Yue and Tian Yang weren’t dead?


Why did they suddenly appear here? And they looked as powerful as the gods.



The people of Gongshan tribe found it hard accept at the moment, and everyone in the front row stared with ghostly expressions.



The girl sitting on the mask man’s shoulder was also surprised.



Seeing the scene freeze, she had lost the best opportunity to disturb the situation. She gave a snort and jumped off.



“Who are you? Dare to disturb our cordial invitation?”





Rong Yue: “You call ki-lling your own kind at the drop of a hat an invitation?”



Shin circled around the masked man’s sturdy body twice: “This is just a demonstration of our tribe’s strength, otherwise how would your tribe know the goodness of our Heavenly Tribe?”



“Goodness!?” The warrior pierced by the spear shouted with wide eyes.



Shin smiled: “You don’t believe? If you don’t believe, ask ah ……”



She snapped her fingers: “Our tribe invites two hundred strong wa-rriors and women to join, the number of places is limited. …… As long as you join us, everyone can safely go through the winter, and not have to worry about anything else, how about it?”



The young girl’s voice carried very far, some people were actually tempted.


But Xue Qi was still in the forefront of the field, no one dared to speak.



Shin wasn’t anxious: “it’s already late, you still have a whole night to think about. Oh yes.” She seemed to have suddenly remembered something: “The leader of our tribe is the incarnation of god.”


There was an uproar.



Rong Yue narrowed his eyes: “What?”


“The incarnation of god, the miracle!” Shin erratically spoke: “Do you know why we are so powerful, it’s because Lord god can create miracles ah! …… hee hee hee, tomorrow, those who are willing to come, why not come and see. As long as you have seen the miracle, you will be eager to be invited by us ……”



The wall of masked people cracked open, and the young girl walked behind the wall of people.


“See you tomorrow.”




A few moments later, Xue Qi finally came back to her senses, not caring about her wretched state, stumbled towards the badly wounded warrior.



Rong Yue also followed.



There was already chaos, the cries of women and children were loud, but everyone didn’t dare to help, because the spear went through the heart, the warrior wouldn’t survive.



Xue Qi, who knew a little bit of medicine, was quickly let into the center of the crowd.



A woman with tearful eyes spoke: “Lord Xue Qi, please save Da Li, he ……”




“……” Xue Qi knelt beside him, eyeing the spear tip that penetrated his chest, and fell silent.



The wooden handle behind the spear had been broken by other warriors, his breath was extremely weak, as he laid there silently.



As a high priest in the tribe who knew a little bit about medicine, most of what Xue Qi knew was simple wound dressing, and boiling fever-reducing herbs. And traumatic injuries like this, she couldn’t handle it.



“No, Lord Xue Qi, aren’t you the high priest! How could you not be able to do it? Da Li has done so much for the tribe, and you don’t care when it comes to danger, Lord Xhe! Please, please -” the woman tugged at the corner of Xue Qi’s coat with one hand: “Lord Xue Qi, ask the god, ask the god, beg him, beg him for us …… our cubs are still so small!”



Xue Qi could hardly hold back her anger, she quickly pulled the horn of her clothes out of the hands of the woman who had lost her temper, but the other party’s grip was too strong, her clothes were torn down a strip.



“That’s enough!” She stood up: “Heavenly hearing is used for the tribe to divine good fortune, where can it be used on a dying person! I don’t need to ask the gods to know that a heart piercing wound can’t be saved! Come to your senses!”



The woman was silent as if she had been strangled.



There were people around who couldn’t bear it, but they had to admit that the high priest was right.



Even if she asked the gods, there would be no solution.



A girl whimpered, “Why do we have to come here …… if we didn’t come across this tribe ……”



Xue Qi’s face paled.



It was her divination that decided the direction of the tribe’s advancement.



A bad journey coupled with a disaster, the capture of the chief, the death of warriors, all of these were to be counted on her head.


She was questioned.



