Yes, this was one of the most successful live samples in the laboratory, it had been alive for three weeks, and except for the ooze which was gradually becoming serious, the rest of the indicators were within the normal range.


Li Zheng’s lab took a photo of the nude mouse every 24 hours, recording its growth and changes over the past three weeks. The n-ude mouse was a juvenile, and the three weeks were its fastest growth period, so the experimental comparison was very obvious.


The n-ude mouse was growing, and the nose on the nu-de mouse’s back was growing!


This meant that the ‘in vitro regenerative organ’ created by Li Zheng’s lab was alive! It could grow along with humans.


Many of the terminal diseases in the history of advanced human medicine could be cured or prolonged by replacing organs. But suitable organs were so rare that hundreds of patients often waited for a single liver. The source, and the risk of organ rejection was significant.


But if the “in vitro regenerative organ” in Li Zheng’s lab was further developed, this technology used inoculation by native cell propagation, which completely solved the problem of organ rejection. And as long as the person provided their own cells, they could grow whatever organ they wanted.


“This technology will open a new chapter in the history of human life! Li Zheng, you have brought new hope to those children with congenital deformities!” Xu Mingsheng’s gaze on Li Zheng was no longer that of a junior, his gaze was complex, excited with a sense of despondency and relief.



Li Zheng smiled and shook his head, “Teacher, you’re overpraising me, this experiment is using bovine cartilage cells, from bovine cells to human cells, from simple five senses to internal organs, this project has a long way to go.”



Even when he died in his previous life, this tissue engineering project had only completed the step from bovine cartilage cells to human body cells, and this step alone took 15 years.


It was more than difficult to take this step from surface organs to internal organs.


“Everything is difficult at the beginning, you have made a good start!”



With this handover from Li Zheng, Xu Mingsheng was a lot more at ease. He also had a vague idea in his mind that if he ignored Li Zheng’s age and seniority, with this current achievement, it would be enough to compete for the position of Biological Society Committee member.



“Don’t be late for the seminar in two days!” Xu Mingsheng patted Li Zheng’s shoulder.


“Don’t worry teacher, I definitely won’t be late.”


The seminar hosted by the Hong Kong University School of Medicine and the Miss Hong Kong finals were on the same day.


Li Zheng was isolated from the world, he didn’t know what kind of dilemma his sister was now facing.


Of course, he didn’t know, that didn’t mean that others didn’t know too.



“Sitian ah, is it Mr. Liang or Mr. Shao? Yesterday your news was still flying around, now in addition to a few tabloids, those mainstream newspapers on this matter hasn’t mentioned it.” Liu Zhidong flipped through several of the biggest selling newspapers in Hong Kong, full of doubts.


He had dealt with these journalists for half a lifetime, he knew their virtues, the smell of something fishy made them gather like flies, if there were no external forces, how could they let go of Zhou Sitian?



Miss Hong Kong’s finals would soon begin, this was a major event in the entertainment industry of Hong Kong and even the rich and famous circle, although Zhou Sitian was notified that there was no need for further preparation, the General Assembly hadn’t officially deprived Zhou Sutian of the final qualification.



Zhou Sitian received the newspaper, a trace of doubt appeared on her face. Could it be Liang Zhe?


She knew that if it was Shao Qihua, he wouldn’t be a good guy and stay behind the scenes quietly.



While Zhou Sitian was thinking, the phone at home suddenly rang.


“I’m coming, I’m coming.” Liu Zhidong hurriedly walked towards the phone.




The other end of the phone was obviously silent for a moment, then a cold female voice spoke, “Who are you? What is your relationship with Zhou Sitian?”


“Me? I’m her agent, and you are?” The voice on the other end of the phone carried a questioning tone, causing Liu Zhidong to be baffled.


“Put Zhou Sitian on the phone.” The woman didn’t answer Liu Zhidong’s question.


Liu Zhidong frowned and handed the phone receiver to Zhou Sitian.


Zhou Sitian heard the slightly rapid breathing on the other end of the conversation, and her grip on the phone tightened.


“It’s me.” Zhao Qihua spoke.


Zhou Sitian slightly lowered her eyes, she found that when she heard Zhao Qihua’s voice, she could actually be calm and peaceful, without a single fluctuation in her heart.


She suddenly remembered Zhao Qihua’s identity, a trace of surprise flashed in her eyes, it was actually her?


“The matter of the newspaper …… was a favor from you?” She spoke calmly.


Zhao Qihua’s voice was obviously lowered, “Forged diploma, you even thought of that?”


Zhou Sitian didn’t answer.


“Let’s talk, tomorrow afternoon, the Peninsula Coffee below the World Trade Center.”


The corner of Zhou Sitian’s mouth hooked up into a mocking smile, “No need, I’ve been busy lately, if there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up.” After saying that, she directly hung up the phone.


