“Lei Feng?”


This name was a bit tongue-twisting, old Mu and Xiao Mu practiced several times, Rong Yue hurried to stop them, then he causally introduced himself: “Call me Yue, sacrifice Yue.”


This was easy to remember, Old Mu and Xiao Mu enthusiastically poured a few cups of cold water to entertain them.



Rong Yue lifted the wooden cup, only to see the wall of the cup was carefully carved with a small rabbit jumping, it was cute.



“You really like rabbits. ……”



Old Mu laughed: “No, it’s Xiao Mu that likes it.”


Xiao Mu smiled coyly, leaning towards the old man.



The other cups were also different from each other.


Rong Yue sighed: “It’s a pity, it can’t be used after it’s cracked.”


Old Mu wondered, “How can it be cracked?”



“?” Rong Yue recalled the various cracked wooden bowls, cracked wooden cups, cracked wooden bath tubs that he had used since he arrived here ……


“Why won’t it crack?”


Old Mu waved his hand and rummaged around from the house for a while, taking out a milky white block.



About a fist big, it was slightly cool to the touch, and a little astringent to touch.


It was very much like the paraffin wax that was in Bao Xing’s cart.


Old Mu said: “This is beeswax, beeswaxed wood tools can be used longer. As long as you choose the right wood and the grain isn’t wrong, like the cup in my hand, if I often use beeswax every three days to dry, it won’t be easy to crack.”


Seeing Rong Yue’s curiosity, Old Mu explained: “Although it is small and expensive, if you use special wood to make furniture, you’d better wax it to prevent it from rotting or cracking when it is too dry.”



Rong Yue returned the beeswax: “I see. Thank you for agreeing to come back with us. I will let all the craftsmen of our tribe come to listen to your class!”



Here, Old Mu was bit apprehensive: “Yue, Lord Yue, where is your tribe ah?”



“It’s not far, it’s only about twenty days away.”



“……” he hesitated: “Is there really enough to eat there ……”



Rong Yue was about to answer when the door of Old Mu’s house was suddenly kicked open.


“Old Mu!”


The roar made Xiao Mu quickly hide behind his father.



Rong Yue stood up inexplicably and saw a fat man swaggering in, yelling under his breath, “I heard you got another job! You want to take jobs even with this skill?”


The man had two layers of fat on his chin and his stomach was like half a balloon, how could he eat like this in this barbaric continent, Rong Yue sighed in amazement.



The fat man looked around the week, fixed his gaze on Rong Yue and his party, his eyes turned three times, revealing eight teeth: “Hahaha, hello, what kind of work do you want to do?”



Although he smiled and asked, his attitude wasn’t polite, he obviously didn’t put Rong Yue and his party in the eyes.


Rong Yue said, “It’s not anything big.”


The fat man laughed loudly: “I know it’s not something big, otherwise you wouldn’t come to this old Mu!”


Rong Yue: “……”


The fat man smacked his lips and said: “But today I’ll give you some benefits. How much food you were going to give me? I’ll make it for you. Come with me!”


He turned around and muttered, “Oh, I’m so kind.”


Rong Yue turned to Da Bian and gave two orders. He nodded and went to find Old Mu and said something.


Old Mu was worried. After hearing this, his face seemed happy. He waved his hand without saying anything to keep Rong Yue.



Rong Yue saw that the fat man had gone a long way and whispered, “Let me take Xiao Mu to see the fun.”



Xiao Mu opened his eyes, and his young voice was very clear. He was surprised, “Can I too?”


“Dare not come?”



“How could it be!” Xiao Mu blushed again after saying that. He looked at old Mu and saw Abba nodding. Then he followed Rong Yue’s footsteps.

Fatty Sledgehammer was waiting outside the door, slightly impatient, when he saw Rong Yue Tian Yang come out with two children, he asked suspiciously, “Where are the other two?”


Rong Yue replied, “Irrelevant people, they’ve gone back.”


Sledgehammer didn’t ask too much, but led the way. After walking through a large section of the market, he entered an empty fork road, which made several people thirsty.



Xiao Mu took Jiang Liu by the hand and whispered to answer her question. Rong Yue listened and looked around. He saw square squares wrapped with hemp rope in the open space behind the market and asked, “What is that?”


Xiao Mu took the fruit from Rong Yue, broke half of it and gave it to Jiang Liu. He replied, “That’s the competition ground. Soldiers who want to be the first warrior of the tribe will go to the competition.”


This was the characteristic of the Salt tribe.



For other tribes, the first warrior was the first warrior, the one who was the most powerful in the hunting team, which could be seen after several group hunts.


The first warrior must be brave, strong and convincing, and there was no need to select anything at all.


Just like Tian Yang, he was the first because he was the most powerful.


People spontaneously trusted him, and almost no one questioned it, because the first warrior always rushed in the most dangerous places, bringing food to the tribe and defending everyone’s safety.


But the Salt tribe was different.



Because of the influence of this salt mine, almost no grass grew on the outskirts of the Valley, and only on the cliff they came from was there more vegetation.



