everyone also felt that what he said was quite reasonable, but Tiger was a bit sorry that he couldn’t kick this sickly young master out halfway, he asked, “Then do you know where Commander Jiang is?”

Although they were lulled by a few words from Ye Tianyi into thinking that it would be cool to have a big patron in the future, some of them were ordinary people, so they didn’t know where this Commander Jiang who was said to have a heavy hand was.

If the search for Commander Jiang was too far, they didn’t want to take any risks, after all, no matter how big the patron was, their lives were more important.

Ye Tianyi said, “Commander Jiang is the one stationed in our A city. He should be at the survivor base on the outskirts of A city.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that Commander Jiang was in City A, he wouldn’t have been idle enough to meddle in Jiang Yan’s affairs. It would be hard for him to keep Jiang Yan alive, let alone find a way to send Jiang Yan back to Commander Jiang.


It had only been five days since the beginning of the end times, and the military forces stationed in City A had already begun to build a survivor base in the sparsely populated suburbs, and the news had already been notified inside the only few remaining channels that could be broadcasted on the radio and television, which Ye Tianyi was naturally aware of.

Commander Jiang was stationed in A city, he must be working on the construction of the A city survivor base.
  And Su Tianyun and Su Ming were still in the Ye house after the outbreak of the end times to take away Ye Tianyi’s jade goddess and to kill him, so those two should not be able to leave A city right away, they would definitely go to the A city survivor base.

Commander Jiang had soldiers and power, and could definitely become the top of the A City Survivor Base, maybe even a handful. If he could get his help, it wouldn’t be difficult for Ye Tianyi to find Su Tianyun and Su Ming in the huge base.

That was why Ye Tianyi would try so hard to blend into this convoy and bring Jiang Yan, a treasure.

It would be too conspicuous if he was the only one with Jiang Yan, and it would be safer to blend into the convoy. When the time came to find a way to meet Commander Jiang, just mentioning a request to find someone, it should be met, right?

But it was imperative that he should still work hard to cultivate that mysterious chant and get rid of the faint smell of decay on his body as soon as possible before reaching the survivor base.

He looked very similar to a human, and his zombie features could be concealed by being cautious, while the means of inspection to enter the base was simple – quarantine.

The radio said that the incubation period of the zombie virus was one to five hours, and those who wanted to enter would only need to stay in the quarantine room for five hours to get a temporary residence permit and live in the survivor base.

As long as Ye Tianyi hid himself well enough, trying not to come into contact with the others and not exposing his cold body temperature and lack of heartbeat, it was easy to blend into the base.

Ye Tianyi saw that some of the people in the convoy were still rather hesitant, and he added another fire: “You guys bring Commander Jiang’s son with you, if you encounter the army coming into the city to search and rescue the survivors, you will definitely be rescued first.”

That really struck a chord with everyone, and they had no problem with bringing along two boys.

Ye Tianyi also smiled and got into one of their cars, giving them directions and telling them where Jiang Yan was at the moment.

Actually about the army search and rescue and all that, it was all nonsense. It was only the fifth day since the start of the End Times, and the time was so tight that it was already surprising that the army of City A could immediately enter the construction of the survivor base.

After all, zombie mutation didn’t matter if they were an ordinary person or a soldier, there must be many people in the army who had mutated into zombies or ability users, causing a lot of turmoil for sure. It had only been five days, the army simply couldn’t spare the manpower to rescue people in the city of corpses, otherwise the broadcast wouldn’t have been for the survivors themselves to go to the survivor base, rather than having them wait in place for rescue.

What was more, the survivor base wasn’t even fully built yet… the army might come into the city to rescue the survivors, but the matter would definitely not be implemented until the survivors base was built.

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