The businessman was a tire manufacturer named Xu Yong.

       Qiu Zhengye still remembered the first time he saw him, the fat, greasy man wore clothes that were significantly smaller than his body, a white shirt wrapped around his round stomach, the shirt between the buttons was propped up into a leaf shape with two pointed ends.

       Through the leaf-shaped opening, he could clearly see the fat pile squeezed out of his stomach.

        “Oh, the leader of Shenzhen region. I’m Xu Yong, a businessman from Hong Kong.” Qiu Zhengye could hear from Xu You’s words that he was full of self-congratulation and disdain, self-congratulation about his status, and disdain for Qiu Zhengye and the others.

        In the 1980s, local officials, especially the first and second in command like Qiu Zhengye, had an almost unquestionable authority at the local level. But in the face of these Hong Kong businessmen, they had to smile nicely, so d*mn stifling!

        Generally, Hong Kong factories that were in the inlands employed mainlanders, the workers’ salary level weren’t as high as in Hong Kong, but far higher than the wages of inland factories.

        However, Xu Yong opened a tire factory that offered wages that was the same as the ordinary factories inland, not only that, he also lowered the land price of the factory and put forward extremely unreasonable preferential policies.

        He obviously enjoyed the most favorable policies, but gave the workers the most harsh treatment and working conditions.

     Such a person was really unpleasant.

     “How are you, Mr. Xu?” Qiu Zhengye showed a polite but detached smile, but didn’t answer Xu Yong’s question.

      Xu Yong’s small eyes narrowed, his gaze swept over the group of officials, he was slightly dissatisfied, they had begged him to open a factory here, now that his factory had moved, this group of people were indifferent.

     He completely forgot that he took the risk of moving the factory because the labor cost in Hong Kong was rising and the factory couldn’t be opened anymore, and wanted to take advantage of the cheap labor here to make a comeback.

  “Vice Governor…, there are some things I have to tell you. Many of the habits of your employees in Shenzhen region are not very good, every day the children of the staff eat in the canteen ah …… “Xu You spoke with a strange voice, as words of disdain and contempt spilled out.

   The eyes of many officials turned red from anger.

They knew that their people’s families were economically challenged and they were a bit greedy for small bargains. But it wasn’t the turn of this businessman to belittle them, the depressed land price, or the tax relief, couldn’t change their situation!

        Listening to Xu Yong’s performance, when some passers-by heard his words, they started chattering. Some of the young and vigorous officials couldn’t help it.

        Before they could get angry, someone in the front shouted, “Coming through! Coming through!”

        Before Xu Yong could react, the group of people in front of him moved past him, and some of them, unknowingly or on purpose, bumped into Xu Yong several times, causing him to shout.

        Xu Yong had never bern a broad-minded person, and he thought he was an investor who should be treated with respect, he was so angry that the fat on his stomach trembled.

        He was small in stature, even tiptoeing, he couldn’t see through the heavy mountain of people to see the group of officials greeting them, but seeing that they were valued by this group of officials, they must also be businessmen from Hong Kong that came to invest.

        Xu Yong sneered, a trace of viciousness flashed in his eyes, since they did this to him, then he didn’t mind talking to his compatriots and telling them how unfriendly the people of Shenzhen were!

        With this in mind, Xu Yong used his fat body to push forward.

        “Hello, Mr. Andorio, it’s an honor to meet you again!” Because of the great significance of Roche’s investment, Guangdong Province also received praise at the annual summary meeting of China, which made Qiu Zhengye, who handled this event, brush up his presence greatly among the upper echelons of China.

        David warmly surpassed Qiu Zhengye’s expectations, and he changed his reserve and arrogance from his last visit, and opened his arms to give Qiu Zhengye a strong hug, “Oh, honorable vice governor, it is very nice to see you again.”

        David was still immersed in the excitement of witnessing a great piece of history, he looked at the group of officials with deep reverence, these were the people who were making history!

      Qiu Zhengye was stunned by David’s enthusiasm, but as he was a frontier official, he quickly reacted with a modest smile, “Mr. Andorio, you are too kind. The construction of the Shenzhen Drug Development Plant has been completed, this is the first pharmaceutical plant in this South region, it means a lot to Shenzhen region ah. On behalf of the people of Guangdong Province and the Shenzhen region, I would like to thank you for trusting us and choosing us!”

These set of beautiful words that didn’t even need to be typed in a draft made David almost laugh into a flower. The words used by the Chinese official was still so nice after listening to them a hundred times.

