After level 10, the first thing Rong Yue did was to open his game package.



He was so excited that he didn’t even care that Tian Yang was still sitting across from him, reaching out to the air, a pile of messy things fell from the sky and clattered on the ground to form a mountain.



At the top were two pieces of white clothes that landed lightly on the mountain.



Rong Yue raised his hand awkwardly and took back the whole mountain.



“Those are my original clothes.” He explained.


Tian Yang seriously responded: “Well, the fabric is very unusual and nice.”



The vague pain in his abdomen instantly disappeared, and a familiar warmth surged through his body. Rong Yue’s ability was amazing.



He believed that as long as Rong Yue was around, it was only a matter of time before this tribe was built up and became powerful.



It probably wouldn’t take too long.



He glanced at the clothes.



The Pope’s robes certainly looked good, and these two sets were new. One set had a pure white hem with a gold gradient, and translucent wing-like cloak behind.


Rong Yue was forced to wear it during an arc in the game, after that he never touched it and decisively put it away.


The other set was little simple. It was his level fifty daily clothes, which was tightly wrapped and looked harmonious.



No matter which one, if he wore it in this world, everyone would be stunned.



Rong Yue closed his mouth and looked through his package, picking out a few things to take out.



“This is a recipe that the player …… no, my friend, gave me.”



Tian Yang took it.


Strange squares, slippery to the touch, it felt amazing. Rong Yue saw that he couldn’t turn it, so he reached out and rested his hand on the book cover, his finger lightly moved, and the book turned over to a new page.



Tian Yang looked at the book in his hand in amazement: “So thin!”



Rong Yue: “Yes, you can’t read the words inside, but can you understand the pictures?”


Of course, he could understand the pictures. Except for some seasonings, others could be slowly learnt.



“Shredded fish and pork …… Kung Pao chicken …… Di San Xian ……” Rong Yue became more and more greedy as he spoke.



The reason why he was obsessed with these dishes was because the player who sent him the recipe, ate these every day.



Rong Yue once asked him if it was good, he said, “These are takeaway must-order dishes, no one will leave it out!”



So Rong Yue remembered these three, they were delicious! Although he didn’t quite understand what takeout was ……



Tian Yang looked at it seriously for a while then carefully closed the book.



“I see, we need salt bricks and a black liquid with salt flavor.”



Rong Yue said, “That’s soy sauce. In addition to soy sauce, there must be sugar, there are peppers …… I wouldn’t know where to find vegetables, carrots, fungus, eggplant green pepper peanuts ……”



People in the tribe ate very little plants. Except for some families, most of them ate fruits directly. It was the first time that Tian Yang heard of so many “vegetables”, he looked at Rong Yue’s photos with great interest.



Rong Yue felt like he was teaching a child to read and write, his emotions surged: “Later when we go to the wild, pay more attention, maybe they’re really here!”



After sharing the recipe, Rong Yue put it away contentedly.


There was also a spare scepter in the package, which he took out but found that his level wasn’t enough to use it. In addition to the scepter, he also had some jewelry that added spell strength and other values, he couldn’t use one necklace because of his level.



He wore a necklace first.



These jewelry were very exquisite, mostly embellished with blue-green stones, in the eyes of Tian Yang, it could be considered outside the imagination of the creation.



Tian Yang’s mood dropped slightly, the distance between them was still far.



“What’s wrong?” Keenly sensing that Tian Yang wasn’t in a good mood, Rong Yue looked up, “Is something wrong?”



“No.” Tian Yang returned to his senses, “Hide the ‘necklace’ well, don’t let it be seen. The tribe has only just been built up, and there is no guarantee of everyone’s loyalty yet.”



Seeing that he wouldn’t say anything, Rong Yue stopped asking questions and nodded, “I have a sense of proportion.”



With the jewelry and level boosts, as well as the newly opened skill [Spring Return] that continuously restored physical strength, Rong Yue was finally able to heal the injured man still lying on the ground.



