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“Soup dumplings and a reunion. I hope we can have the same reunion every Chinese New Year as we do now!” In the dining room, Butler Fang deliberately had a small round table placed next to a large long table, and the three of them gathered around the small round table, which really had a feeling of reunion.

      Li Zheng felt that there was something wrong with this, but the situation made him unable to say a word of rebuttal.

       Butler Fang divided the dumplings and then raised his cup, “To our reunion.”

      “To our reunion.”

       The three of them raised their cups together, Liang Zhe secretly glanced at Li Zheng, seeing that Li Zheng didn’t refute what Butler Fang just said, his face, which was always blank, showed a rare expression of joy, and the redness spread from behind his ears to his neck.

        He was like a bottle of Coke that had been shaken, and tiny bubbles came out from the bottom of his heart, more and more intensely.

     If he could be with Li Zheng every year, the thought of this possibility made Liang Zhe’s body warm, and his breathing even became a lot more smooth.

        Li Zheng felt Liang Zhe’s “passionate” gaze, he was first stunned, and then he felt a strange satisfaction in his heart.

   He explained to himself that when people were valued by others, there was a kind of emotion called “joy”.

       “The Liang family is originally from Ningbo, so it has always been the custom to eat dumplings during the New Year. In the past, when Mr. and Mrs. Liang were around, we would make our own dumplings and cook them for ourselves, but now only I, an old man, can cook them for Mr. Liang.”

      After eating the dumplings, Butler Fang took the lead to wash the dishes himself. In his words, he said there was a beginning and an end, he cooked the dumplings himself and washed the dish he used after eating them.

       Liang Zhe was the fastest, frowned and washed his bowl, after rinsing, he was instructed by Butler Fang to put the bowl back.

     So there were two people left in the dining room, butler Fang and Li Zheng.

       “I am really happy that Mr. Xiao Liang can have a friend like you. Mr. Xiao Liang’s eyes glows every time he sees you, just like the kind of light he had when he was a child and saw Mr. and Mrs. home. This kid has a hard life ……”

        The Butler rambled on and on, and Li Zheng listened quietly, his heart’s “pity” for Liang Zhe intensified.

      So when Liang Zhe returned from putting away the bowl, he was greeted by Li Zheng’s “kind” gaze.


“Why not! Why hasn’t it worked yet! This can’t be! This can’t be!” A man’s hoarse roar came from lab number two, and Wen Xuefeng’s eyes were bloodshot as he looked at the mice inside the glassware.

        Ma Wenmin took a deep breath, “Xuefeng, it’s only been a month now. You shouldn’t be anxious.” For a complex scientific research result, a month was equivalent to a drop of water in a small river, it wasn’t worth mentioning.

       “One month? How many more months do I have? Wenmin, I don’t have time!” As time passed, Wen Xuefeng’s state became worse, physical illness, strain and the psychological damage caused by repeated failures made his tense nerves able to collapse at any time.

      “Let’s try again, I believe our theory is correct!”

     Zhang Chao and Zhang Yuejun looked at each other and both could see the worry in each other’s eyes. Teacher Wen’s state ……

       Just at that moment.

       “Bang!” The sound of a heavy object falling to the ground. Without any warning, Wen Xuefeng covered his abdomen and fell to the ground.

      “Xuefeng!” Ma Wenmin shouted and ran to him.

       Zhang Chao and Zhang Yuejun immediately put down the apparatus in their hands and rushed up as fast as they could.

      “Zhang Yuejun, go and call for the medical team!” Zhang Chao put his arm under the back of the head of Wen Xuefeng, and then said to Zhang Yuejun.

      Zhang Yuejun nodded vigorously and quickly ran outside. Because he ran too fast, he almost fell down, but fortunately he avoided the tragic fall.

      Li Zheng had been busy brushing up his thesis this month.

       The successive launches of palmatine and carbapenem antibiotics had made Li Zheng’s lab, which was named after a Chinese individual, an instant sensation.

       But within these two scientific achievements, Li Zheng’s personal presence was so strong that it overshadowed the luster of the lab.

      To strengthen the laboratory’s foundation and expand his influence in the biomedical industry, several heavyweight papers published in authoritative journals were crucial.

       During these three months, Li Zheng organized all his recent research projects and wrote several papers around antibiotics.

    The first of these was a review of antibiotics, in which he incorporated many personal views, many of which were directional guidance, if someone was conducting research in this area and happened to see this article, they would certainly have a feeling of clarity.

The paper was sent to the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, along with several academic papers on the non-core patented technology of carbapenem antibiotics.

      Two weeks after the paper was sent, Smith personally called, praised Li Zheng and congratulated him on his paper.

        As one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the U.S., Mercer was naturally on good terms with the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry.  Presumably, as soon as Li Zheng’s paper on carbapenem antibiotics was sent, Smith got the news.

      The actual reason why he called this number wasn’t to congratulate Li Zheng in advance of the result, but in fact, it was to explain to Li Zheng that if he wrote anything that he shouldn’t have written, Mercer was able to get the news.

        When Zhang Yuejun ran over, Li Zheng happened to be finishing the sample issue.

       “Li Zheng! Mr. Wen passed out!”

       Li Zheng jerked up from his seat, “Where is the medical team? Have you notified them yet? Is Dr. Gong here? You call Chen Xuhua again and ask him to come to the lab immediately!”

       Since he was involved in this matter, Li Zheng was most worried not about the series of chemical reactions caused by the success or failure of the academic competition, but the body of Wen Xuefeng. However the worst case scenario still happened.

