In those years when Rong Yue was pope, he often had the idea of cutting his hair.


But on the one hand, he was used to his appearance, on the other hand, he couldn’t do anything in a world where he lived under the eyes of thousands of people.



Even if he did cut it, the “bug” would soon be fixed.


After coming to this world and occupying someone else’s body, he didn’t even think about cutting his hair.



Today, he just mentioned it, but he didn’t know Tian Yang would react so strongly.


Rong Yue was a bit amused: “Do you like my hair? Or do you like me?”


Tian Yang was stunned.


After Rong Yue said it, he also felt that it was strange, and he blamed Tian Yang! But he still finished the second half of the sentence: “Does it mean that I won’t look good after I cut my hair?”


Tian Yang: “…………”



Tian Yang fell into deep thought.



Rong Yue’s face was a little red as he led him out of the tent. In his self-perception, “beauty” was a keyword embedded in his core program.



He didn’t care about his appearance, because it was always the most beautiful.




The word that he was obviously too used to, now seemed a bit strange, not to mention that now Tian Yang was obviously praising another person’s body.



The chaotic thoughts continued until he reached the front of the whole team that was ready to go.




Today the wind was strong, blowing the weeds east and west.



The tribal congregation had been informed of the upcoming conquest of a can-nibalistic tribe by Sacrifice Yue with their warriors.




Although some people privately didn’t want their tribe to meddle, but in front of the absolute authority, they didn’t dare speak.



And more people were filled with anticipation, because the power of Sacrifice Yue was beyond their perception.


The injuries sustained could be healed immediately, which was the same as leading an unyielding w-ar team!



In the hunting wind, Rong Yue wore a tufted linen robe. This was from the women of the tribe, yesterday they brought the material and made it.



There was no deliberate call for people to gather, but there were still many people gathered in front of the small wooden building, following the war-riors who were fully loaded and ready to go, watching Rong Yue and Tian Yang step by step.



The people on this trip were Ah Jiu, Guoguo, the creek brothers, as well as the two of the Yang brothers. Yue Dong and Xiao Ergou also stood on the side.



Rong Yue’s heart slightly warmed, and he no longer said anything more: “We will be back in ten days.”



Yang Da and Yang Er led the roar: “Lord Tian Yang is mighty! Sacrifice Yue is invincible!”


The crowd followed, “Lord Tian Yang is mighty! Sacrifice Yue is invincible!”



The two puppies also followed, barking loudly in the sky.





The man’s black hair shingled on the ground, leaning crookedly on the soft felt.


He was born with icy skin and bones, and his peach blossom eyes tilted up at the end, like a sly fox.


“Shin.” He uttered.


“Lord god.” A beautiful-looking woman walked up with a wooden tray, at a steady pace, and the clay pot on the tray held a blood-red liquid that swirled gently.



The man stretched out his thin wrist, took the cup in his hand, and looked down at it.




The surface of the water reflected his eyes, pupils black and heavy, no light.



He paused for a moment, drained the liquid in the cup, then smacked his lips as if reminiscing: “Today’s good. Let her live a few more days.”




Shin smiled in response, “Yes, Lord god.”




The earthenware cup was removed, and a gush of bl-ood emanated from the inside. As if she didn’t smell it, Shin gingerly walked out of the tent and handed the cup to another woman.



Outside the tent was a spectacular cluster of tents, and today the wind was so strong that the tents were being blown about, masking more unpleasant sounds of movement.



A few dozen meters away in another gorgeous tent, charcoal fires blazing, cigarette smoke, felt covering the entire floor, it was luxurious, as if it was another world.



Next to the charcoal bowl sat a dark, robust man, nestled beside a frightened-looking young girl.



“Abba, you still want to talk to them? Why do I feel so strange ……”



The man scolded in a low voice: “What strange feeling?! It was you who didn’t want to marry Sen Qiang, so I brought you here. Do you want to stay unmarried for the rest of your life?”



This familiar pair of man and young girl was the chief and youngest daughter of the Gongshan Mountain tribe, Yu Lian.



After the land subsidence, the Gongshan tribe immediately migrated north, but because of the large number of people and the exhaustion, the large army went very slowly.



Many supplies were buried in the ground at the original site, the migration of hunting also became difficult, many people used to a full life gradually became poor, they complained about the sky and the ground, the whole team atmosphere was very heavy.



And a suitable new location to settle hadn’t been determined.



The decision to go north was made by the high priest Xue Qi, she was a very good priest, the use of heavenly hearing after making the decision were usually very correct. Therefore, this time the chief did as she decided.



But for some reason, they stumbled in this journey and were very unlucky, not to mention a suitable place to live, even the resting place wasn’t very easy to find.



The chief was in a bad mood, and looked at Xue Qi with less respect.



On the fifth day, the tribe was seriously short of water, the chief had to let the troops stop, Xue Qi used the heavenly hearing again, looking for water.



This time high priest Xue Qi used a lot of effort for the heavenly hearing, but at least she pointed a direction, southeast.



Turn around and turn back, this made the chief very unhappy, he walked all the way with a sullen expression.





Sen Qiang originally followed them, but when he heard that they had to turn around, he wasn’t happy.



His family tribe was originally in the north, no matter how the situation after the land subsidence, he had to go back to the original place, so he proposed to take Yu Lian and the Gongshan tribe. He was also fed up with the speed of the turtle.




Who knee that Yu Lian again, said she didn’t want to marry, because during the rush Sen Qiang was very rude to and fierce to her, he also ho-oked up with other girls ……




Sen Qiang’s behavior was seen by everyone around him. The leader agreed to Yu Lian’s request with a dark expression and paid for some materials.




Just as the leader’s patience was reaching its limit, they met a strange tribe.



It was Paradise tribe.




The Paradise tribe was medium-sized, the number of people wasn’t as good as the Gongshan tribe, but the men and women inside were in their prime and looked very healthy.



They looked very rich, the tent were covered with felt, but also decorated with beautiful silk, the tribe’s paths were lined with dewy flowers.



Where did it look like a tribe that was ready to move?



The chief was moved to take some of the tribe’s temporarily unusable tools and exchange with the paradise tribe in for a little supplies. After all, carrying too many things away was really very laborious, and their survival supplies were getting less and less.



So the chief led a party and was warmly received by the Paradise tribe.



They threw a party so fast that people floated, then there was a dazzling variety of food, and even the chief had never seen the spicy wine.



The leader of the Paradise tribe was a weak man, but he performed a “miracle” of making liquor out of thin air in a cup, which made the already dazed Gongshan tribe’s group so surprised that their eyes were out of their sockets.



This “Lord god” said, this was a “heavenly gift”



The next day, the chief sent everyone except the youngest daughter back to their tribe’s garrison and asked them to invite the high priest Xue Qi over.



And they waited here to meet with “Lord god” later.




Yu Lian’s heart was troubled.



She was more observant than the chief, she felt that the Lord god’s eyes were dark and deadly, not good.



But her chief, Abba, valued the exchange of materials more, and didn’t want to let go of this good opportunity.




While she was apprehensive, she waited for the summons from the god lord.



The two of them stepped into that most magnificent tent, and the blanket under their feet was interspersed with golden threads in an oval with spiral patterns, she felt her feet burning even when she landed on them.



“Lord god.” The chief of Gongshan tribe saluted him with his right hand on his chest.



The man sat upright, obviously smiling cordially, but there was a hint of weirdness.



“It is the gods that have guided you to my tribe.”




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