It was easy to say, but not easy to do.



First of all – there weren’t that many tomato seeds.



Rong Yue sorted through his package again for this purpose and confirmed that there were no books about farming.



And in the Xingyue Era, there was also no farming module, life skills relied mostly on magic and alchemy, as for food and raw materials …… it was gotten from the game store.



For this reason, Rong Yue was troubled for a whole day, and at night he accidentally wandered off when he was probing Tian Yang’s body for magic qi with his holy light as usual.



Life force was constantly being fed to Tian Yang’s heart, and the magic aura hovered in the surrounding veins, scattered and couldn’t be dispersed, and couldn’t be driven away. The holy light made Tian Yang’s heart beat gradually intensify, his face turned red and he let out a muffled grunt.



Rong Yue was alarmed and let go of his staff: “What’s wrong!?”



He reached out to touch Tian Yang’s fiery chest, and then turned sideways to attach his ear to listen.



Dang! Thud! Thud! Tian Yang’s heart was beating hotly, like a drum.



“Yue.” As if he was holding something back, his big hands simultaneously clutched Rong Yue’s wrists and pulled him towards his body. At once, Rong Yue was firmly locked into a robust embrace.



Kisses fell from his head, gradually moving down, and Rong Yue was suppressed from moving: “Wait, wait!”



Tian Yang, as if he couldn’t hear, captured his lips and took a long kiss.



Rong Yue was kissed to the point of being hot, tears fell and his head was spinning.



“Stop!” Seizing the momentary lucidity, Rong Yue struck an elbow to his forehead, and Tian Yang quickly let go.


“I, I…” Rong Yue jumped out of the stone bed and turned around several times with a red face. He couldn’t scold him so he felt a little suffocated.



He was distracted first. Tian Yang wasn’t in a good state now so he couldn’t blame him for anything.



Then again, he just let the light overflow, why did Tian Yang have such a reaction?



Before, his light didn’t have such an effect!



Now it was released to people, what if it was released to animals, to plants?



Rong Yue suddenly came up with an idea, he was so itchy that he didn’t care that Tian Yang had just eaten his tofu, he grabbed the man and ran to the newly opened “field” on the outskirts of the tribe.



The field was surrounded by a wooden fence built by Ama Xinya and the others. Rong Yue and Tian Yang stepped in one after the other and used their hands to pick up a small piece of soil, revealing a handful of twisted seeds with skin.



This was the fruit they picked not long ago, fresh and full, the grain was clear, but after buried in the soil, it didn’t start sprouting as soon as Rong Yue imagined.

Now the seeds were picked out of a grain, only two had cracked outer skin, revealing a little white sprout.



Rong Yue collected the divine power in his body and released a white ball of light as gently as possible, the seeds in his hands went through a slight change, the shell cracked a little more open, the germ bulging, watery, as if it was full of water.


Rong Yue re-buried the twisted seed and had Tian Yang divide the large field into four small pieces, then he stood next to one of them, closed his eyes, mobilized all his senses, and covered the moist soil with light.



“Okay, let’s go back.”



The two of them went to the river to wash their hands, went back to sleep in the dark, and the next morning at dawn, they heard the tribal women shouting in surprise: “It’s sprouting, it’s sprouting! It’s really sprouting!”



Rong Yue woke up with a start, sat up, put his clothes on, he didn’t even bother to tie his hair and rushed out: “Really, is it growing well?”



He saw the morning light enveloping his precious field, after yesterday’s division into fields, the upper left corner of the piece of land he used the light on, laid a green velvet blanket, the other three pieces also sprouted, but not as much as the upper left corner.



The little buds were covered with morning dew, the crystal dew reflected the sunlight, glittering and delighting the heart.



Rong Yue took a deep breath of fresh air and joy gushed out from his heart.



It really worked!



It seemed that the power of “healing”, in a broad sense, was similar to replenishing vitality, so when applied to plants, it could also make them fuller and have a higher survival rate.



