Dong Juncheng, who had already walked into the hall, seemed to have heard the commotion over here and turned around. When he saw Li Zheng, he froze, and then a gentle smile appeared on his face.


He leaned on his cane and turned towards Li Zheng, “Mr. Li Zheng, I’ve heard a lot about you, you’re a young talent.” Dong Juncheng walked up to Li Zheng, with an expression of appreciation and admiration.


A middle-aged scholar at the scene smiled, “Professor Dong has a very high opinion of you, you have been praised more than once in public as the leader of the new generation of biology in Hong Kong.”


A new generation? According to Li Zheng’s age, there was no problem with this statement, but in the academic field, the one who made achievements was the first, not to mention the human nasal mouse, the two achievements of palmatine and carbapenem antibiotics alone, was enough for him to talk to the older generation of Asian biosphere bull on equal footing.


Hong Kong? The new generation?


Li Zheng smiled faintly, he really didn’t put these titles in his eyes.


“Oh, really?” Li Zheng slightly raised his eyebrows, “Professor Dong is really over praising me, your ‘in vitro regeneration organ’ project is really mind blowing.”


When Li Zheng said the word “mind-blowing”, he paused for a moment, and he obviously saw Dong Juncheng’s pupils contract for a moment.


“Professor Dong, I have to thank you, if not for you, I would not have been able to find such a competent assistant like Mrs. Ma.” After saying that, his body slightly moved sideways, so that Ma Wenmin was revealed.


The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became subtle. After the release of the East Star University press release, the Hong Kong media was so dedicated to digging up the “inside story” that people naturally had an impression of Ma Wenmin’s name.


The scholars were smart people, they originally thought Li Zheng was kept in the dark before receiving the Ma Wenmin and Wen Xuefeng, but from his reaction today, it seemed there was a hidden backstory.


Dong Juncheng froze for a moment, then he glanced at Ma Wenmin and said with a smile: “Yes, Xiao Ma had been with me for more than ten years. She is very gifted in academics.”

[TN: Xiao —— Little]


A sentimental sentence with emotion, so that people couldn’t pick the slightest fault.


Ma Wenmin lowered her head, making it impossible to see her expression.


“Yes, Mrs. Ma’s talent is really outstanding, especially in organizing, she is a scholar with creative talent.” Li Zheng seemed to have completely missed the deeper meaning in Dong Juncheng’s words.


The atmosphere between the two became a little stiff all of a sudden.


At this time, Xu Mingsheng walked out from the venue with a big smile, “Why are you blocking the entrance after coming here, do you think our venue is not well decorated?”


He inserted himself into the center of the two, and gave Li Zheng a wink behind Dong Juncheng’s back.


Li Zheng shrugged his shoulders and whispered, “I didn’t start it.” Xu Mingsheng glared at him, then turned around with a smile, “Professor Dong, I’ve been looking forward to hearing about your project for a long time, come on, let’s talk about it inside.”


Dong Juncheng smiled faintly, “Professor Xu is very polite.” Saying that, the two of them walked towards the venue together.


The biology circle in Hong Kong wasn’t big, so this symposium was considered a big event for the biology community in Hong Kong, and almost all of the prestigious biology scholars in Hong Kong were present.


Many of them were still very curious about Li Zheng, a teenage peer who had repeatedly created miracles. After Dong Juncheng left, many scholars came up to talk, including professors and associate professors from different universities, the heads of laboratories, and researchers, all of whom were the top figures in the biology circle in Hong Kong.


Because it was the medical school that hosted this symposium, the staff was naturally the students of the medical school.


And for this kind of industry event, they had to pass five hurdles to obtain service personnel quota.


Li Zheng walked into the venue with the crowd, and when he handed the invitation to the staff at the door, he found that he was actually an acquaintance.


The few with staff tags were all Li Zheng’s classmates, He Zhongming and a few others who looked familiar but couldn’t be named, Li Zheng rubbed his nose, he wasn’t really a qualified classmate.


“Class president.” He took the initiative to greet He Zhongming, while smiling and nodding to his classmates.


Some girls exclaimed in excitement, and He Zhongming was obviously surprised that Li Zheng would actually take the initiative to greet himself, he hurriedly took Li Zheng’s invitation and handed the corresponding seat plate to Li Zheng.


“Li ……” he really didn’t know how to address Li Zheng nowadays, “I’m no longer the class president, you can just call me He Zhongming.”


Li Zheng froze for a moment and revealing a hint of apology on his face, “Okay, sorry.” He smiled and took the seat plate.

He Zhongming watched as Li Zheng was flanked by a group of biosphere scholars whom he could only look up to as they walked toward the center of the venue. He could vaguely hear the conversation between them.


