The three Yang brothers slinked back to their hut.


Hearing the singing and laughing outside, the three of them closed the door and stared wide-eyed at each other.


Yang Da opened the leaf bag, and the smell of barbecue came to his nostrils, it was given by Sacrifice Yue before they left.


“Don’t be hungry.” Sacrifice Yue said gently as he handed it over.



They finally knew where it always felt weird …… In the eyes of Sacrifice Yue and Lord Tian Yung, the food didn’t seem precious at all.



They used to live a life of playing mind games for a little food, and when they came here, they still played mind games.



They thought that this time they had kicked the iron plate and would be looked down upon again in the future and live a life of not having enough to eat, but who knew that Sacrifice Yue and Lord Tian Yang didn’t care much, as if the three of them were just acting out a good play for their amusement.


Needless to say, this kind of suppression was even more frustrating.



The three Yang brothers were silent for a long time before they drew a stone knife and cut the fragrant roast meat pieces into three portions.



They each ate their portions.

Yang San wiped his mouth, “It’s really easy these days. I don’t want to go back to the creek.”



Yang Er was worried: “Can they really save food in autumn according to this way of eating? Don’t you remember that tribe called ‘Paradise’ was very good at first…”



Their expressions weren’t good.


Paradise tribe was a real tribe, it didn’t have a fixed territory, they moved around the continent with the time and season.



For many people, it was like a legendary existence, they may not be able to see them once in a lifetime.


But the brothers briefly saw them.


The three of them weren’t originally from the Creek tribe. When they were young, their tribe was attacked and separated from the adults, so they had since been searching for a place that would accept them.



Because of their physical disabilities, they were rejected many times, until one day, they inadvertently saw “paradise”.



It was such a beautiful tribe, with large and luxurious tents, mountains of food, strong men, beautiful women, gorgeous clothes and laughter.


Walking through it was like a beast entering the world of men.



The chief was a beautiful-looking man who warmly welcomed the three brothers and gave them food and water.



The three brothers, who hadn’t had enough to eat for years, had never dreamed of such a good thing.


They muddled through, eating well and sleeping well until the weather turned cold.



That night, Yang San got up.


Although he was blind in one eye, his ears were more alert than others. Just at the other end of the tribe, he vaguely heard the sound of someone screaming.


Yang San’s heart was tight. A good month’s life had almost worn away his vigilance. At this moment, it was like pouring a basin of ice water on his head. He was particularly afraid.


Yang San woke up his two brothers, the three tiptoed to the source of the sound.



It was people, several people. They were as thin, weak and ugly as ordinary people. They were unclothed and ki-lled like animals with bone knives, and then they were divided into pieces of flesh.



The three brothers were scared out of their wits.



They finally knew why they were fed without having to do anything, why they were forbidden to go to other parts of the tribe, and why all they saw were young men and women.


Because everything else was killed and used as food.



The Paradise tribe kept the habit of migrating, passing by some small tribes, and would take the initiative to get people. They preached beautiful stories, describing their tribes as a miracle, many small tribes were filled with longing to be annexed, and finally become the flower fertilizer of the Paradise tribe.



The three brothers quickly fled, it was a good thing they were still small, otherwise they would be caught back, then the later things could be imagined.



Later they joined the Creek tribe.



When Yang Er mentioned this nightmare, their hearts tightened.



“Indeed …… these days are too good, it always makes me uneasy.”


“But the divine power of Sacrifice Yue is also true!”



Xingyue tribe and paradise tribe was obviously different, which could be seen in every aspect. The composition alone was transparent beyond transparency, not to mention that in this tribe, there weren’t many strong and healthy ones, but instead a whole lot of crooked ones.



In other words, even if they really wanted to eat people, why spend the effort to save them?



Yang San raised his head, gaze shining: “I’m not going, I want to stay!”


He gritted his teeth and said, “I think this time is different, I have a hunch! And Bai Tao and the others are here too!”



Yang Er: “But we have offended the chief, in case we are not given a share of food ……”


“Then we’ll hunt it ourselves!” Yang San excitedly replied.


The other brothers froze.



How long had it been since they had hunted on their own?


The three brothers sighed, long years of laziness made them unable to make up their minds.

The huge campfire outside was gradually burning out, and the joyful human voices gradually subsided.



When it was almost dawn, Yang Er was awakened again by the heat and moved across the brothers to go get some water.



Who knew that with just one step out, he suddenly felt a tight hold on his feet, followed by a feeling of weightlessness, he was so scared that he screamed!



After struggling, he was horrified to find himself tied by a rope around his ankles, hanging upside down in front of their hut!



Everyone was tired of playing yesterday. They were sleeping so soundly that Yang Er shouted several times at the top of his voice, but no one woke up. The brothers heard and immediately jumped up!



The brothers were anxious to go up to save him. Who knew that when they stepped back and forth, they were also hoisted up together ……



The three people shouted, and cursed half a day that the people that set the trap lacked virtue, it was a long time before people were shouted awake one after another and ran out.



“How did that happen!” A few old people moved anxiously around them, there were no tools so they couldn’t cut the rope. They just had to call others to wake up and help.



Xingyue tribe was now so big, a row of wooden houses held more than a hundred people, soon, everyone ran out.