Hanging up the phone, Zhou Sitian glanced at Liu Zhidong who was curiously looking at her.


“My manuscript has been touched up, how about the media side?”



Speaking of this manuscript, Liu Zhidong was still shocked, it was an article of eight hundred words, it completely portrayed a young girl with low self-esteem and helplessness, even Liu Zhidong, a big man, felt sour in his heart when he read it, not to mention the gossipy group of mothers in Hong Kong.


“Are you sure you want to post this article?” This article contained half-truths and even implicitly mentions Zhou Deqing’s matter, Zhou Sitian completely ripped open her deepest wound again and placed it bloodily in front of the public.



“Yes, Brother Zhidong, don’t worry, I’m not that fragile.”





For some reason, when Liu Zhidong contacted the Hong Kong media this time, those people all seemed extraordinarily nice to talk to. Soon, a vocal and emotional article appeared in the large and small paper media in Hong Kong.



The article completely portrayed Zhou Sitian as a woman with a small inferiority complex, who had a self-sufficient and self-improvement role, causing many young people to resonate with her, it also evoked the motherly love of many middle-aged mothers.



“It’s not easy for a young girl to come out and work alone at a young age.”



“She’s just a young girl, a little vanity is normal, my daughter says her father is a rich man.”


“Even if she’s a star, in the end, she’s still a child.”


The battle was strong, although there were still a lot of people in the industry who refused to let go, but Zhou Sitian didn’t rely on education to eat, her falsified education didn’t cause damage to others or society, so when the sincere apology article came out, the majority of people understood.



Miss Hong Kong, finals day.


“Grandma, this night is going to be the final, what are you going out now? You have to get ready!” Liu Zhidong looked at Zhou Sitian, who was fully dressed, wearing a mask and duck-tongue cap, with a bitter smile.


“I’ll go to Hong Kong University.” She patted Liu Zhidong’s shoulder, “Brother Zhidong, go to the TV station first, I will go there directly in the evening.”


Liu Zhidong ……


A row of neatly colored flags fluttered in the wind at the entrance of the School of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, with a bright red banner reading “Welcome to this symposium by fellow biologists” and it was signed by the Biological Association Committee of the University of Hong Kong.


“Have you checked everything? Nothing is missing, right?” The car slowly drove into the campus, looking at the trees receding on both sides of the road, Li Zheng couldn’t help but sigh.



He had been soaking in the lab to the point that he had forgotten that he was still a student. Li Zheng rubbed his chin with one hand, it seemed that he had missed the final exam, so did he need to retake it?



“Don’t worry, it’s all there. I must see that shameless old man’s stinky face when he sees the results of our experiment!” Liu Sichao said with a big smile.



As they were talking, a stretch business car passed by them and soon stopped at the entrance of the medical school.


A young man quickly ran down from the passenger seat and went to the back door and opened it.


An old man with a cane and some white hair came down from the car.


Li Zheng had seen this old man that day in Wen Xuefeng’s home downstairs, his eyes narrowed, it was really him.


“Professor Dong!”


“Professor Dong! Your ‘in vitro regeneration organ’ project is very shocking!”


“Professor Dong, I’m Peng Yong from Ning Hua Lab, are you interested in working with us?”


“Professor Dong!”


“Professor Dong!”


Dong Juncheng attracted most people’s attention as soon as he appeared, just like a drop of water in a pot of calm oil, the atmosphere instantly heated up.


Dong Juncheng greeted the crowd gently, not showing the arrogance of a ‘top scholar’ at all.


Yes, with the technology of ‘in vitro organ regeneration’, Dong Juncheng had become a popular person in the biology circle of Hong Kong, and had even stepped into the ranks of the top scholars in Hong Kong.


Ma Wenmin’s breathing became a bit rapid, Li Zheng turned his head and patted her shoulder, “He’s been enjoying this for too long.”



Ma Wenmin sniffed, took a deep breath and put a gentle expression back on her face, she nodded and whispered a thank you to Li Zheng.



The car stopped at the entrance, and Li Zheng and the others got off one after another.



Li Zheng had already made quite a name for himself in the biology circles of Hong Kong because of his palmatine and carbapenem antibiotics.


“Our young scientist is here.” An old-timer saw Li Zheng coming down from the car and joked with a smile.


“It’s really the wave after the Yangtze River pushing the front wave.”


“I heard that Li Zheng’s lab has the most advanced experimental equipment in Hong Kong!”


“Didn’t Mr. Smith of Mercer East say that our Xiao Mr. Li Zheng is the most genteel biologist of this century.”


The crowd was laughing and joking, Li Zheng was also smiling, but he was frowning in his heart, and two words faintly appeared in his mind.


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