No one in the room understood Tian Yang’s decision, Rong Yue explained, “For every layer of evil, we should use a punishment that goes with it.”



Guoguo wasn’t convinced: “What is the difference between forcing people and killing them!”



“There is.” Rong Yue said gently, “Bai Tao is still alive.”



Rong Yue explained: “The consequence of forcing a woman, is death. The consequence of killing a man is also death. So when a wanderer discovered they weren’t successful, what will he do?”



Ah Jiu and Bai Tao thought about it.



Rong Yue said: “Yes, he may think: ‘It’s death anyway, might as well kill this woman’.”



Guoguo froze: “But what good will killing do?”



Rong Yue said, “You can’t speculate on these scum, who knows what he really thinks?”



“Sin increases one level at a time, and each level should have a corresponding punishment set up, so that the wicked can have fear in their hearts.”



“They may not be afraid of being beaten, not afraid of being expelled …… but they must be afraid of dying.”



Rong Yue looked at Tian Yang again: “As your chief said, the most evil thing must be to kill. These people didn’t do it, then they can’t be killed.”



All the people in the small building were silent, and everyone fell into thought.



Ah Jiu was the first to speak: “Then how should they be punished?”



Rong Yue smiled wryly.



Chief Tian Yang and Sacrifice Yue were back!



And they brought back many new people!



The craftsmen were each given a new hut, and the slaves were grouped according to their familiarity, four to a room.


Rong Yue made new rules humanely: if someone wanted to live together and fall in love or even form a contract, they could report to the tribe and form a new family unit.



At noon, people who had been out working returned to the tribe for lunch break, when Rong Yue informed everyone of the incident.



There were eight evil men in the tribe who tried to force a woman, which was a great crime.



In the evening, in front of all the tribesmen, Rong Yue would personally deal with these eight villains!



While it was still early, Rong Yue first went to check his tomato field and twisted seed field, and then went around the place where the guinea pigs and rabbits were raised, and his heart was overflowing with joy.



He was away for two months, except for those few unstable people who made some trouble, everyone else worked diligently, and look at the fields, they were well taken care of!



Rong Yue gave the crops a brush of holy light, told the ama in charge to study the potatoes he brought back, but far away, he saw people arguing in the distance.


Rong Yue walked over: “What’s wrong?”



The freckled man brightened up: “Sacrifice Yue!” He reached out and pointed at the person in front of him, “Da Bian destroyed the pure little life I was carefully caring for!”



Da Bian: “…… I didn’t!”


Da Bian swore: “He walked around the Twist Field every day. Later, we were afraid that he would damage the field, so we asked him to find a place to plant something to play with. Then he dug five Twist Seedlings…” He pointed to a small soil bag five paces away, “… and planted them.”



“And then what?”



“There is no then!” Da Bian jumped: “I just saw a seedling growing badly in his field, and helped him pull it out but he saw it and ranted at me!”


“That’s an important life!”



Da Bian roared: “I was helping you!”



Freckled man: “No! You’re taking a knife to my heart!”



“Stop, stop, stop!” Rong Yue said, “What happened to the bad growth? Where is the plant that was pulled out?”


The freckled man aggrievedly took out a wilted seedling from behind his back, the top was already hanging on the spike, lime green and kind of cute.


Auntie Xinya let out a gasp: “How is this bad? maybe it will grow again and straighten up?”



The freckled man also nodded, “That’s right.”



The two said a few words, but didn’t see Rong Yue speak, so they curiously turned to him. Rong Yue was shivering and holding the lime green grass that was hanging on the spike.



“Wheat!” Rong Yue: “It’s wheat!!!”


Ring Yue’s excitement was overwhelming, no wonder the twisted seed soup was a bit like the wheat, it was a family! It was just that it hadn’t been mutated and passed down yet.



He gave vitality to the mutated wheat, made a hole and buried it in the soil, thinking, later when he had potatoes and noodles, he could unlock at least a hundred more recipes! He was a step closer to becoming rich!


At that moment, in the distance, Guoguo shouted, “Sacrifice Yue! The stuff is ready!”



Rong Yue had to leave the thing that made him so excited, and went to the small wooden building.



In the small wooden building, there were several rattan ropes scattered on the floor and a strange wooden frame was erected.


Old Mu was there, seeing Rong Yue, he apprehensively asked: “Lord Yue, you want the wooden shelf, probably like this ……?”


Rong Yue shook it, it was very strong, “It’s so powerful. It wasn’t tied with a rope. Why is it standing still?”