The three Yang brothers were hanging in front of their house, like three silkworm chrysalis floating in the wind, pitiful and funny.



When Bai Tao saw them, she laughed nonchalantly for half a day, making the three brothers want to burrow into the ground.



Rong Yue and Tian Yang were also woken up, they saw this scene as soon as they went out.



Rong Yue: “Well, ‘unity, tension, seriousness, liveliness’, our tribe is really clueless about this quotation, look how happy they are.”



Tian Yang hummed: “Except for the Yang brothers, everyone else is quite happy.”



Rong Yue said with a smile: “This is also quite good. Besides, they really need to be cured, Ah Jiu is actually quite playful.”



Tian Yang looked at the expressionless AhJiu hidden in the crowd, and at his side, Guoguo was covering her stomach and laughing, he agreed with Rong Yue’s judgment.



He held Rong Yue’s shoulders and took the person with him, drilling back into the tent: “Don’t let them find out, just pretend we didn’t see anything.”



Rong Yue nodded appreciatively, “That makes sense. We slept well and didn’t wake up at all.”



The two quickly reached a consensus and took another short nap. After dawn, Rong Yue ordered some people and gathered them together.



Yue Dong and Li Shui, Ah Jiu and Guouo, Bai Tao, and an elderly ama named Xin Na.



Little Ergou followed Bai Tao to sleep yesterday, this time she was rubbing her eyes as she came over, and when she saw Tian Yang she ran over and jumped on him.


“Lord Tian Yang!”


Tian Yang patted her head and told her to sit down.


Rong Yue sat in front of the tent and scanned the circle.


“Yesterday, our Xingyue tribe got a name. Today, it is the new beginning of the tribe’s development.”



The people couldn’t help but look serious.



“I know that the new tribe is established and faces difficulties in all aspects. Food, buildings, cold-proof measures …… In order to survive, we must make a lot of efforts.”


“But efforts should also pay attention to ways and means. Smart efforts can get twice the result with half the effort.”


Gouguo blinked, not understanding, she looked at Ah Jiu, found that he listened very carefully with bright eyes. Guoguo immediately turned her head to stare at Rong Yue, not daring to look away again.



Rong Yue continued: “The first thing we need to do, is grouping.”



“Now Xingyue tribe is very small, and perhaps in your opinion, there are not enough strong men. But as long as a man is a man, there must be something he can do. So I plan to temporarily divide the tribe into four large groups.”



The wind gently blew Rong Yue’s long hair, and the crowd listened intently.



“First is the combat group. Literally, going into the surrounding forest and catching prey. But in addition to that, I want to add a cooperative group category to it – the exploration group.”



Rong Yue nodded to Yue Dong and Ergou: “You two, plus Guoguo, are the current members of the exploration group.”



Guoguo’s eyes went wide in surprise: “Me! But I, I’m not a scout ……”


Ergou and Yue Dong were scouts, Guoguo didn’t have any skills.



Rong Yue smiled, “Hear me out first.”



“The so-called exploration, is to bring back something valuable that we normally ignore. I have a list of items here, which was gotten with my ability. You have to recognize these things, learn to distinguish them, and bring them back.”



Guoguo interjected, “What about when we bring them back?”


Rong Yue smiled, “Planting, farming.”



Farming civilization was a sign of entering a new era.



He briefly introduced the benefits of planting and breeding, and put everyone in a group, one by one.



The prey hadn’t been caught yet, and the twists hadn’t been planted, but it was as if they already saw a future where they didn’t worry about food!



Rong Yue: “The farming and planting group, I am going to leave it to Li Shui.”


The round-faced girl pointed to herself in disbelief, then pinched Yue Dong hard!



“Does it hurt?”


Yue Dong grimaced: “Ouch!”


Li Shui: “Wow this is really-”



Tian Yang stepped forward: “Combat combined with the exploration group will be led by me and Yue Dong. Planting and breeding, there are months to go. You don’t have to worry for now. But the next two groups, will be heavily depended on.”


The three remaining people who weren’t named were Ah Jiu, Bai Tao, and ama Xin Na.



Tian Yang: “Led by Ah Jiu, you are called the artisan group, responsible for the construction of the tribe. The current goal is mainly to build solid buildings, as well as facilities that can play a basic defensive role. In addition to that, making tools to go along with planting, making fabrics, clothes to protect against the cold in winter, all these should also follow.”



Tian Yang was quite a bit more serious than Rong Yue when he talked. He was tall and powerful, his voice was low, Guoguo didn’t dare to move.



“At the beginning, we’ll have to spend time figuring things out, let’s work hard you guys. If you have any problems, you can come to us when Yue and I are around.”



After Tian Yang finished, Rong Yue interjected with a smile, “Aren’t you curious about the last group?”


Bai Tao was thoughtful.


Rong Yue stopped teasing: “It’s the logistics and defense group.”



A new tribe, just established, was like a small fat sheep that hadn’t grown up.



Any fruits of their development could be coveted by a more powerful tribe.



From the very beginning, they should be vigilant.



“We are always in danger, but we shouldn’t panic. That’s why the logistics defense team must exist.”



Rong Yue stopped laughing and said with a straight face, “Do you have any ideas about this group?”




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