Rong Yue opened his eyes, his body was sore, like it had been hit by his former rival.


But he quickly reacted to the fact that he wasn’t there anymore.


Although his rival wasn’t here and there was no Kung Pao chicken and shredded fish and meat, but there was fragrant roast meat ……


Tian Yang!


Rong Yue sat up violently, only to find that he wasn’t buried in the mud, he was lying in a huge tree hole.


Tian Yang was lying not far from him and his wound didn’t look life-threatening.


Rong Yue breathed a sigh of relief and before he could figure out the situation, he heard a man and woman arguing.


“Yue Dong, when are we going back?”


“What’s the hurry, my brother isn’t awake yet!”



“Brother, brother, go and live with your brother!”


Rong Yue let his mind fly wander a moment and felt that the voice was a bit familiar.


And they were talking about a brother ……


A tall, prickly man burrowed into the tree hole and met eyes with Rong Yue as soon as he raised his eyes.


“Yue Dong!” Rong Yue was surprised.


Yue Dong froze for a moment, then revealed a naive smile: “Aiya, sister-in-law!”


At first Rong Yue was confused by this sister-in-law word, but when he remembered his identity, he quietly rolled his eyes, but didn’t retort.



“Why are you here ……”


“Don’t mention it, it was a coincidence, otherwise you and Tian Yang would’ve been in danger.”



According to Yue Dong, after following the tribe’s migration, he found that Tian Yang wasn’t there and wanted to turn back to find him.


But Xue Qi stopped him, saying that Tian Yang was dead.


Yue Dong didn’t believe it and was ready to return alone to check, but his new wife, Lu Shui, strongly requested to follow, so he could only take her with him.


Back at the tribe, he found a large pool of blood at Tian Yang’s house, but couldn’t find the body, so he had a hunch that Tian Yang was still alive and set out to look south – because he thought Tian Yang probably hated Xue Qi and wouldn’t go in the direction of the tribe’s migration.


He was a “scout”, although he had gradually degraded, he was still better than others, plus he had been friends with Tian Yang since childhood, so he was familiar with his scent.


Relying on this, he really picked up on Tian Yang’s scent.



As Rong Yue listened, his mood was quite complicated.


He scolded him as a white-eyed wolf yesterday, today the white-eyed appeared and he was quite a loyal dog.


But if they really had good feelings for each other, when Tian Yang was sick from poisoning, why didn’t he help?


Rong Yue didn’t hide his confusion, Yue Dong froze, his face revealing a bitter expression.



“I went to the mountain to find medicine for him …… but I was useless, I looked for it the whole rainy season, yet I still didn’t find it. I could only come back again empty-handed on the night of my wedding.”


Rong Yue: “So you didn’t tell Tian Yang when you left?”



Yue Dong froze: “I was in too much of a hurry and forgot ……”


He and Tianyang grew up together, and later became the backbone of the tribe together. They spent more time with each other than even their parents.


Yue Dong grew up as a silly child, simple and easy to fool, he agreed to every request. If it wasn’t for Tian Yang who had been his gatekeeper, he wouldn’t have been alive to marry a wife.



When Tian Yang got injured, Yue Dong was in another team, when he came back and learnt the news, it was already too late.



Tian Yang was bitten by a magical beast, so the poison was related to magical energy. Not willing to let his brother’s life end here, Yue Dong left his newlywed wife that night and went alone to the distant and dangerous Xingye.


Xingye was a mysterious forbidden land with countless exotic plants, and naturally, there were also herbs that could remove the magic poison. But opportunity always coexisted with the danger, many warriors that entered the forest never returned.



Fortunately, foolish people had foolish blessings, no matter the price Yue Dong paid, at least he came back unharmed.



As for the antidote, even if he didn’t get it, would Tian Yang still blame him?

Rong Yue guessed that Tian Yang had guessed where he went.

Although he wasn’t able to leave the tribe during his recovery, he had been close to all sorts of rumors of speculation, he was probably worried but refused to speak.



Rong Yue didn’t care about their brotherly love, when Tian Yang woke up, he could explain by himself.


Rong Yue was more concerned about another thing – Evil Qi


He could hardly find knowledge and common sense outside the tribe in Yue’s memory, he thought this was just an ordinary low world, he didn’t expect that there was magic?


But on the flip side, even divination with divine power actually existed, so there was probably a system of mutually exclusive power.


Rong Yue saw that the weather outside was fine and mud was still sticking to him. He was very uncomfortable, so he asked Yue Dong if there was a place to take a bath.


This was the edge of a forest, there were many large and small pools of water in the forest.


Rong Yue was about to go to clean up, his head moved out of the tree hole when he suddenly remembered: “Where is Xiao Ergou?!”



Yue Dong was squatting beside Tian Yang to check his state, his face distorted into a funny expression, “What dog?”



