Rong Yue suddenly asked, “Where is Tian Yang?”


His voice wasn’t small, and the people who were chatting playfully all quieted down.



Yue Dong blankly weighed Ergou in his hand: “He went to the woods to get water.”


Rong Yue frowned and stood up: “How long has it been?”



“A while …… Well ……”



The woods at night were very dangerous, this area was relatively deserted, but what was out there, no one could say.



Tian Yang was very strong warrior, so no one remembered that they should remind him to be careful.



But at this moment, when he had not returned for a long time, the crowd was suddenly fearful, even the night showed its hideous side.



Rong Yue stopped Yue Dong from following his movements: “Yue Dong stay here, I’ll take Xiao Ergou to find Tian Yang.”



Yue Dong wanted to say something, but remembering Rong Yue’s magical ability, he accepted the arrangement.



Rong Yue’s staff was pinned to his waist. He braided the long hair that was in the way and tried to prevent it from floating around, then led Xiao Ergou step by step into the dark forest.



“Can you smell him, can you smell the direction Tian Yang went?”



Xiao Ergou tried: “Probably in …… that direction.”



In this vicinity, the crowd stayed too long, and the scent of Tian Yang was spread in all directions. Xiao Ergou reluctantly pointed out a direction, and Rong Yue stroked her head and headed that way.



Tian Yang never acted recklessly, Rong Yue has been very assured of him. At this moment he was suddenly missing, he felt worried and a little helpless.



If it was a danger that he couldn’t solve, was he still alive now ……?



If Tian Yang died ……


What about the tribe?


Change the leader?


“Ah!” Xiao Ergou suddenly shrieked, and Rong Yue returned to his senses and found that her thin wrists were bruised by his strong grip.


“I’m sorry.” Rong Yue quickly apologized and healed her injured wrist.



After thinking about it, he casually made a few more light balls, the small balls of light were light green, and unlike the holy light, they looked like a cloud of breathing leaves that flickered.



Xiao Ergou was quickly distracted and exclaimed, “It blinks!”



“Like it?” After a dozen seconds or so, it would slowly dissipate, Rong Yue casually added two more: “Point in the direction, and they will float to where you point.”



The light green ball of light advanced in the direction of her hand, like a glowing light, bringing a touch of comfort in the darkness.



Rong Yue didn’t want to think about the worst case scenario, fortunately, Tian Yang didn’t go too far, with the scout’s sense of smell, Rong Yue quickly found him.

“Tian Yang!”



The man was on the ground, and only his robust back could be seen. Rong Yue quickly walked up and found the other man rolling all over.



He probed with his holy light and found no abnormalities for a while – at least no superficial injuries.


What happened?



He turned the person over with force and froze for a moment.


Tian Yang’s naked chest was covered with black patterns, which were even spreading outward. These patterns looked evil and hideous, Rong Yue wasn’t familiar with it, but he vaguely felt a familiar aura from it.



This was …… demonic Qi?



Tian Yang was obviously in pain.




One of the black patterns had reached the small of his back, and the part of the blo-od vessels that passed through protruded spasmodically, like dying earthworms. If not for the fact that Rong Yue was sure that there was no solid foreign body in his body, he would have to believe that some kind of worm had burrowed in.



But now this was also very troublesome, Rong Yue’s current skills could only treat external injuries and compensate for vitality, and couldn’t do anything about negative states.



Why the sudden magical Qi outbreak?



When Tian Yang was poisoned by the bite of a magical beast, Yue Dong went to Xingye specially for his injury, but to no avail.




The poison from the beast’s bite was so overpowering that it couldn’t be cured by herbs from the wilderness, but then Tian Yang was seriously injured and cured by Rong Yue.



Rong Yue had thought that the bit of poison was cured along with it, who would have thought that the demonic energy was still dormant in Tian Yang’s body?



No, he was careless.



He should have thought of that.



The reason why he didn’t notice was because he was arrogant.



