In the laboratory of Qing Garden II


Food-grade steel plate, sterile isolation paper and hand-held surgical lights. Well, in short, a steel plate, a piece of isolation paper and two high powered flashlights held by Zhang Chao and Zhang Yuejun, thus forming a temporary small operating table.


Chen Xuhua’s expression was grave, he had been in operating rooms countless times in his life, but he knew this would be the most memorable one in his life.


“Anesthesiologist prepare for anesthesia.” Chen Xuhua lifted his freshly dried hand, and said with a serious expression.


The laboratory was quiet, even the sound of a needle falling on the ground would be heard very clearly. They looked at each other, bewildered.


Li Zheng drily coughed, “Give me the anesthetic agent.”


Chen Xuhua obviously froze for a moment, and then with a bitter smile, he realised that he was no longer in the hospital, he glanced at Li Zheng: “I’ll do it.”


Li Zheng didn’t reply, he slightly raised his eyelids, then one hand held the instrument to keep the naked mouse in place, and then the syringe sharply stabbed in the front abdomen of the naked mouse.


He dropped the mask and looked at the watch, “Wait for five minutes, observe the living body reaction. If everything is normal, we’ll start the transplant.”



Time passed by, everyone only felt their heart “thump, thump, thump” beating, if the successful propagation of chondrocytes on the scaffold inoculation meant that in vitro organ regeneration had become possible, then if the organ could successfully live on the living body, it would be a milestone step in the history of human life.



This meant that the whole body would be like a machine that could replace parts at any time, and extending the life span of a person would no longer be something that existed only in mythical stories.


Chen Xuhua looked up at the crowd, then took a deep breath and cut two slits on the back of the naked mouse.


“Nose.” He said in a deep voice.


Ma Wenmin carefully removed the artificial nose from the culture tank. The artificial nose just removed from the culture tank was very active, and it was excellent to observe that there was still tissue fluid oozing from its marginal part.


The tissue was sutured and the wound was cleaned up. In fact, it was a very small operation compared to a real clinical organ transplant, but Chen Xuhua was very careful in every step.



The first stent nose was peacefully transplanted onto the back of the nude mouse.


“The next 24 hours are the most dangerous, although this stent is biodegradable, if it produces rejection, it will be fatal to the living body.” Chen Xuhua said as he took off his mask.



Li Zheng nodded, “When all 7 groups of experimental subjects are transplanted, we will take turns on duty 24 hours a day to record the data.” Speaking here, he paused, “Now that the experiment has reached its final stage, there are enough rooms on the second floor of the lab and the cafeteria will provide three meals, so I hope no more unpleasant things will happen.”


The crowd nodded.


Ma Wenmin subconsciously rubbed her hand against her pants pocket, she had realized that she had been too impulsive.


“Teacher Ma?” Li Zheng looked at her with a smile.


Ma Wenmin was startled, and then reacted that her mind had actually wandered off in the middle of the experiment, she slapped her head in chagrin and shook her head with a bitter smile.


A trace of determination appeared on Ma Wenmin’s face as she walked up to Liu Sichao, “I’m really sorry, Researcher Liu.” She bowed her head slightly, her expression sincere.



Liu Sichao was first stunned, then he was a bit at a loss, he had always been cynical, during a quarrel, he would never be afraid of anyone, but this sincere apology made him feel extremely uncomfortable.



“It’s okay Mrs. Liu, you were in a bad mood, I know.” Liu Sichao said dryly.


Ma Wenmin shook her head, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, I have been wronged for half my life and know this feeling. Whether you accept it or not, I’m really sorry!”


“I accept, accept!” Liu Sichao waved his hand repeatedly.


Liu Sichao’s comical reaction made Zhang Yuejun giggle.


This laugh was like flicking a switch, everyone started laughing. The laboratory’s gloomy atmosphere was also swept away.


Li Zheng patted Zhang Yuejun’s shoulder and gave him an encouraging look.


Zhang Yuejun scratched his head, and his smile became even wider.


Seven different degradable materials and seven sets of experiments naturally required more than one na-ked mouse.


The people were all from biomedical science, and although the work at hand wasn’t as good as the clinical doctors, they could get started with a little teaching for simple minor surgeries.


“I finally know how those clinicians, standing next to the operating table from morning to night, feel. I almost threw up when I just saw the mice.” Zhang Chao spoke helplessly.


