The little girl climbed on the table, opened the lid, only to see that the original evenly sprinkled plate of grass and wood ash, had all been blown by some unknown force, not a grain of dust was left.



Sen Qiang’s expression darkened.



“This is a once in onehundred years evil ah!” An older man shouted in alarm: “It may be life-threatening, and will also involve others!”



“What’s going on? Isn’t Sen Qiang the first warrior of the Sentei tribe?”



“The first warrior can also be very fierce, huh?”



“What to do, Yu Lian still has to marry over …… she’s too pitiful!”



Sen Qiang didn’t look good, but the result of listening to the sky was presented in front of him, but he couldn’t believe it.



“Sacrifice Yue, is this really my path? Could it be from Yu Lian? She influenced me!”



Rong Yue smiled: “Just now I had a premonition, today I can do another heavenly hearing. If Yu Lian is willing, of course, she can try. Even though she treats me badly, I am a magnanimous person.”



To be able to expend his heart and divine power to do a heavenly hearing for the person who stole his husband, the Priest Yue was truly magnanimous! Everyone exclaimed.



But Yu Lian didn’t want to!



“I don’t want to marry Sen Qiang! It must be him, there must be something wrong with him, even if he measures mine in a moment, it will be just as bad!” She cried: “Then he will definitely turn around and blame me for dragging him down, he will bully me and resent me!”



Sen Qiang’s expression darkened: “I think it’s your problem, you were going to marry your tribe’s Tian Yang, but he was poisoned and won’t live long, so you married me instead, and I got measured as evil! I haven’t even asked your father to withdraw the marriage, and you want to scold me?”



The two sides argued with each other, and it became bigger and bigger, Sen Qiang couldn’t make a move against Yu Lian, and in his anger, he grabbed the hair of the little girl who had opened the lid and yelled, “She must be unclean! That’s what affected the divination results!”



“That’s enough!”



A strong wind passed, Sen Qiang arm became numb and the little girl was snatched away. He turned his head in anger, but it was the nosy Tian Yang, who wouldn’t live long.



Tian Yang put the little girl who was going to cry on the ground and watched her run away and disappear, before he put his hand on the side of Rong Yue’s shoulder and took two steps back cautiously with Rong Yue.



Rong Yue knew the importance, so he didn’t try to pull away.



Finally, the leaders and tribe chiefs arrived.



The crowd parted, creating a path for them.



Xue Qi, a kind grandmother, was the first to step forward and waved at Rong Yue.



“Yue, you can finally use heavenly hearing. I’m proud of you.”



Rong Yue didn’t go over, but only slightly bent his body.



Seeing this, Xue Qi let out a sigh and then turned to Sen Qiang and Yu Lian.



The chief was here, and Sen Qiang no longer dared to do anything. He belonged to a powerful tribe and the tribe was strong, but at the moment he was weak.



Xue Qi asked him if he wanted to do another heavenly hearing, this time he’d be charged. But Sen Qiang had been badly hit, he no longer had the confidence to do it a second time.



Yu Lian was even more afraid to make a move, she had been capricious about her marriage several times, this would affect the relationship between the two tribes, so her father would never allow it.



In the end, Yu Lian still had to be taken away by Sen Qiang, she would leave early the next morning to Sentei tribe.



On the other hand, Rong Yue and Tian Yang didn’t wait for the end of the celebration, they quietly left. While the crowd gathered around Sen Qiang and Yu Lian to watch the fun, Tian Yang took away a small bag of twisted seeds that hadn’t been put into the pot.



Seeing Rong Yue looking at him, Tian Yang grinned: “I’ll just take a little, I can’t starve you.”



Tian Yang’s body was really not very good, not long after going back, the heat came back up.



Although Rong Yue couldn’t see it without touching him, as Tian Yang occasionally coughed, there was an ominous sound from his chest cavity.



If Rong Yue hadn’t come over, he would indeed be dying soon. He was sure he knew it himself.



But from him, Rong Yue couldn’t see half of the self-destructive decadence.



This was a very strong-willed person.



Rong Yue ate half of the bowl of paste he cooked, forcing him to drink the rest, he looked around the unobstructed stone hut, “Is there a wooden stick here?”



Tian Yang drank the paste in one gulp and asked with a smile, “Wooden stick? Yue wants a wooden stick to fight? Can you?”



He glanced downwards, the visual estimate of the approximate area of his gaze was Rong Yue”s waist.



“…………” Rong Yue: what’s going on? This wild man isn’t decent!



