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The freckled man who was immersed in this limerick that had never been written before, was driven away, and Rong Yue summarized today’s meeting.


“In the next three months, these are the work priorities of the Xingyue Tribe.”


“First, according to my proposal, the future structure of the tribe will be re-planned, all efforts will be made to build a snow-resistant houses. Second, the farming and breeding group, should strive to complete the set goals.”



Rong Yue continued: “Third, is also the most important. I will discuss with Tian Yang before I leave, to work out a system of sentencing after a crime, and set up a penal hall.” He turned to the three brothers of the Yang family: “You three will manage it for the time being.”



The three were so shocked that they almost jumped up when Rong Yue raised his hand in a quiet gesture, “At the same time, you will also be subject to everyone’s supervision. If someone indicates that you abuse your power, then when I come back, you can leave.”


The three Yang brothers were so moved that they almost jumped up to hug Rong Yue’s thighs, but the others’ attention was not on this.


“What do you mean before you leave! Sacrifice Yue, Lord Tian Yang, you guys have only been back for two days!”


Rong Yue nodded, “This is the last thing I want to discuss with you. Tang Yang and I, we are going to go to Xingye forest.”



There were many people present at the meeting today, and the newcomers who had just joined from the Salt tribe were also present. One of the biggest reactions was from Bao Di: “Why are you going to Xingye forest!?”



Agitated, he quickly objected, “Master! Xingye is very dangerous, many people can’t get out when they go in! And when they get out, they’re muddled and can’t remember what happened inside ……”



“Yes, yes, why? I heard that the herbs inside are precious, but we have Sacrifice Yue for when we are sick and injured.”


“Yes, yes, there’s sacrifice Yue ……”



“Stop it!” Yue Dong shouted, “Listen to sacrifice Yue!”



In the silence, Rong Yue slowly spoke: “To go there, is to deal with a personal matter, it has nothing to do with the tribe. This time, I will take Bao Di, Sang Lu and Yue Dong, and the two dogs, the others can keep their posts.”



“I trust you guys, even if there are a few less people, you can still manage the tribe very well.”


“Don’t ask anything else, the meeting is dismissed!”



Rong Yue approached Sang Lu and Yue Dong yesterday to talk about this matter. Yue Dong then learned that Tian Yang had not been cured, so when he showed up today, he was in a bad mood.


The usually simple and honest man suddenly became stern. Everyone dared not talk to him and walked around to avoid him. After the meeting was over, he went into the woods along the fields and beat some prey as usual, and transported it back again until he was exhausted.


Then he helped the farming group to divide the prey, only then did he slowly return to his and Lu Shui’s cabin.


Pushing the door with both hands, the door actually didn’t open, Yue Dong suspiciously went along the doorway to look inside, and patted the door: “Lu Shui!”


Just when Yue Ding thought Lu Shui wasn’t at home, a rustling sound came from the door, Yue Dong wondered out loud, “You’re home? Why didn’t the door open?”


“…… I bolted it.” Lu Shui said solemnly, “get out.”





Yue Dong was already depressed today, he became more angry: “Where do you want me to go?”


“Where do you like to go?!” Lu Shui suddenly raised her voice, roaring louder than Yue Dong!



Yue Dong was shocked, heart thumping, he immediately felt numb: “You, what are you ……”


Lu Shui roared with a sobbing voice: “Go live with Tian Yang! Without saying a word, you went to look for him, not once but twice! Did you tell me, did you ask me to discuss!?”



Passing by, the freckled man clutched the basket and quietly hid behind a tree to watch.


Yue Dong: “I’m going even if you don’t agree ……”


Li Shui: “If I don’t agree with you. You should persuade me to agree! If I don’t agree with you, don’t do it!”


Ah Chuan and Xiao Le who passed by, holding a bloody pig, stopped behind the Freckled man.


Freckled man: “?”



Yue Dong: ” Sacrifice Yue only found me last night, and you went out in the morning…


Lu Shui: “A whole night! You didn’t even wake me up ah!”


Yue Dong: “…… If I’d pushed you awake, you’d have scolded me!”



Lu Shui: “So I’m not going to scold you now!? Get lost Yue Dong! Find your brother and go, I don’t want to see you today at least!”


