“Move and I’ll kill you.”


Rong Yue recognized the voice.


It was the youth who was almost as unharmed as Guoguo, whose name Rong Yue had asked when he delivered the food –


“Sang Mo.”


Of the hundred or so people, many were from the same tribe, only this young man named Sang Mo was unknown to everyone.



He had shady eyes and a lean body, not as tall as the average warrior, but with an explosive power that couldn’t be underestimated.


Rong Yue laughed lightly, and although his posture did not change, it wasn’t overly tense.


“What do you want?”


Sang Mo’s breathing steeply increased, he was about to speak when he suddenly raised his arm to lock Rong Yue’s neck, turning him around to face the tent!



“Let go.” Tian Yang held the bone knife in one hand, and his voice was ruthless in its low tone. It was a side of him that Rong Yue had never seen before.


Behind him, Sang Mo restrained Rong Yue, and confronted Tian Yang, it was like a fight between a fierce tiger and a wild cat.



Sang Mo panted sharply for a while, and said in a hoarse voice: “Give me a deer leg and let me go, I won’t hurt him.”


Rong Yue and Tian Yang looked at each other for a moment, then Tian Yang turned around to take down the piece of meat hanging in front of the tent and threw it tens of meters away from Sang Mo.


Sang Mo observed for a moment, confirming that both of them wouldn’t make a move, he quickly released his hand and retreated backwards like a bolt of lightning.


The piece of meat disappeared in an instant together with Sang Mo, then he appeared at the border of the grassland and the forest.


“Is everything okay?!” Tian Yang took two big steps over, he could smell a bit of bloo-d, he held down Rong Yue next to the tent and lifted his clothes.


The bone spur poked out half a fingernail cover size wound, big but not big, but there was a little depth, and bloo-d flew freely.



Rong Yue’s white back seemed more eye-catching.


The injury was really not big, compared with normal wounds, it was small. But Tian Yang inexplicably couldn’t look at it, he turned around, “I’ll go find a wooden stick.”



“Hey!” Rong Yue pulled him back: “It’s okay, it’ll soon stop bleeding, wait until dawn.”


After saying that, he was afraid that Tian Yang still had thoughts, so he said in a relaxed tone, “He didn’t mean to do it either.”



The words were true, but Tian Yang’s expression looked even worse, Rong Yue continued, “This man is quite interesting.”


Tian Yang: “What?”


Rong Yue analyzed: “Our things are hanging outside the tent, and the meat is also there, if he really wanted to take them secretly and leave, we wouldn’t know. By the time we would have found out, he’d have gone far.”



Tian Yang frowned: “Then before climbing up the Rift Valley, you said that everyone who didn’t want to follow can go, why didn’t he raise his hand?”



Rong Yue: “Probably because he was afraid we wouldn’t take him up.”



The man’s eyes lacked trust, like a small carnivore that had been hurt.


Fierce, but also vulnerable.



He probably wanted to seem close to people, so he didn’t have scruples about saying his name. But then finally he decided to go alone.


Tian Yang tore off a piece of cloth from the hem of his blouse, wrapped his waist up, and led him back to the tent.


Rong Yue followed him and suddenly asked, “Tian Yang, is it hard to hunt?”


Tian Yang saw the man sitting down obediently and relaxed a little: “Depends on who it is.”



“How so?”


“There is division of labor in the tribe, only strong warriors are made up into the hunting team.” He let Rong Yue lie down and continued in a deep voice: “For me and Yue Dong, hunting is certainly a simple matter. Not only can we catch the prey, but we can also transport them back to the tribe easily. Even if one is independent in the wild, they’ll have the ability to protect themselves. For example, Yue Dong dared to go to the Xingyue forest by himself, but another person can’t do it.”



Rong Yue listened quietly, and didn’t interrupt.



“In the Gongshan tribe, men of the same size as Ah Jiu or Sang Mo can’t get into the hunting team. They are not strong enough, hunting alone is also risky, they usually undertake part of the work within the tribe, such as repairing houses, carrying food, or making some appliances and so on. But in smaller tribes, as long it’s a man, they have to be a warrior, because there aren’t enough people.”



Rong Yue finally understood the difficulty of the wild environment here.


It was like playing a game, the wilderness had full level monsters.


“What about a natural scout like Ergou?” Rong Yue asked.



“Female warriors are also there.” Tian Yang replied, “Scouts have innate abilities, not to mention that there are also women who are naturally strong and agile, they can choose to become female warriors. But it is generally relatively rare.”


Rong Yue was curious: “Is there one in the Gongshan tribe?”


Tian Yang let out a laugh: “No. Yu Lian once wanted to do it, but ended up going out for a trip, then she said it was too tiring, and waited to get married.”


Rong Yue hummed and laughed.


The two were silent for a while, Rong Yue thought Tian Yang was asleep and thought to himself for a while.


Shortly after his eyes closed, he was a little sleepy, then he suddenly heard Tian Yang softly ask him, “Your ability, does it only work with a wooden stick?


Rong Yue woke up a few moments and hummed in response.

“It’s not a wooden stick, it’s a staff. To me, it’s a weapon. Without a weapon in hand there is no way to use my ability.”


He and Tian Yang were currently on the same side, and he had saved Tian Yang’s life, so Rong Yue wasn’t worried that his secret would be revealed.


“Must it only be made of wood?”



Rong Yue thought about it, his scepter was mainly metal: “Not really. I haven’t tried out the specific standard here.”



