[Server will be shut down after five minutes, players need to get offline in time. Attention all players, “Xingyue Era” server group ……]

The sweet mechanical female voice resounded throughout the entire Wu Man continent, and in the ears of all NPCs, it seemed like an oracle.

Rong Yue sat on the throne in the temple, clutching a copy of Marxist Philosophy given to him by a player, his eyes swept over two lines, but he couldn’t read it at all.

  The long silver-white haired Pope sighed, the mechanical female voice was like a pendulum of despair to them, devouring little by little the only hope left in the Wu Man Continent.

“Lord Rong!” A nun stumbled into the hall and shouted with a crying voice: “My Lord, Lord Snowland has sent a world announcement, asking you to read a private message ……”

Rong Yue nodded calmly.

At the end of his life, let him see what this debauched old friend had to say again ……

“F*ck you Rong Yue! Did your temple not memorize Ma Zhe and the Eight Honors and Eight Shames! I told you to hang your slogans outside to brainwash your followers, you didn’t do it, right? I organized a test for all the people of Snowland, and the test was on the core values of socialism!”

Rong Yue: “…………”

He wearily replied, “Do you think the problem is with my temple? Look at what you wear, with your bare chest, whose fault is it?”

“Xingyue Era” was a large holographic online game that had been popular throughout the country, operating for ten years and thriving, with so many players that it could circle the earth twice in a row.

 The snow lord and the temple pope Rong Yue were the game’s most popular and most powerful NPCs.

At the height of their popularity, their respective homages together could take up 90% of the booths at a comic book convention.

Because of being loved and gaining a lot of faith power, they, along with some other NPCs, gained spiritual intelligence.

Unfortunately, just this year, the game world ushered in one of the largest and most stringent censorship.

The online game “Xingyue Era” was shut down for “spreading bad ideas, endangering minors, and revealing clothing” and other reasons.

Despite the countless efforts made by Rong Yue, it still seemed to be in vain.

In the horizon in the distance, black lines appeared, and the unknown black lines nibbled at the sky little by little. As the mechanical female voice spoke without emotion, it annihilated the virtual reality world.

Rong Yue heard the private message alert, he clicked open, it was his old rival again.

“Yueyue …… Has our lives been interesting? We’ve worked hard for few hundred years, and they suddenly said no….. Alas, it’s really no fun.”

Rong Yue was silent for a moment: “Anyway, it is not true.”

Zhu Xing: “Hey! How is it not true! I remember exactly how I fought for the snowland region step by step!”

The black line came over the temple, the prayers of the believers outside the temple disappeared.

  Rong Yue looked at the black hole outside the stained glass and murmured, “If there is an afterlife …… I hope I can really live once.”

In silence, the Wu Man continent was annihilated.


After an unknown period of time, Rong Yue suddenly felt his heart beating wildly. His eyes finally opened after repeated efforts.

In the center of the blurred vision was a robust male back.

Smooth muscle lines, broad shoulders and narrow waist, a palm-length pigtail braided behind his neck.

Rong Yue’s temples suddenly throbbed as if a wave of data flowed forcibly and quickly into his brain.

He …… really lived?

After a short period of confusion, the information was gradually categorized, and Rong Yue was shocked to find that he wasn’t in the “real world” as the players called it.

This was a primitive and barbaric continent.

  And he himself was no longer Rong Yue, the number one magus of the Wu Man continent. He became a member of the “Gangshan” tribe, the chief’s halfway adopted young son.

Yesterday he just …… married the tribe’s first warrior.

Recalling that, Rong Yue was silent ……

Didn’t it mean that the players that showed him such books weren’t wrong, surprisingly male and male could really get married!

The original owner, named “Yue”, was a young sacrifice who had awakened the power of “Heavenly Hearing”.

In the barbaric continent, sacrifice wasn’t only an identity, but also a new gender. People who had awakened the power of sacrifice had the ability to communicate with heaven and earth. Specific manifestations, mostly divinations, a premonition before the disaster, etc..

But once they had the ability, they had to pay the price.

  Awakening as a sacrifice, represented the loss of fertility. For the barbarians, sacrifices were either all tribal offerings, or they got married to a man.

Yue was a very beautiful little sacrifice, many years ago after being stricken and stranded in the Gangshen tribe, the chief adopted him.

  Although Yue wasn’t capable, and couldn’t make a decent divination, he was also timid and cowardly …… his appearance was outstanding, some warriors in the tribe were attracted to him.

  In this regard, the chief’s youngest daughter was very jealous, she was always compared to him.

When she grew up, the youngest daughter fell in love with the tribe’s first warrior – Tian Yang.

Tian Yang was the surviving son of the former chief, born with great strength, cheerful personality, and very well liked in the tribe.

After she fell in love with him, she repeatedly pestered him and finally chased him down.

  The chief, despite his displeasure, saw Tian Yang’s strength and granted them a contract and prepared to send Yue to the neighboring Sentei tribe in exchange for the union of the two forces.

Who could have expected that Tian Yang was bitten by a magical beast during a group hunting trip and was strangely poisoned.

  Since then, the tribe’s first warrior title, had a “former” prefix.

The chief’s daughter saw that Tian Yang had been ruined, she instantly turned her face and refused to marry him.

She was the chief’s daughter, and she was beautiful and smart, how could she marry a waste! She would starve to death!

Tian Yang dragged his sick body and stood outside the chief’s house all night, but failed to win back her heart.

  The next day, the distant sky flushed red, he turned around in the mist and went back to his stone house and never talked about marrying a wife.

  He had decided to give up.

  The daughter was upset, and it so happened that the Sentei tribe was about to send warriors to welcome Yue, so she made a plan.

  The warriors of the Sentei tribe were no worse than those of the Gangshen, so why should she give them to that weak and incompetent Yue? The marriage contract should be hers!

So, Yue, who had been hiding in the house all day, suddenly learned that his husband would be replaced.

  He was replaced by the invalid Tian Yang.

  Everyone knew that being married to Tian Yang meant not having enough to eat, not being able to wear warm clothes, having to survive every winter, and not being able to say that one day they would have to collect the corpse of their husband.

  The young priest, who had been weak all his life, rebelled against the chief’s order for the first time under the pressure of survival. He knelt outside the house for a day and a night, praying that the chief wouldn’t let him marry the invalid Tian Yang.

  But the cold chief didn’t pay attention to his humble pleads, and even after he was so weak that he fainted, he had his men carry him into Tian Yang’s stone house.

The young priest “Yue” was seriously ill, and with a depressed mind, his soul flew away. At that moment, the Pope “Rong Yue” occupied this body.

Rong Yue opened his eyes in shock, his first reaction was to call up the game menu ……

  This ridiculous plot, could it be another virtual world?

  The menu was easily called out, Rong Yue felt a little disappointed, it seemed that this was another set world view, he must have once again become a selfless NPC, to become a priest ……

Wait, why was the menu gray?

  …… profession was also still a priest?

  This was the UI he was familiar with, the UI of Xingyue Chronicles!

In that case, this was really no longer a game!

Rong Yue’s heart, which had been like still water for a long time, gradually began beating wildly.

  He was one of the strongest people in the Wu Man Continent, with the ability to split mountains and seas, and had commanded thousands of horses and armies of the Sacred Riders. His menu was still there, which meant his skills were also ……

Rong Yue glanced at the upper right corner of the menu and suddenly saw the level pane.

  …… LV.1.

  …… level one.

1st level!

His sight suddenly went dark, he didn’t know if the impact was too great, but Rong Yue fainted again.

As he slept, he didn’t know that the body that didn’t belong to him, his long hair turned silver white from the ends.

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