The leading boss felt humiliated and didn’t care anymore, he waved his hand and shouted, “Let’s go!”



They kindly asked these little fat sheeps to hand over their food, and they not only refused to listen but also humiliated him, so don’t blame him for not being polite!



It was only five people, they could crush them to death just by pressing them!


Who knew that the tip of the first man’s spear had just thrust forward when it was suddenly blocked by a bone knife.



“!” The spear was dragged backwards by a huge force, and in the blink of an eye, it was in someone else’s hand.


It was him! It was the tall warrior!



The minion who had lost his spear was so frightened by those shura-like eyes that he couldn’t move. He watched as the man held his spear back in his hand and swept it across–



The five or six men flanking him all shouted and flew backwards!



The spear handle spun in his hand and he turned his head to sweep away the enemies on the other side as he had done before. Seeing that the warrior had used the spear with unparalleled skill, the boss raised his greatsword and rushed up, taking advantage of the gap to cut the spear!



The corner of Tian Yang’s mouth hooked into a faint smile, he dodged backwards, the boss hadn’t yet reacted to what happened, before his eyes saw the sky spinning ……



Then there was a bang, and there was an explosion of pain in his back!



He was actually defeated! With just a short stick!



Tian Yang, with a stick in his left hand and a knife in his right, solved more than twenty armed bandits in an instant.


He was strong, and these people were hit hard, those who could get up were hit more than once, and soon, only one boss was left who could still move.



Tian Yang stepped forward and held a kni-fe against this man’s neck.



The boss was terrified, trembling, and almost pissed his pants.



He had never seen such a powerful warrior.



Although tall, he wasn’t the tallest; their original tribe had men who were far stronger than he looked.



But none of them were as fierce as this warrior.



Just looking at his eyes now, the boss felt like he had died several times.



He shivered and couldn’t speak, “I, I I ……”



Yue Dong, who was responsible for protecting Guoguo and Ergou and the others, saw the lopsided battle and couldn’t help but grimace: “Too weak, what the hell are you guys?”



The boss’s confidence was hit halfway: “Little …… creek ……”



Yang San’s eyes suddenly widened: “Da Shi!”



The boss abruptly heard his name and looked up in shock: “Yang San!?”



Seeing that it was someone he recognized, Tian Yang withdrew his bone knife.

Rong Yue took a step forward: “Don’t freeze everyone, find a rope to pull up Bai Tao first, and then go to pick the twist.”


Da Shi heard the familiar name, and ignored being humiliated by the twist once again: “…… Bai Tao! She is still alive!?”



Rong Yue knew that Bai Tao and Yang San originally came out of a tribe, Yang San knew this person, then Bai Tao should also know, both came out of the Little Creek tribe. He just didn’t know their relationship.



But these were Bai Tao’s own affairs, Rong Yue didn’t intend to care more, he saw Xiao Erguo and Guoguo had gone to pick up grass, so he went back to the cave, Tian Yang cut a section of rope.



“Yeah, Bai Tao, now she’s the backbone member of our tribe. You guys threw my backbone into the cave, so let’s throw you guys in later too.”



Rong Yue lightly decided what would happen to the pile of people, and the boss shouted with round eyes, “No, no! Bai Tao’s husband is still here! Hu! Hu! Bai Tao is still alive!”



The man named Hu got up from the ground with difficulty.



Rong Yue squinted at the man, he felt he was sharp-tongued and very ungainly looking.



This was Bai Tao’s husband?


The man called Hu was dazed, still dizzy at this moment, and took a while turn to walk a few steps away from the cave entrance.



Tian Yang and Yue Dong pulled her up just in time.



There was no poisonous gas at the bottom of the cave, it was purely nonsense they said to scare people, but Bai Tao was frightened, her face didn’t look very good.



But when she looked up and saw Hu, her face paled even more.



“Hu!” She gritted her teeth and widened her eyes, “Why are you here!?”



Saying that, disregarding the reaction of the bystanders, she grabbed the stick with spear tip that Tian Yang threw on the ground and ran towards Hu-



“I’ll ki-ll you!”



Bai Tao was hysterical, with a force far greater than her usual, after pushing the man down, the spear tip swishly sta-bbed into the man’s shoulder!



There was a long, miserable scream.



Bai Tao pulled the spear out, making bl00d splash everywhere. She was about to st-ab again, but a hand grabbed her from behind.



“Bai Tao.”



Rong Yue’s voice was without its usual gentleness.



“Stop, calm down.”



The bl00dy scene silenced everyone.



Da Shi and the others didn’t understand the change in front of them, and each of them was curved like a shrinking quail.



Rong Yue felt the tense muscles in his hand finally loosened a little, he smoothly let go and gave Bai Tao a bit of holy light ball, he didn’t care about the wailing sharp-tongued man on the ground.


Warmth surged into her body and Bai Tao finally let go, the half spear fell to the ground.



“Can you get up?” Rong Yue asked her in a low voice.


Bai Tao nodded and Rong Yue helped her stand up, then he took a few steps backward to stand with Tian Yang.



“Yang San?” Rong Yue shouted.



Yang San replied and hurriedly stepped forward, not daring to look at Da Shi more than twice: “What does Sacrifice Yue want to do?”



“First go and throw the one called Hu into the cave, then when Guoguo and the others finish picking the twisted seeds, we’ll talk about it.”



Guoguo heard that and immediately withdrew her probing posture and took the Ergou with her to continue squatting and picking grass.



Hu cursed and squirmed madly, yet none of his companions dared to help him speak or resist.



Rong Yue felt disdain for their actions, and hated this ugly Da Shi a little more.



After a while, Guoguo and Ergou came back, Rong Yue finally condescendingly beckoned: “You, come.”



Da Shi dared not speak up and approached.



“You guys are from the Creek tribe?” Rong Yue asked.



“Yes ……”



“How come there are only so many of you, where is your tribe? You’re not the leader, are you?”



“No no!” Da Shi shook his head repeatedly.



Rong Yue asked him where the tribe went, he was silent for a while, then lowered his voice and said in a secretive voice: “Recruited by the Paradise tribe.”



“What!?” Yang San shouted out loud: “Paradise tribe!



Da Shi looked at him strangely: “What the he-ll are you screaming about? It’s the Paradise Tribe ah …… very famous ……”



When they got to the Creek tribe, the Yang brothers never told anyone about this matter, for them, that was nightmarish existence, they never wanted to remember it.



After all, cannibalism, even with animals, was rarely done.



Not to mention people.



He didn’t expect that just two days ago he recalled it, and this terrible nightmare appeared again in the mouth of others.



“That’s a scary place! How did you meet them?” Yang San’s voice was hoarse: “What’s the deal with being recruited, everyone except you all joined?”


“Yes, the Paradise tribe is particularly powerful, with many strong men and beautiful women …… Our tribe happened to be preparing to move, and we ran into them, and the chief said it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Da Shi paused: “After all, the Creek tribe is too small.”



Yang San’s face was blank for a long time before he said, “Then why didn’t the few of you join?”



“……” Da Shi was silent for a long time, “I don’t know. Something felt off.”



From their conversation, Rong Yue vaguely understood what was going on.



He interrupted Yang San, “You’ve been to this place?”



Yang San nodded with difficulty: “Yes …… we Yang brothers spent a month inside ……”



Da Shi was curious: “How was it? I heard that there is food, drink and housing?”



Yang San opened his mouth, yet he couldn’t make a sound. He swallowed hard and sounded like he was squeezing words out of his throat: “They …… they eat people ………… ”




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