Liang Zhe’s heart suddenly surged with an impulse, he wanted to rush over and hug him, kiss his brow, his lips, and let him melt in his arms.


His leg moved forward, and then it seemed like he was rudely awakened, and quickly moved back.

“I …… I’ll go back first.” Liang Zhe almost fled.


Li Zheng was stunned as this Mr. Liang panicked and ran out the door, even when crossing the threshold, he stumbled a little and almost fell.


What was wrong with him?


Back in the room, Liang Zhe felt his heart beating like a drum, and his brain was blank. What was he thinking?


This was something that should only be done between husband and wife, how could he think of his friend like this! Liang Zhe took a deep breath, trying to suppress this thought.



But some thoughts, once sprouted, were like crazy weeds, the more you suppressed them the more tenacious they became.


“Liang Zhe?” Li Zheng saw that Liang Zhe’s state was a bit wrong, so he uneasily followed him.


Liang Zhe entered the room in a hurry and didn’t lock the door, Li Zheng knocked gently on the door, and when no one answered, he pushed the door directly in, and saw Liang Zhe’s disoriented expression.


When Liang Zhe heard Li Zheng’s voice, he stood up violently from the bed like he was stuck by a needle. He breathed heavily and tried to throw out the messy things in his mind.


Li Zheng saw that Liang Zhe’s face was alarmingly red, not the usual shy kind of red, but he seemed to be dyed by the same red haze, his forehead to his neck seemed to drip blood.


His face was frozen and he quickly stepped forward.


Liang Zhe froze as he watched Li Zheng walk forward, stopping less than 30 centimeters away from him, and then he stretched out his right hand and covered his forehead.


“Bang!” Liang Zhe seemed to hear the sound of a hot water bottle lid being ejected because of the rising steam. He felt like the top of his head, nasal cavity, and ears were smoking.


“It’s a little hot. It’s not a fever, is it?” Li Zheng’s brow furrowed slightly, “Do you have medicine with you?”


Liang Zhe’s brain completely lost the function of thinking, he numbly pointed down the direction of the bedside table.


Li Zheng walked to the bedside table, took out the medicine box, thought for a moment, and poured a few pills in his hands.


“Although a cold doesn’t seem like much, it’s powerful enough to kill people. So when signs of a cold appear, you have to suppress it.”


He also thoughtfully poured a glass of water for Liang Zhe.


“Take it.” Li Zheng handed the medicine to him.


Looking at the three pills lying quietly in Li Zheng’s hand, Liang Zhe slightly regained his ability to think, he shouldn’t be sick.


Li Zheng’s hand moved, seemingly urging him on.


Liang Zhe’s brain was hot, he grabbed Li Zheng’s hand and swallowed the medicine without drinking water.


Li Zheng’s palm was swept by Liang Zhe’s lips, his body couldn’t help but stiffen for a moment, and then he looked at Liang Zhe’s appearance as he struggled to swallow the medicine dry and gently laughed.



“Look at that silly look of yours, drink water.” He lifted the water cup to Liang Zhe’s mouth, and then gently poured it into his mouth.


Liang Zhe saw the situation, but he stupidly opened his mouth, because of the rush, he choked twice.


“I’ll take the 5:30 flight back to Hong Kong later.” After Liang Zhe finished choking, Li Zheng said.


Liang Zhe couldn’t wait to get away from Li Zheng, he now remembered the nasty thoughts in his head when he saw Li Zheng, he was too ashamed to see his best friend.



He felt that since his mind produced such thoughts, it must be his psychological problem again. He decided to see a psychiatrist when he got back to Hong Kong, he would definitely not let this get in the way of a “normal relationship” between him and Li Zheng!


Li Zheng saw Liang Zhe nod rapidly, as if he couldn’t wait for him to leave as soon as possible, he felt like something was stuck in his throat, he couldn’t spit nor swallow, his heart felt blocked.


His expression became colder, he put the tea cup on the bedside table and politely said farewell to Liang Zhe.


Liang Zhe naturally saw Lu Zheng’s polite and distant expression, his heart sunk, but he didn’t dare stop him from leaving, and could only watch Li Zheng walk out of his room in a daze.


Li Zheng then said goodbye to Qiu Zhengye and the others, as well as the Zheng family and Li Chaoyang.


Li Chaoyang didn’t expect Li Zheng to leave so soon, he quickly wilted, after his hard struggle in the past few days, Father and Mother Li finally agreed to let him continue his studies and take the college entrance examination.


Li Chaoyang thought that this was the result of his hunger strike and hard struggle, but he didn’t know that on the afternoon of the completion ceremony of the Shenzhen pharmaceutical factory, Li Zheng made a special visit to Father Li.


After he and Father Li had a talk, he promised that even if Li Chaoyang failed in the college entrance examination, there would be a place for Li Chaoyang in the factory, and only then did Father Li relent.


At 5:30 p.m., Li Zheng boarded a plane to Hong Kong. Meanwhile, after discussing with Liang’s company’s think tank, Liang Zhe finally decided to secretly accept the invitation from China’s party and got on the plane to Mainland China that night.