The Freckled man saw several more people gathered behind him.


He turned his head and whispered angrily: “You – you – do – what – ”


Everyone: “Shut up!”


Freckled man: “……”


Lu Shui didn’t open the door, and he couldn’t really kick the door. After thinking about it, he really went to look for Tian Yang in desperation.


Tian Yang was still in the small wooden building. Yue Dong was absent-minded and didn’t notice a group of people following him.


“…… Master, then it’s a deal.”



Yue Dong saw from afar that Ah Jiu came out of the small wooden building, and stood with Tian Yang in the doorway as they chatted, two or three sentences wasn’t enough, it entered three, four, five, six, seven, eight sentences.


Yue Dong was a little jealous: “so lively.”



Tian Yang waved at him: “Come.” Then Yue Dong obediently went over.


Yue Dong went in and the door closed. Outside, the group of people tiptoed to the door and squatted, with one ear to the wall.



Surrounded by the crowd, Bao Di looked confused, and everyone turned toward him in unison: shhh –



Inside the house.


Tian Yang and Yue Dong sat down at the table, Ah Jiu was also there.


Yue Dong winked at Tian Yang, who said, “Ah Jiu knows all about it. For the two or three months we are not here, Ah Jiu will temporarily take over as the chief.”


Ah Jiu nodded: “Don’t worry.”



“Tian Yang ……” Yue Dong was a little sad: “How can this happen, even sacrifice Yue isn’t able to cure the magic Qi? Damn …… where are you not feeling well? I really can’t tell!”


In fact, it wasn’t strange to Yue Dong. As long as Tian Yang could run and jump, he wouldn’t notice the slight changes in his character. At most, he thought that today’s Tian Yang was strange. Maybe he was in a bad mood.



Ah Jiu had some guesses, but they only spent a short time together before.


There were risks in going to Xingye. He went alone in the last winter. Although he retreated completely, his impression of what happened in the starry field was blurred.



Everyone who passed through the forest would gradually forget the precise memory after coming out, leaving only the general impression. Sang Lu and Yue Dong were no exception.


Even so, they were the only people in the tribe who had come out of the Xingye forest alive, so it was only right for them to go.


But the risk still existed, what would happen, no one could say. Tian Yang felt another layer of menacing foreboding.



He always felt that he shouldn’t have existed long ago, he was hanging on to his life again and again by Rong Yue with magical means, but still going towards his fate, towards the end of the established destruction.



In recent days, he often wanted to do something out of order, such as destroying the house, farmland, or disrupting the neatly arranged bowls, leaving the seeds scattered in the soil, or simply throwing them into the sky.



Such impulses were becoming more and more frequent, and although they remained just impulses so far, Tian Yang knew that one day, he wouldn’t be able to control himself.



If this trip to the wilderness didn’t go well, he didn’t intend to return. If the memory of entering the Xingye forest really faded away, then he would rather think of it as a dream.


After discussing some tribal matters with Ah Jiu, Tian Yang said to Yue Dong, “You should be nicer to Lu Shui.”



Yue Dong suddenly felt aggrieved: “How am I treating her badly ……”



“She completely left the Gongshan tribe for you, leaving her parents. You’re going to a dangerous place, she is naturally very worried.” Now Tian Yang spoke with a strange sense of indifference, with warm content and a dull tone. He paused and added, “But I will let you all come back alive.”


Ah Jiu solemnly said, “You too.”


Tian Yang pushed open the door and walked in the direction of his and Rong Yue’s big tent. After three steps out the door his feet stopped for a second and he left again as if nothing had happened.



When he was far away, a group of people suddenly swarmed around the hut!


“What was said, I didn’t hear a word!”


“I heard Lu Shui’s name ……”



“Wow, how did you hear that! All I could tell was talking ……”


Yue Dong and Ah Jiu numbly closed the door again.


In the tent, Rong Yue checked the things in his backpack, when Tian Yang came back, he casually said, “Tomorrow prepare some dry food, and we’ll leave the day after tomorrow, right? No more delays.”


“Okay.” Tian Yang saw that the recipe book was casually thrown on their bed, so he walked over and opened it.