The young girl was still crying: “Are we being abandoned? Because that tribe across the street has god ……? If it’s over there, will Da Li be saved?”



Xue Qi couldn’t stand it and was about to rebuke, but a leisurely voice came from behind her.



“Not necessarily.”



It was Yue.



The crowd moved all their attention on him.



Only to see that his face was rosy, confident and calm, completely unlike having been uprooted in the mountains and wilderness.



Lord Xue Qi didn’t say that he died ……



Rong Yue: “Move aside, I’ll take a look.”



Still in a daze, the woman unknowingly gave way to the position next to the man, Rong Yue squatted down, holding the staff in his left hand, his right hand suspended in front of the man’s chest, closed his eyes and felt it.



He let people help pull the spear out, no one around actually dared to question, all suppressed by his aura.





When the bl-ood splashed out, the already unconscious man in that moment jerked violently, but gradually calmed down.


The ghastly wound lit up with an illusion-like shimmer, and without waiting for the crowd to look closely, it disappeared, and then the wound gradually closed up, and in a short while the bleeding was stopped.



Rong Yue stood up.



Xue Qi’s expression changed, her lips trembled, unable to speak.



Tian Yang drew back his knife from a distance and came step by step.





“Hmm.” Rong Yue turned around and stood next to Tian Yang: “What, don’t you want to thank me?”



“Thank you, thank you, sacrificial Yue!”



It was as if everyone woke up from a dream, the miraculous scene here spread from the center, and soon, thousands of people knew that Yue, who died in the earth trap, had come back from the dead and had the power to bring back warriors on the verge of death!



So, was Tian Yang also cured by him ……?



Xue Qi led the crowd to welcome Rong Yue and Tian Yang into a tent that was temporarily vacated before people who had heard about the incident kept crowding in, wanting to come and talk to these two adults who had had a strange encounter.



He was the first W-arrior of the Gongshan tribe, and before he was injured, he was the object of admiration of many people.



In the face of the crowd’s hot eyes, Tian Yang wasn’t moved, he remained expressionless, not a word, as if he had completely forgotten the Gongshan tribe.



Rong Yue smiled and said, “Don’t be solicitous, tell us, what difficulties have you encountered?”


Xue Qi left two of her beloved, hesitated for a long time, and only then did she tell the matter clearly.



She explained the situation, all without the condescension of ten days ago.



The situation was actually quite simple, and most of it had to be attributed to their conceit.



Gongshan tribe was strong, the surrounding small tribes had always been respectful, even during the moment of decline, the bones of the habit couldn’t be changed.



They were used to rampaging, and when the chief brought some people in for one night and received warm hospitality, they were paralyzed and held in the hands of the enemy.



“This ghost tribe is extremely bold, after detaining the chief , they also brought people to threaten us, we stalemated until the night, just now until you came.”



Rong Yue sipped water: “You are far more people than them, right, can’t you surroun them with your warriors?”



Xue Qi was silent for a while before saying: “The chief is not here, few people have the ability to command the battle.”


After saying that, she also gave Tian Yang a glance.



She stood up and said sincerely, “Please return to the Gongshan tribe, regardless of your past grudges. Since Tian Yang has recovered from his injury, he is still the number one warrior of our tribe. I believe the people of our tribe can also understand, and they all look forward to your return.”


This was said towards Tian Yang, Rong Yue didn’t answer. Tian Yang was poisoned, but wasn’t a child who didn’t understand anything, and could naturally make the most obedient judgment.



“I refuse.”


The man didn’t even think about it and put down a sentence. The few warriors behind Xue Qi moved in disbelief.



Xue Qi also froze: “Tian Yang you ……”



“Are you still resenting the tribe? But the poison of the magical beast is insoluble, at that time we really could not do anything, your body you also know …… if you are upset, we can give you compensation, if you still like Yu Lian, the chief will also make the decision to re-marry her to you.”