He was immersed in his past glory, in his ability to be unique in this world.



All this led to Tian Yang falling here, his life and death wasn’t yet known.



The darkness in Rong Yue’s eyes was obscure, he fumbled for a moment and drew his bone knife from the outside of Tian Yang’s thigh.



“Ergou, come here for a moment, help me hold down Tian Yang’s leg.”



When the little girl did as she was told, Rong Yue’s hand raised the knife and slashed at the places that were throbbing the most.



The blo-od spurted out, Tian Yang hissed in pain, Ergou was so shocked that her eyes contained a bubble of tears, but she understandably didn’t let go of her hand.



Bl-ood came out as Rong Yue expected, but a black mist was intertwined.



He asked Ergou to see, but she shook her head and said she saw only ordinary blo-od.



Black fog from the cut veins dispersed, the pattern no longer showed crazy growth, Rong Yue cut a few wounds, and went to see the black pattern near his uppermost neck.



He moved the head of Tian Yang to his lap, just as he placed it down, he met with the other’s open eyes.



Rong Yue froze, then acted as if he didn’t see the other party’s bloodshot eyes, “Awake? It still hurts a little, bear with it.”



No one could endure someone cutting their own neck.



But Tian Yang endured it.



He was held down by Rong Yue on his lap and put his head sideways, showing a firm and beautiful neck muscle.



Rong Yue picked up the knife and picked through an unbearable burn, it was like a moment of intense pain with a slight paralyzing sensation that was reminiscent of death.



Soon, the wound was forcibly healed by the holy light, but Tian Yang couldn’t come back to his senses for a long time.



“What’s going on?” Rong Yue asked.



Tian Yang pushed him away, the violence and confusion in his heart had nowhere to be relieved for a while, so he didn’t look quite like his usual self.



He blinked, his eyes still clouded with blo-od.




“I don’t know. I felt some tightness in my chest at first and couldn’t help but keep moving forward, then suddenly the pain was so bad that I found black lines growing in my heart.”



“I was ready to go back to you immediately, but the black lines started growing again, and I didn’t know anything else.”



Rong Yue reached out to his neck and grabbed it with one hand and pressed it down toward the tree behind him, in a posture to strangle someone to death.



He had intended to take a complete look at the half-grown black stripe, but before he could say anything, the small arm holding down Tian Yang was suddenly struck by a huge force and thrown aside with a snap.



Rong Yue’s face turned white with pain.



Tian Yang’s bloo-dshot eyes also froze slightly, lowering his head to look at his hand.



“I ……”



Rong Yue hit him, “You hit me!?”



Despite knowing that this was the consequence of being disturbed by the magic qi, Rong Yue was still furious: “You actually hit me!?”



His arm was slightly twisted, it looked fractured, and Tian Yang’s newly grown sharp nails even cut his alabaster-like arm with a few very obvious blood marks.



This was to rebel!



Tian Yang’s eyes changed several times and finally rested on a cold, hard expression.



“I’ll do it.”



Rong Yue was holding his arm in cold sweat and stared at him with a sniff: “What?”



As if he hadn’t heard, Tian Yang grabbed his arm and gave it a sharp tug!



“Ow!” Rong Yue’s eyes went black and he almost passed out when he heard someone say in his ear, “Quick, use the skill.”



Rong Yue bit his lower lip, did he need to tell him? He nimbly healed himself.



The arm soon healed, but the pain still vaguely lingered, Rong Yue and Tian Yang looked at each other, their hearts chaotic and numb.



If he didn’t hurry to remove the demonic energy, he wouldn’t live!



But he had to level up slowly, he couldn’t unlock the skills for a while, should he let Tian Yang go like this?



Or should they go ahead and look for the antidote to what Yue Dong said in Xingye Forest?



Go to the quarry, build a fence, fight that heavenly tribe, save people, and now there was an additional to go to the mysterious forest ……



…… he suddenly wanted to change his partner.




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