The Paradise tribe was wiped out, and that night, they took over the camp and enjoyed their fur beds.


Rong Yue’s skill made both Gongshan leaders afraid.



Although Rong Yue’s “magic skill” made the leader’s thighs heal quickly, the two sides quickly separated and occupied their own tents after greeting each other politely because of the knot in their hearts.



The original Paradise tribe lost half of their numbers in the daytime fight, the remaining people were under the care of the Gongshan tribe, Rong Yue’s side ignored the trivialities of the population and gathered together to roast meat to eat.


This was the fresh meat sent by the soldiers from the Gongshan tribe. No dared to eat the meat left by the Paradise tribe.


Because they didn’t know if it was human flesh.



Guoguo: “It’s terrible, they actually ate people ……”


Yang San sighed: “Fortunately it was only a small part, the rest were deceived.”


It turned out that after an inventory, the Paradise Tribe’s model was divided into two main parts – the native tribesmen, and outsiders.


The leader of the Paradise Tribe took about 200 people from the original tribe and intermarried within generations, with pure bloo-d lineage.



They had children, but left them to the old people and put them in a hidden cave.

Externally they were erratic and migrate from time to time, but in fact, they regularly returned to the cave to deliver food and watch the cubs, and also spent the winter in the cave.


The young and strong migrating tribe, would be on the journey to lure people to join the tribe, then when food was scarce, they’d slaughter then eat them.



As for forming them into warrior teams to attack other tribes, the current leader, “Lord god”, had only recently done so.


This Lord god was originally a person of the heavenly tribe, a year ago he had a strange encounter outside and came back different.



Later, he claimed to have dreamt of God, so he killed the former chief and became the new chief of the Paradise tribe. He recruited troops and kept growing the tribe, and because of his special ability to fool more people who came, he even made them into teams.



But these outsiders would always be outsiders, if there was no Rong Yue, perhaps the new members would be slaughtered together.


This topic wasn’t very appetizing, so Rong Yue cut it off, “Did you see how he managed to make wine and fire?”



Ergou raised her hand then began to snap her little fingers.



Guoguo took Ergou into her arms and hesitated, “I think it’s related to his black marks.”


That must be some kind of ability that no one knew about. At least it wasn’t magic or anything like that.


Rong Yue’s heart sank slightly.



He remembered that black pattern, it was from the same source as Tian Yang’s marks, but there were differences. That must be related to the magic energy.



If he hadn’t found him in time the day Tian Yang’s demonic energy erupted, would he have gone up in smoke like this guy today? Probably would.



Survival was cruel and couldn’t be taken lightly.



But what exactly was the magic energy?



The pattern on Tian Yang’s chest was blocked by a large part of the complex bone ornaments, it was vaguely visible. Rong Yue thought, until the day the bone ornaments could no longer cover and the tribe was settled, then he’d take Tian Yang to go to the star field.


As for now ……



Rong Yue nibbled a mouthful of meat: “What do you guys think, what are the main things we need to go back?”


The Paradise Tribe robbed so many good things that Rong Yue would never let them fall into the pocket of the Gongshan Tribe!



Of course, it was necessary to divide the cart use properly. Otherwise, the cart would roll over if there were too few people. Since the cooperation was win-win, it was better to divide the spoils harmoniously.


Ah Jue: “No food.”


Gogo: “No woodwork!”


Yang Da: “Fire oil.”


Yang Er: “Take more felt.”



Yang San: “Forget the blanket on the ground, it’s embroidered with their clan emblem.”



Rong Yue looked at Xiao Ergou.



Xiao Ergou: “I, I want fairy flowers.”


Yue Dong went to see the brothers of the Gongshan tribe, Rong Yue finally remembered this matter.


“Xue Qi is right there. Didn’t you go to greet her?”



“But I haven’t picked any fairy flowers yet.”


Rong Yue vaguely remembered that when checking their inventory in the daytime, he saw several carts of sundries, including a large wooden box, which seemed to be some dried flower products when opened.



He picked up Xiao Ergou: “Come on, let’s go see if there are fairy flowers here.”



Tian Yang escorted them all the way to the pile of inventory.



The big wooden box was carried down by Tian Yang and fell to the ground raising a puff of ash. Rong Yue covered Xiao Ergou’s and coughed a few times, but he curiously opened the lid of the box.


Sure enough, there were dried flowers and some bits of dyed cloth, something that women would like.


The wild people had their own wisdom. The dried flowers made by them seemed as if they were still alive. Their petals stretched and faded slightly after the ash flew away. Everything else was perfect.



Ergou took them out one by one, arranged them in rows, and counted them one by one.


“Dogtail flower, sun flower, bell flower, egg flower…”



Rong Yue was a little amused, the naming of plants over here was so random.



“Ah ……” Xiao Ergou suddenly froze: “fairy flower!”


There really was!



He just wanted to make the child happy, he didn’t expect to really find it.



Ergou clutched a blue-purple flower in her hand, it was only a finger long, and the drooping petals were like a girl’s skirt.



According to Rong Yue’s aesthetics, of course, he didn’t think this flower was very beautiful, but seeing the starlight in Xiao Ergou’s eyes, he softly praised: “It’s indeed beautiful.”



Xiao Ergou was so excited: “I can go find Xue Qi A-Ma now! I want to give the flowers to Auntie Xue Qi!”


Rong Yue put down the little cub, only to see her running towards the Gongshan tribe in a flash.


Rong Yue shouted, “Come back!”


Xiao Ergou paused and reluctantly ran back, with a bit of anxiety on her face.


“Don’t be anxious, let me give you a new name.”


She got confused: “Ergou isn’t good?”



