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Rong Yue didn’t even know who he was angry with.



He never even tried to hide the difference between him and the original owner, a person with normal intelligence would have noticed. He even recklessly used skills that didn’t belong to this world in front of Tian Yang.



Although him using his skills couldn’t seen, the crate that he made to drag him here was abrupt enough.



Not to mention his extremely different character.



But Rong Yue just felt that Tian Yang shouldn’t say it, it felt like saying it was breaking a silent agreement.



Tian Yang helplessly coughed twice, with amusement in his eyes: “Why are you angry again …… you aren’t even willing to pretend a little, is it because you’re not afraid of me?”



Rong Yue frowned: “You’re like this, how can I be afraid of you?”



Tian Yang quietly replied: “Yesterday when you first appeared, you weren’t afraid of me either.”



Rong Yue: “…………”



He was too lazy to argue with Tian Yang, holding down the other’s shoulders with one hand, he started chanting a prayer.



It was a complex and subtle language, as if a beautiful melody flowed out, the bottom of Rong Yue’s feet gradually felt a heat that burned all the way to his internal organs and flowed toward his heart.



“Talent”, despite the name, it wasn’t a skill that could be used casually. In the game, using it once meant forty-eight hours of weakness, and during the process of using it, the caster would also feel the pain of a burning heart.



The player naturally wouldn’t experience it, but NPCs could.



Rong Yue’s face gradually paled, sweat beads seeped out of the corners of his forehead, after a long time, he suddenly opened his eyes and solemnly raised the “staff” in his hand. A soft and beautiful white light gathered at the top of the wooden staff and slowly entered Tian Yang’s chest.



Tian Yang’s injuries were visible, as he closed his eyes, he only vaguely saw the reflection of the light outside his eyelids, but the pain and itching made him frown.



The process slowly ended, and as he exhaled, he suddenly felt he could move.



Looking at his shocked expression, Rong Yue stood up expressionlessly and patted the hem of his already torn and tattered linen clothes.



“You owe me a life.”



Tian Yang froze for a long time, then he suddenly laughed out loud: “I owe you.”



He pondered for a moment, “As long as I can do it for you, anything is fine, what do you want?”



Rong Yue: “I want to eat delicious food.”



He had entered a period of weakness, the feeling of weakness in his whole body was even more than before when he had been hungry for a long time, he was a little irritated so he couldn’t help making unreasonable requests.



“I want Kung Pao chicken, shredded fish and pork, pepper and salt pork strips.” The more Rong Yue spoke, the more frustrated he became: “Someone I used to know told me that these were delicious, he often ate them, and I’ve always wanted to try them. I really didn’t expect this hellhole to have nothing ……”



Looking at the dumbfounded Tian Yang, Rong Yue sighed: “If you can’t do it, forget it.”



Tian Yang: “……” How could he forget?




Tian Yang’s injuries only recovered by fifty percent, the internal injuries still healed slowly with the help of the holy light ball, but even so, he was still physically stronger than Rong Yue.



Feeling weak, Rong Yue picked an open space and fell asleep, then Tian Yang went out to scout the environment and collect food.



When he woke up, it was already night, but the cave was burning a campfire.




Tian Yang sat next to the campfire, holding something in his hand, the aroma of roasted meat surrounded the small cave.



Rong Yue sat up, moved a few steps to Tian Yang’s side, and stared straight at it: “Is it ready?”



Tian Yang: “Soon, wait a little longer.”



He didn’t know what animal that was, Rong Yue didn’t participate in the hunting process and he didn’t care as long as he could eat.



There were large pieces of meat, the lean meat fiber contained a little bit of white grease, and the skin was slightly burnt, the oil dripped along the inserted stick, it was so fragrant that Rong Yue began to feel a loss of self-control.



He had never smelt anything like this!!!



Previously in the tribe’s marriage celebration, when fragrant roast meat was put in front of him, he didn’t even look at it, he just drank a light drink paste and left.