      “How is it? Is Teacher Wen fine? !” By the time Li Zheng arrived, Dr. Gong had already stabilised his condition.

       His face was gloomy, and the way he looked at Li Zheng and the others wasn’t very kind.

       “You are all top scholars of biology. I heard that you also invented two new drugs, do you even have the most basic medical common sense?”

       “What don’t you know about advanced cancer? Do you think that a patient with advanced liver cancer who is tense all day and night, working in the laboratory will remain stable?”

      Dr. Gong spoke nonchalantly, “What he needs is to recuperate, do you know what recuperation is? No psychological pressure, leisurely recuperation, OK? “

      The crowd looked at each other, and Li Zheng’s eyebrows wrinkled. This decision wasn’t something he could make, Li Zheng couldn’t help but look at Ma Wenmin.

      Ma Wenmin bit her lower lip tightly, she took two deep breaths and looked at Li Zheng with a firm gaze.

       “This time the project will be temporarily chaired by me on his behalf!” She knew her husband too well, if she chose to give up on this project, Wenfeng was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to close his eyes even if he died.

       Li Zheng patted Ma Wenmin’s shoulder and nodded his head.

       He hesitated for a moment and spoke, “Teacher Ma, do you mind if I find out about the progress of the project?”

Because the couple had a history of theft of research results, Li Zheng had avoided talking about their research, and in the beginning of the experiment, it was stated that this project was completely the couple’s personal project, Li Zheng laboratory was only responsible for providing the site.

    Just this month, looking at the expressions of the couple he knew that the progress of the experiment wasn’t optimistic. Just now he quietly asked Dr. Gong, if the liver wasn’t replaced, Wen Xuefeng would only have six months left to live.

      Half a year was too short for a research project that had no breakthrough.

     Ma Wenmin wiped the tears from her face and said gently, “Naturally, I don’t mind.”

        “You know, the human ear and nose structure is not considered complex, if only to replicate the appearance, using the principles of tissue engineering, plus the animal’s own skin tissue ……” Ma Wenmin explained to Li Zheng in detail.

       In fact, when Li Zheng first saw the couple’s information, he already thought of the latter-day human-eared mouse, which was successfully experimented by Chinese scientists in 1996, through the animal “in vitro regeneration of ears” experiment, which caused a big furore at the time.

       Unfortunately, although this experiment was first completed by Chinese scientists, after the birth of the human ear mouse, China hadn’t made other breakthroughs in this technology, not to mention the application to the clinical.

       Instead, over time, Japanese and British scientists localized this technology and clearly proposed a time when this technology could be applied to the human body, much to the regret of the Chinese biology community.

       Li Zheng didn’t expect that, as early as 1983, these two young Chinese researchers already had this idea and tried to put it into practice.

       But compared to the human-eared mice of the later world, their experiments were too crude and many of the directions were wrong.

      Li Zheng glanced at Wen Xuefeng, who was lying on the hospital bed with his whole body connected with wires, and spoke, “Teacher Ma, let me tell you what I think.”

      He led the crowd to Lab No. 2.

      Picking up a pen, Li Zheng began to speak.

   “In fact, you can think differently and construct the scaffold artificially. Extract cartilage cells from animal joints, then culture the cartilage cells into tiny spheres in a culture tank, and then we can use a biodegradable plastic scaffold. Biodegradable plastic, I remember this concept was mentioned two years ago by a new materials laboratory in the United States, I can ask someone to ask. Fold the plastic into the shape of a human nose, let the cells multiply and grow on the plastic scaffold, and then after in vitro culture, place it into the back of a mouse. I think this will have a better chance of success.”

      Li Zheng’s words made Ma Wenmin shocked and she kept writing and muttering. She wrote for about ten minutes.

       “It’s feasible! It’s feasible!” She suddenly shouted excitedly.

       She gave Li Zheng a deep look, her eyes filled with admiration and gratitude.

       “Thank you, really thank you.”

        Li Zheng shook his head, put down his pen with a smile, and walked out of the lab. The sooner this kind of technology that could benefit people came out, the better.

       Ma Wenmin took a deep breath and suppressed her excitement.

      She clapped her hands and turned to Zhang Yuejun and Zhang Chao and said, “Come on, let’s try it once as Mr. Li Zheng said.”


       “Anesthesia injection is complete, Experiment 1 will be unconscious in fifteen minutes.”

       “Check the equipment once more, and perform cartilage cell extraction in eighteen minutes, I hope it will be successful in one go.”

      During these weeks, the couple’s project team tried rabbit articular chondrocytes, rat raphe chondrocytes, and this small animal chondrocytes cultured into tiny spheres to reproduce and grow had their limitations, obviously not enough to support the construction of human organs.

      The tentative goal of the project team was to successfully grow an “in vitro regenerative nose”.

       Of course, the nose produced by this tissue engineering principle would only have a decorative effect and wouldn’t have the same function as the nose itself.

       However, one of the advantages of this technique was that it started with cells and the final human nose was alive and could grow with the host. This was very important for children who were born with facial deformities.

      Zhang Chao tossed a protective suit to Zhang Yuejun.

        “Wear it carefully, it’s a big guy. Miss Zheng specifically told the livestock factory to have the healthiest pig, if it suddenly wakes up while we’re intercepting the joint. We can rely on this to save our lives!” Zhang Chao said with a serious expression.

      Zhang Yuejun gulped, for cartilage cell extraction, he had only done it on rats and rabbits before, he had never done it on a large animal.


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