After Xue Qi left, Rong Yue stood in place and took a deep breath.



The most urgent task was to move Tian Yang to a safer place, after all, the smell of blood was heavy, it would easily attract wild animals.



But Tian Yang was too heavy, with Rong Yue’s current body, it was too difficult to move him.



Rong Yue had never experienced helplessness in his life, but he quickly adjusted his mindset.



Chairman Mao said, fighting with the heavens would lead to endless joy. Now was the time for him to be happy!



Rong Yue made up his mind and went to pick up the rubble.



If there was any labor-saving principle, it was to have a plan. His first thought was to get a board to get Tian Yang up, put two wheels under it, and make a handle to drag him away.



The wooden board wasn’t hard to find, many people’s doors were made of wood, but the round wheel ……



In this barbaric world and backward technology, the main way of survival was still by relying on hunting.



They would do research on weapons, but didn’t know how to plant and raise livestock, so there wasn’t even ordinary farming tools.



Rong Yue found two broken boards of appropriate size, they were both the same size, and the only problem was its shape. He thought of one way, he closed his eyes and used the holy light to shape the edge of the woods.



…… The tiny point of light, despite its insignificance, was like a very efficient laser, it slowly melting a hole in the wood.



Rong Yue sighed with relief.



Although his skills were now in disarray, the foundations were still there, so it could still be used, he increased the output to cut out the shape of the wood.



Because the holy ball of light was small, he could make three balls at once. Rong Yue felt his body’s modest store of power getting drained as he worked. One part of it flew into Tian Yang’s heart, and the other part was shaping the wheels.



It weakened him.



The moon was gradually setting in the west, but beasts didn’t come out this time. Rong Yue finally tied up the simple cart, the last problem was getting Tian Yang into it.



…… the beginning took many steps, yet the last step seemed the most difficult.



So, he dragged his legs for a while, then he switched to his arms, after half a day he only succeeded in pulling him half a meter, let alone getting him off the ground to the cart.



Rong Yue didn’t believe in ghosts so he only jerked a little when he heard a muffled grunt.



Tian Yang: “…… headache.”



Embarrassed, Rong Yue quickly let go, it turned out that he accidentally tugged at Tian Yang’s ponytail, almost ripping off his hair.




But at least the purpose was achieved, he managed to drag his body up and climbed the cart, he finally was able to move forward.



Tian Yang felt the bumps beneath him, his body hurt to the point of numbness, he felt a burst of cold air, but his mind was extremely clear.



He half opened his eyes and looked at the full moon in the sky, he couldn’t believe he was still alive, and even more so, he was in such a state yet someone still bothered to take him away.



The noises in the forest was accompanied by the little priest’s strained panting.



To say anything more about leaving him at this time would simply be an insult to the little sacrifice.



Tian Yang whispered, “Where are you going to go?”



Rong Yue replied, “Don’t say anything. I want to find a cave to take shelter.”



Tian Yang paused: “There is no cave in the direction you’re going. Go west.”



Rong Yue changed his direction as if nothing had happened.



After a night of hard work, when the sky turned white, they finally found a dry cave that could accommodate two people.



The light blue morning fog drifted in the forest, golden light sprinkled in little by little, the scene was beautiful.



Rong Yue didn’t care to enjoy it, because the second problem came – he was hungry.



He took the small bag of twisted seeds with him when he left, it was something to eat, but without a pot and firewood, how could he cook it?



And where had Rong Yue ever cooked a meal?



He, as the Pope, always ate the best of what his followers and the players made. Although the game’s taste system wasn’t well done and he couldn’t experience the richness of the flavors, at best he could distinguish sweet, salty and spicy, but it never got to the point of hunger.



Reduced to a nobody, he was finally realizing that life was a learning experience everywhere.



Rong Yue was already tired, but he still didn’t dare to remove the ball of holy light protecting Tian Yang’s heart veins, afraid that if he relaxed, Tian Yang would die.



Then wouldn’t he have spent so much effort dragging him here for nothing.



While Rong Yue was lost in thought, Tian Yang suddenly opened his eyes and asked with a hoarse voice: “Are you hungry?”



He was startled: “You’re awake again?”