“Li Zheng, I did hear that you’re still studying in the medical school of Hong Kong University, how come Xu Mingsheng and the others still have the face to come and teach you?” An old professor of the same generation as Xu Mingsheng said this.


“Although I got lucky with a few research results, but in terms of attainment in the subject alone, I naturally cannot compare to the professors in the school.” This was Li Zheng’s voice.


The crowd burst into laughter.


“Ah Li Zheng, you’re very modest.” The voices faded away, and behind the workbench, the hearts of the students couldn’t be calmed for a long time. “Li Zheng and I are actually classmates! I think this is something I can put in my resume!” One boy suddenly spoke up.


The girl next to him gave him a blank look, “Of course, you know Xinran, she was bragging about getting into a top 100 biology lab in Asia a while ago. A senior I know is also in that lab, she’s Li Zheng’s classmate, she was chosen on the spot.”


Li Zheng didn’t know the psychological changes of his classmates, he walked into the venue and looked at his seat plate. The sixth to twelfth in the third row, both front row and inconspicuous, this seating arrangement was obviously handled by Xu Mingsheng. Because of the “in vitro organ regeneration” project, which has recently been hyped by the global media, Dong Juncheng was placed in the prominent first row, surrounded by members of the Biological Society Committee.


From Li Zheng’s perspective, it was obvious that he was refusing, and the expression of surprise with slight unease was really spot on. If he hadn’t sat down with a complacent expression, Li Zheng would have believed his modesty.


Liu Sichao quietly whispered, “What are these kind of people doing in the academic field ah, they’d make money faster as an actor.”


The two young men, Zhang Yuejun and Zhang Chao, helplessly laughed out loud. Li Zheng coughed dryly and swept his gaze over the two. The two immediately shut their mouths.


They just couldn’t understand, obviously Li Zheng was younger than them, why did they face Li Zheng with more pressure than facing old professors like Xu Mingsheng, was this the legendary aura of a top scholar?


The symposium began with a speech by the Honorary President of the Biological Society Committee, who was also the President of Hong Kong University, Su Changzhi. Zu Changzhi reviewed the development of biology in the past 20 years, and highlighted the contributions made by scholars from Hong Kong in the history of biology development in these two decades.


In a place as big as Hong Kong, even if education was advanced, the number of biology talents that came out was only a handful. Therefore, the influence of the Biological Society of Hong Kong in Asia was almost entirely dependent on the University of Hong Kong School of Medicine.


Hong Kong University School of Medicine and the University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine were known as the two major biomedical centers in Asia. The contributions made by the scholars of Hong Kong in the history of biological development in these two decades could be almost equal to the contributions made by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong in the history of human biology.



However, there were a few people who could be ranked alongside Hong Kong University School of Medicine, they were all the most respected old scholars in Hong Kong, and they were well-known in Asia and even in the world.


This year, however, two more people were added to this list.


One was Li Zheng, who discovered carbapenem antibiotics and left a big mark in the history of antibiotics, and the other was Dong Juncheng, who created a new chapter of human tissue engineering by “in vitro regeneration of organs”.


These were the words of Su Changzhi.


There was a loud applause in the room.


Li Zheng and Dong Juncheng both stood up and bowed to express their gratitude, and when their eyes met, Li Zheng gave him a big smile.


For some reason, Dong Juncheng’s smile stiffened, and then he slowly sat back in his seat.


In this seminar workshop, naturally research and discussion were the main matters.


The atmosphere of the symposium seemed much more active than the Asian Biopharmaceutical Conference. Many scholars would bring out their immature ideas to share with each other, trying to spark their thinking in the exchange with their peers.


Here Li Zheng heard a lot of ideas that had been realized, or tried to be realized, in the latter days. For example, genetic research, such as biological cloning, such as the HVP virus vaccine.


Li Zheng searched his memory hard and didn’t spare any time in pointing out the direction for projects that already had preliminary feasible solutions. While marveling at Li Zheng’s rich knowledge and amazing experimental intuition, the group of scholars couldn’t help but secretly praise the character of this teenage peer.



Many of the ideas that Li Zheng proposed in response to their questions were extremely feasible, and if he had put them into practice himself, perhaps Li Zheng’s lab could have produced several more successful projects.


The gaze of the crowd of scholars looking at Li Zheng changed from mere admiration for their junior to admiration of a peer and even respect.


The next agenda of the symposium, academic results sharing. What was shared were the results of several projects that had contributed significantly to the development of human biology, as mentioned earlier.


Li Zheng couldn’t share the specific details of the carbapenem antibiotics because he had signed a confidentiality agreement with Mercer Sharp & Dohme, so Dong Juncheng was next.


Dong Juncheng slowly got up in the crowd’s warm applause and walked towards the stage with his walking stick.



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