Bai Tao never thought that one day she would be poisoned by her husband.


She and Hu were a young couple and supported each other for many years. Although their division of labor and other contracted couples were different, Bai Tao never felt bad about it.



Hu wasn’t strong among the men of the tribe, and his strength was a bit weak, but Bai Tao was a rare dexterous female warrior.



After the contract, Hu didn’t want to participate in the hunting team, the family meals were provided by Bai Tao, who hunted for food to maintain survival.


Two years later, Bai Tao was injured in the hunt and hurt her stomach. The high priest of the tribe said that they couldn’t have cubs in this life.


Bai Tao was even more disappointed than Hu.


She was very eager to cubs, but she had to accept this fact.



In addition to that, she could no longer be a warrior, because she had lost her courage.



Husband Hu came forward at this time.



Said he would go out hunting later.



He asked his wife, Bai Tao, to recuperate at home and occasionally followed the women to pick fruit.



Bai Tao agreed, her heart indescribably touched.



The people in Creek tribe were few, they all knew each other, when they heard the news, who didn’t praise him for his love and righteousness?


A man who thought of his wife when she was injured and supported the family.



Bai Tao began to learn to do housework and dealt with the chores, when she was free, she’d go to the other women in the tribe to learn a variety of knitting skills.



In the fall of the year she was recuperating, she wove a rattan curtain for the door of her house.


Hu followed the hunting party, went out for ten days before returning, and suffered a minor injury. Bai Tao was very distressed.



But her injuries were slow to heal.



Not only was it not good, but she was getting weaker by the day.



She thought it was the onset of winter, she suffered from the cold and the injury wasn’t easy to heal, it would be better in spring, but the situation was getting worse every day.



The high priest came to see her and gave her some common herbs, but they were of little use. The high priest said with regret, “I’m afraid Bai Tao won’t live long.”



Although Bai Tao was sorry, she slowly accepted this fact. She was unlucky that her life would end earlier than others. This was good, not dragging Hu down, but she still felt sorry that she didn’t have a young child or two to continue her life.



But they weren’t too old, when she died, Hu could find a new woman who hadn’t been wounded to form a bond.



Just the night before the earthquake, Bai Tao suddenly felt something in her heart, she got up in the middle of the night, forced down her frantic mind, then she saw her husband hiding in the corner to get something.



He carefully and cautiously twisted a wooden box open, and secretly poured a powder into it.



Gray-black, it looked strange.


Bai Tao’s brain buzzed, she loudly questioned what he was doing. Unexpectedly, Hu was startled and turned around and blocked her mouth with straw.




Hu’s eyes gleamed with cold light, and the nervous sweat trickled down from his forehead and onto Bai Tao’s cheek.



“I just… I’m looking at how much food is left at home… Don’t shout, go to sleep, go to sleep…”



Hu said over and over again, and Bai Tao was so full of fear and anger that she couldn’t hear what he said. She wanted to spit out the straw in her mouth, but his rough fingers kept digging in her mouth, filling it with more straw.



Bai Tao was about to suffocate and kept dry-heaving until her eyes went black and she didn’t know anything else.


The next day, Bai Tao woke up and found herself trapped in bed with a rope.



Her body was even weaker, her throat was too sore to speak, and Hu was burning a clay pot on the floor. The aroma of twisted soup came from inside.


This was her usual food. Perhaps it was deadly food.



As if nothing had happened, Hu waited for the twisted seed soup to finish cooking and brought a bowl to sit by her bedside.



“Be a good girl and drink it …… I won’t blame you ……”



At that moment, Bai Tao felt that the face she was used to seeing was as frightening as a beast.



Just at the moment of Bai Tao’s despair, the ground subsidence occurred.


The earth shook violently, and Hu was so scared that he threw away the bowl in his hand and quickly fled the house – while Bai Tao was still tied to the stone bed.



Bai Tao couldn’t shout and kept struggling, watching the overturned wooden pillar smash into her leg.



In severe pain, Bai Tao fainted, and when she woke up again, she was about to be taken to the edge of the Rift Valley by the tribe.



Her mind was full of hatred, and she frantically tried to speak, to tell everyone in the tribe how despicable Hu was, but she was too weak and her voice was bad, so she couldn’t say anything.



She was left behind.



