Ye Tianyi gathered a lot of food to put in the villa, at least so that Jiang Yan wouldn’t starve to death soon, and then left his third level zombie scent in the villa to ensure that zombies with lower levels than him wouldn’t dare to come in and eat Jiang Yan, and after settling this, Ye Tianyi left with Little Leaf.

He still had to go to seek revenge on that Su Tianyun guy.

If Su Tianyun hadn’t thrown him down the stairs, he wouldn’t have been bitten and mutated into a zombie when he awakened his powers.

Who would want to be a walking corpse if they could be a living, breathing human being? He felt disgusted every time he thought of himself coveting living flesh and blood, he wasn’t the kind of psychopath who liked to eat human flesh and could accept such things as cannibalism without any mental barriers.

But he couldn’t control his instinctive salivation for human flesh, and could only suppress this instinct by swallowing exotic pills and crystals.

Swallowing exotic pills and crystal cores also made him find it hard to accept, after all, that stuff was dug out of a human brain, making it really hard for a normal person not to feel diarrhea. But what Ye Tianyi knew more clearly was that the exotic pills and crystal cores were good things that allowed him to increase his strength, and in the end times, the most indispensable thing was strength.

At any rate, swallowing exotic pills and crystal cores was much easier to accept than eating live human flesh.

But no matter what, although Ye Tianyi had accepted his zombie status in his heart, he couldn’t show forgiveness to the culprit who made him a zombie, he wasn’t such a holy father.

He used to feel a bit complicated towards Su Tianyun, a younger brother who was only a few months younger than him, representing the fact that Su Ming was out playing with people when his mother was a few months pregnant, which made him quite unaccepting towards this brother.

And now, he hated Su Tianyun, his half-brother, so much that he wanted to tear him alive.

Now that Ye Tianyi was strong enough and had regained his sanity, the first thing he wanted to do was of course to seek revenge on Su Tianyun.

Ye Tianyi carefully recalled the language and demeanor of Su Tianyun and Su Ming when they came to borrow money and ask for the Jade Goddess the day before the End Times erupted, and he now sensed that something was very wrong.

Su Ming was so generous to say that he would borrow money and return with several times profit in three days, it must not be that simple, if Su Ming was looking for him to borrow money to be able to pay back the principal was the sun came out in the west [impossible]. Could it be that they already knew that the end times were coming, and that was why they had the courage to say they would pay back several times as much? After all, the end times were coming in three days, and the money was all useless paper.

Ye Tianyi also thought that the day before Su Tianyun and Su Ming came looking for him, he had once been subjected to the news of the Su family’s massive purchase of supplies….

But if the Su family had already learned that the end times were coming, why would they not start acquiring supplies until the end times were close at hand? And from what source did they learn of the coming of the end times?

After all, the Su family was in decline, even he, the head of the Ye family, hadn’t been able to receive news, and the Su family had even been able to get news of the end times, there must be something wrong.

There was also that Jade Goddess of Mercy of his, Su Tianyun’s excitement when he got the Jade Goddess of Mercy was also detected by his mental energy.

The Jade Goddess of Mercy must have a big secret, he had just experienced the benefits of the secret Jade Goddess of Mercy, but he had only worn it for more than twenty years before he discovered the secret by mistake because of Su Tianyun’s suspicious attitude, how did Su Tianyun, who had not seen him in years, know that the Jade Goddess of Mercy was an extraordinary thing?

All of these questions took root in Ye Tianyi’s mind, and all of them had everything to do with Su Tianyun.

The sudden personality change, Su Tianyun’s bizarre actions, and the many news that Su Tianyun somehow knew… all of these gave Ye Tianyi a very bizarre speculation.

Ye Tianyi walked slowly, oblivious to the zombies coming and going around him, he pursed his lips tightly and fiddled with the ears of little leaf in his arms, “Little Leaf, do you think that there is really such a thing as rebirth in this world?”

Little Leaf’s floppy ears trembled, he raised his eyelids to look at his master: [Master, there are even end-time zombies, and I, a nine-tailed cat demon, have also appeared, rebirth might even be true].

As a cat who loved watching TV dramas, he was no stranger to rebirth, and he also knew that if he could grow to nine tails, he would be able to shatter the void and leave this world, which was similar to crossing over, right?

But nine tails was too difficult, he’d better honestly think of how to grow five tails and turn into a human.

Ye Tianyi thought that this was to comfort him, he smiled as he touched Little Leaf’s head along to his tail, and when he touched his tail, his hand went down, “Little Leaf, when did you grow two tails?”

He remembered that before, Leafie only had two tails when he got bigger, how come now two tails appeared even though he was as small as a kitten?
  Little Leaf flicked his two long tails, slightly smug, [I’ve grown three tails! That’s why I show three tails when I get bigger, and only two when I get smaller].

When he had two tails was when he could get bigger, but every time he got smaller, the number of tails would be one less than when he got bigger. It was said that if he could grow nine tails even in his small beast form, he would be able to fly in daylight, and that was the legendary nine tails.

Ye Tianyi was quite curious about the two tails of little leaf, he picked it up and went to look at it, but of course, little leaf, whose intelligence was already similar to that of a human, didn’t want his little butt to be seen, so he swept his tail lightly across Ye Tianyi’s face to disturb his sight, then broke free of his arm and jumped on his head to lie down.

[Master, you’re not a female cat, how can you look at little leaf’s butt?]

Ye Tianyi knew that Little Leaf was shy, but he still couldn’t help but smile and tease, “I didn’t miss a beat when I helped you bathe before, it’s too late to be shy now.”

Little Leaf angrily smacked Ye Tianyi’s back with his tail: [Hmph, that’s because you’re so bad, Master, that you used brute force to suppress me].

He was still just an ordinary cat, where could he compete with Ye Tianyi, a grown man?

Ye Tianyi reached out and touched the furry paw of the arrogant little guy on top of his head, his gaze fell on the convoy that was fighting a group of zombies in the distance in front of him, and ran over towards that convoy with a slight pause in his steps.

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