With bursts of white light flashing by, the suddenly bright and dark balls of light drifted through the crowd with the rhythm of breathing, the injuries were soothed a little and their bodies were filled with strength again.



This was a true miracle!



Many people cried out in joy and hugged each other.



Who would have thought that the end of certain death could be tampered with?


They survived, they would see tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and many, many more days!



The wounded recovered, and the tribe’s construction quickly got on track. In just three days, a decent cluster of wooden houses rose from the ground, surrounding the Rift Valley, shaped like a crescent moon.



On the night of the completion, the crowd lit a huge bonfire by the lake to celebrate the official establishment of the tribe.


The full moon shone brightly in the sky, the fire on the ground was blazing, and there were bursts of laughter.



“Name?” Rong Yue repeated the question, as if it had just occurred to him.



“Yes!” Guoguo said, “Our tribe doesn’t have a name yet!”



Rong Yue and Tian Yang sat next to each other on the boulder, surrounded by a circle of people.



Guoguo and Ah Jiu sat closest, and some people who had quickly become acquainted in the past few days, were active members of the workforce and responded to Rong Yue’s call for labor.



Guoguo shouted: “Sacrifice Yue is our leader, right, the leader should think of the name! ”



Rong Yue didn’t think about this issue: “I am the chief?”



Tribal chiefs were warriors, no sacrifice had ever been the chief. But Rong Yue had the magical ability that other priests didn’t have and he saved them from the sea of suffering, worshipping him as the leader was a matter.



Seeing the crowd look like it was right, Rong Yue was about to smile and refuse, when he heard a coarse male voice interject: “How can this be?”



Everyone looked at that man, it was Yang Da!



Yang Da was a cripple, but his mouth was sharp.



“Although Sacrifice Yue is powerful, the tribe leader is always the warrior!”



He quietly winked Tian Yang, afraid that the other couldn’t see.



Tian Yang: “……”



Guoguo immediately stood up and shot back crisply: “Never and never? How do you know there is no sacrifice as chief?”



Yang Da said confidently: “I’ve been to all the tribes within the three forests in the square, none of them have sacrifices as chiefs!”



“What about outside the three forests? Have you been there? Have you been to all the tribes in the world?”



“This ……”



Guoguo grunted: “You can’t prove it, then of course Sacrifice Yue can be!”



Yang Er waved his one arm and stood up in time to save the day: “We can’t prove it, and you can’t prove it! We say no, it’s not necessarily no, is yours a definite yes?”


Guoguo: “You!”


Yang Er won a round and added proudly, “Even if there really is, why should we be special? I want Lord Tian Yang to be the chief!”


This ……



The crowd looked at each other and whispered.



Lord Tian Yang was also a rare and powerful warrior who once dragged back a three-person-ringed Huahua tree with his bare hands and split it in half with one palm.



He was powerful, astonishing, and good-tempered, after spending three days together, he received the unanimous love of all.


But ……



If there was no sacrifice Yue, no one would have a problem with Tian Yang being the chief, but the problem was just that, there was also sacrifice Yue.



Sacrifice Yue wasn’t the same!



Guoguo and Ah Jiu looked at each other: “Even if there is no tribe in the world is headed by a sacrifice, we have to have! Sacrifice Yue is special, without sacrifice Yue, there would be no us!”



The crowd echoed, “Right! Without the Sacrifice Yue, we would have died long ago!”



At this time, the one-eyed Yang San came forward again.



He first dusted off his animal skin skirt, attracting the attention of the people around him, and then said slowly, ” Sacrifice Yue is our benefactor, that’s for sure. But can he lead us to hunt? Can he help the tribe store enough food to survive the winter? When the enemy comes, can he use his sword and bow and arrow to help us repel the enemy?”



The crowd was speechless.


It was also true that Sacrifice Yue was physically weak.



Now that the rainy season had just passed, there was plenty of prey, and Tian Yang and Yue Dong with a few men taking turns to go hunting in the woods every day was enough to sustain the hundred or so people.


