A neat and tidy convoy slowly drove towards Qinghe Town, with students from the town’s central high school on both sides of the road, their necks tied with red scarves, holding flowers and shouting words of welcome, with red banners floating on both sides of the road, looking particularly grand.

Unlike the warm situation outside, the atmosphere in the lead of the convoy seemed a bit depressing. Over the past few days, they had already accompanied them to see five or six towns, but those foreigners were all but shaking their heads, and Qinghe Town was the last one.

If they still weren’t satisfied, the foreigners would leave China to look for factory sites in Vietnam and India, an outcome that the province and the Ministry of Health didn’t want to see!

“Have you explained everything to the town leaders?” The speaker was the deputy governor of the Haidong province in charge of health, the project was originally to let the governor go, but because of the Ministry of Health’s requirements, it was temporarily changed to him, which he naturally accepted, he originally wanted to pick peaches, but did not think that the peaches may also be toxic.

In case he empty handedly went back, he would become the entire province .Committee .Government’s joke!

“It’s all accounted for, and the militia and local police station are on duty twenty-four hours a day, making sure to show foreigners a well-policed, simple fishing town.”

Li Zheng was pulled into the crowd by Li Chaoyang, just in time to see several of David’s men get out of the car, the group of tall, blonde foreigners stood out among the crowd.

David smiled and said something, and the translator behind him quickly translated, “Mr. Andorio said it was too grand and he was very uncomfortable.”

As soon as the county leader heard that, his face stiffened, the secretary behind him had already understood the leader’s eyes, made a few gestures, and in a few minutes, the schoolchildren and the banner were gone.

Taking a look at David’s expressionless face, Li Zheng felt it was just funny, he knew that his old friend must be cursing in his heart, he was just being polite, so why did they really withdraw?

David once told him that the “Exile in Hong Kong” period was the lowest point of his career. Although Hong Kong was already the center of Asia at that time, compared to the European continent and the North American market, it was not worth mentioning at all, not to mention that with the rise of China, the political uncertainty in Hong Kong was even more obvious.

Back then, only people who weren’t in high demand would be expatriated to Hong Kong. And David had the misfortune of being caught in the crossfire over a power struggle at the top. He said that in the early days of his exile to Hong Kong, he was healed of the wounds in his heart by the beautiful formality of China.The feeling of being greeted with a clip-clopping welcome everywhere he went was simply wonderful and made him feel worthy again.

The leaders didn’t know David’s crooked heart. Honest and frank, foreigners had always been famous for that. They didn’t know that what stood in front of them was a different foreigner.

David and his party were welcomed into the inn in the town.

Li Zheng had also found out that Roche’s visit to Yantian County was intended to build a basic pharmaceutical factory for extracting proline from poplar.

Poplar proline was one of the main raw materials of drugs for treating neurological diseases, which was first extracted from fish bones and fish viscera. After the Japanese successfully extracted this component from a seaweed in the late 1990s, the production of Poplar proline quickly changed from animal extraction to plant extraction.

Li Zheng guessed that Novartis, Pfizer and Roche, the giant crocodiles, had already had plant extraction technology, but no one took the lead in squeezing out the last value of animal extraction technology, and they were robbed by the unruly Japanese. These pharmaceutical companies had done a lot of unscrupulous things.

Roche focused on Yantian County, because it was close to XiangJiang for easy management. Second, probably took a fancy to the scale of fishing here.

But … this was probably why Roche finally gave up setting up a factory in Yantian.

“I’m so jealous of Sis Sitian! If only I’d studied English properly!” Li Chaoyang lamented, in order to better entertain the foreigners, the county had selected a few girls with good English grades from various high schools to work as temporary waitresses in the guest house, and Zhou Sitian was one of them.

Li Zheng rolled his eyes, “Then it’s not enough for you to learn English, you also have to go to Thailand to have a sex change operation.”

Li Chaoyang scratched his head, “What’s a sex change operation? Why do you want to do it in Thailand?”

As he looked into the clear eyes of Li Chaoyang, Li Zheng didn’t want to explain to him the scientific proposition of “How a Thai Shemale was Born”.