Although it wasn’t possible to accelerate their growth, this alone was already very satisfying!



Rong Yue’s divine power had always been in everyone’s eyes, and after hearing that there was such a wonderful use, the tribal people were even more admiring.



“Then in the future when we hunt in the wild, if we accidentally hurt the prey, can it be healed?”



“We should raise some fish and shrimp, it’s very suitable ah! These things die as soon as they are fished up …..”



“Sour fruits too, after keeping it for a long time, it goes bad!”



“Hey, what fruit are you picking? If you dig the sour fruit tree back and plant it, sacrifice Yue will certainly be able to feed us!”



Rong Yue: “……”



How do you guys think?



Why am I suddenly becoming a food preservation bag?



These proposals were quite feasible when he thought about it, but unfortunately the light wasn’t useful for inanimate things, such as cut pieces of meat, made jam, these still had to be preserved in its own way.



One bite didn’t make a fat man, Rong Yue didn’t want to solve the problem all at once.


He first took care of the remaining fields one by one, rushed back to his tent and dug out the tomato that Tian Yang had buried yesterday.



A day had passed, the tomato was still a whole tomato, Rong Yue cut it open, pulled out the capsule with seeds inside, washed it and shone light on it, then gave it to ama Xinyue.



“A seed per a pit, we can plant quite a large piece.”




The tribe began to cultivate a new field for the planting of tomatoes, and Rong Yue stood not far away watching the people’s labor, his heart was full of pride.



Plant one tomato, many tomatoes would grow, this was the joy of farming!



He was now excited, he couldn’t wait to send out the exploration team again, so they’d find fifty hundred kinds of delicious crops back to plant, later they could harvest endless winter melon, pumpkin, watermelon, cucumber ……



“Yue Dong has gone to the Paradise tribe.” Tian Yang splashed a cold water at the right time.



Rong Yue calmed down.



Since there were no other vegetables, he would focus on the tomato sauce anyway.



Yesterday’s tomatoes were just brought to taste, there are still two dozen tomatoes left, and Rong Yue called a group of skillful amas to learn how to make tomato sauce.



When the sauce came out, it was filled with a large bowl in addition to a small clay pot.



Rong Yue proposed, “Let’s have a dance party in the evening, just to celebrate the successful development of tomato sauce by the Xingyue tribe, so that everyone can taste it.”


Already tasted it, Li Shui, Guoguo, and Bai Tao: “……”





That night, the freshly grilled meat was set up on the campfire, and the crowd held up their crisply grilled skewers and lined up to take a dip in the big, sacred bowl that held the tomato sauce!



Every one of the Xingyue tribesmen who put the meat in their mouths had an intoxicated look on their faces – what was this?! It was too delicious!



The sweet and sour taste neutralized the greasiness of the meat, and even the fishy taste was covered up.



The tomato sauce, which was more mellow than the sour juice, collided with the meat and became tasty, making the mouth and tongue tingle.



They were originally used to eating barbecued meat, but because of this “tomato sauce”, they regained life!



The crowd was so happy that they sang and danced around the campfire, and even the three Yang brothers were shouting “Tomato sauce – I love you -”



Bao Xing sat on the side, holding a skewer of meat in her hand, and was frightened by the madness of the tribesmen. She muttered, “What the hell …… have your tribesmen gone crazy ……”



In front of her was a small plate of tomato sauce, a special treat for her.



Rong Yue smiled, “From today this is our tribe’s speciality, I think we can exchange it for some supplies. Bao Xing, try it, if you like it, you can also order from our tribe for a long time in the future.”



Bao Xing muttered: “Isn’t it exaggerated ……”



Although her mouth said so, she still couldn’t hide her curiosity, she took the meat in her hand and dipped it in the plate of tomato sauce.



The dark red sauce flowed down the meat, Bao Xing felt it looked a bit like blo-od and frowned.



Then she carefully stuck out the tip of her tongue and brought the meat into her mouth.





Bao Xing swallowed the meat chunks whole and shed tears.




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