“I heard that your lab hasn’t been peaceful recently?” Xu Mingsheng poured the boiled tea into Li Zheng’s cup.


Li Zheng picked up the cup of tea and blew it gently.


“Teacher is well-informed.” He took a sip, “The atmosphere in the lab is indeed a bit tense these days.”


That day, after Ma Wenmin questioned Liu Sichao, Liu Sichao dropped the camera in front of Ma Wenmin on the spot.


The camera only had photos of the artificial nose in the culture tank and the photos of the experimental data, but there was none of them.


Although Ma Wenmin apologized, now almost everyone in the laboratory was self-conscious, afraid of being suspected of being a traitor to the laboratory, so they naturally couldn’t focus on work.



So, the progress of the project “in vitro regeneration of organs” came to a sudden halt.


“You don’t want to find out how the information was leaked?” Xu Mingsheng also felt strange, it had come to this point, yet Li Zheng was actually not anxious at all.


Li Zheng put down his cup, the corners of his mouth slightly hooked, “There are no traitors, the Qing Garden has twenty-four hour surveillance.”


Unlike the latter days where every household installed cameras, in the eighties, even as the Asian financial center of Hong Kong, there were very few cameras, only banks, jewelry malls and other places with high-value belongings had cameras.


And Li Zheng, out of habit, installed a full range of cameras during the renovation.


In the evening of the incident, he and the security department in charge of the recent monitoring checked everything from beginning to end, everyone was very normal and there was no a trace of abnormalities.


“Then it’s from Dong Juncheng side?” Xu Mingsheng responded with a doubtful expression.


Li Zheng smiled, “This is also the reason I came to see the teacher today, I heard that recently the University of Hong Kong will organize an academic seminar on biology?”


Speaking of this, Xu Mingsheng’s smile got a little brighter, “Then our great genius Li, are you interested in attending?”


“With pleasure. But ……” Li Zheng’s eyes narrowed, “Will Professor Dong come?”


Xu Mingsheng frowned slightly, “Ah Zheng, I know you and Dong Juncheng don’t deal with each other, but his reputation is soaring, if he wants to come, I can’t stop him.”



Li Zheng was dumbfounded, “Teacher, you misunderstood, I hope Professor Dong will come, he must come, if he is willing to show his new technology of ‘in vitro regeneration of organs’, that would be the best.”


Xu Mingsheng smiled slightly, and then sized up Li Zheng suspiciously.


Li Zheng didn’t hide it, he casually shook the cup, “I suspect that his artificial ear is a fake.”


The first human ear mouse was introduced in 1997 and repeated experiments were conducted in 2011. It took the Chinese 14 years to successfully repeat the experiment.



Even with the complete experimental data, Li Zheng didn’t feel that Dong Junchao’s lab had the level to grow the artificial ear in just two weeks.


Therefore, Li Zheng suspected that Dong Junchao got the news that Li Zheng’s lab had made an artificial nose from somewhere, so he jumped the gun and created an artificial nose out of life.


Xu Mingsheng’s expression got serious, “How sure are you?” This wasn’t a joke, after the artificial ear report came out, there were already many people and organisations that showed goodwill to Dong Juncheng’s laboratory.


If this charge was confirmed, then it would be academic fraud.


Li Zheng smiled and extended a hand.


“Fifty percent?” Xu Mingsheng stood up and paced back and forth in the office, “Fifty percent, it’s enough to take a risk. I will personally compose the invitation letter later.”


“Teacher, don’t forget to inform the media at the same time that there will be a live demonstration of ‘in vitro regenerative organ’ technology at the symposium.” Li Zheng picked up the conversation.


Xu Mingsheng was stunned, “Then in case that Dong Juncheng kid is really an academic fraud, how do you want me to round up?”


Li Zheng waved his hand, “Teacher, there is still me. He is fake, I have the real one.”


Xu Mingsheng couldn’t help but sigh, this kid was really like a demon.


Now the news that Dong Juncheng’s laboratory achieved the “organ regeneration” was extremely well known in Hong Kong.


If the University of Hong Kong revealed to the people attending the seminar that they would have a live introduction of “in vitro regeneration of organs” technology, they would automatically associate it to Dong Juncheng’s laboratory.



If he could really come up with the technology, then everything would be fine. If he couldn’t …… Xu Mingsheng glanced at Li Zheng, who was siping tea, then this Professor Dong would lose his reputation and become a stepping stone for Li Zheng’s lab.


“Well, what if he really takes it out?” Xu Mingsheng didn’t believe that Li Zheng had not thought of this possibility.


“Teacher, you can be rest assured. In the same technology, there is also the advanced version. Would you say that an organ in a culture tank is convincing, or an organ that grows on a living creature and can grow with it?”


When Li Zheng returned from Hong Kong University, the atmosphere in the laboratory was still as gloomy as usual.



“Ta-da,” Li Zheng knocked on the table, and when he saw that everyone was looking at him, he took out a photo from his pocket.


“I’m pretty sure that there are no traitors in the lab.” He paused and continued, “I guess Professor Dong’s lab doggedly released the news so quickly because of this.” Li Zheng moved the photo in his hand.



Liu Sichao’s eyes widened, “This photo? It was taken by me! But I ……” He suddenly thought of something and couldn’t help but look at Ma Wenmin.


Ma Wenmin took two quick steps and picked up Li Zheng’s photo, she swallowed and turned the photo backwards.


Behind the photo was clearly her handwriting.


This was a photo of a culture tank artificial nose, the day Liu Sichao washed out the photo, proudly showing off in front of everyone, she asked him for one, thinking of burning it in front of the grave of Wen Xuefeng, so that he would also be happy.


The last time she went to see Wen Xuefeng, Ma Wenmin forgot to bring a lighter, so she brought the photo back. Then the photo went missing.


She didn’t think much of it, but how did this photo appear in the hands of Li Zheng?


“This photo doesn’t show our experimental data, how could Dong Juncheng repeat our experiments with such a photo!” Zhong Peng suddenly realizing something, “You mean, his academic results are fake?”


Li Zheng shrugged, “Whether it’s fake or not, we’ll soon know. Five days later, it’s the biology discipline seminar held by Hong Kong University, I hope we can have a stage result of our project before then. Whether their results are true or not, in front of absolute strength and advantage, all schemes and tricks are paper tigers.”


That afternoon, Chen Xuhua, who had been running the Special Disease Research Foundation, also rushed back, and the stent transplant was equivalent to a minor surgical operation, which couldn’t have been better left to Chen Xuhua, a surgical expert.



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