The heavy curtains were pulled open, the harsh sunlight through the large floor-to-ceiling windows cast on the gorgeous wool carpet, the man’s bare feet on the soft carpet, wearing only a robe, his eyes momentarily unable to adapt to the brightness of the sun squinted slightly, the handsome face was without any expression, cold hard outline and tightly pursed lips, capable of making people feel stressed.

After pulling the curtain open, the man stood in front of the spotless French window and stared at the pond downstairs for a while, then turned to the bed, which occupied a very large area.

The quilt on the bed was a little messy, apparently just opened when he got up. The man laid prone on the bed and pulled the quilt further, revealing a mass of snow-white fur ball under the quilt. When he saw the little hairball , the man’s cold and hard face softened a lot.

This was a snow-white cat with black hair on the tip of its nose. It was very cute.

Such a cute little thing seemed to be out of tune with the cold, hard and serious man, but the fact was that the man and the cute cat with folded ears slept in a bed all night.

Looking at small cat sleeping with his belly bulging, Ye Tianyi reached out and scratched his chin: “little leaf, get up.”

After two more calls, he saw that “little leaf” was still in bed. A little helplessness passed through his eyes. He stopped disturbing little leaf’s dream and got up and went into the bathroom.

When Ye Tianyi came out of the bathroom, he found that little leaf was still asleep. At this time of the day, little leaf should have woken up and jumped on him.

He frowned slightly and was about to wake it up when there was a knock at the door.

Ye Tianyi paused, and then turned to open the door.

Seeing that outside the door was the old butler who had taken care of him for many years, Ye Tianyi’s expression became less frightening, and he spoke in a calm tone, “Something wrong?”

The old housekeeper looked at Ye Tianyi kindly, but his tone was respectful: “Master, today Su Ming and his sons are here. They want to see you.”

Hearing this sentence, Ye Tianyi’s face remained unchanged, but the air pressure that radiated from his body became lower. “They left the city long ago, didn’t they? How dare they come back?”

The old housekeeper did not speak. Ye Tianyi’s eyes sank. “Watch it, I’ll go down later.”

The old housekeeper respectfully said, “Yes. The young master’s breakfast today is still the same.”

Ye Tianyi nodded his head.

He had obsessive-compulsive disorder. No matter what things were, he liked to be orderly. There were rules for breakfast every day. The habit of breakfast had been for so many years. However, the old housekeeper still insisted on asking such a question every day. He didn’t feel bored.

When the old housekeeper was about to step down, Ye Tianyi suddenly said, “Call Dr. Li.”

Dr. Li was a veterinarian and also Ye Tianyi’s exclusive doctor for little leaf.

The old housekeeper nodded and added, “What’s wrong with the little leaf?”

The old housekeeper was an old man who watched Ye Tianyi grow up. He also knew how important the little meow was to the young master, and only he dared to ask such a question.

Ye Tianyi was also a bit more patient with the old man: “I don’t know why, after a long sleep, it isn’t waking up.”

The old housekeeper’s face was somewhat worried: “But yesterday is too late?”

Cats were animals that slept in the daytime and came out at night, but little leaf was fed by Ye Tianyi and had the same rest time as him.

Ye Tianyi shook his head: “No, I didn’t work too late last night and went to bed at 9 o’clock.”

In fact, he didn’t know why he had a headache last night, so he went to bed earlier. However, there was no need to mention the headache, which would worry the only old man in the Ye family who was really good to him .

Ye Tianyi was a genius with high intelligence quotient, but God had given him a clever brain yet always deprived him of something.

His mother died young and his father didn’t love him. Apart from an old housekeeper who abided by his duty, he still cared about him, and only a cat with an injured ear accompanied him.

He took his mother’s surname, Ye. His father, Su Ming, was a son of the Su family who had already fallen. In order to revive the Su family, he chose to marry Ye Tianyi’s mother.

Ye Tianyi’s grandfather had a daughter, and his daughter was weak and sickly, so he needed a healthy heir to inherit the estate of the family. He told Su Ming that if he wanted to help revive his family, he had to marry his daughter , and their first son had to be named Ye.

For the sake of the Su family, Su Ming agreed.

He agrees but harbored a grudge, and he felt that Master Ye forced him to join the Ye family and trampled the face of the Su family on the ground.

But he hadn’t shown it all the time. When Ye Tianyi was 16 years old, he exposed his true face after he died.

He had just finished the funeral of the old man in Ye and immediately divorced his mother. He wanted to seize the opportunity to seize the Ye family’s estate and expand the Su family.