        Liang Corporation hadn’t yet formally determined the direction of investment and investment amount, so they came quietly and didn’t take the initiative to notify them.

However, from 1982 to 1997, the issue of Hong Kong had been one of the most concerning issues in Beijing, and the Liang Corporation, the local snake of Hong Kong, was naturally also within the scope of close attention of the Beijing side, especially because of the origin of Mr. Liang and Old Zeng, the Beijing side had always had great goodwill and expectations of the Liang family.

       So as soon as Liang Zhe and the others crossed the Shenzhen port, the Chinese side received a call.

     Liang Zhe and his team stood at a relatively backward position with Li Zheng.

        “Would it be inconvenient for you?” Liang Zhe suddenly spoke up.

        Li Zheng was a stowaway at that time, and Liang Zhe seemed to have the impression that the Chinese people who were caught and repatriated.

        Li Zheng shrugged, “Don’t worry, even if I’m repatriated, I’ll only stay in detention for two days, besides, this should be considered as returning home.” Li Zheng could come back this time as a partner of Roche, so no one would be ungrateful enough to cause him trouble.

      Suddenly there was a commotion in front of the group, Li Zheng’s brow wrinkled slightly, he hesitated and stepped forward.

        Liang Zhe whispered to the people around him, “Stay where you are” and followed.

      In front of the group, Xu Yong used his English with an accent and spoke excitedly to the team led by David.

       David listened with a frown, and Roche’s team discussed quietly.

       As he got closer, Li Zheng heard Xu Yong’s words clearly.

        “This distinguished gentleman, you really shouldn’t invest in Shenzhen. The people here are really very unfriendly, they treat you politely before you invest, but when you pull out your money, they treat you like a ball of air! There’s also the people here, they are particularly greedy and cheap, and ……” Xu Yong spoke spitefully.

        The moment Qiu Zhengye and others saw Xu Yong appear, they had a bad feeling in their hearts.

        Because Xu Yong was speaking too fast, the interpreter couldn’t keep up for a while, when the female interpreter translated his words with a teary voice, the two dozen Shenzhen region officials’ faces became dark.

Qiu Zhengye was even more angry and annoyed, David represented Roche, the world’s top 500 ‘Roche’ ! If he really listened to this villain’s words …… When he thought of this possibility, he felt his heartbeat slow down.

        “Mr. Andorio ……,” Qiu Zhengye tried hard to open his mouth to explain.

        But he found that Xu Yong, for some reason, stopped talking all of a sudden. He was like a rooster with its throat caught, a strange whimpering sound came from his mouth, and his gaze was staring straight behind Mr. David.

        Qiu Zhengye followed Xu Yong’s gaze and frowned slightly.

        This person …… looked so familiar.

        The Li Zheng at this time was indistinguishable from the one he saw in Qinghe Town at that time. With a  tailor-made suit and the brown long coat, he looked imposing even though he was young.

Zheng Ye recognized that the youth was wearing the “Wuyi Brand” watch from Tianjin on his right wrist. This watch, which he no longer had, was on the wrist of the young man in front of him, and it looked unique. It seemed that he wasn’t wearing an old Wuyi brand watch that was worth twenty dollars, but those foreign watches sold by department stores that only received foreign exchange.

Although his eyebrows and eyes were similar, his outfit and the different aura made Qiu Zhengye momentarily unable to recognized him.

        But then he remembered him, how could this be the fisherman’s boy!

     Xu Yong couldn’t believe his eyes, he rubbed his eyes hard, and then stared with wide eyes.

        “Mr. Liang …… Liang?” He spoke tentatively.

        Liang Zhe raised his eyes, his gaze slightly swept over Xu Yong’s oily face, his brow slightly wrinkled, he was under the impression that he didn’t know such an ugly person.

        Xu Yong saw Liang Zhe’s reaction and became more sure, his obese face squeezed out a smile with force and he pushed his way through the crowd to the front.

        “Mr. Liang, how do you do, my name is Xu Yong ……” after he said his name, he was actually embarrassed to say more.

        In normal days, when he introduced himself, he would very proudly add the chairman of so-and-so auto parts company at the end.

        However, this identity in front of Liang Zhe, was embarrassing to mention.

        It was like when a grocery store owner met with Jack Ma in the latter days and introduced himself as the chairman of so-and-so grocery store, the level of shame was too high.

        Xu Yong stretched out his fat hand, while winking at his companion not far away.

If Mr. Liang really shook hands with him, a photo had to be saved. With a picture of him shaking hands with such a big shot, it may play a big role in a critical moment

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