“Why should I help you?” Sun Junfang sized up the woman in front of her, the streets were now full of rumours about her, yet she actually had time to harm others.



“Why? You want to be Miss Hong Kong, and then marry into your husband’s family in style. She is your biggest competitor.” Li Wenhui said with a smile.




Two days ago, the entertainment tabloids broke the news that “Mr. Li found a new lover, the former jade girl was abandoned”, Li Wenhui had become the joke of the whole Hong Kong.



At the same time, Li Wenhui was angry and had to make plans for her future, so she went to Liu Zhidong.



But she didn’t expect that Liu Zhidong wouldn’t see her because he was with the now popular Zhou Sitian.



After being compared to each other by the media for so long, that was the first time they met.



“Zhou Sitian?”



The corner of Zhou Sutian’s mouth hooked up into a polite and detached smile, that look actually showed the similarities between her and Li Zheng.



“Li Wenhui.” She used an affirmative sentence, the apartment she lived in originally belonged to Li Wenhui, and Li Wenhui’s big photo was still in the storage room.



“I heard that you were discovered by Liu Zhidong when you were serving dishes in a teahouse, so you really became a phoenix.” Li Wenhui said sourly.




Zhou Sitian lightly laughed, “If you say that the sparrow has become a phoenix, how I can be compared to sister Wenhui?” As if she spoke out of place, Zhou Sitian covered her mouth and smiled apologetically at Li Wenhui.



After a long time in the entertainment industry, Zhou Sitian learned what was reciprocation. If others came to bully her and she kept quiet or turned a blind eye, she wouldn’t be able to stay in the industry.



Li Wenhui was shivering with anger, this confrontation led to the conversation today.



“Zhou Sitian was found by Liu Zhidong in a teahouse, what school did she go to? How is it possible, go check, you’ll definitely find something.”



Sun Junfang’s fingers fiddled unconsciously with the spoon in her coffee cup, not saying yes or no.



At the other end of the Hong Kong River, a loud cheer suddenly erupted in the laboratory of Qing Garden II.



“The cell inoculation is successful! It’s successful!” Zhang Yuejun’s entire body jumped up from the floor as he laughed with a face full of stubble.



After five months of comparing materials, the lab identified seven non-toxic, biodegradable materials that were nasally molded, soaked in polylactic acid (PLA) solution to create the nose contour, and then allowed bovine chondrocytes to colonize and grow on the scaffold.



Then came the second challenge of the project, inoculating the chondrocytes into the scaffold material, a process that required not only a high level of material but also a higher level of skill and expertise from the researchers.



After more than 30 sets of experiments, they finally succeeded in inoculating the chondrocytes into the scaffold material on the last Friday of July.



“Culture fluid ready.”



“Culture fluid preparation is complete, the culture fluid test shows that the nutrients remain within 0.01% error from the human body and can be put into the culture.”



Li Zheng and Liu Sichao looked at each other and carefully put the inoculated scaffold material into the culture fluid.




“This is really a miracle.” Liu Sichao looked at the “artificial nose” that was already showing an outline in the culture fluid and sighed.




He seemed to have thought of something and ran out with a grin.



Soon after, Liu Sichao came back with a camera bag on his back. He carefully took out his camera and took several pictures of the transparent culture tank.



“I believe that these photos will become precious historical materials and a great witness of this miracle!” Liu Sichao stared at the brackets in the culture tank and was in an excited mood.



“Li Zheng, I think we can totally put it out as the first stage of research results. Create some pressure on that professor’s lab at Dongchen University!” Liu Sichao was the best at academic competitions and had a few ideas on how to influence the opponent’s psychology.



Li Zheng shook his head, “In addition to cell inoculation, there is a possibly of rejection, whether the material can be normally degraded and not harm the health of the experimental body. This is the focus and difficulty of the experiment.”



Liu Sichao looked somewhat unimpressed, he looked at the scaffold in the culture tank in fascination, with his experience, these photos alone were already enough to press Dong Juncheng’s lab head on.




“That’s why it’s all the more important to show what we’ve accomplished. Material selection alone, we have been trying for more than five months in a row, in case there is rejection, or the material does not degrade properly? That would take several more five months. I say, let’s announce it, it’ll suppress Professor Dong’s laboratory and also clear the stigma on Old Mr Wen early.”



Liu Sichao continued to lobby, he was extremely enthusiastic.



Li Zheng hesitated, the nose in the culture tank wasn’t as shocking as the nose on the naked mouse. He thought about it for a moment, but shook his head and refused. The nose in the culture tank alone wasn’t enough to show the leadership of Li Zheng’s lab or the WenFeng project team in the “in vitro regeneration of organs” project.