Rong Yue was interested: “Oh? She is not already married out?”



“No, Sen Qiang is not a good match, she did not marry in the end. Yesterday she went inside with the chief, and now she is captured with the chief, if you are willing to go, it is just the right time to rescue her together ……”



Xue Qi was full of hope.



In her impression, Tian Yang was very fond of Yu Lian, otherwise when Yu Lian wanted to withdraw from the marriage, he wouldn’t have stood in front of the chief’s hut all night, trying to redeem himself.



But then Tian Yang was full of popularity, loved to laugh and was playful, not like this now …… He was a rigid ice block.


Surely he was discouraged, right, because of Yu Lian.



She sighed and felt compassion: “This time Yu Lian must have known the mistake, she will follow you properly, that child used to like you too.”



Tian Yang’s face became more and more sullen: “I have already made a contract with Yue.”



“But,” Xue Qi’s face showed surprise: “Yue is a sacrifice. He has no way to produce offspring for you ……”





Rong Yue played with the end of his hair amusingly, feeling that Tian Yang was about to reach the limit of his patience, and finally spoke: “It’s impossible to ask us to go back, but tomorrow we can help you get the people out.”



What Xue Qi wanted was this word.



“With Tian Yang around, he will definitely be able to lead our thousand w-arriors to bring out their full potential.”



Rong Yue nodded: “All right, come back in the morning to shout at us.”



After Xue Qi left the tent, she rubbed her temples fiercely. She visited Da Li, who was awake, and tossed and turned, asking the other what Yue’s methods were really like, but unfortunately he couldn’t say anything clear.



The changes that happened to Yue made her uneasy, and so did this bizarre tribe next to her.



Someone asked cautiously: “Lord Xue Qi, can you still use the heavenly hearing?”



Xue Qi shook her head: “Too often, the last time I used it was just three days ago.”


The believer was silent.



Xue Qi looked up worriedly: “If, indeed, there is a god over there ……”



They shuddered in unison.


Sneaking them into the tent to rest for the night, early the next morning, Rong Yue stretched out refreshingly.



Ah Jiu and Guoguo went next door to find Yang San, Rong Yue carelessly combed his hair in the water mirror: “Today’s task is to crush the cult, I wonder what that Lord god looks like.”



Tian Yang saw his long-lost clan, his heart rippled for a long time, he didn’t sleep well yesterday, so he didn’t answer.



Their new tribe didn’t have such a thing as a water mirror, at this moment, Rong Yue for the first time carefully measured the face of the young sacrifice Yue.



Compared to his original beautiful sharp face, Yue was much softer. The corners of his eyes curved slightly downward, open rounded with a sense of harmlessness.



But overall, there was a five-point resemblance to him.



Thinking about his hair, Rong Yue couldn’t help but have a premonition that his soul was influencing this body, perhaps in the future he would grow to be more and more like himself.



Not hearing Tian Yang’s praise, Rong Yue tsked, his hand moved, breaking up the ponytail that he usually disliked and purposely tied, parted two locks of long hair and began to braid it.



“Tian Yang!”



Tian Yang obediently came over and helped him pinch a small cluster of braids.



After half a day of work, Rong Yue finally braided the hair on both sides and grouped them together again, gathering them at the back of the head and winding them into the long, draped hair.



Watching the smooth hair hang down, Tian Yang’s eyes flashed with amazement, then he turned around and went out.



Rong Yue didn’t care about him, took out one of his most gorgeous gowns from the package, put on all those complicated jewelry as well, came up to the water mirror and looked at himself again, nodded in satisfaction.






Tian Yang came in and called out to him, holding a small handful of blue flowers in his hands.



Rong Yue turned around and allowed the other man to stick those small flowers into his hair. It was like a wreath of flowers around it.



Taking the staff in his hand, he lifted the tent curtain and the blinding sunlight was reflected in his eyes.



He walked towards the outskirts of the camp, passing by the road erected like a sculpture.




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