Even so, the vicinity of that cliff was still barren, and there were very few animal sightings in the forest three days’ distance from the Salt Ministry as they made their way here.


Even if there were, they were small animals that couldn’t fill the stomach of such a large tribe.


There was a give and take, the Salt tribe had precious salt, there wasn’t much room for hunting, even the strong warriors had to work in the mines.


But the barbarians always had the urge to fight, in order to prove their strength, there would be a tournament.


Warriors could challenge warriors, the strongest would be the first warrior of the tribe.


After listening to Xiao Mu’s explanation, Rong Yue asked, “Are there many people who challenge?”



“Not too many. ……”


“Everyone is very tired.”



Sledgehammer turned back, “Don’t listen to that kid talking nonsense. How long?! It was only three days ago that I competed!”


These days Xiao Mu was sleeping at home, and didn’t know what happened three days ago, his face turned red and he lowered his head.


Rong Yue quietly handed over another piece of dried meat and asked sledgehammer walking in front of him: “So did you get the first warrior of your tribe?”



“Of course I didn’t!” Sledgehammer grinned and showed his teeth: “It was our chief’s second son, Bao Shu, who defeated his eldest brother, Bao Di!”


“Pfft.” Rong Yue couldn’t help but laugh out loud.


Big wood, small wood was just as well, Bao Di, Bao Shu, Bao Xing …… A Zhu A Bei …… The salt tribe chief wouldn’t be called a treasure box, right?


Speaking of which, Rong Yue suddenly remembered: “I heard that your salt tribe has many slaves?”


“Ah,” Sledgehammer pointed to the distance: “They’re in the mine digging.”



Rong Yue’s heart moved slightly, he no longer mention this matter.



Xiao Mu also stopped talking, the three finally arrived at sledgehammer’s home.



It was home, but much more than the Mu family.



The stone house had already had the embryonic form of a “building”. After entering the door, it was a small house, and a door was opened on the wall. He could see a piece of open land, which was called a yard.


There was also a stone house on three sides of the open space. There may be a larger place in the house, but the courtyard was very impressive.



Rong Yue had never seen such a building. It was fresh.


In the eyes of Sledgehammer, his appearance was on bio someone from a small tribe, which wasn’t good enough.



He asked Rong Yue not to run around in the yard, and then asked someone to bring a row of small boards: “Tell me, what are you going to do?”


Rong Yue had seen more home workshops and asked, “Are these all your family’s cubs?”



Sledgehammer: “How is it possible, they are all my pupils!”



Sledgehammer was proud, and Rong Yue gave a quiet sigh, “Well, I want to make a statue.”


“…… what?”





Rong Yue picked up a thin branch from the ground, smoothed the ground with his feet to smooth out the ash, and then squatted down, immediately, a simple and upright statue of a man appeared on the ground.


He clapped his hands, threw away the branch and said with satisfaction: “Comrade Lei Feng.”


This was his idea on the way here on a whim.


In the planning of the tribe, he wanted a lot of things, but sledgehammer obviously wouldn’t understand and didn’t bother to explain, so he chose the simplest one.


A Lei Feng wood carving was suitable for both large and small ones. It could make the tribe more harmonious and stable and save people from worshiping him as a god.


At that time, a huge stone sculpture would be set up on the square to be built in the future for the people of other tribes to visit and admire!



As for other things he wanted to do, such as the Rift Valley slide, the water park, the wind baking machine, and the treading irrigation truck….


These would be left for later.


Sledgehammer’s expression wasn’t good.


Wasn’t this person playing him?


What was the use of wood carving! And also carving a person was so complicated!


Rong Yue asked, “Can’t you carve? But even old wood can carve…”



Sledgehammer immediately said, “Yes! Yes!”



Because Rong Yue said that the price he negotiated with old Mu was to exchange a half person high wood carving for three pieces of dried meat. Sledgehammer had to agree with him with a dark expression.



This price made him very unhappy, he no longer want to entertain, and kicked them out.



So that night, Rong Yue still returned to Old Mu home, to make up for the night.



At dinner, Tian Yang used the dried meat and twists he brought to make a pot of meat porridge, as they ate Old Mu and Xiao Mu shed tears.


Rong Yue also took two bacon sticks that he had changed on the road, soaked them in water, roasted them on the fire, and poured out a small plate of tomato sauce to give them a taste.


This bacon was very different from fresh meat, but it had a special flavor. It was a pity that it did go well with tomato sauce.


Rong Yue was a bit sad. No wonder the head of the Salt tribe didn’t get excited after tasting his sauce.



He was thoughtless and forgot that there was very little fresh meat here.


After eating, Rong Yue healed them with holy light, which made them more energetic. Rong Yue wasn’t in a hurry to go back. He planned to stay in the Salt tribe for a few more days to see if he could fool some craftsmen back.



Hearing this, Old Mu recommended several poor craftsmen with good craftsmanship to him.



There were two pottery makers and one stone knife maker. Old Mu hesitated, “There is another one who has some skills, but isn’t poor…”



Rong Yue said, “It’s okay, just speak, it’s fine if they don’t want to come.”