Liu Sichao sighed deeply and a trace of disappointment flashed on his face but he said no more.



“In vitro cultivation takes 1-2 weeks, so take two days off, everyone go back and rest.” Li Zheng said with a smile.



The crowd laughed and responded in kind.



Ma Wenmin stared blankly at the nose-shaped stent in the culture tank, stretched out her hand and gently placed it on the glass in front of the nose-shaped stent, with a complicated expression on her face.




Two weeks later, each of the seven culture tanks in the second laboratory had five or six nasal scaffolds with completed cell inoculation.




The smiles on the faces of the people in the lab were getting brighter and brighter as they saw the experiment going more and more smoothly.



“Bang” a sound of a heavy object hitting something.



Half of Zheng Lingling’s body crashed against the door, making a loud crashing sound.



She casually rubbed her shoulder, not caring about the pain, and quickly ran into the lab.



“Li Zheng, look!” She handed the latest copy of the Hong Kong Daily to him.



“In vitro regeneration of organs, a miracle of human science!” The front page headline of the Hong Kong Daily News, was a photo of a human ear in a culture tank.



This human ear was only half the size of an average human ear, and its outline was somewhat rough, but with the same exact technique, this artificial ear used the exact same technique as the artificial nose in Li Zheng’s lab!



”Professor Dong has always been a leading figure in the field of tissue engineering in Hong Kong, and this time, he even overcame all the difficulties to create the world’s first example of in vitro regenerated organs ……”



“How could this happen?” The people in the laboratory looked at each other, the same chondrocyte scaffold propagation inoculation, the exact same experimental ideas, if this was a coincidence, they themselves didn’t believe it.



They couldn’t help but fall silent. What they saw in front of them was a cruel fact: there was a traitor in the lab.



A total of six people were involved in this experiment, Li Zheng, Ma Wenmin, Liu Sichao, Zhong Peng, Zhang Chao, Zhang Yuejun, Li Zheng was the head of the laboratory, but also the main force of this experiment, he couldn’t demolish his own stage.



Ma Wenmin and Dong Juncheng’s laboratory had a knot that couldn’t be untied, so it wasn’t her.



The remaining four people, Zhang Chao and Zhang Yuejun seemed to have no access to the core information, as for Liu Sichao and Zhong Peng ……



Zhong Peng hadn’t found this job easily, according to general thinking, the most likely person seemed to be Liu Sichao.




He lacked money and his academic style drew controversy.



Li Zheng’s gaze swept over the crowd, “It’s just a piece of claptrap, a random model in the culture tank can be imitated, don’t let it affect your mood, let’s continue.”



The atmosphere in the laboratory suddenly became heavy, the group of experimenters all lowered their heads, their expressions were solemn, and no one responded to Li Zheng’s words for a while.



Li Zheng shook his head and observed the culture tank, recording the data changes.



“I told you to listen to me earlier, but now it’s gone, it was preempted.” Liu Sichao muttered softly, his head was down so he didn’t notice that the crowd was looking at him with a somewhat strange expression.




“Next is stent implantation. I’m not good at tissue engineering, there are specialties in the field.” Li Zheng handed the scalpel to Ma Wenmin.




Ma Wenmin clenched her lower lip, her teeth were chattering, five months, no, more than ten years, the hope that she could easily see was dashed before her eyes, it was as if a fire was burning in Ma Wenmin’s heart.



Again and again, how could he be so shameless!



“Teacher Ma?” Li Zheng saw that something was wrong with Ma Wenmin and wanted to take the scalpel back.



But it was too late, Ma Wenmin forcefully slashed the scalpel towards the table, the naked rat let out a sharp cry as the scalpel narrowly grazed the abdomen of the naked rat, splitting its tail in two.



The people in the laboratory sucked in a cold breath, Ma Wenmin dropped the scalpel, swept her gaze over Zhong Peng, Zhang Yuejun, Zhang Chao, and finally landed on Liu Sichao.



“Is it you?” Ma Wenmin spoke.



“What?” Liu Sichao was stunned, then he quickly reacted, “You think I leaked the experimental data?”



“On what grounds!” Liu Sichao was furious, although he was a bit bad-mouthed and his reputation in the academic circle didn’t seem to be that good, but did he look like someone who could do such a thing?



“The core information of the lab is locked up every time before the end of the day, so no one can take the core information out of the lab unless they have the means. But ……”



She walked to Liu Sichao’s lab table and pointed to Liu Sichao’s camera, “But it can, as long as you use it to take pictures the lab data, you can take it out at will!”





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