“!!!” Rong Yue was shocked, they wouldn’t have lost the child, right!?


“Ow, ama–” Just before Rong Yue started panicking, Xiao Ergou’s voice came from the front, Rong Yue looked over and saw a clean child, with her hands filled with wild fruits, it seemed like she went to pick fruits.


He regained his composure and burrowed out of the tree hole, grabbed the child by the back of the neck and picked her up: “What did you call me?”


“Lord Yue.”


He didn’t know where Yue Dong’s wife was, Rong Yue chewed on a fruit offered by the Ergou, after that he finally cleaned himself in the forest.


Linen clothes were quite sturdy, even after everything, it only had a few tears and it could still be worn. Although it was safe and he didn’t have to wear wet clothes to make himself uncomfortable, but ……


Prosperity, Strength, Democracy and Civilization.


Back in front of the tree cave, Tian Yang had woken up and was talking with Yue Dong.


Both faces had surprised expressions that couldn’t be concealed.


What a touching brotherly love.


Rong Yue squeezed his wet hair as he thought carelessly, if this was placed in the Xingyue Era, there would be a set of little girls wailing, they’d write bed stories of both of them to exchange at Comic-Con.


He stepped on a dead branch with one foot, the sound made the two of them look at him in unison, Rong Yue smiled and nodded.


Wet linen clothes stuck to his body, outlining the beautiful lines, a pair of peach blossom eyes flooded with water, voluptuous looks with holy white hair, he was a beauty that just came out from a bath.



Tian Yang saw a scrape on his arm and frowned, while Yue Dong stared and looked dreamily infatuated.


“………… Sacrifice Yue ……” he murmured, “White hair hair really suits you……”


Rong Yue: “???” Where is the promised touching brotherly love?



Tian Yang smiled as he stood up and kicked his good brother into a tree five meters away.


Yue Dong: “I really didn’t mean to offend sister-in-law! I was just admiring the beauty of sister-in-law!”



The crowd gathered around the fire to roast their food, and Yue Dong was still chattering away to explain his outburst.



He complained aggrievedly, “Tian Yang actually kicked me, my butt hurts like hell ……”


Rong Yue silently mosaicked the word in his mind.


Unlike Rong Yue, who fled in disarray resulting in having nothing, Yue Dong and his wife, Lu Shui, were fully prepared to set out.


Although the food brought wasn’t much, the usual paraphernalia they used in the field were there.


Rong Yue drank a bowl of paste, although it still didn’t have much taste, it made his stomach very comfortable….

After the small talk, Tian Yang explained his plan to Yue Dong.


Yue Dong spilled a mouthful of paste all over his chest and asked in a daze, “A new tribe?”


Rong Yue slowly and methodically ate a bite of roast meat, secretly disliking that it wasn’t tasty enough: “This is my idea.”


Yue Dong froze and said sadly, “Yes, Tian Yang was injured and his strength was greatly reduced, and the tribe hasn’t been very good to the injured and disabled warriors. You guys must hate Xue Qi a lot.”


“Hate is not so much, after all, his injury has almost healed, we and Xue Qi just aren’t on the same path.” When Rong Yue finished, he saw that everyone was looking at him blankly, and realized that he had used an idiom.


…… he needed to work hard to improve his cultural performance in the future.


“Wait!” Yue Dong asked in shock, “What do you mean Tian Yang’s injury is almost healed?!”



“Literally.” Rong Yue pulled out the wooden stick inserted behind his waist and made a clean white ball of holy light. After persistent use, the point of light was now a little bigger and less shabby.


Yue Dong and Li Shui finally showed the reaction that normal people should have – they thought they were dreaming.


“Ah Shui, slap me.” Yue Dong’s voice trembled.


Lu Shui gave him a strong slap, after a crisp snap, she also trembled, “Does it hurt?”



Yue Dong: “Yes, it hurts!”


Lu Shui: “My hand hurts too!”


Rong Yue looked at them with a smile: “This light can not only illuminate, but also heal wounds and fight against enemies. You guys can take it as God thinks Tian Yang’s life shouldn’t end.”



Not waiting for Yue Dong and Li Shui to recover, he continued: “Back to the building of the tribe, Tian Yang and I have discussed, we intend to find a relatively empty place first. Then we’ll collect people, anyone can join.”



Yue Dong hesitantly spoke, “Sister-in-law ah …… although you are powerful, you’re only one person.”


His voice gradually weakened as he continued: “If you find a group of old and weak people, then won’t you and Tian Yang have to wear yourselves out in order to feed them?”


Rong Yue raised an eyebrow: “You don’t have to care about that, just find me a big pit of old and weak people, I want them.”



Li Shui suddenly slapped Yue Dong’s thigh: “There really is, a whole big pit of people!”



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