“Is it really you? You actually came back without a word!” Zheng Xiaodong exclaimed in shock, he took two steps forward, “I just passed by and saw your lights on, I thought it was a burglar!”

Li Zheng showed an appropriate smile of gratitude, “Thank you, Brother Xiaodong.”

Zheng Xiaodong waved his hand, “Don’t we know each other?” His eyes subconsciously looked behind Li Zheng, as if looking for someone.

Li Zheng’s eyes flashed with a trace of understanding, “Brother Xiaodong is looking for my sister, she didn’t come back with me this time.” It wasn’t difficult to guess Zheng Xiaodong’s mind, but unfortunately, he and Zhou Sitian weren’t destined.

Zheng Xiaodong was stunned, and couldn’t help but ask: “Why? Your sister, doesn’t she want to come back? It’s been six months, and that matter is rarely mentioned, she ……”

What he meant was naturally about Zhou Deqing.

Li Zheng shook his head, “I came to visit, I won’t stay long, I’ll be gone by the day after tomorrow. She didn’t come along because it was a spontaneous decision.”

“So you still have to go ah ……” Zheng Xiaodong looked at Li Zheng in surprise.

Because of the dim light in the house, he originally didn’t notice the difference in Li Zheng, but looking closer, Zheng Xiaodong became alarmed.

Zheng Xiaodong’s father was the captain of the production team in Qinghe Town, and the conditions of the Zheng family were also notable in the town. Zheng Xiaodong, as the only son of the Zheng family, had visited the department store twice.

Department stores in the eighties, in the eyes of ordinary people, was almost an unattainable existence. The tall building, exquisite and fashionable sales lady, and a variety of goods with appalling prices.

Even the Zheng family, who were considered a wealthy family in town, only went to the department store every year to buy some delicately packaged snacks to take back to Aunt Zheng’s mother’s house. As for other clothes and shoes or whatever, they didn’t even dare to look at them.

Last New Year’s Eve, Zheng Xiaodong’s mother promised him that if he got into college, she would buy him a set of department store clothes, the straight suit that foreigners wore on TV.

With this promise, every time Zheng Xiaodong went into town, he would go to the clothing department of the department store to look around, making him more motivated.

The coat Li Zheng was wearing was exquisite, the fabric was the top of the line. Zheng Xiaodong had seen similar coats in the foreign exchange section of the department store, which didn’t look as good as this one on Li Zheng, but it cost $120 in foreign exchange, which was simply a money grab!

Thinking about the rumours in town, Zheng Xiaodong wondered, was Hong Kong that good at giving money?

He wanted to ask something else, but suddenly heard someone not far away shouting “Xiaodong, Xiaodong.” It was his mother who came out to look for him.

Zheng Xiaodong loudly replied, his face showing his reluctance.

Li Zheng smiled faintly, “Brother Xiaodong, go back first, I’ll visit Uncle and Aunt Zheng tomorrow.”

A big smile appeared on Zheng Xiaodong’s face, “Good, then I’ll leave first. Come tomorrow, don’t stand me up!”

After speaking, he trotted towards the door.

Li Zheng turned around, saw Liang Zhe who slowly walked out of the room and smiled, “Finished looking?”

The next day, the bus stopped at the entrance of the guest house on time.

Li Zheng and Roche’s people got on the bus, because it was the opening ceremony of Roche’s factory. Liang’s inspectors didn’t participate, but early in the morning, Liang Zhe stood at Li Zheng’s door for them to eat breakfast together. After eating breakfast,he followed him to the bus.

Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Factory, the full name was Shennan Pharmaceutical Development Factory, it was located in the west of Qinghe Town. Guangdong province and Shenzhen really attached importance to this investment. Roche’s Shenzhen pharmaceutical factory covered an area of ​​only ten acres, but the Shenzhen region set aside nearly 100 acres of land for construction.


“We in Guangdong Province intend to build a small industrial park here. Here and here, in the future, will be a living area for employees, and small stores, kindergartens, elementary schools and other supporting facilities will be slowly added.”

Although Qiu Zhengye was in charge of the health department of Guangdong Province, with the arrival of Roche, his voice was getting louder and louder on the economy and investment attraction, and this pilot industrial park was proposed by him.

“Bravo, Vice Governor Qiu, this will be a great initiative.” David didn’t mince his words of praise. As the development of the industrial zone grew, the pharmaceutical factory would certainly benefit. Their investment would naturally get a very good return. So he definitely couldn’t be stingy with his praise.

In a short time, the brand-new Shenzhen pharmaceutical factory appeared in front of the crowd.

In order to better integrate into China, Roche China invited local designers in China to design the plant, and the results was quite good.

The office area was a row of small red houses, highly aesthetic in the eighties. The plant at the back covered a large area, and five production lines were neatly arranged inside.

The technicians accompanying Roche went into the plant to debug the production line, while David whispered to a middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man, named Old Yu, was a very silent person and didn’t say a word along the way.

If David hadn’t mentioned that this Old Yu would be the director of the Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Factory assigned by Roche, Li Zheng wouldn’t have noticed this quiet man at all.

