Ye Tianyi touched a good handful of the smooth fur on Little Leaf, then shoved the small ball of moisture still in his right hand into his mouth, and with his free right hand he scooped Little Leaf into his arms and held him.

He held Little leaf in his arms and walked over to the group of corpses on the ground, one by one, and stomped on the heads.

Except that there were so many people, but he only dug delicious little balls out of the heads of the former wind ability user and the scarred man, while everyone else’s heads were empty.

Ye Tianyi was sensitive to the fact that the food with small round balls in the head felt more delicious than the other food, and the smell of fresh blood and flesh were more attractive to the zombies.

After discovering this, Ye Tianyi was a little happy, he would be able to hunt the more fragrant food directly from now on without having to waste time chasing after ordinary food.

Looking at the two small balls in his hand that emitted a scent that made the zombies outside riot, Ye Tianyi, who had already eaten too much, was righteous enough to pass them to Little Leaf’s mouth instead of collecting them himself and waiting to eat them when he was hungry.

But Little Leaf didn’t care about the food at its mouth: [Master, this is Wind and Special abilities, I have Water and Ice abilities, so I can’t eat it].

Ye Tianyi blinked, he was a little confused, why couldn’t he eat it if the attributes didn’t match?

He didn’t have wind or special abilities either, but he could eat it.

Although Ye Tianyi didn’t understand, he still respected Little Leaf’s words and didn’t force him to eat it, but instead, he put the two exotic balls into his space.

His spatial ability was of the third rank, it was over a hundred square meters big and empty, after he put the two exotic balls in it, it kept rolling further.Ye Tianyi thought about it before taking a bowl from the table beside him and he put the two exotic balls into the bowl before putting them into the space.

His eyes fell back to the gun lying on the floor by the window.

He didn’t remember what kind of gun it was, but when he picked it up, he instinctively knew how to use it, so he put it into the space along with the box of bullets next to it as well.

Ye Tianyi rummaged through the villa and didn’t find a second gun anymore, so he had to leave disappointed. As for the supplies, what did he a zombie need those for?

It was the first day of the end times and it was already dark, and there were wandering zombies everywhere outside, no human or bird sounds could be found.

Now the number of zombies were even higher than when the end times had just began, and many humans who hadn’t mutated in the end times were infected with zombies after being caught by them, and one after another humans joined the zombie herd to become part of it.

It was summer, the sun was blazing hot, and the rotting zombies gave off a strange smell in the heat.

Ye Tianyi had a white folded eared cat on his head, he walked past the zombies as if no one else was around, and from time to time, he could still see a few zombies sharing a person’s corpse, and then it wasn’t long before the zombies stopped gnawing on the corpse and moved on to find other targets. Not long after the zombies left, the still intact corpse gradually stood up and became a newborn zombie.

Even if a human was bitten and gnawed by a zombie, as long as the brain wasn’t destroyed, it would mutate into a zombie within two hours, and when the corpse began to mutate, the zombie lost interest in the corpse of its own kind and moved on to seek other fresh flesh and blood.

So zombies with missing arms and legs, and also with a big hole in their stomachs and intestines flowing all over the place were common, these zombies were either partially eaten by other zombies before they mutated, or were wounded by humans when they attacked them.

Among this group of unsightly zombies, a zombie like Ye Tianyi who was fully clothed and handsome among the humans was simply too striking. Especially when he had a rather cute folded ear cat on his head.

Ye Tianyi didn’t notice this, but he noticed the blood and brains on his body that had begun to blacken, and thinking of the little delicate and clean-loving one on top of his head, he casually found a villa and went in, intending to change his clothes.

As to why he thought of changing clothes instead of just running naked – he had no intention of not running naked, but simply felt that he was going to get dirty sooner or later, and that he could change clothes if he got dirty with clothes on, but not his skin if he got dirty without clothes on.


As soon as he entered this small cottage, Ye Tianyi smelled the scent of food, in the coat closet.

But it was just an ordinary food, Ye Tianyi was not very interested anymore, but the clothes he needed were in the big wardrobe.

Ye Tianyi walked towards the big wardrobe and opened it, his blood red eyes matched with a pair of eyes that were frightening in their clarity.

It was a little boy who was only ten years old, he curled himself up and hid behind the clothes hanging in the wardrobe, looking at Ye Tianyi who was blue and white with blood-red eyes in fear.

Ye Tianyi just glanced at him, then disinterestedly averted his eyes and started looking for a change of clothes.

The clothes in the wardrobe were the men’s clothes hanging on the left and the women’s clothes hanging on the right, which should be the clothes of the man and woman of this villa, and the little boy should be their child as well.

Ye Tianyi lost most of his memory, but his instincts were still there, his right hand crossed over the women’s clothes that took up most of the wardrobe and landed on the men’s clothes that pathetically only took up a small chunk of space on the left, took out a shirt and a pair of pants, and then the other men’s clothes were put in his space, he closed the door of the big wardrobe as if he didn’t see a living person in the wardrobe.

Little Leaf jumped from the top of Ye Tianyi’s head onto the large, soft master bed, he licked his right paw as he watched his master change his clothes.

Ye Tianyi was quite efficient at changing clothes, hendirectly tore off the dirty clothes on his body, and was about to put clean clothes on his body.

At this time, Little Leaf shouted: [Master, let me help you take a bath before you put on the clothes.]

Ye Tianyi looked at Little Leaf and then stopped putting on clothes.

Little Leaf was excitedly staring at Ye Tianyi’s naked body. Before, it was always his master who helped him take a bath, he had never helped his master take a bath before, thinking of the previous experience of his master inhumanely asking him to take a bath, now he was a little excited o(≧v≦)o~

A clear stream of water poured down from Ye Tianyi’s head – little leaf felt that his future nest might be on top of his master’s head, so his hair had to be washed as well, or what if it polluted his beautiful white hair?

The flow of water, under the control of Little Leaf, washed away the filth on Ye Tianyi’s body, revealing his miserably white, lifeless but beautifully muscled body.

Little leaf flicked its tail, its sapphire blue eyes gawking at its master’s naked body, now it had to see clearly how it would be when it transformed into a human just like its master.

Little Leaf’s eyes saw from the top to his waist, then to Ye Tianyi’s still wet pants underneath, he controlled the water flow to stop, as he urged Ye Tianyi: [Master, quickly take off your pants!]

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