Sacrifice Yue’s tutorial made the night of the tribe quiet.


When the wanderer encouraged others to do evil together, they didn’t join because of other reasons, especially fear!


Almost, really nearly, they would have been turned into a pig, and then cut off in public… God, in a sense, it was more terrible than death!



The condemned Halloween pigs were bundled together and thrown into the straw pile. Everyone passing by would run quickly when passing by, for fear that one more look would infect them.



The kind and friendly image of Sacrifice Yue was overshadowed!


He was terrible, really, terrible ……



Rong Yue turned to the freckled man, “Are you okay?”


The freckled man squeezed his legs together, trembling: “Ouch…”



Rong Yue wondered, “What are you afraid of? Did you want to learn from those people who hurt women?”



He shook his head crazily.



“Hmm… I’ll give you a task.” Rong Yue said: “Write today’s events into a poem and spread them in the tribe! Make it easy to remember, and easy to say.”



There was no writing on the mainland, only simple pictures, even if Rong Yue taught them, they couldn’t remember in a short time. Rhymes and so on wouldn’t be understood either.



The task was sent down, but Rong Yue turned to Tian Yang, “I still feel a little uneasy.”


The two were standing at the edge of the Rift Valley, looking down, Rong Yue’s white hair fluttered in the air: “Our tribe is getting more and more people, it’s also getting more and more difficult to manage. People will be selfish and will do bad things. Punishment after the fact is certainly necessary, but prevention beforehand is also very necessary ……”



“The Gongshan tribe, how did they do it before?” Rong Yue asked.



“Steal from others, double the return. Harm others, expel.” Tian Yang said: “There is no uniform standard, the head sacrifice had the final say.”



Rong Yue was surprised: “Surprisingly, it wasn’t the chief?”



“Maybe some chiefs manage it. I don’t know.”



Rong Yue sighed: “There are still not enough people ……”



Tian Yang took a step forward and side-stepped in front of Rong Yue, blocking some of the wind for him: “Time is still short, there will be more later. Women, can give birth.”


Rong Yue jolted, as if he learnt something new. Indeed, this was common sense. Rong Yue understood. But maybe because he stayed in the game world for a long time, and was naturally insensitive to such things as population and fertility.



Want more people? Start an activity! When it came to holidays, the crowds ……


Rong Yue rubbed the end of his hair awkwardly, “Then in the future, will Guoguo have a baby?”


The word baby was unfamiliar to Tian Yang, but the magic of language was that when used in a sentence, you could probably know what it means.



Tian Yang nodded: “Not only Guoguo, Yue Dong and Li Shui will soon have pups. There are still a dozen young couples in the tribe, and they’ll have cubs.”


When more and more people in the tribe saw eye to eye, the cubs would also increase, and people would naturally ……



Rong Yue suddenly had a sense of urgency: “No! We need to hurry up and plan the streets and living areas! In case Guoguo and the others really give birth, they can’t live in these huts!”


The huts were only built for emergencies, it should have been demolished by now, but the tribe hadn’t had particularly good carpenters and stonemasons and so on, to build a small wooden building for the proceedings was already the limit of everyone.



This time, he brought back strong labor and craftsmen from the Salt tribe, it was time to plan properly and officially build houses!




In addition, ditches should be dug at the tomato field and the twister field to prevent another rainstorm from flooding the field. If Rong Yue wasn’t here, it would have ended with no harvest.



In this way of thinking, the planning under the Rift Valley needed to be slowed down. The ketchup factory and the pool of stagnant water by the side had to be pushed back, and his slide……


It was a pity, Rong Yue wanted to build a slide that would become a scenic spot in the future.



But getting a park was also good ……


There were still about four months before winter officially arrived. Before that, there was a large gathering held every year, covering all the nearby tribes, including the Salt tribe, they must go to participate.



Rong Yue: “That gives us three months to prepare for the first winter. For more cold-resistant supplies, we have to promote our French fries, ketchup, and peanut butter at the bazaar. This presupposes that the potatoes and peanuts are successfully planted ……”


“Tomatoes can be planted one by one, and twister can be harvested in more than ten days. The mutant wheat seen today, even if the first crop of wheat is planted, only a few hundred grains will be harvested. We can’t eat twists before this winter, so we’ll mainly rely on dried meat.”



“The number of pigs can only be increased by catching for a while. If we want to eat the small pigs that we have raised, it will be next year. The premise is that they wouldn’t freeze to death in winter … In this way, hay must be prepared, otherwise what do they eat?”