Unfortunately, Su Ming had never expected that Ye Tianyi, who had been brought up by Master Ye and looked cold and seemingly autistic, would be so amazing that he would be able to hold onto the Ye family’s property.

But Ye Tianyi was still a minor after all. He had a disadvantage in fighting with Su Ming. The Ye family was robbed of many benefits by Su Ming, but it did not hurt the foundation too much. However, Ye’s mother was seriously ill with anger because of this series of things, and finally she died.

Ye Tianyi did not have much affection for his seriously ill mother. After all, she was only a familiar stranger he saw several times a year. However, he had deep feelings for Master Ye and also empathized with the Ye family.

Su Ming did not recognize him as the son surnamed Ye and was indifferent to him; he loved the two sons he had with his childhood sweetheart more than Ye Tianyi, the son who could be said to be evidence of his humiliating entry into the Ye family.

The eldest son Su Tianyu was three years older than Ye Tianyi and the second son Su Tianyun was only half a year younger than Ye Tianyi.

Ye Tianyi had to admit that Su Ming’s means of playing with women to hide illegitimate children were much higher than his means of doing business.

Su Ming in business would only rely on the mountain of the Ye family to hold him up or use some dirty tricks, but he had the ability to charm one woman after another and hide his illegitimate child so well that even Master Ye didn’t notice.

Otherwise, Su Tianyu and Su Tianyun, two illegitimate children, would never had remained alive.

After Old man Ye died and he divorced his seriously ill mother, he reappeared in the upper class as the head of the Su family. It was a pity that the success of the Su family depended on the success of the Ye family.

Su Ming’s actions of not waiting to divorce Mother Ye after Master Ye’s death, in the hearts of others, they only felt that this person was an ungrateful white wolf. Especially when he then took advantage of the fire to rob the Ye family when there was no one to preside over the situation for the time being, his behavior was even more disgraceful.

Su Ming’s reputation in the upper-class circles had long been bad, so he had always been unable to enter this circle, and the Su family could barely count as a second-class family.

Ye Tianyi officially took over the Ye family as an adult. The first thing he did after stabilizing the Ye family’s industry was to strike the Su family.

Su Ming was not very good at doing business. Before, the Su family was supported by the Ye family. After the death of the Ye patriarch, the decline began. The blow from Ye Tianyi directly reduced the Su family to a third class family.

Originally the plan was to beat the snake to death, Ye Tianyi didn’t miss any father-son love to spare the Su family.

However, Su Ming quickly hooked up with the eldest daughter of the Qin family, who was the only daughter of the Qin family. However, she was not as sickly as Ye Tianyi’s mother, but a strong woman. She hadn’t remarried since her divorce , and she had had both ends with many men. Su Ming was only one of them. But he didn’t expect Su Ming to have the ability to coax this strong woman to help him.

Because the Ye family hadn’t fully recovered to its heyday, Ye Tianyi didn’t want to go up against the Qin family, it was good that the Qin family’s eldest miss didn’t want to go up against the Ye family for a Su Ming, she just made Ye Tianyi give the Su family a breather, and when the Qin family’s eldest miss got tired of playing with it, she naturally wouldn’t care about Su Ming anymore.

Ye Tianyi was a proud, conceited and vengeful person, which was the only place he and his father Su Ming were alike.

Su Ming was arrogant but did not have the capital and means to be arrogant, he thought he was capable, the Ye family should beg to marry his daughter to him to help him revive the Su family, rather than letting him enter the family.

In fact, the old man didn’t want Su Ming to marry into the family, he just wanted his and his daughter’s first son’s surname to be Ye, and the second son to be born later would still be surnamed Su, and this matter was entirely Su Ming’s own opinion.

Originally, Master Ye’s request was nothing more than a quid pro quo, and Su Ming could have refused if he didn’t agree. But he himself had agreed, and still harbored a grudge, feeling that the Ye family was humiliating him….

Ye Tianyi was different, his arrogance was built on his strength. The Qin family’s eldest daughter knew the Ye family’s entanglement with the Su family, but she still dared to do such a thing for a single Su Ming, just because she was bullying Ye Tianyi’s young age, and the fact that he didn’t dare to oppose the Qin family.

Ye Tianyi did not dare at that time, but he could only temporarily endure.

A few years later, Ye Tianyi developed the Ye family far beyond the Qin family. He first forced the Su family to move to other cities far away and severely beat the Qin family who guarded the Su family.

Then he still didn’t let go of the Qin family, and it didn’t take long for the Qin family to become a second-class family just because of the small incident a few years ago …

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