Every time he read the recipe book, it was Rong Yue who read it to Tian Yang sentence by sentence so that he could understand it. But today, Tian Yang flipped through the recipe book, just looking at the pictures, but he seemed very serious.



Rong Yue turned sideways, ” Do you want me to read it?”


Tian Yang shook his head.


That night, forty-eight hours arrived.


All the pigs, under the eyes of the crowd, suddenly turned into eight n-aked men!


Ah Jiu gave them some cloth to cover their shame with a black face in the howling, and drove them out according to the tribal regulations.


The wanderers had been scared out of their wits. Hearing the words, they ran away from the tribe, leaving the cheers of the Xingyue tribe far behind.


The wanderer was out of breath, “Whoa, whoa… It’s safe to go into the woods…”


“Sobbing…” A man cried and fell to the ground: “My eggs…”


The wanderer shouted, “What are you howling for? What are you doing with your head? Is it full of mud? You can play with women in other ways! As long as we are still…”


A white light flashed in front of the wanderer, and the last sentence suddenly got stuck in his mouth, and he stared!


He saw that the skull that was crying just now rolled down, and a tall man stepped out of the grass step by step.



The wanderer was almost incontinent from fear: ” Lord Yang…”



Didn’t he promise not to k-ill us! Why did Tian Yang suddenly catch up!

The wanderer was covered in cold sweat at this point, and he understood abruptly what Tian Yang meant – he wouldn’t ki-ll them in front of everyone. But after the banishment, he could ki-ll them whenever he wanted.


The bone knife was drawn out, Tian Yang emotionlessly moved his hand, in the twinkling of an eye, his neck felt cold, another dead body fell in the forest.


Tian Yang put away the knife, turned around and was about to return to the tribe, but suddenly found a person standing in front of him.


“Lu Shui.” He said in a deep voice.


“……” Lu Shui looked pale, looked at the corpse, and then at Tian Yang, like she had made up her mind: “Tian Yang, please, take me with you this time!”


Tian Yang frowned slightly.


Lu Shui begged him: “I won’t drag my feet. I can also wash clothes and cook for you.”


“No need.” Tian Yang ruthlessly refused.


Lu Shui gritted his teeth and struggled for a moment, “If you take me, I’ll tell you a secret. About your parents.”


Tian Yang looked sharp and abruptly turned towards Lu Shui. Against the enormous pressure, her small round face turned pale: “If you take me, I will tell you.”



Tian Yang was silent for a moment, then he slowly withdrew his aura.



“What you know, I should also know.” Tian Yang said, “It doesn’t matter now that things have come to a head. As for you, even for the sake of Yue Dong, I won’t bring you with me.”



“Tian Yang!” Lu Shui finally became anxious, her eyes filled with tears, but she watched Tian Yang turn his back towards her and walk forward, leaving behind a sentence that floated in the wind.


“I will bring him back.”




The next day, Rong Yue was awakened by a strange aroma.


He swore that he had never smelled such a nice scent, even in his previous life!


Rong Yue rushed out barefoot, and saw that in the stone pot in front of his tent, Tian Yang was holding up a spatula, turning something over and over.


“Why does it smell so good?” Rong Yue laid on Tian Yang’s back, and stood on his tiptoe to look at the pot, only to see the hair-thin shreds of meat being fished by the spatula tossing in the pot, from time to time there was a burst of white vapor, and the wonderful sound of oil frying on the walls of the pot.



Rong Yue took a deep breath: “Wow ……”


Tian Yang pointed to the small cloth bag at his feet, “I made it according to your recipe. I couldn’t find the seasoning inside, I replaced part of it with the native spices I exchanged for in the salt department, I don’t know if it will be much worse.”


Rong Yue’s mouth moved closer to the pot: “No!” None of them had the original spices anyway, it didn’t matter!


“So what exactly is this dish?”



“Shredded beef. You’ve read it before.” Tian Yang said, “It’s made from the meat of the old guinea beast that we caught yesterday, and it makes a lot more, so you can take it away and it won’t go bad.”



The upgraded version of jerky, shredded beef!


Rong Yue was so happy that he was about to fly and couldn’t help but give Tian Yang a fierce kiss on his face!




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