But when winter approached, the warriors needed to spend more time on hunting and even storing food, then the presence of Tian Yang would become incredibly important.



After all, although sacrifice Yue could heal injuries, he couldn’t make food to fill everyone’s stomach!



Their tribe had women and disabled people and more, warriors were already small in number, shouldn’t they be more important?



Seeing everyone wavering, Guoguo said aggressively, “But …… I still think ……”


Rong Yue interrupted her with a smile, “Hunting, accumulating food, repelling enemies …… who says I can’t?”



The three brothers of the Yang family were shocked, even Guoguo and the others were wide-eyed.



Rong Yue smiled: “Later you will know, but I and Tian Yang need to discuss who will be the chief.”



The Yang brothers looked at each other and clenched their fists, their hearts surging. They had long thought about it, and had tested Tian Yang before, thinking that this was a good opportunity to sit on the throne of the chief’s right hand!


What kind of man would like to be stepped on by a sacrifice? Shoulder couldn’t carry heavy weight, could this be the chief?



And hunting, joking!


Tian Yang should be the most suitable candidate for the chief!


Yang Er stepped out again: “Sacrifice Yue, you may think hunting is too simple! Tribal warriors are few, there’ll be no time to protect you in the middle, in case you get into trouble, Lord Tian Yang will have to save you!”


This remark didn’t sit well with the others.



A woman named Bai Tao stood out, she had long hair that reached her waist and she had a round face, although she wasn’t very young, she still looked young: “Do you have no ears?”


She ruffled her hair: “Sacrifice Yue has said he can take on the enemy, and you still question his ability, you three brothers aren’t happy with Sacrifice Yue?”



When this hat was slapped on, Yang Da immediately became anxious: “Bai Tao, you da-dan-mned woman, we never said that!”


Bai Tao grunted: “In the past in the tribe, you three acted like kings, then you fell into the valley and you were still unrepentant, robbing little girl Guo Guo and the others. Now even more so, there is no trace of gratitude to the benefactor, you just thought of sowing dissension …… Do you guys still want respect?”


Guoguo’s eyes widened.


It turned out that the three of them were the ones who robbed her scorpions!



The scene was confusing, she didn’t look carefully, but thinking about it, three adult men with the power of action …… Yes! That was them!


As soon as Guo Guo wanted to speak, Ah Jiu grabbed her shoulder.



Ah Jiu looked slightly cold and shook his head at her.


Bai Tao took advantage of the three people’s reaction, and continued: “More than twenty people were left behind the valley, four people died, but there are still a dozen people who remember you. You don’t want to be sued, so you think it’s useful to kiss a*s, don’t you see Lord Tian Yang ignore you?”



The three Yamd brothers panicked in their hearts and finally turned their eyes to Tian Yang’s face.



Tian Yang was bright and open, sitting upright, and seriously clear, without the slightest appearance of having made an unspeakable deal with them.



They choked ……


Didn’t you agree before!? Why don’t you admit it!


Tian Yang smiled: “The chief’s matter, I will discuss it with Yue.”


He smoothly stroked a handful of Rong Yue’s high ponytail.



The crowd: “…………”


Obviously they hadn’t eaten yet, but they felt full, what was this strange feeling?



Bai Tao and the three brothers of the Yang family apparently came from the same tribe, they seemed to have an entanglement. Rong Yue was enjoying the information when it was interrupted, he was quite regretful.



He finally picked up the original topic.


“Do you guys have any good suggestions about tribal names?”


A chaotic shout came from the bottom.


“The Great Sacrifice Tribe!”



“The First Tribe!”


“…… Rise from the dead tribe.”


“No, that is too unlucky, or Fairyland Tribe!”



“Let’s call it Fairy Flower Tribe.”



“Might as well just call it the Fairy Tribe ……”



Tian Yang whispered to Rong Yue, “Where are you from?”



Rong Yue froze.


“…… I’m from Xingyue continent.”



Tian Yang looked at him tenderly, “Then let’s call it the Xingyue Tribe.”


“They will like it too.”



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