He eight hundred years of cultivation were finally being tested: “Yes or No?”




When Tian Yang saw that he was unhappy, he solemnly responded, “I mostly use bone tools, but I don’t have them at home now. But if you want a wooden stick, I can go out and break one for you now. ”



It was already dark, and there was a lot of danger outside the primitive tribe. Tian Yang was now declining in strength, if he met a dangerous situation that would be the end.



It seemed that he could only wait til tomorrow to make his staff.



Thinking about this, Rong Yue felt a little depressed, although he was now only at level level, the sacred prayer couldn’t be used, but the initial skill [Holy Light] could still work.



This skill could be used to attack or defend, hitting the enemy was an attack, and he could use it to heal.



Originally he wanted to try it on Tian Yang during the day, but the skill couldn’t be released, prompting the need to equip the weapon “staff” or “scepter”.



There was no magic here, where could he get a staff? He could only hope that a sharpened wooden stick would be enough ……



Fortunately, his divine power was still there, if he forcibly tried to release it, although it wouldn’t be for a specific use, it could still form a small force field.



He relied on this during the day to do the fake heavenly hearing, after all, he couldn’t do the real heavenly hearing, this body also didn’t have the talent.



But that Sen Qiang even believed it!



Tian Yang saw him lost in thought, and asked again: “Should I go out and get one?” As he spoke, he stood up.



Rong Yue returned to his senses, and pulled on the hem of his animal skin, almost pulling it off: “Forget about it today, let’s sleep!”



After saying that he noticed something wrong, he gritted his teeth and corrected himself: “Sleep, the sleepy kind of sleep.”



Tian Yang froze, then he laughed loudly, ignoring Rong Yue’s protests, he rolled the person in his arms on the stone bed covered with straw.



Rong Yue wasn’t used to such poor conditions, and not used to someone’s embrace, but even though he wasn’t used to it, he quickly fell asleep.



He was awakened by a subtle vibration.



He was being held in the arms of Tian Yang, his condition had worsened again, his body was hot, his breathing was heavy, and his face had an unhealthy flush.



After a few seconds, the shaking suddenly intensified, and before Rong Yue could react, pieces of rubble began to fall down from the top of his head!



“God, it’s a ground trap!!!”



Someone outside screamed, followed by messy footsteps and cries, and a few seconds later came the sound of a horn.



It was a rallying call, the tribe was ready to move!



“Wake up!” Rong Yue sat up strongly and pushed Tian Yang, the other’s eyelashes fluttered, but he didn’t open his eyes immediately.



Rong Yue gritted his teeth and subconsciously wanted to touch his weapon and use his skills, but suddenly remembered the fact that he had transmigrated.


This wasn’t a game!




Death was also real!



The house made of rocks was a good shelter from the wind and rain, but now, it wasn’t as good as someone else’s straw hut.



The shaking was getting more and more violent, and the stones were crackling down, which could kill him at any time. He could run outside, but what about Tian Yang who wouldn’t wake up?



Rong Yue tried to tug the man’s ankle fiercely – he didn’t move!



At that moment, a fist-sized stone fell down and hit Tian Yang right on his leg, he grunted and finally opened his eyes.



“Tian Yang get up!!! Earthquake!” Rong Yue didn’t finish his sentence, a boulder fell from his head, but he didn’t see it, his eyes remained focused on the confused Tian Yang, who quickly lunged forward!



Rong Yue was firmly in his arms, he held down on the ground, followed by a muffled sound, then he heard the man grunted in pain.



The heavy smell of blo0d spread out.



Rong Yue opened his eyes and looked at the man in shock.



“…… don’t move around.” Tian Yang wasn’t in a good state, he was already sick, and his back was hit severely, his voice was horribly hoarse: “Where are the others?”



Rong Yue opened his mouth, it took a while before he spoke, “…… I don’t know.”



The house had mostly collapsed, and when the shaking stopped completely, the world was silent, even insects couldn’t be heard.



Tian Yang lost too much blo0d and couldn’t open his eyes, Rong Yue made a strong effort to move from under him, and only then did he see Tian Yang’s tragic situation.



The boulder hit his waist, the exposed flesh was scraped off, blo0d flowed all over the floor. Looking at the situation, his internal organs might have been affected, if it was a little more in the middle, his spine would have broken.



Rong Yue had almost never seen such injuries.



In the game, an injury was mostly expressed in the form of feeling weak, that feeling was very unpleasant, but then again it was only unpleasant. The reality, obviously, wasn’t the same as the game.



