The Chief of the Gongshan tribe was supported by Yu Lian and followed a few masked men into the large central tent from yesterday.



The lord god from yesterday was still sitting in the thick felt in the center, looking lazy.



“Yesterday I sent a formal invitation to your tribe, and they promised to send someone to visit first. Thinking that the people of your tribe were there and it was not good for you, the chief, to be absent, I brought you here.”



The chief of Gongshan tribe had a rattan rope wrapped around his foot and couldn’t take big steps, the wound on his thigh was turned out and the bl-ood scab hadn’t yet coagulated, so he walked with a slight limp. After a night, it was like he aged by ten years.



Yu Lian was also in a wretched state, she dared not argue with this horrible Lord.



Seeing the two of them trembling like quails, he got bored, waved his hand and let them stand aside.



Next, people came in and out, and soon brought several wooden tables, benches and tables for guests. The young girls got up early to dress up, as beautiful as the morning dew, with smiles on their faces, all kinds of food and wine piled up in the tent, outside the masked people playing drums and music, creating a prosperous scene.



The chief of Gongshan tribe looked at all this and was in a trance.



The day before, he was also blinded by such a scene, thinking that the chief was incredibly hospitable, how could he know that the man was like an evil spirit, he used evil arts.



Yes, the chief of Gongshan tribe didn’t believe that it was a divine art, which so-called “god’s incarnation” would stab people with a knife at the drop of a hat? Even the most notorious tribes wouldn’t do so, otherwise it would lead to other tribes joining the crusade.



He returned to his senses and lowered his head, not wanting to look again.



Because the space was so large, the felt was impervious to light, and only a ray of sunlight was cast from the top of the tent, which was hitting Lord god.



In the distance, he heard the sound of chaotic footsteps and the warm welcome of a maiden, with an ensemble of drums and music.



The maiden beside Lord god brought a small dish with a bean-sized fire in it.



At that moment, dozens of people came and stepped into the dark tent in a parade.


He smiled, twirled the flame in his hand, and raised his arm as if it had been thrown out of thin air: “Welcome.”



One by one, the torches on the wooden shelves on both sides were lit, and magically, like magic, the light reflected all the way from Lord god to fill the whole space.



It was as if the Lord god had given the light.



Yu Lian couldn’t help but cry out in amazement, and was pinched hard by the chief.



This trick was the usual trick of Lord god.



Every time he tricked newcomers to come, he would demonstrate it, and the newcomers would then be immersed in such miracles and couldn’t extricate themselves ……



…… What was going on, why were these people still not kneeling down and crying?




The lord god waited for a moment with his eyes downcast, the expected response was delayed, he sat up and finally cast a look downward –





“Igniting fire from across the sky?” The man standing at the forefront gave a light laugh: “Is that all the god’s incarnation is capable of?”



“……” The eyes of the crowd converged.




It was as if all the light in the tent was attracted by him alone.





It was clear that the light was given by him, but after illuminating this person, all the luster was taken away by him.




What kind of fancy clothes was that?



The white fabric, never seen before, glowed with a faint golden light and draped with beautiful folds with his every move. The intricate patterns couldn’t be embroidered even by the most skilled women in his tribe, and the layers of blue-green yarn trailed behind him, like the wings of the god of heaven.



Even the white hair, the garland on his head stained with morning dew, all revealed his holiness.





Against him, him and his gorgeous tent, was as shabby as a humble thatched roof!



The golden embroidery on the carpet, of which he was so proud, had become a poor imitation!





Seeing his servants looking at him, he gritted his teeth and clapped his hands, which made them wake up dreamily and resume the task at hand.



“The visitor is a guest, instead of questioning me, why don’t you sit down first and we’ll eat and drink well before we can discuss.”



Rong Yue and Tian Yang gladly took their seats, and the others followed suit.



The lord god took a few deep breaths before finding a bit of his usual feeling, then he smiled and snapped his fingers, “This is the fruit wine brewed by our tribe with a secret method.”




A stream of water appeared out of thin air and magically landed in the clay cup, splashing a few drops of water.



The people at the bottom let out a gasp of surprise.



Rong Yue looked at the splash curiously, his eyes darkened.



The beautiful maiden danced, and because they had been instructed beforehand, no one drank the wine despite everyone’s surprise.



He wasn’t annoyed, and kept performing all kinds of miracles such as lighting up with one click, pouring wine with one click, and changing things into a bouquet of flowers with one click.