The more he thought about it, the more troubled he was. In the past, as the Pope, he never had to think about these livelihood matters, but now that he was, he realised how much he needed to worry about.


These were enough for him to be busy, and he could even be busy in the next three months.



Rong Yue made a long speech about the plan, and then remained silent for a long time.



He looked at the man who silently blocked the wind for him in front of him and helplessly asked, “Tian Yang, don’t you even blame me for this?”



Tian Yang turned around and faced Rong Yue: “Whatever you want to do, go for it.”



“Then where do you want to go?”

“Go to Xingye.” Tian Yang had no expression on his face, neither eager nor anxious, as if he was just stating a fact: “Because you don’t like the way I am now.”



Rong Yue had a momentary loss of concentration.


Tian Yang continued, “You’re avoiding going to Xingye.”



Rong Yue: “……” He was dumbfounded and a pang of self-condemnation welled up in his heart.



How perceptive was Tian Yang?



When he transmigrated and they got along for a day, he could guess that he was another person.



After knowing his attitude, he kept a quiet distance. He never did anything out of line before the outbreak of magic. No matter what he wanted to do, he would cooperate with him.



After being hit by the magic qi, Rong Yue thought his sanity was disintegrating, but it looked like he understood very well.



He didn’t really like this uncontrolled, strange Tian Yang than the normal Tian Yang. But he was subconsciously avoiding him, afraid that after he went to Xingye and solved the problem of Tian Yang, he would have to face the choice of his feelings.



Now this situation, he could still avoid making decisions because of the special state of Tian Yang, but once he recovered?


With Rong Yue’s moral values, it was impossible to tolerate that he saw others’ pain, but pretended not to see it.



Like him or not? After Xingye, he must make a choice.



“Let’s go to Xingye.” Rong Yue exhaled, “You’re right. I’m running away. It’s very unfair to you.”



Tian Yang shook his head, “Do what you want to do.”



Until then, Rong Yue had a strong urge to treat Tian Yang better. Inclusion was always mutual, whether being friends or lovers, these always needed feedback.



He couldn’t enjoy taking endlessly and refuse to give, even if he eventually chose to be friends.



Thinking of this, Rong Yue suddenly felt a burst of relief.



Perhaps it felt good to be confronted.



The next day, the freckled man came rushing into the small wooden building: “Sacrifice Yue! I’ve made the poem!”



After a pause, he stuttered, “What’s the matter? You look so serious…”


He saw several people of the tribe gathered in the middle of the small building and sat around a new round table.


Rong Yue raised his hand, “This is a round table!”



The freckled man froze and said excitedly, “That sounds so cool!”


Old Mu: “I’ve seen both wood houses and stone houses, but wood and stone mixed together, is really rare.”



The stonemason also nodded, “Never tried it.”



Rong Yue said: “I just provide a vision, you guys can study how to do it.” After that he turned to the ama in charge of the plants: “Ama, the potatoes are in your hands, as well as peanuts and wheat.”



Dividing up the work one by one, he finally beckoned the freckled man over: “What does it say, read it?”



He stood tall: “Ah!”



Rong Yue: “……”



“Forcing women for a while is good, but turning into a pig and regretting it is empty! Be friendly and treat people well, kill people and you’ll get killed!”


The crowd: “……”


Guoguo had an idea: “If you steal food, you will be punished with three days of stomachache!”



Li Shui continued, “Don’t do evil in the Xingyue tribe. It will not succeed!”



The freckled man received a huge blow: “You, you ……”



Li Shui retorted fiercely, “What? We didn’t do well?”


Guoguo: “It’s obviously quite good.”



The freckled man was about to cry: “I thought about it all night! Why are you guys so fast ……”



Rong Yue laughed out loud, and the others couldn’t help but laugh along!



“It’s quite good, you can intersperse it.”


He asked Xiao Le to bring the sandbox over, and wrote it down himself in words. Regardless of whether others could read or not, as the first “picture” imprinted into the minds of the crowd, it was also a good choice.



He waved his pen and wrote down the first song of the Xingyue tribe, “Song of Persuasion for Goodness”!


[Steal a meal, punished with three days of hunger and stomach pain.
Forcing a woman for a moment, turn into a pig and regret.
Be friendly to others, if you kill, you will be killed.
Xingyue tribe does not do evil, evil will not succeed!]



After writing, Rong Yue patted the freckled man’s’ shoulder: “From today, you are a real poet! You, together with Guoguo and Li Shui, will set up the first choir of the Xingyue tribe!”




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