He was famous for his experimental techniques in biology, but like Li Zheng, he was biased towards pharmaceuticals and was a bit weaker in tissue engineering.


So in one afternoon, the number of n-aked rats that died in his hands was already countless.


“The mice are the ones who have to throw up when they see you.” Zhang Yuejun sewed the last thread, and then observed the fruits of his labor with great interest.


The whole 48 hours, all seven groups of experimental subjects were prepared.


“Group 1, No. 1 to No. 6 showed rejection and are declared dead.”


“Group 2 scaffold degradation is incomplete, and the living subjects show loss of appetite and lack of spirit.”



The selection of Miss Hong Kong was drawing to a close, and Zhou Sitian, Zhu Ning and Sun Junfang had become the beauties with the highest call for the championship.


“Zhou Sitian’s Identity is too clean.” Sun Junfang looked at the woman across the table, “But as you said, I checked the list of Asian graduates of Columbia University in the past ten years, and there is no such name as Zhou Sitian.”


Li Wenhui smiled and laughed lightly. A look of disdain flashed across her face.


“I knew it, it was all lies. It’s obvious that she’s from some corner of the mountain, but she’s pretending to be noble, it’s disgusting.”


She muttered a few words, and then said with a smile, “Miss Sun, I can be the first to congratulate you here, without the big enemy Zhou Sitian, you are one step closer to being the champion.”


Sun Junfang pushed the list of information in her hand to Li Wenhui and looked at her with a smile, “To k!ll with a knife, it depends on whether the knife is willing or not. Zhou Sitian may not really be a high achiever, but she can talk to the Governor’s wife, I don’t believe she doesn’t have a background. So, I won’t take this trip.”


She knocked on the table, “I’ll put the information here, you can take it if it’s useful, throw it away if it’s not.” After saying that, Sun Junfang actually stood up and walked out directly.



Li Wenhui was angry that she wasn’t stupid enough to fall into her trap. But she didn’t believe that Zhou Sitian had a deep background, she wouldn’t believe it. Didn’t she know Liu Zhidong? If there was really a newcomer with a deep background, could it be his turn?


And she had studied Zhou Sitian’s experience since her debut, it was obvious that at the beginning of her debut, Zhou Sitian simply didn’t have any resources, those individual ads were left behind by her, could such a person have a deep background?


Li Wenhui guessed that the Zhou Sitian was about the same as her, she was holding a high branch, but this high branch wasn’t simple.


Her eyes were glued to the file bag on the table, and after about fifteen minutes, she still picked it up.


“Talent and appearance? The popular little flower girl forged her education!”


“Is it a dragon or a worm? The list of Asian graduates from Columbia University is announced, no Zhou Sitian.”


The news of Zhou Sitian’s falsified education was very much in the air all of a sudden.


“How could this happen? How could this happen? Not to mention the entertainment industry, even those who are officials have forged degrees, why is it that you are the target!” Liu Zhidong was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.


Once the news came out, the Miss Hong Kong organizing committee’s attitude toward them took a 180-degree turn, tomorrow was the final talent show, but Liu Zhidong just received a notice, the committee actually told them that she didn’t have to go!


How could this be! Not to mention that bringing out a Miss Hong Kong was his dream, Zhou Sitian, in order to comply with the persona of a high-profile family, she took three months of violin practice, day and night, so much that Liu Zhidong felt a little heartbroken for her.


This girl, was very hard-working.


“Sitian, ​​don’t worry. All the manuscripts I gave to the media were written by Columbia University, but the media themselves omitted ‘of’. We can make it clear!”



But he knew that it would be a poor explanation in the eyes of the people of pure sophistry. This would make Zhou Sitian’s journey extraordinarily difficult.



“Sitian, can you ask Mr. Li Zheng to come forward?” Liu Zhidong asked cautiously.


The halo on Li Zheng’s head was too shiny, as long as a little bit of Li Zheng’s relationship with Zhou Sitian was revealed to the outside world, this would all be solved together, not to mention that there was the one behind Mr. Li Zheng.


“No, I will solve this matter by myself, Xiao Zheng is now experimenting, you’re not allowed to disturb him.” Zhou Sitian and Zheng Lingling had been in contact with each other.


Naturally, she knew that Li Zheng’s lab hadn’t been peaceful recently, she didn’t want to add more trouble to Li Zheng.



She turned the bracelet on her wrist and thought deeply for a long time, “Brother Zhidong, do you have any media that you are familiar with?”