Before dinner, Zhou Sitian secretly went home and asked Li Zheng to go to the guest house for dinner. Listening to Zhou Sitian describe how good the food in the guest house was, and the foreign wine that the foreigners brought, the foreigners didn’t want it until they finished their lunch, so several waiters secretly hid it.

“Master Yang said that there must have been a lot of ingredients this time. When the foreigners are done, those leftover foreign wines will be for us too!” Her almond eyes shone as she said this, and Li Zheng deeply felt that Zhou Sitian wanted to bring what she thought was good to share with her family.

“Great!That would be great!” Li Zheng’s eyes curved into a nice shape and his face was very soft.

“I…I’m going too!” Li Chaoyang finally said, he was secretly glad he was a little late getting home, otherwise he wouldn’t have had the luck, foreign wine, hehe.

Zhou Sitian smiled and nodded, and the three of them laughed as they walked to the town’s guest house.

When they arrived, the preparations for dinner had just begun, and it wasn’t good enough to disturb Zhou Sitian’s work, so they stayed in the waiter’s lounge to chat.

On the other side, in the fourth floor room of the guest house, Wang Cheng felt like he was going crazy, his cousin had actually stolen the foreigner’s cufflinks!

“Do you have any idea how important this project is! The deputy governor is still living in the downstairs room, personally accompanying those foreigners, and you stole from them!” Wang Cheng tried to lower his voice, he knew that his cousin had a lot of problems, but he didn’t think he didn’t have a spectrum to this extent.

“I didn’t steal it, they dropped it under the table by themselves and I picked it up.” Yang Kaijian also seemed to realize the seriousness of the matter, his voice was as low as a mosquito.

Wang Cheng paced back and forth, “No, you put it back where you picked it up!”

At that moment, there was a knock on the door, and it was Mother Wang.

Mother Wang was the accountant of the guest house, so she had a long private room in the guest house, and Wang Cheng often came to stay. This time, because of the new factory quota, Wang Cheng was so happy that he brought his cousin over to open his eyes, but he didn’t expect this to happen.

“Mom, what’s wrong?”Wang Cheng had a bad feeling in his heart.

“The foreigners have lost something, the leaders are furious, and now the reception is looking up and down for something, so you stay in your rooms.”Mother Wang said softly.

Wang Cheng’s heart was thudding, and he responded nicely.

“Cousin, cousin, what should we do?I didn’t do it on purpose.” Yang Kaijian finally panicked.

Wang Cheng pondered for a long time with a gloomy face and suddenly spoke, “Didn’t you just say that you saw that obnoxious Li kid in the staff lounge on the first floor.”

Yang Kaijian quickly nodded his head.

“That’s just right. Didn’t you say you wanted to teach him a lesson, let’s soldier up!” Wang Cheng said smilingly.

Yang Kaijian looked at the ruby cuff in his hand, then at his cousin’s face, and nodded heavily.

“Wow, this foreigner’s wine… “Li Chaoyang took a swig of red wine and posed as if he was enjoying it, but his staged posture didn’t last long before he couldn’t help but spit the wine out of his mouth, “It’s not great either.” He said sullenly.

The table roared with laughter, the wine was different from traditional Chinese wine, its quality of grapes was very strict, cheap wine astringency was very strong. The wine David had brought was of a mid-range level, not bad, but definitely not good for young people who didn’t normally drink wine.

“Li Zheng, eat more vegetables, this mackerel, master Liu doesn’t make it often, he wanted to impress the foreigners.”

While everyone was eating happily, a group of people came menacingly towards the back kitchen, Governor Qiu and David walked side by side, then the deputy secretary of the Deep South region, the county governor, the mayor of the town of Qinghe, followed by a whole bunch of A-B-Cs.

The people at the table were shocked, and Master Liu saw the director of the hospitality office among the A-B-Cs at the back, so he couldn’t help but stand up and ask, “Liu Suo, what’s happening?”

Liu Suo’s face sank, he shook his head at him, and didn’t speak.

“Little He, identity the person.” Qiu Zheng Ye’s heart was really thumping, he was a deputy governor in charge of health, and now he was also in charge of solving crimes.

