Rong Yue looked at them innocently for a few seconds, and turned his head to the left: “Who said that?”


The crowd: “……”


Bao Shu and Bao Di, who were confronting each other in the center of the field, stopped and looked at Rong Yue with puzzled expressions.


“Haven’t seen you before, are you from another tribe?” Bao Di’s voice was low.


Rong Yue was still wearing yesterday’s straw hat, his hair was meticulously pinned in, and his face was smeared with some dirt and ash.



But his eyes were still bright and eye-catching, no wonder Bao Di thought he looked familiar.



There were a lot of people in the salt tribe, and it was impossible to recognize everyone, but Rong Yue, for sure, would be remembered after a few more glances.



Rong Yue sighed, “Alas, yes, we are from Xingyue Lake. I heard that you have local medicine here, so I came here to exchange some.”


Although he didn’t know where the Xingyue Lake was, Bao Di calmed down, “You can go to the market center in front.”


But his brother Bao Shu wasn’t as easily distracted: “What did you say just now, we can’t beat you?”


“Haha, yeah.” When Rong Yue saw that he really wanted to pursue, he didn’t make excuses, he confidently responded: “I am a sacrifice, I can’t talk, but you can’t beat him.”


Rong Yue pointed to Tian Yang.


All the young people in the tribe who were better off and had better family background shouted: “Impossible!”


“He’s bragging!”


“Bao Shu is the most powerful!”


“Bao Di is!”



Wilderness soldiers had strong basic abilities. They could beat bears with their bare hands, like Tian Yang and Yue Dong. According to logic, the soldiers of the Salt tribe should be weak.


On the one hand, they had little practical experience. On the other hand, soldiers with better family circumstances had less time to work in salt mines.


The most important thing was that the people who had been working in the mines must not have gone down to fight.



In fact, several surrounding youths were more robust than them, but because they were the chief’s sons, they were directly pushed to the “strongest to be determined” position.


In fact, this phenomenon wasn’t surprising at all.


The Salt Tribe had taken a big step towards civilization compared to other tribes.


Digging salt mines was the same as other labor done by the people of the Xingyue tribe. People exchanged various kinds of labor for food, or exchanged food for other living materials in the marketplace, forming a primary “trade”.


The initial division of labor and diversification of values, people with strength ate with strength, people with technology got food based on their technology, it was no longer measured by the strength of the body alone.


So Bao Shu and Bao Ddi were strong, and not just in terms of combat power.


But apparently, the young person in front of them didn’t understand this.


Rong Yue didn’t have the obligation to guide the Salt tribe, and didn’t defend anything, wouldn’t it be obvious with a match?



So Tian Yang took a step forward and went into the enclosed tournament arena.


Bao Shu was more flamboyant than Bao Di, seeing the situation, he raised the spear towards Tian Yang and thrust it. With a worried look in his eyes, Bao Di retreated to the corner and saw that Tian Yang didn’t even draw his sword, he clutched Bao Shu’s wrist from a tricky angle, squeezed and twisted it, Bao Shu cried out and let go of his spear.


The spear fell, was picked up by Tian Yang smoothly and stabbed into the ground.


Bao Shu, Bao Di: “……”



This, it was so simple!



Bao Shu couldn’t accept this fact for a while, and stood dumbfounded, only to see Tian Yang flash by, and the little braid behind his neck drew an arc with the change of the center of gravity, and immediately fell behind Baos Shu.


He clasped Bao Shu’s shoulder with one hand, raised his leg and lightly hit his knee socket, Bao Shu’s leg went weak and he was about to kneel down, but he was thrown out by Tian Yang with his shoulder and fell to the ground with a thud.


“Bao Shu!”


“Brother Bao Shu!”


The people around Bao Di were worried and shouted outside the fighting area. They were afraid that the god of murder would hit them one soon.



Tian Yang had no intention to do so, and only when he saw that Bao Di had moved forward, did he ask, “Do you want to try too?”



Bao Shu rubbed his burning shoulder and stood up, roaring behind Tian Yang: “You must have used some trick! You abominable villain!”



“Bao Shu!” Across the room, however, Bao Di pulled him back and then said apologetically, “Sorry, warrior, it was you who won. I am not as good as you either.”


Rong Yue watched with interest, barbaric people were so simple.



He asked, “Isn’t it true that whoever is the best is the first warrior?”


Bao Di nodded: “Yes, so this brother, you are now the number one warrior of our Salt tribe.”


Rong Yue: “……???”


Rong Yue couldn’t stop laughing: “Don’t, no, no, Tian Yang is not from the Salt tribe, and he won’t be your warrior.”



Bao Di insisted: “He came in the competition, it’s compete for this position. Since he won, he is the number one warrior of the Salt tribe.”


“……” Rong Yue closed his mouth for a long time before saying, “Ask him if he is willing.”



Tian Yang was surrounded by a crowd of eyes, a subtle smile flickered around his mouth, “If I am willing, what will happen?”

Bao Di said, “You will get a big house, endless twists and dried meat, and you can even marry my sister.”



Seeming to think this condition was particularly good, Bao Di proudly said, “My sister is very beautiful looking and worthy of you.”