Liu Zhidong smiled bitterly, “Aunt Tian, you aren’t unaware of what those people are like, now that this matter is out, those people won’t stay when things are bad.”



“This Columbia University list is too hard, we can’t find a counter-argument, asking them to take the risk to help you defend, isn’t possible.”


Zhou Sitian moved, a decent smile appeared on her face.



“Brother Zhidong, you’re overthinking it. A rebuttal? No, I am going to write a letter of repentance, a self-abased girl reforming herself, what do you think?”


Liu Zhidong was frozen in place with shock, “You want to admit it?!”


“Right. Although Xiao Zheng is very accomplished in academics, he is still lacking a little bit to the world. A girl with low self-esteem and sensitivity came to her senses and reformed herself, it is more likely to arouse the sympathy of the masses than such word games as Columbia University and Columbia’s university. Xiao Zheng said, people always love to sympathize with the weak.”



Liu Zhidong mouth grew big, he looked up and down at Zhou Sitian, as if he was seeing this little girl for the first time.




“I have sent the invitation, the media has also been informed. Aigoo, Li Zheng ah, you are really sure?” Xu Mingsheng was still a little uneasy.


“What did Dong Juncheng say?”


Xu Mingsheng rubbed his brow, “He agreed to the position of the committee member of the Biological Society of Hong Kong.”


The Hong Kong Society of Biology, was a private group organized by biologists in Hong Kong, but its status in the biology circle in Hong Kong and even in Asia was very high.


There were 12 positions on the committee of the Biological Society of Hong Kong, and each position was for life, that was, one died before a position is vacated, so the places were very precious.


In the University of Hong Kong, the first-class institution in Hong Kong, there were only two committee members, Su Changzhi and Xu Xu Mingsheng.


It so happened that two months ago, a certain member passed away due to cerebral hemorrhage, and this position was vacated. So this year’s symposium was particularly large, the old-timers in the biology industry of Hong Kong, almost all came together.



From the theft of laboratory staff experimental results, as well as preemptive publication of project results of these two things, Dong Juncheng was a person who put great importance to fame and wealth. Therefore, he wasn’t afraid that he wouldn’t take the bait because he was a member of the Committee of the biological society.



Li Zheng on the other end of the phone let out a series of pleasant laughter, “Teacher, I earnestly invite you to visit my lab.”


Once Xu Mingsheng heard this, his heart was mostly set.


“I’ll be right over!”


“The tissue fluid is leaking badly, and it needs to be pumped almost once every three hours.”


“The fourth group of No. 3 living body’s heartbeat disappeared and was declared dead.”


“Group 6, No. 2 living tissue tests show that the polymer material in the body has basically been degraded!”


Xu Mingsheng was led in by Zheng Lingling and saw such a busy scene. He was about to ask a question when his eyes were drawn to the contents of a transparent biological cabinet.


“This …… this this” Xu Mingsheng covered his heart and couldn’t say anything.


Li Zheng handed his experiment record book to Zhang Yuejun, and then walked towards Xu Mingsheng.


“Teacher, you’re here.”


Xu Mingsheng felt like his heart was about to pop out of his chest, “This is alive?!”


In front of him was a very strange creature, it had the body of a mouse, but its back was arched like a camel, and the arched arc was like a human nose.


A human nose?


A human nose!


Xu Mingsheng swooped down in front of the biology cabinet, his gaze fixed on the naked rat that had fearfully hid inside the innermost part of the biology cabinet because of his sudden move, then he suddenly burst out laughing.



“Hahahaha” he patted Li Zheng’s shoulder hard, “Well well well, Li Zheng, you are simply synonymous with miracles!”


The human-nosed rat was really too shocking, that long-nosed rat just appeared alive in front of him, which …… Xu Mingsheng simply couldn’t use words to describe the shock and excitement in his heart.


“Well.” He kept repeating.


Li Zheng smiled faintly, “Teacher, look.” He turned on the lab’s projector.



One by one, pictures of n-aked rats appeared on the projector in turn, “Teacher, do you see anything?” Each picture was of a rat with a long nose.


Xu Mingsheng looked at Li Zheng’s mysterious expression and frowned gently.


“Play it again.”


Li Zheng didn’t mind the trouble and repeated it again.


Xu Mingsheng stared motionlessly at the photo on the slide and suddenly his eyes shone brightly, “It’s a rat, it’s the same one!”



He looked at Li Zheng, “It’s growing, it’s growing too! It can grow!”



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