On the second day after the completion ceremony of Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Factory, the official of Guangdong Province and David, the representative of Roche China held a grand press conference to announce the new stage of China’s reform and achievements, while the Chinese media took advantage of Roche’s platform to send a message to the world that China seeked to open up, develop, and welcome foreign investors.


Li Zheng didn’t participate in this conference. Standing on the balcony, he took out a cigarette from his shirt pocket, and lit it. The taste of nicotine instantly filled his entire mouth.


Because nicotine tended to paralyze the brain, as a researcher, Lu Zheng rarely smoked, this was the first time he had smoked since he transmigrated.

Exhaling a breath of white air, he hesitated, then he put out the cigarette.



The soundproofing of the reception wasn’t very good, as he stood on the balcony, he clearly heard the conversation downstairs.


David’s execution was very strong, the news that Wang Chengcai was accepted by the factory quickly reached the ears of the Wang family. Xu Fen was calm, but after hearing the news, she couldn’t help revealing a smug smile.


Li Zheng heard the aunts in the guest house praising Wang Chengcai’s success, Xu Fen modestly denied it, but the pride in her words was hard to hide.


Li Zheng had a mocking smile on his face, a small position in Shenzhen pharmaceutical factory, it completely wiped out the possibility of Wang Chengcai changing his class and fate through the college entrance exam. Not only that, but the Wang family was also happy that they picked up a pie that fell from the sky, it was really ironic.


Furthermore, Wang Chengcai had gotten into Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Factory, but what happened to Yang Sheng hadn’t been settled, which made Wang Aijuan and Yang Sheng seem suspicious. Li Zheng didn’t know whether or how much the people in Wang and Yang’s family knew about what happened.

If they didn’t know, they would be safe and sound. If they knew …… Li Zheng’s eyes narrowed slightly, wouldn’t it be enough for the dogs to attack each other?



Li Zheng wasn’t going to focus on this too much. Wang Chengcai’s matter was originally his only concern, so Li Zheng conveniently handled it. He didn’t have free time to care about these little people.


An ear-piercing ringing sound interrupted his thoughts.


Who would call him at this time?



It was Zheng Lingling.


“Li Zheng, Mr. Wen …… is dead.” Zheng Lingling’s slightly sobbing voice rang out over the phone.


Li Zheng was stunned, “What?” He obviously couldn’t comprehend the news.


“Yesterday afternoon, the resuscitation was ineffective, Mr. Wen went.”


How was this possible? Before he left, Wen Feng’s condition had stabilized, and he even joked about returning to the laboratory to work, what happened?


He remembered when he first arrived in Qinghe town, Chen Xuhua called and said that there was news about a liver for him, and Ma Wenmin kept thanking him on the other end of the phone.


It had only been a few days ……


“What’s going on?” Li Zheng straightened his back and his expression became very grim.


Zheng Lingling’s voice became sharper, “Dongchen University issued a statement, although they weren’t named, those insinuating words made the reporters act like sharks that smelled blo*d, they picked up on the matter of Mr. Wen and Mrs. Ma being kicked out of school because of ‘essay plagiarism’. People started shouting that they were academic robbers.”



“Mr. Wen seemed fine on the surface, but he drank a lot of alcohol at night without Mrs. Ma’s knowledge, and after drinking a few days in a row, his body couldn’t take it. Mr. Wen’s next-door neighbor found him collapsed in his house and called an ambulance, but he couldn’t be saved.”


Li Zheng’s ears buzzed, he didn’t hear anything else Zheng Lingling said, he felt like a pot of cold water was poured on his head, he felt terribly cold from the top of his head to his feet.


The cruelty of the academic industry wasn’t something he hadn’t heard of, but whether in his last life or in this life, Li Zheng had had a smooth ride.



In his previous life, he was first admitted to Stanford, then he entered Cold Spring Harbor under the guidance of his mentor, and returned to China with the title of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Researcher.


In this life, there was even less to mention, with the hangover of 30 years of advanced knowledge from, his previous life, he was completely unafraid of any challenge.


However, the Wen couple’s situation really made him see the cruel side of this industry.


A human life! Li Zheng recalled the scene when Wen Feng talked about genetic disease, his words were “at least in life, he wanted to achieve equality”, Li Zheng was still impressed.


This man didn’t realize his last wish after all, and left this world with anger and regret.

“How is Mrs. Ma, is she holding up? I’ll be right back, take care of Mrs. Ma, and publish an obituary in the name of Li Zheng’s Lab. Also, contact lawyer Cheng and send a lawyer’s letter to the first media that shouted about academic robbers. Li Zheng’s lab absolutely upholds the reputation of their lab researchers!”