The corners of Tian Yang’s mouth slightly curved: “I stuffed a leaf packet at the back of my waist, there is some dried meat inside. Tear it and use some water to drink it first.”



“You have dried meat?” Rong Yue walked to his side, Tian Yang’s back was sticky and red, the dried bl00d stuck to the animal skin skirt, he couldn’t tell where the leaf packet was.



“What are you looking at, pull it out ah ……” Tian Yang looked over, puzzled: “It’s stuffed inside the skin, move aside, I can’t move.”



Rong Yue was shocked, he didn’t know if he was playing a rascal – this was asking him to touch his b*utt!



The two looked at each other and both saw incomprehension in each other’s eyes.



Rong Yue averted his eyes first, roughly tore the sticky animal skin and reached out like lightning and touched a small leafy bag. After touching it, he was a little happy, what he did couldn’t be counted as s*exual har*assment, but Tian Yang’s butto*cks looked round and firm…………




Looking down, Tian Yang’s features twisted, he shouted in pain.




Rong Yue: “……” he seemed to be heavily pulling the wound.



The dried meat was a whole piece, it didn’t look good to bite, but Rong Yue didn’t dare to go out alone now to find water, he could only use his teeth to gnaw at it, then he softly swallowed.



After eating half a palm-sized piece of meat, he finally felt some strength and asked Tian Yang, who had his eyes closed, “Do you want to eat some?”



Tian Yang: “Eat what, my intestines are almost falling out.”



Rong Yue silently put the jerky away and pulled up the menu to check his skills proficiency.



He planned to double check the menu to see what could be done to quickly restore Tian Yang’s mobility.



Xingyue Era was a large online game that had been operating for ten years, but the game model still followed the traditional RPG. Players played as characters and fought against enemies. There were a variety of professions, but they could be broadly divided into tanks, outputs, and …… magus.



Rong Yue was the strongest NPC magus, although the specific release effect and power of his skills were different from the players, his general design was the same.



The basic treatment, the release of negative status and enhancing teammates combat power, different skill sets could achieve different effects.



After several game revisions, some skills had also weakened, but Rong Yue and Zhu Xing as the game’s famous tourist attractions, only got stronger.



Just before the server shutdown, the game company had already started making a new tenth anniversary documentary, which was said to open a new level, one hundred, and at the same time it would open one hundred levels of awakened skills.



According to the information the players discussed in front of him, the cleric could grow wings and turn into an angel ……



But not to mention turning into an angel, even a healing technique couldn’t be squeezed out, although Tian Yang wouldn’t die for now, looking at him injured like this made Rong Yue feel uncomfortable.



And he got injured because of him.



After a night of uninterrupted use, the skill proficiency of the holy light had risen to level two, it still looked the size of a firefly, but it seemed a little brighter.



The character level was still the same, but his experience had gone up twenty-eight points.



Rong Yue hadn’t figured out the mechanics of gaining experience points.



All of his props were in the parcel, but the parcel couldn’t be unlocked until the character was level ten, and at the moment, looking at the gray panel, it seemed there was nothing to do but to honestly use the holy light ……






Rong Yue suddenly remembered that he still had a talent that wasn’t written on the panel.



That was the official plot given to him in the level 50 Attack on the Magic Realm arc. In the plot, he used the Pope’s skill [Talent] to raise the status of all participants in the battle, and eventually led the entire army to attack the Magic Realm.



At that time, the players screamed about how it was an overwhelmingly strong skill, but in fact, Rong Yue only used it once, as time passed, he forgot about it.



This was a talent that only “Rong Yue” could use, forcibly burning his divine energy to improve the effect of everyone’s skills.



To use it on a holy ball of light …… was really a bit out of place.



But he thought about it and smiled, this was a good opportunity, if he didn’t use it now when would he?



He opened his eyes and helped Tian Yang sit up against the wall.



“Close your eyes.” Rong Yue didn’t want to explain anything so he directly commanded him.




Tian Yang did as he was told.



Just as Rong Yue was about to start chanting, he heard the weak person in front of him whisper, “I know …… you’re not Yue.”



Rong Yue’s eyes instantly went cold.



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