For the first three days, she was fed with water by an old ama of the same tribe to survive, then she met Sacrifice Yue and finally had a chance to live again.



She didn’t tell anyone about herself, she wanted to take revenge with her own hands one day.



She never thought that this day would come so quickly.



Sacrifice Yue and Lord Tian Yang were still leaning against the entrance of the cave discussing something when Bai Tao, who had finally taken a breath, stood up and walked towards there step by step.



“Sacrifice Yue, Lord Tian Yang.”

The two turned to her, Bai Tao subconsciously showed a smile: “I’m much better.”



Needless to say, Sacrifice Yue’s beauty was out of the world, he was more white, more delicate and more beautiful than most women. Wherever he stood, it was like a landscape, and even if he stood in the black chasm, the scars of the earth would turn into carefully painted tattoos.



And Lord Tian Yang, his appearance was also rare, it seemed that when God created things, he treated him with more care than others. When he stood with others, they became part of the background, only he was carefully carved.



Looking at the two standing side by side made people happy, even her hostility dissipated a few points. After looking at them, Bai Tao couldn’t even look straight at the ugliness of her former husband.


Sacrifice Yue spoke, “it’s good to have a rest. Your enemy is inside. Have you decided what to do?”



Bai Tao didn’t want to hide and told the story of her encounter.



She didn’t deliberately lower her voice, the men who were still observing the cart, sorting out the twisted fruit they had just picked, all gradually quieted down to listen to Bai Tao’s story.



Finally, when Bai Tao finished, she saw that Sacrifice Yue snapped off a branch.



He said coolly: “Scum.”



Bai Tao smiled bitterly: “Yes, he’s scum. I was blind.”



The people of the original tribe were dumbfounded.



Hu, was such a horrible person? They had been living with such a person for so many years, and recently formed a small group!



Da Shi and the others were cowardly and stupid, but not to the point of Hu, who was so insidious and vicious. After hearing the story, no one felt good.



Originally, he didn’t want to save him, but now he couldn’t wait to get rid of the relationship.



Bai Tao heard them curse Hu one after another, but his heart was calm.



She heard Sacrifice Yue ask her what she wanted to do.



Bai Tao said indifferently: “I want him to live and taste everything that has happened to me.”



Guoguo covered the ears of Xiao Ergou and shrank from the miserable scream.



It had been a long time since Rong Yue jumped into the hole with Bai Tao in his excitement, and no one knew what horror the man in the hole experienced, the scream was miserable to the extreme ……




At this time, the scouting Yue Dong stepped back on the ground full of debris.



“We will go a little further east in a moment, there is a living water over there, we can rest for the night.”



Xiao Ergou broke away from Guoguo’s embrace and ran to Yue Dong, Yue Dong used his large hand to cover her ears, and continued: “It isn’t far from the stone mountain, tomorrow morning we will go to quarry stone, then send it back to the tribe.”

After he finished, he looked around: “Where’s Tian Yang?”



Guoguo replied, “He went hunting nearby.”


It was desolate and hard to hunt here. They had brought enough dried meat on the road, but they didn’t have enough for the Creek tribe.



It wasn’t impossible to ignore them, but since they had to pull the carts, then they had to pay attention to the point.



Yue Dong nodded.



Just then, an ear-piercing scream came again from the hole, even Yue Dong also got goose bumps.



“………… brother-in-law is really too scary, what exactly did they do to that Hu?”



Guoguo honestly said, “I don’t really want to know ……”



The other men huddled together, as if Rong Yue was going to torture them next.



In a sense, using the chicken to make an example of the monkey had also been achieved.



Later in the evening, Tian Yang returned with a few fat rat beasts.



Rong Yue and Bai Tao also climbed up from the cave, looking like they were in a good mood.



Rong Yue looked at them: “I broke his leg and cured it again. But the connection is crooked, he is a cripple.”



Bai Tao nodded: “Let him go later and let him fend for himself.”



Rong Yue asked her again, “Is it really okay?”



Bai Tao nodded: “He won’t live long. Unlike him, I don’t ki-ll people.”



A faint look of envy and appreciation appeared in Rong Yue’s eyes, and he didn’t continue to persuade.



With more than a dozen “coolies”, they arrived before dark at the place Yue Dong found and temporarily set up a rudimentary camp.