Rong Yue stumbled and got up, rushing out to find a wooden stick that could be used, if the “staff” was recognized, then he still had a chance to save Tian Yang!



Almost everything outside had turned into rubble.



The people in the tribe were very alert, almost all of them fled, Rong Yue turned around and quickly found a piece of firewood. After grabbing it, he didn’t get any weapon tips, Rong Yue quickly tossed it away, and looked for a longer, thick and thin wood – probably smashed parts of some apparatus.



The weapon bar on the menu finally lit up, and Rong Yue hurriedly turned around and ran towards home, only to see a lone wolf far below the pale full moon. It smelled blood and its green eyes were staring in the direction of Tian Yang.



Rong Yue’s heart tightened, but he saw that the wolf was several times faster than him, almost in a streak of light, it rushed towards Tian Yang!



Rong Yue roared, “Tian Yang!”



The man lying on the ground seemed to move, but still couldn’t get rid of the danger, Rong Yue couldn’t care less at this time, he raised his hand and sent out a holy light –



A small white dot of light floated out from the top of the wooden stick. The size of a firefly.



Rong Yue stared at it in disbelief.



This …… this was his holy light ball!



Rong Yue swore that he had a good temper. He hadn’t lost it before when he was at a deadly throttle with his former ‘frenemy’, even if the other sent a 100,000-word congratulatory message mocking him as a weakling, he could sit on his throne and drink tea without his expression changing.



But at this moment, he really felt humiliated!



This was his holy light “ball”!



Can anyone call it a ball? He could only call it a point!



Just when Rong Yue was desperate, Tian Yang suddenly got up, he choked the throat of the lone wolf that came at him, his arm muscles gnarled up, and slammed the wolf towards the broken wall fiercely!



“Ho ah–” he squeezed a roar out of his throat and lifted a boulder to hit the wolf who was now unconscious.



Rong Yue panted as he came closer, the barely standing man turned his head to look at him.



Under the moonlight, his eyes shone with light, only a little helpless resignation remained.



“…… you ran all the way, what are you doing back?” Tian Yang said blankly.



Rong Yue frowned and explained: “I went to find the wooden stick, don’t stand, lie down -”



There was no need for him to even say it, Tian Yang couldn’t stand. After the struggle just now, his already dangerous wounds were torn even more open, and he could almost see the bones.



Rong Yue knelt down beside him and used a holy light “point” to pull the healing power from it into Tian Yang’s chest.



His power wasn’t enough, he could only protect Tian Yang’s heart and veins, he had to save his life first before talking about anything else.




Tian Yang simply closed his eyes and laughed lightly: “Don’t look, go ……”



Rong Yue wanted to gag him, but the sound of footsteps suddenly came from behind him.



Was it a rescue from the tribe?



Rong Yue looked up and saw the kind grandmother that he had seen once during the day – the highest sacrifice of the Gangsan tribe, Xue Qi.



“Yue.” The other’s voice was as kind as ever: “Hurry up and come with me.”



Rong Yue: “Only you came alone? What about Tian Yang?”



Grandma Xue Qi was wearing a well-cut linen dress and an animal skin cloak. She had just experienced a natural disaster, but her body was untouched and aristocratic.



Xue Qi stood there, distantly opposite Tian Yang in the pool of blood, like the difference between a human and a beast.



Xue Qi softly said: “Silly child, he is almost dead, don’t you see?”



Rong Yue: “How many things did Tian Yang do for the tribe before? Several big and small battles, which time wasn’t he in the forefront? Even the poisoning, he helped his comrades to block the attacks before he was hit.”




Xue Qi shook her head: “No, this is his fate, his life should end here …… and you still have a very bright future. Come on, don’t stand there, the blood is dirty and will attract wild animals. Come quickly.”



Rong Yue closed his eyes: “Are the others gone?”



Xue Qi replied, “Yes. All of this has cracked the ground to varying degrees, and after the prophecies of several sacrifices, we believe that this place is no longer suitable for habitation. We will join the Sentei tribe and move north.”



The moon was bright and the silver glow was like frost, spreading over the earth. A fishy-smelling wind blew in the air.



Rong Yue nodded: “I will stay here.”



Xue Qi froze: “What did you say?”



“I’ll stay here with Tian Yang, go.” Rong Yue gripped the staff in his hand tightly.






He was such a good person, how could the heavens bear to give him up.





………… She was wrong.



Such a good comrade, how could he abandon him!




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