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Tian Yang had been making shredded beef for a whole day. Rong Yue repented and blamed himself for making such a fuss that he accidentally attracted the big mouth of the freckled man.



Stimulated by the smell of shredded beef, the other wrote a poem and read it aloud in the tribe’s center.


But after half a day, everyone in the tribe knew that Lord Tian Yang had invented something delicious again, and each one came to taste it.


Sad, Rong Yue watched as everyone ate the shredded meat: “You haven’t tried french fries it …… the fragrance of french fries is more fragrant …… alas, I hope by the time we come back, they’d have figured out how to grow potatoes. ”



The shredded beef, in addition to the problem of fire, the most troublesome was the work of hammering the meat loose and then tearing it into fine shreds.


Fortunately, many of the women who had finished their work and helped Tian Yang spontaneously. One day later, Rong Yue finished dinner and suddenly found that their luggage had been completely prepared.


In addition to a lot of shredded meat, there were all kinds of clothes to change, water bags to hold water, and exquisite tools.


Even the staff he often used was polished again by the old carpenter, he carved several circles of patterns and applied beeswax. It didn’t look like firewood anymore.


The old amahs gave a lot of advice, but only that the wilderness was dangerous, they must protect themselves, life was most important and so on.


Rong Yue knew that everyone was worried. Although his ability had exceeded the limits of the world, he wouldn’t really have an accident in theory, but he still felt warm when everyone showed concern.


The next morning, five people and the two dogs embarked on the journey to Xingye together.


Rong Yue was holding a staff, Tian Yang carried a bone knife, Yue Dong and Bao Di were carrying spears, while Sang Lu carried a bow and arrow.

The five of them stepped in unison with astonishing momentum, bringing up a gust of wind!


Rong Yue couldn’t help thinking that if they were shooting a promotional film in the Xingye era, there would be slow shots in several directions on the front and side at the moment, which would be amazing!


After Xiao Ergou was renamed Jiang Liu, the two dogs were officially named Dagou and Second Dog. After several months of feeding, they finally lost the shape of a puppy, they had elongated bones and sharp edges, and they could bark quite loud.


This time, they brought the dogs, for animal’s intuition.



Bao Di was a simple and honest man. He wasn’t as irascible as his brother. But he was more stable.


But steadiness, on the other hand, meant lack of spirit. No wonder he couldn’t beat Bao Shu.



Because it was holding Tian Yang’s thigh that forced him to enter the team. He was very attentive to Tian Yang all the way. Fortunately, because of his character, he couldn’t say anything out of the ordinary. Rong Yue forbore it for a while.


Sang Lu, on the other hand, was surprising.


As a sericulturist who raised silkworms for a living, Sang Lu’s hands were amazingly good, worthy of a tough woman who had been trekking alone for most of the year.


The bow and arrows here were crudely made, and the accuracy was mostly up to fate, but this woman had pretty good control, not up to a hundred paces, but shooting a deer was no problem from fifty paces away. She went out alone and brought back prey every time.


The shredded beef hadn’t moved its stock for several days.


The distance between Xingye and Xingyue Tribe was about 20 days, which was about the same as that of the salt tribe. The direction was about 90 degrees. Now, the distance was more than half past.


The closer they got to the forest, the more anxious Tian Yang became.


Early that morning, Sang Lu returned from nowhere with her bow and suddenly spoke, “There’s a tribe.”



“Ah,” Yue Dong muttered with a sudden tight frown, “It seems to be ……”


“What?” They both acted confused so Bao Di curiously asked, “What tribe?”


Sang Lu carried the dead rabbit’s ears and threw them in the clearing.


“It’s just up ahead, about half a day’s distance away. I didn’t think of it until now. Memories in the Xingye forest will be erased, and memory of those close to the Xingye forest will also fade away.”


Yue Dong hissed: “I also remembered a little.”



Rong Yue analyzed: “In that case, if Yue Dong and Sang Lu go into the forest again, will the memories of the last visit also be revived?”