That young man called Xiao He came out from behind a group of big shots with trepidation, and under the baffled gazes of the people at the table, he suddenly pointed at Li Zheng and said, “It’s him!That’s him! I watched him put Mr. David’s cufflinks in his bag.”

The scene was silent, the faces of the people at the table changed greatly, Li Chaoyang was first stunned, then furious, “What are you talking nonsense, Li Zheng has been with me all along, what cufflinks, why don’t I know.”

Since he had already said it, Xiao He was open-minded, he said loudly to Qiu Zhengye, “Leader, I saw it with my own eyes, the cufflinks must still be in his bag!”

Zhou Sitian took a look at Li Zheng’s shoulder and her face instantly turned white, she naturally knew that Li Zheng wouldn’t steal anything, but she also knew that the cufflinks were probably already in Li Zheng’s bag now.

“Fellow student Li Zheng, could you please go with my secretary to get your bag?”Qiu Zhengye spoke up, but he was very surprised in his heart, the boy who was identified didn’t even show a hint of panic, he even saw a careless and shallow smile in his eyes, it wasn’t like the reaction a thief would have, nor was it like the reaction a high school student could have.

Li Zheng nodded and gave Zhou Sitian a reassuring look, then followed that secretary.

When he returned, he carried a bag in his hand.

Xiao He looked at the bag a little nervously, afraid that Li Zheng had sneaked something out on the way.

“Is this the bag?”Li Zheng held up the bag and waved it in front of Xiao He.

Xiao He felt something wrong in his heart, but still nodded, he was the one who personally put the thing into this bag.

The secretary took the bag from Li Zheng and opened it in front of everyone, then the contents of the bag were taken out one by one.

“Found it.”A ruby cufflink was flipped out of the bag.

Xiao He breathed a sigh of relief, then immediately jumped up and said, “Look, it’s in his bag, I saw him put the cufflinks in the bag with my own eyes!”

Qiu Zhengye took a deep look at Li Zheng, then took the cufflinks from his secretary and walked up to David, “Mr. David, are these your cufflinks?”

David nodded, “Yes, it’s really mine.” Actually David was more interested in saying that it was just a cufflink, he had more than enough, there was no need to make such a fuss about it. But he didn’t say it, he enjoyed the feeling of attention.

“That’s impossible, Li Zheng was with me!”Li Chaoyang said loudly.

But apparently, his words were insignificant to the crowd present.

Director Shen of Yantian County took a step forward and said to Li Zheng in a cold voice, “Student Li Zheng, please come with us.”

The Protection of Minors Law was promulgated in 1991, before that, minors were not privileged. According to Xiao He, Li Zheng had committed the crime of theft, plus the fact that the matter involved foreign friends and investment attraction, adding to the crime. If he went with Director Shen, his life would be ruined.

Li Chaoyang was so angry that his eyes became bloodshot, and if it wasn’t for Master Liu holding him back, he would have gone up to beat up that bloody-mouthed He right now, and Zhou Sitian was pale and sluggish.

Seeing Director Shen’s hand on Li Zheng’s shoulder, Zhou Sitian seemed to be awakened, she suddenly shouted, “It’s not Li Zheng, it’s me, I stole it!” After saying this, her entire body slumped in her chair as if she had no energy.

Li Zheng turned around in shock, his face for the first time showed strong emotions.

“Sister…sister.” From the moment he woke up, Li Zheng hadn’t put much emotion into the original family or friends, and he even had a somewhat careless attitude towards this re-starting of his life.

Obviously there were more things in his mind, but he hadn’t made any actual action, and even the Danodin Catalyst thesis that he had already written, hadn’t been sent out yet.

Because for him, there had been too much of it. That long-standing sense of superiority at the top of society had caused him to inadvertently display an air of superiority over everyone else in his reborn life.

This time, however, Li Zheng only felt as if he had awakened from a dream, a coldness rising from his limbs and running to the back of his head all at once.

“Shut up!”He shouted at Zhou Sitian, “Don’t take such terrible things on yourself!”

