Little Leaf controlled the flow of water to keep from wetting Ye Tianyi’s pants and urged, [Master you hurry up and take off your pants!]

As a result, Ye Tianyi was stunned there for half a day, making Little Leaf impatient to wait, and he directly pounced on Ye Tianyi and brushed Ye Tianyi’s pants with his two cat paws to disect them.

Shards of torn fabric floated down, revealing Ye Tianyi’s long, shiny legs and….

Little leaf’s eyes looked curiously at the part of his master below the waist and above the thighs, then looked down at himself a little depressed. He controlled the flow of water to help Ye Tianyi clean his lower – half – body, and he suddenly shook himself and became so huge that he was about to crash through the ceiling.

Ye Tianyi saw Little Leaf getting bigger, and subconsciously tensed up: [Little Leaf, what’s wrong with you?]

Little Leaf proudly flicked his two tails behind him and smashed a TV set in the bedroom, [Master, Little Leaf is now bigger than you oh~]

Ye Tianyi looked at Little Leaf’s huge body, then at his own ‘delicate’ body with a serious face: [Yes, Little Leaf is bigger than me!]

After Little Leaf got his master’s personal acknowledgement, he happily turned into his previous petite appearance and jumped into Ye Tianyi’s bosom to roll around.

Ye Tianyi also indulgently let him toss in his arms, and only when Little Leaf had tossed enough did he put Little Leaf on top of his head and put on his shirt and pants.

Having washed the dirt off his body and put on clean clothes, Little Leaf also preferred to get tired in Ye Tianyi’s arms rather than lying on top of his head. Cats always liked to be petted by their masters, and folded ears cats were even more fond of playing with their masters.

So Little Leaf jumped from the top of Ye Tianyi’s head to his arms immediately after he was dressed.
Ye Tianyi subconsciously scratched the snow-white dumpling’s belly, and looked at the soft little thing in his arms that had spread his body comfortably to show his belly. Ye Tianyi couldn’t help but reveal a slightly stiff smile on his face.

Just when the atmosphere was right, suddenly with a thud, the wardrobe beside Ye Tianyi opened itself, and the boy hiding in it just rolled down and fell.

The boy had waited for a while, touching the big bag that fell on his head. He couldn’t react for a long time. He was about to cry, but when he saw Ye Tianyi’s white face, he immediately suppressed his crying, and hid under the foot of the bed. His misty eyes watched Ye Tianyi warily.

It turned out that the little boy was hiding in the closet, listening to Ye Tianyi’s movement outside in a tense spirit. It was too much for an adult to be nervous for so long, let alone a ten-year-old child. So he accidentally fell asleep in the closet, he leaned forward unconsciously and rolled out of the closet.

Ye Tianyi was really not interested in this kind of food cub. He was so weak that he didn’t have any interest in taking a look at it. It was not enough for him to scratch his teeth. And now he liked to eat delicious balls, he wasn’t interested in human flesh.

So he walked out with little leaf in his arms, ignoring the little boy who was still shrinking at the foot of the bed and looking at him wearily.

After he left the master bedroom of the villa, he was not in a hurry to leave the villa, and ran to other rooms to see, intending to put more clothes into the space, so as not to get dirty and not have clothes to change into in the future.

It was a bit nerve-racking to have a cute pet who loved to be clean and also liked to control his master.
  Just after entering a guest bedroom, Ye Tianyi put the unopened clothes in the guest bedroom into the space, he heard a young man reading mechanically, and he didn’t understand a single word of what he was reading: [To be in harmony with heaven, to nourish the mind within, to dress oneself with the intent…].

Ye Tianyi asked to Little Leaf: [Little Leaf, did you hear anything?]

Little leaf was quietly lying in Ye Tianyi’s arms and raised its head in a daze, licked its little paws, then wiped its face, listened attentively with a tilted head, and shook its head: [Didn’t hear anything ah…]

The voice in Ye Tianyi’s mind continued: [ To be in harmony with heaven, to nourish the mind within, to dress oneself with the intent …]

Ye Tianyi subconsciously also chanted in his mind along with that voice: [ To be in harmony with heaven, to nourish the mind within, to dress oneself with the intent …]

The more he recited, he felt as if he had fallen into an ethereal state, his perception of the outside world was completely blocked, the various fragments that had appeared in his mind before were becoming more and more common, the memory fragments that had appeared before but couldn’t be remembered would also be remembered, the feeling of being dazed and sluggish was also gradually fading away as he meditated.

Little Leaf also noticed Ye Tianyi’s stunned appearance, he contacted Ye Tianyi with his mental energy and tried to transfer his consciousness with him, but only suddenly felt dazed and his mental energy was forcibly repelled.

Although Little Leaf was smart, he wasn’t sure what was going on with his master now, and he didn’t dare to move, so he could only shrink in his master’s arms and be alert to the situation around him.

Maybe his master was just about to advance this way, what if he rashly disturbed his master and ruined his advancement?

Ye Tianyi fell into that mysterious and mysterious state for a full hour before he woke up, and once he woke up, he hugged little leaf in his arms tightly and said in a hoarse voice, “Little Leaf…”

Little Leaf’s body shook with surprise as he transmitted his mental energy, [Master you can speak?]
  In fact, Little Leaf blamed himself for Ye Tianyi becoming a zombie, he was unconscious at the time to awaken his bloodline and abilities, so it took him longer to awaken than Ye Tianyi who had awakened his three levels abilities.

As soon as he woke up, he found that his master had been bitten by those zombies that could infect viruses, and Little Leaf deeply blamed himself for not waking up earlier to protect his master. Obviously, he had known long ago that his master was nothing more than an intelligent ordinary human….

He didn’t know that there was still Su Tianyun making bad things happen, so he only blamed himself for not protecting his master and letting him get hurt when he awakened.

Now that Ye Tianyi knew how to speak, Little Leaf thought that if he worked hard, he might be able to turn his master into his original form… The master who turned into a zombie was really stupid_(:з”∠”_)

After Little Leaf realized Ye Tianyi could speak, he also noticed his face and was even more surprised: [Master, your face is back to normal too?!

Ye Tianyi’s face had turned a little pale at this point, and although it looked as bloodless as a seriously ill patient, it was simply much better than his previous greenish-white and greenish-gray face.


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