Sang Lu and Yue Dong looked at each other and honestly said, “I don’t know.”

“Xingye… what kind of place is it?” Rong Yue thought for a while. After the rabbit was roasted, he came back to his senses. He spoke as he ate, “Let’s talk about the tribe first, right? What kind of tribe is it?”


Sang Lu said, “A tiny tribe is close to Xingye. People who come to Xingye to find medicine will rest there and replenish supplies.”



“Oh!” Rong Yue added: “But what do these people get in exchange for supplies?”



Sang Lu: “That depends on what’s there. If there are rare things, such as salt bricks, nectar, they want them too. Otherwise, you can take on credit.”



Yue Dong interjected, “Yes, yes, I also asked at the time, you can start with a small amount of food on credit, and when you come out of the forest, they take the herbs obtained in exchange.”



“Didn’t they say that there is no exit from the forest?!” Rong Yue said in shock: “The survival rate is high?”



Yue Dong scratched his head: “It’s not high? If ten people go in, one or two will come out. But the herbs brought out are precious, definitely much more precious than the dried meat you got before going in.”


Rong Yue threw a piece of raw meat to Dagou and Second Dog, and said thoughtfully: “Do some people who are looking for medicine go through that tribe first, and if it happens that the tribe has it, they will take a lot of food in exchange? So they don’t have to gamble in the Xingye forest, and the small tribe will also make money, which is really worthwhile…” Rong Yue thought more and more, and said with admiration, “It’s very smart. ”


Tian Yang nodded: “Fortunately, the memory will fade.”


Rong Yue appreciatively looked at Tian Yang several times, giving Yue Dong goose bumps.



After eating, Rong Yue clapped his hands: “Go, let’s go see that tribe!”


Half a day’s journey, under the footsteps of these people seemed very close, soon, the small “settlement” appeared in front of the eyes. The first thing that caught the eye was a small two-story wooden building.


The small wooden building was tied with wooden bells, when the wind blew, it made a muffled sound.


The surrounding fog was very heavy, lining this small building with a ghostly atmosphere.


Rong Yue was shocked at this small building, he turned to Tian Yang: “See! This is a building!”



Yes, this was a serious building! People could live on the second floor!


The small meeting wooden building built by the Xingyue tribe was actually the first floor, but it was relatively high and separated, and a lookout tower was set on the roof to go up.



In this way, Rong Yue’s efforts had been wasted.



He thought that the architecture of the world was only bungalows, but he never expected to see a real second floor here.



Who built it?

This tribe was too mysterious!



Even so, this mysterious tribe could still be seen at a glance. Rong Yue suspected that even if one hundred people from Xingyue tribe were selected to camp, the scale would be five times larger.



The wooden bell rang, and Rong Yue moved forward two steps, but felt blocked by something.



Looking down, it was a wooden fence. It was just that the fog was too big, which blocked the view. Rong Yue didn’t see it.


Afraid of the consequences of unauthorized entry, Rong Yue signaled Yue Dong to shout twice.


Yue Dong took a deep breath, he just opened his mouth, when the two dogs suddenly started barking!


Rong Yue and Bao Di almost fell down laughing, Sang Lu also revealed a smile.


Yue Dong was chagrined: “Hey! Anybody-”


A door suddenly opened on the second floor of the wooden building. A boy covered by animal skin came out, bony, about half the height of Tian Yang. He looked down at them: “How many people?”



Yue Dong shouted, “Five people! Two dogs!”


“What are you doing in Xingye?”




That was basically a useless question. Who didn’t go to Xingye to find medicine, wasn’t it a su-icide mission?

The teenager turned around and came downstairs.


Rong Yue whispered to Yue Dong and Sang Lu: “Last time you came, was this the same kid who received you?”


Yue Dong: “I can’t remember ……”


The teenager walked closer, ripped off a rope with a clasped mechanism, and opened the wooden block: “Come in.”



Rong Yue noticed a row of small holes in the ground, it had to be a mechanism. If they barged in regardless, they may be poked into a sieve.