With a mocking glance at Xiao He, Li Zheng dodged Director Shen’s movements, took two steps forward, and said in a pure New York accent, “David, can I talk to you alone?”

David looked at Li Zheng in surprise, but even more surprised himself that he wanted to agree. God, it didn’t make sense, the oriental doll was really pretty, but he wasn’t supposed to be such an irrational person himself.

“Never underestimate anyone, never give up on any opportunity.” Li Zheng smilingly spat out.

“Of course, my pleasure, sir.” David agreed, his tone more polite than ever.

David wondered if he had been caught in some oriental secret art, like what he had heard his little assistant call it in Hong Kong, compulsion. An evil art that could manipulate people, otherwise why would he feel as if he and the youth were best friends for years upon seeing the oriental doll….

And what the Oriental doll had just said, that was his motto that he had read in an American magazine. How would a Chinese man know!

Li Zheng and David walked down the hallway one after the other.

The people who remained in the back of the kitchen looked at each other, what was going on, why couldn’t they see what was going on all of a sudden?

“That kid Li Zheng’s English is that good? No, he only got 32 in his last midterm English, five points lower than me.” Li Chaoyang said to himself, he looked up to see everyone looking at him with strange gazes, he felt embarrassed to laugh, he seemed to have gotten the point wrong.

Zhou Sitian was stunned, obviously still not back to her senses.

“Never underestimate anyone, never miss an opportunity.That’s my motto, and I don’t know how the young gentleman knows it.” David didn’t think he was important enough to ask a high school student to memorize his profile, not to mention the fact that there was no way there would be a message like a motto on his profile.

“Mr. David, that’s not important. What’s important is that I have something here that I’d like to give to Mr. David.”

David frowned, “What is it?” He didn’t think that a Chinese student could come up with anything that would make his heart flutter.

Li Zheng took out a rough tissue paper and handed it over.

David’s eyebrows furrowed even tighter, but because of the oriental evil arts, he had an unspoken fear of Li Zheng, and after a hesitation, David took it.

With just a glance, David’s entire body jumped.

“Is this true? Are you telling the truth?” David’s exaggerated shout drew Qiu Zhengye’s crowd.

“This method isn’t difficult, just try it with any production line, I don’t need to tell such an unskilled lie.” Li Zheng touched his nose, he was actually a little guilty.

What he wrote on a napkin was a little trick to improve the production line of Xiao Chuan, which was a polymers, but there was an annoying little problem in the production line, that was, when the two compounds of Xiao Chuan were synthesized, a white smoke would come out.The white smoke was mildly corrosive and required frequent replacement of parts in the synthetic part of the line.

The drug production line was very expensive and even a small part was worth a lot of money. Moreover, Xiao Chuan was a very basic multi-polymer polymer that was used in many drugs, so Roche alone had nearly a thousand Xiao Chuan production lines around the world.

If the method written on Li Zheng’s napkin was true, the money they could saved on parts replacement would be enough to build a pharmaceutical factory to produce “Poplar Proline”.

The most important thing was that he was David Andorio, who had discovered it. David Andorio discovered it! It was enough to get his name “Exile” back on the radar of the top brass!

“Oh, my friend, if this is true, I will apply for a huge reward money for you!” David thought he was just too good at it, and thought he had fallen in love at first sight with this Oriental doll, oh no, it was love at first sight! So God was guiding him!

Li Zheng coughed twice, “My friend, for your sake, I can give this technology to you for free. But I’ll trouble you for a small favor, help me complete the patent application for this technology. If Novartis and Pfizer are interested in it, then there will be a price to pay.”

The reason why Li Zheng was so generous was because this technique was originally told to him by David in his previous life. Of course, it was because David was jealous of the African colleague who was transferred back to Europe because of this technique, and he simultaneously disparaged those scientists in the Roche laboratory as worthless, saying that no one had ever researched such a simple technique for so many years!

“Oh, my friend, you impress me too much.Well, don’t worry, the patent documents will come down and will be sent to you as soon as possible.” The way David was looking at Li Zheng now was like looking at an angel in a holy church, so gentle it could drip water.

Li Zheng laughed dryly twice, his cheek still seemed to need exercise.

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