Rong Yue grabbed the rope of the paddock and watched them talking back and forth, feeling a little uncomfortable.


Why didn’t Tian Yang refuse right away? Even if he wouldn’t say yes, was it necessary to listen so much? Was that Bao Xing, that ate wildly, that beautiful?


Perhaps it was his eyes that finally delivered the condemnation successfully. Tian Yang refused: “No.”


Saying that, he walked towards Rong Yue.



Rong Yue sighed with relief and said quickly, “Don’t look like that. Why don’t you let Tian Yang be your teacher?”


Bao Shu was still not satisfied, but seeing that Bao Di and Rong Yue were talking, he was so angry that he left with a group of people. Bao Di was obviously interested in having a teacher.



“I only heard that carpenters and stonemasons teach apprentices, can warriors also teach?”



Rong Yue: “Yes, but we have conditions.”


“What conditions?” Bao Di asked.


Rong Yue looked into the distance: “You may have to leave the Salt tribe for a while and come with us. Wherever your teacher goes, you follow.”



Bao Di was silent for a moment, recalling Tian Yang’s sharp hands just now, he finally agreed solemnly, “Yes!”




This was big.


Rong Yue almost floated as he walked.



After walking for a while he suddenly remembered and asked Tian Yang: “Are you willing to teach a disciple? If not I will find an excuse to push him.”



Tian Yang shook his head: “The experienced teach the inexperienced hunting, this is customary and necessary. If the warriors of the Salt tribe continue to be weak, they will eventually be robbed and go to destruction.”



Now the Salt tribe, because of the remote place and no big tribes around, could live in peace.


It was like a fragrant piece of meat, if the warriors weren’t as good as one generation, with less hunting opportunities and them getting weaker, sooner or later it would be annexed by other tribes.



Rong Yue felt even happier.



Look how enlightened he was! He was worthy of his choice!



After returning, Rong Yue added firewood to the fire at Laomutou’s house, opened the recipe, turned to the page of French fries, looked carefully again, and explained the steps to Tian Yang.


He asked Xiao Mu to quickly go to the market and get a can of oil. Then he washed and cut the potatoes, boiled it in light salt water until half cooked, and finally fry them in a frying pan.


The heat billowed out like an aroma bomb!


Old Mu, who had been heartbroken about the oil, also stared at this moment, he thought he was probably dead, otherwise how could he have arrived at this world of bliss!



So fragrant!



The French fries were removed and the oil was drained then he sprinkled a little grain of salt.



A small dish of ketchup that wasn’t finished yesterday was put on the table, everyone sat in a circle, like a sacred ceremony, the appearance of the golden crispy French fries shone in front of them.


Rong Yue: “This is French fries, the food near my hometown …….”



Xiao Mu swallowed heavily.



Rong Yue: “We are going to taste it with love.”



The crowd nodded in unison.


Dip in the sauce, put it into your mouth, and bite it.


The sour and sweet tomato sauce, crispy potato chips soaked with meat oil, and soft filling.


The heat rose from the plate, the fresh aroma locked by the oil exploded in the mouth, the fine salt brought the freshness and a sense of crispness, there was an endless aftertaste.



Xiao Mu: “How can there be something so delicious!”



Rong Yue echoed: “I agree!”


A French fry was so delicious, how good should Kung Pao chicken and shredded pork be!


The recipes were graded for difficulty and taste, and these fries were only three stars!


Damned Xingye Era, let him eat flowers and drink dew for so many years in vain, If some players hadn’t thought that he was unwise and dragged him to explain all day long and sent him a cookbook, he wouldn’t have known that there was such a thing as “French fries”!



Wasn’t that a waste of life!?



The fries received unanimous praise from the crowd, Rong Yue felt that his ketchup had a sales outlet in the salt tribe.



But he wasn’t in a hurry yet, the main purpose of this visit was still to steal people.



In his plan, in addition to bringing back as many artisans as possible, he also wanted to steal some slaves back.



People weren’t a disposable resource, many things could only be done when there were more people. Of course, when taking people away he would pay the appropriate amount of dried meat.



The next morning, Rong Yue led the group to clean the rest of the potatoes in the basket, the people divided the work and made a lot of fries.


In order to improve efficiency, they split up, each carrying a basket of fries in their hands, and would take this to fool the craftsmen recommended by Old Mu.


Among them, Rong Yue and Tian Yang was responsible for the most difficult to overcome the one – the legendary silkworm woman.


The two of them turned a corner and sent a basket to Tian Yang’s tentative apprentice first, after receiving heartfelt praise from the other, they turned around and went to the silkworm woman’s place.


On the other hand, because of the noise, there were so many empty spaces here. The Silkworm woman had built a lot of space around her home and a straw shed as a silkworm farm.


Rong Yue saw the house from a long distance, and also saw the person who shouted abuse in front of the house.



“Bah! You don’t want to marry? You are such an ugly woman, one look will remove ten years from someone’s life!”



Rong Yue blinked.



The man was dressed in rags, spoke spitefully, and was very short.


Jumping up like a bouncing grasshopper.



The phrase “stop jumping, you’re ugly to me” popped into Rong Yue’s head.


Someone like you can still dislike others’ ugliness!?




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