He paused for a moment then he continued: “By the way, tomorrow accompany me to the forest. Just the two of us.”


Tian Yang sullenly hummed, he waited for Rong Yue to close his eyes again, before speaking: “Next time don’t lose your weapon.”


Rong Yue didn’t retort.



It was terrible losing control, in case he ran into someone other than Sang Mo, his life would have been in danger- this was the real world, there was only one life.


The environment was cruel, so Rong Yue had a little sense of urgency.


He had to hurry up and upgrade.


“Ahhhhhh our meat!”


Just as the day dawned, Li Shui broke down and spun around in front of the tent, her small round face wrinkled with anxiety.



“Who stole our meat?! Yesterday it was there in good condition!”



Yue Dong was also confused: “No way, just one night without night duty!


In fact, there was someone to keep watch, Yue Dong only pretended to be asleep. But the boulder was a little distant from the tent, because Tian Yang was there, he didn’t pay attention to this.


Tian Yang wiped his face with his hand: “It’s okay, there was someone who wanted to leave, we gave him the meat.”



Yue Dong scratched his head, “It can still be like this!?”


“At least we knew each other for a while. There are many beasts in the forest this season, there is still a full day today, we’ll drag a deer back in the evening.”


Rong Yue tidied his long hair and waited for the people by the boulder to wake up, he went over and smiled as he greeted everyone.


“Good morning Sacrifice Yue!”



“A new day, good morning Sacrifice Yue!”


Although the sickness still haunted everyone, the people’s spirits were different.



Rong Yue thought that when he got back a good staff and upgraded it, he should be able to heal most of the injured today.


Sleeping in the open air all the time wasn’t a problem, but a sturdy stone house wasn’t something that could be built overnight. He discussed with everyone, and decided to cut some trees first, build some simple wooden houses, at least let everyone would have a place to shelter from the wind and rain.



Up on the ground, these small tribesmen were relatively familiar with the environment, after talking and discussing, it didn’t take long to determine the location of the logging, and the division of labor.


One of the seemingly weak young man, Ah Jiu, was the one who came up with the most ideas.


Rong Yue observed him and found that he could always make decisions easily, so he couldn’t help but appreciate his talent a little.



After half a day, the discussion was completed, except for the seriously injured, everyone acted individually.


Rong Yue smiled and wished everyone all the best, then turned around and saw Tian Yang standing not far away.



“Waiting for me?” When Rong Yue came close, Tian Yang turned around and walked forward with him.



“Just finished with Yue Dong. Today we’re heading north, and he is heading south with the logging team. The food will be prepared by us.”



Rong Yue nodded: “When we hunt, we can bring some back alive to raise them. We also need to keep an eye out for wild twister seeds and such.”


The woods weren’t too far away, and when the two entered the edge, the golden glow of the sun reflected the world brightly.



Rong Yue’s mood also brightened.


He casually found a branch that looked about the same length, and Tian Yang broke it off for him and held it in his hand.


The game interface prompted that no weapon was equipped.


“No?” Tian Yang saw him frowning and asked, “What’s wrong?”


Rong Yue thought about it, “Maybe it’s a carving problem.”


The wooden stick that was accidentally lost yesterday was also a stick, but it was polished.


The outermost layer of bark had been stripped, and the thickness of the top and bottom was consistent, so it was possible that it had been sharpened by a bone knife. After all, this was something from someone’s apparatus.


Tian Yang listened to his analysis, picked up the stick, peeled off the outer bark, and rubbed off the wooden thorns.



With the bone knife in hand, he rounded the ends of the branch, from afar it seemed very similar to the staff that was used as “firewood”.


Rong Yue took it, and sure enough, the tip of the hand held weapon lit up.


He soon noticed the difference – this new staff had attributes!


“Attack +2, Agility +1 ……”


Tian Yang: “What?”


Rong Yue said in shock: “How did you do that!?”



It seemed Tian Yang had a talent for weapon forging!


Tian Yang naturally didn’t know what was special about it: “If it’s better than the original, either the problem is from my production or the raw material. Heal your wound first and check if you can use it.”


The tree they just broke was nothing special, it was a branch from a tall tree. Tian Yang replaced it with a younger tree and made a stick in the same way. Rong Yue tried it and found that the attack only increased by one.


It did have to do with the raw material.

Given that the Rong Yue skill usage couldn’t be widely spread out, the option of switching woods was put aside for now, the two decided to just take the staff and go look for prey first.


“Later if you catch the prey, don’t rush to kill it.” Rong Yue followed Tian Yang, slightly out of breath, Tian Yang saw this and slowed down.



He caught his breath: “I need to try my skills and check how to increase experience points.”



Tian Yang looked around, trying to find an open space for Rong Yue to rest, and asked in passing, “Experience?”


Rong Yue: “Something that can make me stronger.”


As soon as the words left his mouth, he saw a small emerald green snake abruptly emerge from the grass – he subconsciously raised his staff, a ball of holy light half the size of his fist floated out from the top of the staff and suddenly entered the body of the snake!



The little snake hit the ground, it twitched twice, then it stopped moving.


Rong Yue opened the menu and checked his experience bar.


When the snake was completely immobile, the experience bar went up a little bit.


This snake wasn’t poisonous, and Rong Yue had a staff in hand, so Tian Yang wasn’t too worried. At this moment, looking at the smile on his face, he asked, “Did you get experience?”



“Yes!” Rong Yue said happily, “This is simply giving away experience points!”



At this rate, he’d soon get change of clothes and the recipe!




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