After eating and drinking, Rong Yue and Bai Tao sat together, with the blazing fire in front of them and the endless moon behind them.




“Sacrifice Yue, not to hide from you, I once felt that you and Lord Tian Yang would not last long.” A few moments of sadness flowed from Bai Tao’s eyes, seemingly drunk on her memories.



Rong Yue was somewhat interested and asked her to continue.



“I heard my ama say that a long time ago, tribal chiefs and high priests, are contractual partners. The chieftainship was also not always inherited by a parent or son, but was obtained through a challenge.”



“The most qualified young priest, and the strongest heir to the chieftainship would be contracted and lead the entire tribe to a strong future. But ……”



Bai Tao paused: “There is no one who doesn’t want a blo-odline.”



“The chiefs who had the greatest power were instead not able to have what everyone could have, and gradually this custom began to be disobeyed. After the chiefs contracted with the sacrifice, they would have more women at the same time because the sacrifice couldn’t have children. When women are available and the cubs are available, the conflict is gone. As for the priests, they also only want power ……”



Rong Yue: “The tribe I was in, I don’t seem to have seen the high priest and the chief covenanted?”




Bai Tao nodded: “Yes, now the chief and the high priest, most have split into two factions. The chief has the life of the chief, the sacrifice has the pursuit of the sacrifice. Even in a place like the Creek Tribe, the chiefs and sacrifices are not exactly amicable.”




She smiled shyly, “I was surprised at first that Lord Tian Yang treated you well and with respect, and you said on the first day you met us that he was your partner …… something like that hadn’t been seen in a long time.”



Rong Yue looked at the dancing firelight, in a trance.



“So it’s rare? ……”



Were he and Tian Yang companions? Shouldn’t be.



Rong Yue propped up his chin and thought, he was just too lazy to explain at the time and said it casually. After all, they eat and live together, his trust in Tian Yang wasn’t ordinary, except saying that the relationship was a bonding partner, there was no other way to explain it.



This point was also understood by Tian Yang, after all, except from the beginning when he didn’t know his identity, Tian Yang hadn’t behaved frivolously towards him.



But if not, would Tian Yang, as the leader, marry a beautiful woman and have to a bunch of children? He used to like women too. Didn’t he have a relationship with that Yu Lian?



Rong Yue was inexplicably upset.



He wasn’t arrogant enough to regard people as his own property because he saved them. But at this moment, for a moment, Rong Yue wanted to deprive Tian Yang of his basic human rights.


No no no!



Wealthy, strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious!



Rong Yue pulled the topic back: “Your revenge is temporarily counted, the injury has also been healed by me, if you want to be a female warrior, it’s still possible.”


Bai Tao smiled: “Thank you, but temporarily doing the work of artisans is also good, the tribe also has a lot of things, it can’t all be given to Ah Jiu.”



“…… that’s right, Ah Jiu is still missing a translator.” Rong Yue tsked: “What’s wrong with Ah Jiu, is it necessary to make a sign for him to write up whatever he wants to say in the future ……”



“Write?” Bai Tao said curiously.



Rong Yue froze, before realizing that even words weren’t yet commonly used here.



There was a long way to go.



Not far away, Tian Yang hugged Xiao Ergou, feeling suffocated in his chest.



He picked up the girl and stuffed her into Yue Dong’s arms: “I’m going to get water.”



Yue Dong was still eating and quickly nodded.



Tian Yang went into the woods, walked a long way, the pain in his chest gradually got worse.



He slammed his fist on a tree.



His breath grew heavy, Tian Yang was hot and his muscles rippled and tensed.




From behind, his trembling body reddened, as if something was about to break out of his body, and he was still resisting.



After holding back for half a breath, Tian Yang spat out a mouthful of blo-od.



A sharp stabbing pain came from the heart, as if something was growing rapidly in his veins, and Tian Yang’s eyes went black and his mind became chaotic.



……this was magic Qi.



After a long paralysis, Tian Yang finally came back to his senses.



He looked down at his chest.



There was a small black pattern, like a tattoo, growing on the skin over his heart.



This wasn’t something common, this was a magic tattoo that was only found on magical beasts.



Tian Yang’s face was cold and solemn as he walked back.


He had to tell Yue.




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