Gradually, some people faltered.




“god, Lord god ……” a man from the Gongshan tribe stammered and stood up: “Is your tribe really that good?”



Shin stood out: “Of course!”



“In our tribe, there is no hunger, no cold. In winter, there is no need to hunt, and with the means of Lord god, you can exchange many hunting items.”




Speaking of winter, many people were somewhat impressed.



The Gongshan chief and Yu Lian were gagged and hidden in the shadows, unable to move at the moment.



“So, can we also enjoy this kind of life if we are newcomers?”


The man stretched out his hand, his pale, thin fingers made a ring, and around him a handful of twists dropped out of thin air!


“As you can see, I am the incarnation of god.”



Rong Yue looked up and asked, “Lord god, since this is the case, I also have a question to ask.”





“Dare I ask your tribe, why is there not an old person in sight?”




The crowd stopped talking, and the young girl’s face sank.




But the Lord god didn’t panic, “Naturally, because, with my divine power, the people of our tribe won’t get old.”





“Will not grow old!”



“Is that the art of immortality!”






He raised his hand with a smile on his face: “god has taken pity on you, living in hardship, accompanied by a thousand difficulties and dangers, so I, as the incarnation of god, of course, will make people free from all kinds of suffering. This naturally includes the suffering of growing old.”





Even Xue Qi was a little shaken and she was confused for a moment.





She couldn’t help but look at Yue, but saw that Yue was still sitting unperturbed, and said aloud, “Just by pouring wine into flowers out of thin air, can you make people ageless and immortal?”



The Lord god seemed to have expected this question, and didn’t panic: “Then can you do what I do?”



Rong Yue got up, walked calmly to a meter in front of him and turned around.



“I won’t pour wine, I’ll first light a lamp.”



Tian Yang stormed up, a snap of his knife actually made the surrounding burning torches all go out!



The crowd had no time to cry out in surprise, they saw a holy white light scattered from the top of Yue’s head, like a bright full moon, replacing the previously burning torches, dispelling the darkness.




“This, what is this!?”




“A miracle, is this a miracle!”




“Oh my God, light, this is not fire, this is real light!”





The Lord god staggered to his feet and reached out to grab the white light: “Impossible!”



Rong Yue took a step back.






“The wine is not good to pour, I will change the flower too.”



Not waiting for the Lord god to react, he picked a blue half open flower bud from his hair.



This flower bud had already wilted a bit, but in Rong Yue’s hand, it quickly healed, and the petals slowly stretched their petals as the water vapor fed them –



“It’s open!”


“Really opened, oh my God ……”



“Yue, so Yue is the incarnation of god!?”





The Lord god stood frozen in place, but saw Rong Yue spread a smile and put the half-opened flower into his hand.



His pale and thin hand spasmed for a moment.





“Finally ……” Rong Yue’s gaze swept over the left and right, he suddenly raised his hand and struck a stick on the calf of Shin who was standing frozen.


Shin moved to attack.



Tian Yang tacitly dodged, lifted her and threw her in front of Rong Yue, raised his hand and plunged a knife into her stomach.



Screams rose and fell, and the few women in the group who were slightly less courageous rolled and scattered in all directions.



The Lord god’s roar fell into deaf ears, Rong Yue looked at the young girl writhing in pain.



The bl-ood oozed out from her clothes, and within seconds the young girl’s mouth and nose began to seep bl-ood.



Rong Yue turned around and asked with a smile, but there was no warmth in his eyes: “Please ask Lord god, you claim that your tribe’s people are ageless and immortal, so I guess your divine magic is very powerful. Then a small injury like this is naturally not difficult for you to heal, right?”



The Lord god’s face was pale at this moment, and he even couldn’t help taking a step back.



The masked people stood in silence, spear supported on the ground, but they lost the reassuring feeling given to them in the past.



Rong Yue stared at him for a few seconds, and then lowered his head: “You, can’t save ah …… that ageless and immortality, how true is it?”



Tian Yang withdrew his knife, bl-ood spurted out, Rong Yue raised his hand to release a cloud of green light, it melted into the gap in the young girl’s stomach.



A few breaths later, the young girl took a fierce breath, the feeling of near death made her fear to the extreme, her throat emitted an out of tune whimper, and when she could move, her mouth shouted for help, and she crawled out on her hands and knees.



The horrific scene scared the crowd enough, but the young girl’s resurrection from the dead turned their sent them into a frenzy.