“Vice Governor Qiu, Wang Mashang reports to you!” While the crowd was visiting the pharmaceutical factory, a middle-aged man in military uniform trotted up to Qiu Zhengye, stood at attention, and gave a salute, drawing a series of sideways glances from Roche’s party.

Li Zheng could see that the uniform was from the mid-seventies, so he thought he was probably a veteran.

“Captain Wang. No need for that.” Qiu Zhengye patted Wang Mashang’s shoulder, “This is Mr. Andorio, the head of Roche Asia. This is Factory Director Yu, the director of the Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Factory and your future boss.”

At the same time he introduced Wang Mashang to Li Zheng and the others, “This is Captain Wang, also the security captain the region found for the Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Factory. Captain Wang has won two third-class merits in the army, two second-class merits, because of leg injuries, he retired from the army, this time the establishment of the Shenzhen Pharmaceutical factory, gives the old comrade a place to shine ah.”

There was a clause in the terms of investment promotion, the Shenzhen region must ensure the safety of the investor’s property and production, so the appointment of the security was handled by them.

David and Old Yu smiled and greeted Wang Mashang, and with Wang Mashang’s slightly excited expression, they went to the open space in front of the office building.

According to the local custom of Qinghe Town, three animals, fruits and vegetables, incense and candles were placed on the table.

They made their speeches and celebrated.

At the sound of firecrackers, outside the iron fence, Li Chaoyang covered his ears.

“Dad, why does that person look so much like Li Zheng?” Li Chaoyang had been observing the teenager for a long time, except for being a little taller and better dressed than Li Zheng, it was simply the same person!

“Whoever you look at looks like Li Zheng. If Li Zheng was a girl, I, your father, would definitely bring him back to you as a daughter-in-law.”

Li Zheng? How was it possible! Yesterday, Father Li brought Li Chaoyang to visit Wang Mashang.

These days, Wang Mashang lived in the office building of the Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Factory, seeing the new small red house with a chic style and large area,made Father Li very envious, for Li Chaoyang, the feeling of rejection at coming to work in the Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Factory reduced.

“Li Guang ah, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but you know, the factory has a quota. In this region, even the county officials can’t get one. Not to mention, because the owner of this factory is a foreigner, we don’t have much advantage.”

“All I can decide is the security team. That is taking the salary issued by the region, not the Shenzhen factory. Your son is a high school student, he’ll be aggrieved. As for the position of a driver, the Shenzhen Pharmaceutical factory’s people entrusted me to find one. It is a formal position, but can your son drive?”

Once Father Li heard that, he became anxious.

“Even if he can’t drive, he can learn ah, my son is very smart, he’s been ranked in the top ten of his class for a few years.”

Wang Mashang’s face showed a hesitant look, “Li Guang ah, this ……” He hesitated, then continued: “You know, tomorrow is the completion ceremony of the Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Factory, the pressure is high. Today is the opening ceremony, so we can’t make a sound. Tomorrow, the leaders of the Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Factory are coming, if you want to fight it out, tomorrow at eight o’clock, come to the door and wait.”

So the next morning at seven o’clock, the father and son stood at the entrance of the pharmaceutical factory.

But they didn’t expect to actually see a familiar face.

Seeing Li Zheng’s face as he turned around, Father Li’s eyes almost fell out, this …… was really the Li family boy!

“Chaoyang, pinch me a little.” Father Li said softly.

Li Chaoyang looked at his father, placed his hand on the soft flesh of his father’s inner arm, and then gently twisted it.


Father Li cried out in pain, the sound of the firecrackers had just stopped, so the sound was extraordinarily obvious.

Qiu Zhengye’s brows slightly wrinkled. Wang Mashang immediately tensed, as a veteran suffering from leg injuries, it wasn’t easy to get such a job, so it was very important to him.

He couldn’t help but feel regret for inviting the father and son to today’s completion ceremony.

“Is this an open space? Please mind who enters.” Qiu Zhengye spoke.

Wang Mashang immediately nodded, wiped his forehead sweat and trotted towards the iron fence.

Li Chaoyang also knew he had caused trouble, his expression was a bit troubled.

Wang Mashang reached them and sighed heavily, “Go, go, don’t mention yesterday’s matter.”

Father Li’s expression changed greatly, “Old leader, I’ve talked to that boy Zhang Jun, he’ll teach Chaoyang to drive. You said that the factory leaders are coming today, you can take Chaoyang to see them. This child is clever, the factory leaders will like him.”

Wang Mashang smiled bitterly, “No, no, just consider it as me begging you. Do me a favour and go now.” He waved his hand to drive them away, the rest of the security team members saw the situation, and also moved to corner them.

Father Li knew that if they didn’t leave at this time, the situation would be bad. He gazed through the iron fence and saw Li Zheng who was talking and laughing with Qiu Zhengye and the others, then he gritted his teeth and shouted, “Li’s boy, Li Zheng!”

Li Zheng, who was listening to Factory Director Yu’s introduction of the future development plan of the Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Factory, seemed to hear someone call his name, he looked up and looked towards where the voice came from.

Li Chaoyang?

Li Chaoyang’s pockmarked figure was too distinctive, and he kept bouncing in place, waving his arms happily when he saw Li Zheng looking over.

It was really him.
Li Zheng was dumbfounded, he excused himself and quickly walked towards the fence.



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