Old Mu smiled, “My teacher once taught me to cut wood into proper shapes. If it fits together, it won’t loosen easily.”


Rong Yue tsked and gave him high praise.


Guoguo was itching: “Sacrifice Yue…… how exactly are you going to punish those eight people ah? Just reveal a little? I’m curious to death, I can’t wait for the evening!”


“Stop it, go find your family’s Ah Jiu.” Rong Yue suddenly remembered: “By the way, you and Ah Jiu ……”



“Yes?” Guoguo was puzzled.


Rong Yue originally wanted to ask if they fought because of their big differences of opinion… But seeing her silly and sweet appearance, Rong Yue couldn’t ask.


She probably didn’t have that thought in her mind.



Rong Yue changed his mind, “If I didn’t come back and Ah Jiu insisted on killing those people, what would have happened to you?”


“Me?” Guoguo asked, “I won’t do it anyway.”



Looking at the disgusted expression on her face, Rong Yue smiled helplessly: “No, I mean, do you think Ah Jiu is cruel?”



Guo Guo laughed dryly: “Sacrifice Yue, do you think Ah Jiu is ruthless? …… in fact, he is quite nice, but those people are too bad. That night I was going to go with Bai Tao, Ah Jiu was probably thinking of this, so he especially hated those people …… Anyway, Ah Jiu is really good and powerful, except that he can’t pry his mouth open, everything else is good. Don’t hate him, Sacrifice Yue…”


Rong Yue: “……”


He didn’t run here to eat dog food.


But watching the two of them love each other, Rong Yue was also very happy. From Guoguo, he learned that partners didn’t have to always be united in opinion. As long as there was love, there’d be a natural tolerance.



Soon it was late, Rong Yue and old Mu moved the rack to the open space outside, before the eight people were carried out one by one.


Because there was a scene to watch, everyone came back early, and in a short time, the clearing was filled with people.



“Today, there is a very heavy thing to announce to everyone!”



Rong Yue stood at the front with a cold expression: “In our tribe, there are such evil people!”


The eight people’s faces were clearly seen by the crowd, and immediately people spat on them and cursed them.



Everyone had heard about that night’s incident, the Yang brothers gained some trust not to mention, others were extremely spiteful of such evil deeds.



Rong Yue banged his staff on the ground: “Quiet!”



Despite having heard most of them, Rong Yue still listed out their crimes one by one. At the moment, he was counting the sins, even the original hangers-on were a little weak in the legs.


“…… Therefore, I decided that a special punishment would be used to punish them!”


The crowd looked at Rong Yue with expectant eyes.


Rong Yue paused for three seconds: “People who force women are worse than pigs and dogs!”



Crowd: “……?”


Rong Yue: “Let them experience what it’s like to be a real pig!”


Crowd: “!!!”



In Rong Yue’s package, there were a dozen small props of transformation given by the Halloween holiday event.



After using it, the specified character would be turned into a [Halloween Piglet], lasting buff 48 hours.



When Rong Yue received it, he didn’t have any need for it, so it had been stuffed in the corner of the package, so today was the first time he took it out.



The crowd was stunned when a white light flashed by, and their eyes couldn’t help but squint.



But then, everyone’s eyes widened!

Wasn’t this a pig!? What a big pig!!! Wait, these were the wanderers!?



The Monument of Sacrifice Yue rose sharply! He could even turn people into animals out of thin air!



Rong Yue waved his hand, a few people led by Guoguo came forward, tied up the pigs and hung them upside down on a wooden frame.



Rong Yue drew a bone dagger from nowhere: “Let them be pigs, only for two days. In order for them not to scourge the women of our tribe in the future, I have one more thing to do.”


“Lu Shui!”


Li Shui shook and shouted through the crowd, “Yes!”



“Call your breeding team to the front, yes, a little further forward, and don’t be afraid to get dirty.”


Li Shui gritted her teeth: “Sacrifice Yue, what are you going to do?”


Rong Yue replied, “Inciting the pigs.”


“Ah ……?” Li Shui was surprised: “What is that?”


“Incite the pig, is to castrate the guinea pig, this will help the health of the pig, the meat will also be better. Everyone hasn’t incited before, right? Come a little closer and learn a little, this is a rare opportunity ……”


The pigs on the wooden shelf squirmed madly.



Rong Yue raised his knife and it fell. The pig’s sorrow filled screams pierced the sky. All the men present felt pain!



Rong Yue was still very happy. He looked up and asked, “Have you learned? You should incite the beasts captured outside like this when you come back. If you didn’t see it clearly, I’ll get another one…”




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