“Subject one confirmed unconscious, please ask the experimenters to enter.” The animal anesthesiologist said over the intercom.

        Zhang Chao pulled the zipper all the way to the top, and then gave an OK gesture to the anesthesiologist, “We will take two parts, the leg joint and the thoracic rib. I’ll take the chest, and you take the leg at the same time, is that okay?”

        The protective suit covered Zhang Yuejun’s entire face, people couldn’t see his expression, so he forced himself to calm down, and said in a quiet voice: “Yes.”

        With a heavyweight paper published in the name of Li Zheng’s lab, this private lab under the name of Hong Kong University was making its voice heard in the biopharmaceutical circle at an alarming rate.

        In the global ranking of biopharmaceutical research institutions published at the end of January 1983, Li Zheng’s lab was ranked 517th, but by the end of February and the beginning of March, the lab’s ranking had soared to the 280th position, an astonishing increase.

        Zhang Yuejun knew that if he hadn’t been lucky enough to enter Li Zheng’s lab at the beginning of its establishment, with his education and professional level, he would have had a life of miscellaneous work.

Just like a senior who came to the alumni party a few days ago. How handsome that person was in school, and with all kinds of awards and honors, as well as his excellent appearance, he was simply a male god-level figure on campus. At that time, he was just like an ugly duckling compared to that senior.

But now?

        The senior who graduated with many honors and entered a biomedical laboratory ranked around 200 in the world, six years had passed, and he was still doing odd jobs for a researcher in the laboratory. And he was a laboratory deputy.

        With the scientific research projects coming up one by one, Zhang Yuejun knew that the ranking of Li Zheng’s lab would continue to soar, and he had to have the ability to match his position!

        Taking a deep breath, Zhang Yuejun calmly cut through the skin of the pig’s foreleg ……

        “Cut the cartilage into 1mm pieces, first stir the 0.25% trypsin solution in a 37 degree Celsius constant temperature incubator for 30min, then remove the trypsin solution, rinse the cartilage pieces with PBS solution 3 times and add 0.2% type II collagenase solution …… “Zhang Yuejun muttered.

        After removing the thoracic ribs, Zhang Chao looked at Zhang Yuejun with a slight smile and carefully put the cartilage nugget into the glass tube.

“Okay, let’s go out first. Let the kitchen master take the pig away while it’s still under anesthesia. We can have lunch at noon.” Zhang Chao said with a smile.

        With Li Zheng indicating the direction, Ma Wenmin’s experimental process accelerated a lot, in the next few days, the project team tested pig chondrocytes, sheep chondrocytes, bovine chondrocytes, after data screening and comparison, the project team finally chose bovine chondrocytes as the chondrocyte sample for this “in vitro regeneration organ”.

        Thanks to the blessing of this experiments, the food in Qing Garden was much better these days, and Zheng Lingling didn’t even go home to eat, all three meals were settled in Qing Garden.

        The experiment progressed steadily, and Wen Xuefeng’s physical condition slowly stabilized. Chen Xuhua and Gong Wenbiao, two oncology experts, discussed his condition for an afternoon.

        They came up with a medical plan that if a suitable liver wasn’t found before the complete necrosis of Wen Xuefeng’s liver. Then they could only risk another cut of the lesion site, Wen Xuefeng had already had two liver resections, generally doctors weren’t willing to give the patient a third.

        “If cut again, we can’t guarantee that his liver can still function normally, I mean ……” Chen Xuhua tried to organize his words.

        “It means that he can only lie in bed and continue his life with a dangling nutritional injection, and there is no guarantee how long he can continue, right?” Ma Wenmin picked up Chen Xuhua’s words.

        Chen Xuhua and Gong Wenbiao looked at each other, their faces showing a bitter smile.

        “We forgot that Mrs. Ma is also an expert in biology.”

        Ma Wenmin looked at Wen Xuefeng lying on the hospital bed through the transparent glass, and Wen Xuefeng seemed to feel his wife’s gaze and slowly turned his head.

        He gave his wife a comforting smile, then slowly raised his hand in the air and made several gestures.

I, want, to, try.

        When they were studying in Japan, they often volunteered together at a school for deaf children, so both husband and wife had learned some sign language.

        Ma Wenmin covered her mouth, trying not to cry.

        She put her hands on the glass and made one gesture after another.
“I, know. “


        “Back to Shenzhen to visit the new factory?”

        “Right.” David sat down in the wheeled office chair, which swiveled leisurely in place as he put a little force on his feet.

“That factory in Shenzhen was built only because of your single-minded efforts. It was completed and opened, and I think you should go and have a look at it.” David said with a smirk.

        Li Zheng lowered his head slightly, he hadn’t thought about his days in Qinghe Town for a long time. For Li Zheng, who had lived two lifetimes, the days in Qinghe Town were so short.

        The faces of Zhang Chaoyang, Aunt Zheng, Uncle Zheng and others flashed in his mind, and Li Zheng leaned back slightly on the back of his office chair.