Old Mu quickly spoke, “That was a woman from Xingye last year. She brought thirty or forty small wooden buckets with her. There were some fat white bugs in them. She said she wanted to join our Salt tribe.”





“It was said that she had something new to offer to the leader. The leader specially called her to the main tent. As a result, she brought a very beautiful and light cloth, which she said was woven from the silk vomited by the little bug.”



Rong Yue was very interested: “I seem to have seen it!”


Old Mu smiled, “That woman has a good job in the salt department with this skill. Only woman that can eat well.”



Rong Yue: “I’ll see her later.”



Various plans were made, and early the next morning, Rong Yue and Tian Yang went to the bazaar, intending to first take a good stroll and see what the Salt tribe had that he hadn’t seen.



All the way through, most of them were what ordinary people could do, but it just took some time. Like straw framed baskets, the aunts of Xingyue tribe could also make them, some of which were better than those here.



In the middle of the market, there was a large circle of people, and Rong Yue couldn’t get through.



He was bored and waited at the roadside, chatting with a passer-by casually: “What are you exchanging here?”



The passer-by also waited with a dull look: “Earth medicine.”


Rong Yue nodded, but didn’t say that he didn’t know what the earth medicine was. He took Tian Yang to guard him and arched in.


Ring Yue squeezed in.


Only to see two people with dirt on their bodies, one collecting twists and dried meat, the other counting the amount of earth medicine they should exchange.


The local medicine was piled up in the basket behind them, many boxes, piled in a pile, which was absolutely impossible for the two of them to get. It was so busy here. Rong Yue concluded it was a transaction hosted by the tribe.



When it was Rong Yue’s turn, he pulled out five strips of dried meat and exchanged them for a basket of earthen medicines.



Looking for a shady place, Rong Yue put the basket down.



“Is this stuff really edible?” He weighed the object in his hand. It was a pale yellow sphere, either round or long, with the earth still stuck to its surface and pockmarked with pits.



Rong Yue broke one open and took a bite with his teeth, it wasn’t sweet and a bit astringent.



Someone happened to pass by and saw Rong Yue knocking the earth medicine, and was shocked: “Why do you spoil the food like this? This thing has to be cooked!”



Rong Yue handed one to a passerby: “This is for you, tell us where this was dug?”



The passerby took it: “You’re not from the salt tribe? …… No wonder. This is the earth medicine, last year our tribe people dug in the mountains. It can be eaten after boiling, and it is even more tasty than twisted paste. Because it can save some people’s lives, so it’s called earth medicine.”



The more Rong Yue looked at it, the more familiar it looked …… Waiting for that passerby to leave, Tian Yang opened his mouth, “This is a potato.”





Potatoes ah ah ah!


Rong Yue couldn’t believe his eyes.


Wasn’t this the legendary thing that went best with ketchup! And it was said to be delicious!



There was a whole page of recipes about it in the menu alone!


It was amazing how many potatoes grow in the salt tribe!



When listening to the nearby passersby, they probably knew where the potatoes came from.



The field subsided and only a little bit of the cliff side caved in, leaving the pits and the salt part intact. One day someone went up the mountain to look for food and found a pile of round yellow things under a cracked ground.



The man was too hungry to find food. When he saw something fresh, he saw it growing under the grass and tried to roast it before eating it.


It was unexpectedly delicious and it saved his life.


The tribe called it earth medicine.



The tribe, in order to make the youth not all go to the mountains to dig the earth medicine instead of digging salt mines, simply organized themselves to go to the mountains to dig this, and then made the price lower than the twist in exchange for the tribe’s people.



The reason why they didn’t exchange it was because they didn’t even have any twisted seeds or dried meat ……



Rong Yue carried potatoes as if he was carrying the whole world, Tian Yang held another basket, the two intended to go back to old Mu’s house first, put the earth medicine back.


After walking through two rows of rooms, they just walked to the side of the competition field he passed yesterday.


Unlike the empty yesterday, there were many people gathered around the arena today, shouting something.



Rong Yue asked as he walked.



“Shall we go and have a look?”



Tian Yang always complied with him, so it was useless to ask.




The two sides of the martial arts stage were clearly separated.


The leaders stood on the left and right of the field circled by the rope. The one on the left was full of spring, the one on the right was very solemn, look carefully, there were three points of resemblance between the eyebrows.


The smiling one said, “Bao Di, how many more times do you have to challenge me to admit that you just aren’t as good as me?”



The cold-faced one was silent for a long time: “Fight until I am convinced.”



With that said, the two parties raised their spears, flew forward, and rushed together!



The spears collided with a thumping sound, and the two of them went back and forth, and their moves just pushed back and forth, very unattractive.



Rong Yue watched with interest for a while and said to Tian Yang with a smile, “This is called a chicken pecking at each other, right? It’s not even close to you.”


Instantly, the men on both sides looked over in unison, their gazes surprised with anger.


“Who! Who said that!?”



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