Now all that should be exposed was exposed, and there were no outsiders.  His appetite was out of control. Rong Yue couldn’t even wait for it to cool. He tore a small bite of meat with his teeth and rolled it into his mouth.



“…………” Rong Yue froze.



Tian Yang raised his eyebrows: “Don’t like it? I specially picked a guinea beast that females like, and also used the juice of the sour fruit, which should be pretty good by definition. Is it too sour?”



Rong Yue returned to his senses, chewed, swallowed the meat, and said thoughtfully, “Did those players eat such delicious things every day ……”



Tian Yang didn’t hear him well: “What?”



Rong Yue: “Nothing, I want more.”



“First eat the one in your hand,” Tian Yang said indulgently, “I’ll roast more.”




Before the earthquake, almost all the animals near the epicenter ran away. Tian Yang gave a brief account of the situation nearby and concluded: “We have to move as soon as possible, so we won’t stay here for long.”



Rong Yue swallowed a mouthful of meat and asked, “Where do you have in mind?”



Tian Yang: “Go north, didn’t you say the tribe moved north …… we’ll go to the tribe.”



It had been hard to break away from the tribe, Rong Yue wasn’t willing to go back.



But he probably knew Tian Yang’s thoughts – the two of them were alone, in this environment, the pressure to survive was too much.



They could survive for a short period of time, but if there was another upheaval, neither he or Tian Yang could stand it.



“Don’t you hate how the tribe treats you?”



Firewood crackled in the campfire, and the night wind blew through the grass and leaves, making a rustling sound.



Tian Yang’s handsome face was obscured by the firelight, he whispered, “And what can be done about it?”



Rong Yue read a little sadness in his words.



This world was primitive and savage, but every living person had their own story. It would take him a long time to tell the story of his origin, so who was he to conclude that others did not have stories?



But he wasn’t willing to go back to the tribe, nor was he willing to let Tian Yang go back to the tribe by himself.



Rong Yue finished the last bite of meat and threw the stick of meat into the fire. The grease touched the fire and let out a burst of flame.



He tore a small strip of clothing hem, and used it to tie his long silver white hair up: “We don’t have to go back to the tribe, we can build one ourselves.”



Tian Yang turned his head incredulously, he saw Rong Yue put down the hand that tied his hair, and he smoothly tossed the long ponytail behind him – he was so beautiful that it was shocking.



He glanced at his watery eyes. As their eyes met, his lips curved lightly.




“Why, is there a law here that says you can’t just build a tribe?”




Tian Yang didn’t know such law, so he shook his head, “To build a tribe, let’s not talk about anything else first, we have to own the territory.”



No matter where they went, they could just occupy a place-it was sparsely populated, and there was no land administration bureau as long as they didn’t bother other big tribes.



But finding people to join was really a problem.



Throughout the ages, no matter which powerful community, there had to be a population base. Only when the quantity was enough, could the affairs be divided and shared, and finally, a self-running small society would be formed.



This point, Rong Yue, who used to be a leader, understood it clearly.



Although he didn’t participate in the process of building the power of the Holy Sect, he mostly guarded the temple as a spiritual leader and took photos with players.



He looked outside and saw it was drizzling. Rong Yue wanted to go outside and look at the rain. Suddenly, he heard a strange rustling sound.



He subconsciously sent a holy light out, thenhe heard a faint exclamation.



Tang Yang: “What’s the matter! ?”



Before he got up to check, Rong Yue, who was at the mouth of the cave, turned around smiling.



“It’s easy to find people. Here, I caught one.”



Rong Yue held a dirty child in his arms, his entire body was dirty and dark.



Seeing that Tian Yang didn’t respond, he looked down at the child and said lightly, “It’s okay, although it’s a little dirty, but it will be clean after washing. We are in a difficult time, don’t be too picky. ”



Tang Yang: “……”



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