Rong Yue: “At first I gave you this name with the idea of closeness, from us, it’s filled with fondness, but it’ll be perfunctory in the mouth of some people. Since you’re going to see Xue Qi, I’ll give you a more ambitious name than Xue Qi, so that she won’t dare to look down on you.”


Xiao Ergou nodded ignorantly.



“You’ll be called …… Jiang Liu.”



The star dropped on the flat wilderness, the moon surged over the great river flow, this was one of the few poems that Rong Yue knew. Although the Xingyue Era was a historical game, the designers were all from China, and sometimes festive events were held such as the Mid-Autumn Poetry Festival and the Lantern Riddle, and Rong Yue occasionally went out to take a look.



In his impression, the meaning of this line of poetry was majestic scenery, open-minded, he used it on Xiao Ergou, hoping that she would grow up to be an unconventional, not bothered by trivial matters, bold girl.



“Jiang Liu ……” She silently muttered it a few times, then she laughed and ran away.



Tian Yang asked: “You won’t go see?”


Rong Yue sighed: “Look, let’s go quietly.”



Although the Gongshan tribe also won today, the chief and the high priest weren’t in high spirits.



They sat in a corner away from the campfire, sitting opposite each other with cold faces.


On this journey, they walked with great reluctance. Although they benefited from the results, there was no way to solve their inner troubles.



The Gongshan leader had been the leader for many years. When was he taken hostage and unable to move? When did Xue Qi who was always calm, lose her composure and kneel down?


In just two days, they lost everything.


Even after bathing and changing clothes, it was already too late, everyone saw their scandalous appearance, remembering that it was Tian Yang and Rong Yue who saved the tribe at the critical moment, not the useless chief’s high priest Xue Qi.



The Gongshan chief’s eyes were gloomy: “If not for the elders, when Tian Yang was just born, I should have strangled him.”



Xue Qi: “It’s too late to talk about that now. He has now regained his strength, even more than before, and his personality has become shady and bad to talk to. Do you think …… he will retaliate?”



“Retaliation! Where is it his turn to retaliate!?”


The chief almost exploded in anger and stomped on the boulder under his feet.



“I defeated the former chief, I am the new Chief, how can he turn on me!?”



Xue Qi frowned: “Keep your voice down!”


Tian Yang was the surviving son of the former chief.



After the death of the former chief, Tian Yang’s ama committed sui-cide after giving birth to Tian Yang, which was known to the whole tribe.


There was no rule in the tribe that a wife must follow her husband to death, so people only said that Tian Yang’s ama was deeply in love, and expressed sympathy for little Tian Yang.


Little Tian Yang then relied on the support of others, and the tribe issued rice and food, little by little he grew into the tribe’s first warrior.


The first warrior of the tribe wasn’t the son of the current chief, this matter had become a thorn in the heart of the chief, but he could only go with it. Fortunately, his daughter fell in love with Tian Yang, Tian Yang was also considered respectful to him, so the chief didn’t bother so much.


Sometimes he dreamt that he was strangled by him as soon as he was born, or he went hunting and was torn by wild animals.


Who knew that the dream came true. Tian Yang was really bitten and was dying.


Tian Yang’s isolated situation was partly of his own making, because he would always pretend to say at various times, Tian Yang needed to recuperate, don’t bother him.



Did Tian Yang know?



The nearly dead Tian Yang may not know, but the living Tian Yang, definitely knew.



The Gongshan chief was irritable, and that Yue …… that Yue ……!


“Xue Qi, can you see what is going on with Yue?”



Xue Qi shook her head.


“It’s simply evil. Yue was as timid as a rat before. He didn’t even dare to leave the tribe. But why did he change after marrying Tian Yang? Today he even used that kind of magic…”


The Gongshan leader had to use magic to describe it, because the white light made him feel warm from the bottom of his heart, just like the mercy of the gods.


Annoyed, Xue Qi retorted: “I want to know more than you.”


The two were depressed when suddenly a little cub ran wildly towards the place with joy.


“Auntie Xue Qi! Auntie Xue Qi!”



Xiao Ergou shouted, holding the dried flowers of the fairy flower in her hand, afraid that she might accidentally break it, and slightly gathered it up, carefully holding it like a precious treasure.


“Auntie Xue Qi!”



Xue Qi stood up and made the trademark peaceful smile: “You are?”



Xiao Ergou froze: “Xue Qi ama, I am, I am Xiao Ergou ……”


Xue Qi remembered that this was a former orphan in the tribe, congenital poor health. But she couldn’t remember where she had casually thrown.



She must be following the tribe, and someone fed her.


Maybe it was a soft-hearted woman that gave her a bath and combed her hair, she was now as beautiful as a jade child.

“Xiao Ergou, I remember you.”



Xiao Ergou said happily: “I I I have a new name, Xue Qi ama, I’m not called that anymore, I’m now called Jiang Liu!”



Xue Qi was stunned, who gave her that name?



But she didn’t really care, so she smiled and said, “It’s very nice.”



Xiao Ergou got even more excited: “This is, this is the fairy flower ……”


Saying that, she sent her little hand forward with eyes full of expectation.


Xue Qi looked down and saw a withered and brittle dried fairy flower, the color faded to white, the stamens without the fresh bright yellow, it was too lacking in poise.


She smiled and nodded, “Not bad.”


Xiao Ergou froze.


“The fairy flowers ……”


“What’s wrong with the fairy flowers?”


Xue Qi was puzzled.



This child, fairy flowers, whether they were picked now or dried up, were useless, but they just looked pretty. When the environment was harsh, it could neither be exchanged for twists and dried meat, nor for precious hides and skins.



But she was Xue Qi, she couldn’t say so.



Seeing Xiao Ergou standing still, she patiently said, “Let me make an exception for you, do you want to exchange it for twisted seeds or dried meat? But there won’t be a next time.”





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