As soon as Li Zheng got off the plane, he saw Zheng Lingling and Zhang Yuejun who had been waiting for a long time.


Zheng Yuejun went forward to receive Li Zheng’s greeting, and Zheng Lingling walked beside Li Zheng, who followed him in stride toward the exit while quickly reporting the events of the past few days.


“Ever since you indicated the direction of the experiment that day, Teacher Wen and Teacher Ma’s experiments had been going very well. But two days ago Dong Juncheng’s lab published a paper on ‘in vitro cultivation of organs’, and when Teacher Wen took a look at it, he couldn’t sit still, and he re-engaged in the experiment.”


“At this time, it coincided with that Mr. Yang coming over to advocate peace, you know Teacher Wen’s scholar temper, he said ‘I do not accept peace, our in vitro regeneration experiments will soon be successful, I want to let that Dong Juncheng understand, stolen work is always stolen!’ After that Mr. Yang went back, the next day Dongchen University issued a statement.”


Li Zheng’s lips pursed tightly, he frowned and asked, “What about Teacher Ma, is she still holding up?”


Zheng Lingling sighed, “On the second day after Teacher Wen died, Teacher Ma couldn’t hold up, she is after all first a woman and then a scholar.”


“Now the research of the Wenfeng project team has come to a halt, and Teacher Ma seems muddled, Professor Zhong stepped in and brought back Teacher Wen’s daughter from boarding school, which cheered Teacher Ma up a bit. Now Teacher Ma is taking care of Teacher Wen’s funeral.”



“Has the obituary post and the lawyer’s letter been sent?”


“For the obituary, the afternoon page is too late, we bought tomorrow’s page of the Hong Kong Daily. As for the lawyer’s letter, lawyer Cheng has sent it directly to the editorial office of that tabloid.”


Li Zheng nodded, “Let’s go to the funeral home first.”


In the bleak hall, white wreaths were placed on both sides, and Ma Wenmin and a 13- or 14-year-old girl sat on their knees in front of the effigy of Wen Feng.


Wen Feng and Ma Wenmin were also considered to be smuggled to Hong Kong, they had no roots in Hong Kong, although they had worked at Dongchen University for so many years, after that incident, colleagues from Dongchen University naturally wouldn’t come.


Therefore, the memorial service of Wen Feng, in addition to the people of Li Zheng’s laboratory, only Xu Mingsheng and a few neighbors came over, it was really empty.


Li Zheng took a deep breath, looking at the familiar door wall, he couldn’t help but shake his head and smile bitterly, he still remembered the first time he entered this door. But he didn’t expect this to be the second time.


When Ma Wenmin saw Li Zheng coming, a touch of emotion flashed in her eyes. Liu Sichao had just told her about the obituary post and the lawyer’s letter.


This made Ma Wenmin very touched. In order to avoid suspicion, Li Zheng agreed with the couple to wait until the academic results came out before signing a labor contract, which meant that legally speaking, th couple and Li Zheng didn’t really have an employment relationship.



Li Zheng’s laboratory didn’t need to enter this muddy water.


Wen Feng died, although he left behind the experimental handbook, Ma Wenmin knew that without Wen Feng, it was absolutely impossible to complete this complex project.


Yet Li Zheng was actually willing to stand up for this couple in this situation, “Thank you, really thank you!” She didn’t know what else she could say besides thank you.


“Nuinui, kowtow to uncle.” Ma Wenmin said to the little girl kneeling next to her.


The little girl was so confused that she raised her head and obediently knelt down to Li Zheng.


Li Zheng was startled, although he was almost fifty in his last life plus this life, his current body was only seventeen! He accepted the title of uncle, but he couldn’t afford her kowtow.



He hurriedly moved aside, “Mrs. Ma, although you and Mr. Wen never signed a contract, the fact that you are a member of Li Zheng’s laboratory will not change. You should take care of Mr. Wen’s affairs in the next few days.”


“One week, I’ll only give you one week, after one week, I hope to see you in the lab.” As he spoke, Li Zheng got serious.



Seeing Ma Wenmin’s stunned expression, “Teacher Ma, is this matter just going to be forgotten? Teacher Wen wouldn’t want to carry this reputation for life, the stigma on you can only be cleared by the academic results of this project!”


“But …… he was responsible for many parts, I don’t know, if we have to do it all over again, it will take years. After a few years, I’m afraid Dong Juncheng laboratory will have long been produced.” Ma Wenmin said.


“Mrs. Ma, just take care of Mr. Wen’s affairs, and then return to the lab properly. I’ll be responsible for the other things.”


Results? The first “human ear mouse” was bred by Chinese biologists in the late 1990s, the first successful example of in vitro organ regeneration.


That was to say, Dong Juncheng laboratory didn’t succeed in coming up with academic results.


Ma Wenmin’s two fists clenched tightly, as she looked at Wen Xuefeng’s picture on the platform and his gentle smile, she gritted her teeth.


“Okay! A week later, I will report to the lab on time!”




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