Publishing an obituary in the name of Li Zheng’s lab meant that Li Zheng’s lab recognized Wen Feng as a researcher of Li Zheng’s Lab, and at the same time represented that Li Zheng’s lab took over Wen Feng and Ma Wenmin’s scandal and stood completely on the opposite side of Dongchen University and Dong Juncheng’s lab.


Li Zheng paused for a second or two and added: “Don’t add the name of Hong Kong University in front of Li Zheng’s laboratory, send it in the name of the laboratory.”


There was a vague trace of remorse in Li Zheng’s heart. Originally, because of the problem of ownership of the academic results, Li Zheng had always taken the attitude of avoiding suspicion. Although he still wanted to ensure the absolute dominance of the couple, at the same time, his actions had given the outside world a wrong signal.


It seemed Li Zheng’s Laboratory was unwilling to participate in the feud between the couple and Dong Juncheng’s laboratory. This made the outside world much less scrupulous.


And the weight of Dongchen University or Dong Juncheng’s laboratory alone was enough to make the media in Hong Kong ignore Li Zheng, a biological genius.


Li Zheng didn’t believe that the Hong Kong media didn’t know that they were with Li Zheng’s lab.


“Got it, I’ll go get ready right away!” Zheng Lingling said in a deep voice.


Hanging up the phone, Li Zheng’s expression sunk like black iron, he looked at his wrist watch, it was now 2:30 p.m, he remembered that the next flight to Hong Kong was in three hours.


There was a knock on the door.



Li Zheng spread his half-packed suitcase on the bed and got up to open the door.


Liang Zhe?


Liang Zhe walked in and saw Li Zheng’s suitcase spread out on the bed and stared at it.



“You’re going back?” He carefully observed Li Zheng’s expression, “You don’t look well, what happened?”

Liang Zhe tensed, obviously there was little expression, but Li Zheng felt his intense nervousness.


The irritation in Li Zheng’s heart suddenly lessened.


“A researcher in my lab passed away, I have to rush back to deal with it.”


Liang Zhe pursed his lips, “Do you need help?”


Li Zheng smiled and shook his head, “No, I can handle it myself.”


Liang Zhe’s lips pursed even tighter as he silently put the black and gold invitation letter he was holding back into his pocket.


“If something happens, look for Uncle Fang.”




When Liang Zhe saw that Li Zheng was no longer speaking, his eyes dropped slightly. Just a moment ago, he received an invitation letter delivered by the secretary of Guangdong Province.



The invitation came from China’s leader and was addressed to him. Although Liang Zhe was a businessman, politics and business weren’t separate, his level of sensitivity in that area was still very keen.


After Margaret Thatcher’s visit to China, the attitude of Beijing was becoming clearer, and it seemed that the recovery of Hong Kong was a must. In the tug-of-war between Beijing and London, the attitude of the local forces in Hong Kong was more important.


China needed a partner in Hong Kong. In 1842, the island was ceded, and it had been 141 years since then. Almost all the contemporary rulers of the powerful families in Hong Kong grew up under British rule, and it would be unrealistic to say that they had a deep affection for China.



Therefore, between London, which they already knew, and Hong Kong, which was unknown, their choice would subconsciously favor the side they were familiar with.



The incident of the Liang delegation’s visit to China made China’s side finally make up its mind and take the lead in releasing goodwill to the Liang family.


This was because of old Mr. Zeng, the leader of China, after reading Liang Zhe’s profile, he smiled and said, “This young man is very good, he has principles and a bottom line.”


The invitation letter from the China party was sent to Guangdong Province by special car, and then the secretary of Guangdong Province personally drove it to Liang Zhe’s hand in Qinghe Town.


Liang Zhe’s attitude towards this invitation was still unclear, as a businessman, he was reluctant to participate in such political events.


Not that he thought highly of himself. As a veteran Hong Kong family gentry, as long as he wasn’t being pushed to a corner, he didn’t need to appease London or China. He didn’t need to take such a big risk.


However, as he spent time with Li Zheng, Liang Zhe deeply felt Li Zheng’s love for this land, Liang Zhe also had great good feelings for China, otherwise he wouldn’t have chosen this time to bring the project to China.


Liang Zhe walked out of the room with his head down, obviously a little distracted.


“Ah Zhe, thank you.” Li Zheng suddenly spoke.


Liang Zhe’s body stiffened for a moment, he turned back and saw Li Zheng standing in the backlight, the image …… was heart-stoppingly beautiful.





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