He felt more and more that in this tribe, there must be a mechanism expert.


The fog was so thick that it seeped in, and the teenager was short and almost hidden in the fog. He was holding a wooden bell that rang as he walked, which settled their hearts a bit.


Tian Yang suddenly took the hand of Rong Yue, who was startled at first, then understood and held it back.


Tian Yang smiled faintly.


“Here it is.” Saying that, the teenager led them to a tent.


This was really very simple tent, from the outside, it was only enough for ten people to stand up straight.


The young man said, “You can live elsewhere. See our leader first.”


This mysterious tribe had only more than 50 people in total, and there was a leader. They went in, and the warm brazier was burning, which immediately dried some moisture from the outside.


The leader was old and his temples were gray. He sat them down, “Are you sure you want to go to Xingye?”



Rong Yue: “Yes.”

The old chief sighed: “Everyone who comes, I ask once, and everyone says, yes, I’m sure …… but most of them don’t come back.”


After saying that, his cloudy eyes stared at Yue Dong: “Did you come?”


Yue Dong had gradually remembered some scenes, like fragments of memory: “Yes, I came! …… Is there still a monster ……”


The corners of the old chief’s mouth twitched: “You are confused.”


Yue Dong: “…… Oh.”


The old chief spoke again: “Xingye is not a good place to go, you guys think about it for another day. By tomorrow, if you still want to go, it’s not too late to go again.”


“There is an empty compartment in the building, so you can stay there.”



Rong Yue thought this old chief was very interesting. He refused to let them go, and forced them to stay for a night. He didn’t know what was wrong.



This environment was really scary and depressing. People with a bad mentality may be shaken by the repeated questions.


When they arrived at the small building, everyone gathered in a room.



Rong Yue opened the window and saw that the back of the building was facing the bushes. The white fog was passing through the green shadows, and the grass was rustling.


Several people sat down and ate some shredded beef, and Rong Yue asked Sang Lu: “Why didn’t the old chief ask you if you had come?”


Sang Lu gathered the shredded beef in her hand and ate extremely carefully: “Maybe it’s because I didn’t spend the night. I crossed from the other side of the forest and was already leaving when I saw that tribe.”



“It’s not right ……” Rong Yue took advantage of their inattention and grabbed an extra handful of shredded beef to store in the game package: “What do you mean through? Could it be that this forest is a long, thin strip of place that completely blocks both sides? Otherwise there must be a way that can be bypassed ……”


Sang Lu didn’t think about it that much, so she said she didn’t know.



Tian Yang turned a blind eye to him stealing food, they discussed a while longer, then separated the compartment to rest.


In the middle of the night, Rong Yue was suddenly awakened by the sound of a thin cry.


He frowned, rubbed himself in Tian Yang’s arms and muttered vaguely, “What …… sound ……”


Tian Yang was having a nightmare. Rong Yue pushed twice but couldn’t wake him up. He stood up and rubbed his eyes.


“Tian Yang, Tian Yang!” He patted Tian Yang’s face with some force. Seeing that he was about to wake up, he went to the window first.


The strange sound seemed to come from the bushes. The fog at night was thinner than in the daytime, but it was still terrible.


Today, there was a full moon, the shadow of the trees was flickering, and the sound of the water came from nowhere.


The cold crept slowly up from the bottom of the foot, and the cold made sacrifice Yue shrink back.


“Wuwu…” “Huh -” “Ying…”


These sounds were closer, more dense, and gave him goose bumps.



Rong Yue rubbed his sore eyes again.



Suddenly, a ghostly shadow appeared in the fog! They could move! Black shadows writhed, crying out!


“Shouldn’t have gone ……”

“It hurts ……”

“So scary ……”





Rong Yue: “…………”


Tian Yang just then came over and looked out over his shoulder: “What is it?”


Rong Yue calmly used the staff to send a holy light shot into the bushes. Only to hear a period of rising screams after someone screamed for their mother …… and fled.


Rong Yue: “Well, probably a crowd of people who gathered in the middle of the night to release water?”




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