The Lord god hissed, “Get them out! Get them out of here!”



The ghost-faced people didn’t move a muscle.



They had come for the divine arts, and after seeing the Lord god’s unhinged behavior, they were already shaken.



Tian Yang pointed his sword at the Lord god: “Say, who are you really?”



He resisted, “I am god, I am god!”



During the stalemate, noisy human voices suddenly came from the distance.



“What’s going on?”



“What’s going on again ……”



The people in the tent were terrified, but the ‘lord god’s’ face paled even more.



Rong Yue smiled with understanding, Tian Yang put the knife against the Lord god’s neck and let the people go out.




The originally peaceful tribes were in a mess, surrounded by the soldiers of Gongshan tribe, while in the northeast, a group of bl-ood covered people were waving sticks and ropes, kil-ling people as if they were crazy.



“My… my human animals!”



The Lord god let out a scream from his throat, hoarse and ugly. His eyes stared at them, as if he couldn’t understand how they could run out.





One by one, the ghostly-faced people who followed the tent across the floor stopped in their tracks.





As someone took the mask off, one by one people threw it away as he did.



It crackled and fell to the ground.



“Gongshan tribe warriors, follow me!” From afar came the roar of Yue Dong, only to see him holding up a spear and leading a group of people to dash towards those bl-ood covered people.



Rong Yue whispered, “It seems that Yang San did a good job.”



Tian Yang nodded.





Everywhere was a mess, and Tian Yang gagged the Lord god and dragged him to a clear place.



Xue Qi had already sent someone to free the Chief of Gongshan tribe and Yu Lian, and Ah Jiu and Guoguo also arrived, several people gathered and surrounded the Lord god in the middle.



The Gongshan chief and Yu Lian witnessed the whole process, now facing Rong Yue, there was fear in their eyes.



Guoguo: “Yang San really found the place where their tribe hid people, and as soon as they entered the tribe, Little Ergou found the smell of mangosteen.”



Rong Yue praised, “Well done.”



Guoguo giggled: “Those people’s guards are not really tight, but maybe the drinking water is mixed with something, those who are locked up are not very sober.”



Rong Yue had found that many things here were problematic.



Drink, torches, and of course, the “Lord god” himself.



After discovering the people, Ah Jiu made an immediate decision to work with the Yang brothers, kil-ling the guards and releasing the trapped humans.



And he asked Yue Dong to go back to Gongshan tribe, mobilize warriors to surround the tribe, so as not to let them escape.


Although not as influential as Tian Yang, Yue Dong had some influence in the Gongshan tribe, so when he brought in the people and Rong Yue took care of the leader, it was a great victory.



Yu Lian listened to them talk back and forth, completely unable to believe that the people in front of her were the Tian Yang and Yue she knew.



She waited for them to pause, trembling as she asked, “But, but this Lord, why can he ignite fire with his finger……?”



Just as the words fell, the flesh on the gagged Lord god’s face suddenly twisted, the whites of his eyes were blo-odshot, and his eyeballs were almost bulging out of their sockets.



Seeing him like he was about to explode, Yu Lian screamed.



Rong Yue frowned and took out the cloth stuffed in his mouth, but he saw a flash of black patterns on the man’s tongue.



“Wait!” Rong Yue didn’t care if it was dirty, a hand clamped spasms of his tongue, pulling it outward with force. The red tongue with barbed projections, was unlike the human tongue, and because his bl-ood was boiling, it was as if earthworms were writhing underneath.



Guoguo stepped back in disgust, Ah Jiu quickly covered her eyes.



The black pattern flashed, after waiting a few seconds, that pattern quickly spread all over his body and face, it even crawled over to his eyeballs.



Rong Yue was startled, but he didn’t let go, only to see that the black pattern quickly grew all over this person’s body, spreading to the fingertips, his white nails were dyed black.


Tian Yang: “Be careful!”


Rong Yue’s wrist was grabbed, he quickly let go and Tian Yang turned back to block him.



“Bang” sound, in the blink of an eye, this “Lord god”, like a burst black balloon, exploded all over.



Yu Lian was stunned and collapsed limply.



The others didn’t look good at all.



Rong Yue looked at his clothes, fortunately Tian Yang blocked a little, or he wouldn’t be able to wear it again……



Although he regretted not getting answers, the black lines made Rong Yue pensive, but he still shrugged off his hands and gave a humane instruction: “Let’s find a place to wash first.”




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