      David shrugged, “The day after tomorrow, Shenzhen is very close, it will take us half a day by boat, we can leave tomorrow afternoon.”

        Li Zheng fiddled with the pen on the table, then nodded.

        “Li, you’ve been too tired lately, you need a good rest. Believe me, it will be a pleasant journey.”

        “I hope so.” The corner of Li Zheng’s mouth hooked into a smile, when he left Qinghe Town at that time, he left a letter to Zhang Chaoyang, saying that he would contact him again when he arrived in Hong Kong.

        But when he arrived, he realized how inconvenient the communication between Hong Kong and the mainland was, and then all kinds of things came one after another, making him unable to care about this matter at all, that kid should be quite disappointed.

        Li Zheng touched his nose, his heart welled up with a rare feeling of guilt.

        That night, Li Zheng mentioned returning for a visit to Zhou Sitian, who remained silent. Compared with Li Zheng, Zhou Sitian lived in Qinghe Town for eighteen years, where there were memories of her whole childhood and her friends.

        “I won’t go, I still have work.” After a long silence, Zhou Sitian spat out this sentence.

        “I thought ……”

        “Thought I would be happy to go back? Before I become strong enough, I don’t have the courage to set foot on that land. Xiao Zheng, promise me that you won’t do anything for me, there are some things I will do myself.” Zhou Sitian said seriously.

        Li Zheng was stunned, then realised that she was talking about her father’s matter. He nodded, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything extra.”

        Zhou Sitian on the other end of the phone seemed to relax a bit, “Xiao Zheng, thank you.”

        When she was in Qinghe Town, Zhou Sitian had discovered that Li Zheng had no hatred for Zhou Deqing. This surprised Zhou Sitian and at the same time, there was an inexplicable pressure in her heart, because she thought that Li Zheng had put down his prejudice against Zhou Deqing because of her.

        But Zhou Deqing was, after all, the person who hurt Li Zheng’s mother, Zhou Sitian didn’t want Li Zheng and Zhou Deqing to have too much involvement.

Li Zheng touched his nose and stopped talking.

       The following afternoon, Li Zheng, the Luo team led by David and the Liang staff led by Liang Zhe boarded a ship bound for Shenzhen.

        That’s right, Liang Zhe and Liang’s Staff.

        In fact, as early as half a year ago, Liang’s and other ancestral homes in Hong Kong received an invitation to invest from China, their conditions couldn’t be said to be generous.

        However, now with the London and China tension, especially after the governor’s visit to China, the situation in Hong Kong became very awkward. Although most of Hong Kong’s bigwigs were interested in contributing to the development of their hometown, but no one dared to be the first.

        Therefore, whether it was the Shen family of the newspaper industry in Hong Kong or the media’s Shao family, most choose to repair schools and libraries in mainland China, as for investments, they remained tight-lipped.

        Liang Zhe was a natural businessman, after Liang Corporation’s step into the right track, this invitation was on his desk.

        Because of their land advantage, the reorganization was quite easy, and they soon returned to being part of the first tier families in Hong Kong. But only the first tier, after more than a decade after Mr and Mrs Liang’s accident, the upper echelons of the power of Hong Kong had long reshuffled.

        Because of the Liang family’s heritage, a group of bigwigs had long been prepared for the Liang’s return to the first tier, so they could smile, and even look at their old friendship, then lend a hand.

        But if the Liang family wanted to return to the position of the first family in Hong Kong, it wouldn’t be so easy. Even with the current situation in Hong Kong, it was almost impossible.

        So the moment he saw the invitation, Liang Zhe had some ideas in his heart.

        A few months ago, taking the opportunity to ship the production line to the mainland, Liang’s people walked around the relatively economically developed cities in China such as Beijing and Shenzhen, while looking through the newspapers over the years.

        Liang’s professional team submitted a proposal on the development trend of China’s upper-level policies, the economic development of important cities in China and the professionals’ suggestions.

        After seeing three proposals with almost the same attitude, Liang Zhe already intended to invest, but whether to invest more or less, and which aspect to invest in, he intended to go to the mainland to see for himself.

        At this time, Li Zheng mentioned that he was going to return to Shenzhen when he was talking with Butler Fang, so the Liang’s team headed by Liang Zhe was added to this trip.

     “Oh, what did the ancient Chinese say, clear wind and water waves, what a beautiful mood.” David stretched out his arms and stood at the bow of the ship, with an exaggerated expression of enjoyment on his face.

        The corner of Li Zheng’s mouth rose, “Your Chinese is good.” He knew this old friend too well, his current happiness was definitely not because of the beautiful scenery of this Shen-shi river, but the change in his identity from his visits.

        “Li, how wonderful the encounter of life is, when I first went to Shenzhen, I was merely the head of the Hong Kong region, still immersed in the sadness of being exiled to Asia. And now ……” he puffed out his chest.

        “Now I’m the executive vice president of Roche Asia, that old guy Johnson doesn’t care about things, I’m the actual person in charge of Roche Asia!”

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